Monday, October 25, 2010

man, i had a freak accident today. i was too excited to get into the swing of things in the gym.. after racking back the dumbbells, my left index finger got caught between the bar and that part of a metal on the rack.. definitely, a hard one.

seconds later, blood started oozing out of my finger.. really screwed up my routine today (well, some of it). been through that kind of accident before this one tops it all. oh well.

anyway, i'm almost done with this program i've been doing for five (maybe six) weeks now and next week should be the last. it's a six week jacked chest and shoulder routine by doctor hyght. been sitting around gathering dust in my PC's archive.. i usually pick a few stuffs from anyone and sorta put it into my own little concoction.. i usually end up over-trained doing that.. even with this new program, i took it upon myself to add a few sets and reps here and there.. cos i kinda feel wanting.

lets see how this translates next week.

major improvement of course is my strength. i got a few pounds more strength with all the pressing.. along with that is the added weight. shiz!

meanwhile, off to my beauty rest.

by the way, today's another election day and i didn't vote yet again.


Friday, October 15, 2010


yeap, am still here.. just don't have the motivation to blog something.. anyway, i can play the darn song like forever and i won't feel tired of it... maybe..