Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i, me, my

another milestone achieved today.

weighted dips: bodyweight plus forty pounds of dumbbell for five reps.

for a guy whose had shoulder problem and cannot do even my own bodyweight, that's a lot!

to think i'm supposed to be "weaker" these days.

i'm not really getting weaker.. probably getting stronger, yeah.

lighter, in fact.

i'm still eating a lot but what i'm doing is finish all my carbs early afternoon and it'll be protein all the way through the night. or, if it's not possible, really lessen the carbs.

what's more, i cycle at night. some days steady state, on other days, HIIT.

thank God for laptop, torrent and movies, otherwise it'll be one helluva boring thirty minutes of pedaling to nowhere land.

so that means i can pretty much eat a lot since i'm doing more work.

but that's not the case.

repeat after me: less is more..

i don't really get all this into my head, ya know losing weight yadi-yada, but people come up to me and say i look leaner. to be honest, i don't wanna think i'm there yet cos then i'd start to relax.

so, even when my pants and shirts are getting loser, my belt had an added two holes cos my slacks are dropping like i'm hot haha, i don't bother with how i'm losing some flabs... after all, i'm still a work in progress.

i was gonna cycle yet again tonight but my knees are bummed, my hamstrings are shot, my CNS is still recovering from my legs workout yesterday, my arms aren't at par with my brain so what am i gonna do with all these chicken shit barrier on my way?


yeah, there's still lotsa days do all that.

i'll try to make it up tomorrow.

off to la la land..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

i'd love to go to some snoozefest as i could use one.

been hitting the sack early (between 21-22 hundred hours) and waking up around 4:30-5. it ain't my usual routine. in fact, it's a total 180 degrees to what it's used to be.

good thing, since my kid neil moved to this new school that starts at 7 am, there aint gonna be no excuse for me to be late at work. and, to really make sure we both go to our respective destination on time, i have to be extra early.

so here we are.

anyway, got nothin' much to say today.. just posting this non-sense so i'd have somethin' to post and it's really harder to do this with an iPhone's "friendly" keypads if you catch my drift. no, i'm not bragging about it since its almost a year that i have it. it is what is, you know what i'm sayin'?

by the way, the double-up cardio is going great. the fat is melting up twice the speed of sound!

peace out.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

this is perfect...


Friday, March 18, 2011

oh my...

this is the mother of all tiredness...

i think i'm gonna get sick real soon..

hope not.

the super-bumped cardio is killin' me... whew!

my pal, Earl had been gone for a century now somewhere in the middle east and i haven't heard of him since.. watap, part?!?

anyway, i heard my drinking pal is back.. hope he's doin' fine too.. tbh, i wouldn't wanna bother him about going out and party.. tho my taste bud is eager to taste that ice freakin' cold alcohol, i have to pass.

another pal who had been gone for years and used to hold a really high position in the company i work with is also back.. he says it's for good.

he'll start monday. again, i hope we don't have to drink if and when we'd go hang out and party.. for real, man.

so i'm boring. so what?

i'll cross the bridge yadi yada..


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


hey there!

been swamped with work these days, deym!

that's why.

well, we all feel bad about Japan and i'm guessing everyone said their piece.

so, i wouldn't add more drama to a tragic, double whammy of a misfortune the Japs has suffered.. i can only wish them well.

i hope they'll be able to cope-up with the situation with all the damage, death and the impending nuke catastrophe that's about to blow over. hopefully we don't have to suffer the same.

man, i can't even begin to imagine the sufferings those guys are going through right now.

God,, help them.

on the lighter side, i've managed to solder on with my goal.. although i'm getting a little impatient.

it's not like there's no improvement whatsoever anymore - it's just exhausting.

each week, cardio had been bumped up. knees are wearing thin.. legs are sore for days.. it's not really that hard, just takes a lot of focus and determination.

probably lost lotsa fat but pretty sure, muscles too!

you can't expect to retain them unless you're "juicing" or taking lotsa supplements such as BCAA's and whatnot.

i would be selfish if i spend all my moolah over those things when there's a boatload of responsibilities to be taken cared of - first.

anyway, i realize how stupid of me before to do all that jogging or biking as it yield me no result.. why? effort. i didn't have that.

today, i've smartened up.

if you ever want to have result, you gotta put on the work. if you're doing a so-so job, expect a so-so result.

guess it applies generally to anything... of course, in my case, it's something of interest, otherwise, i'd probably just get it done just to get by or maybe to earn me a living: like my job!


going back to the workout plan, i'm planning to do cardio twice a day.. that should speed up the process a bit more.. i got a stationary bike at home. set-up the lappy up front, load some movie/s, pedal to the metal for 20 loooooonnnnggggg minutes and we're burnin' baby!

commencing in a few minutes....

Thursday, March 10, 2011


i've been having this eeerie experience the last few days.. why, you ask? well, i've seen quite a few accidents on the road involving motorcycles and it ain't a sight to behold, tell ya that.

the one that stand out: three guys laying on the road motionless and blood dripping all over the asphalt. fcuk!!!

well, the mofos were drinking prior to that and were riding the bike in pillion. they overtook a vehicle and basically encroached the other side of the road.. what do you know? head-on collision to a pick-up truck and it wasn't even his fault!

i'd be surprise if any of those a-holes survived that.

kinda scary but they had it coming, i guess.

tsk.. tsk..

i'm on a motorcycle and i do get carried away sometimes racing some mofos especially those who think they are the fastest.. just to get a point across, i indulge them.

to think i'm using a bike that's not my own.. it's a company bike.. whoooopsss!

yeah, i thought of having me another one of those dirt bike again.. but i'm not gonna force the issue tho.

a colleague has this kinda bike just sitting around their house gathering rust and pretty much useless and they're selling it dirt cheap just so they can dispose it.

if i can have it and that's a big "IF" i'd motardize it.

now, that'd be nice, yeah?

anyway, i'd love to chatter s'more but my little angel mitch is really feeling clingy right now, so, i gotta go take care of her.. be seein' you in like, soon.

out and about.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

it's been really busy at work these days... and i'm awful tired by the time i'm done... thus.

anywho, still marching on with the goal.

will update anytime soon.. when things go my way next time around.