Monday, March 31, 2008

dead eye



yeah, that's the buzz word in the gym lately... the pricks who had been yelling those doesn't have the slight idea how the person looks if he's on it. ahhh life...

"People are people so why should it be.. You and I should get along so awfully..." as Depeche Mode sung it... and nailed it!

oh well.

wonder how would those "fitness" people in some other gym react if they see somebody (like me, perhaps) hoist those heavy dumbbells or barbells up easily... they can shut their piehole cos they have no idea how hard it is and what work it took to get to that level of strength... you need to do a lot of reading, homie and then make your own body your laboratory... meaning experiment, capish?

the thought of top bodybuilders dying at a very young age due to steroid use or getting sooo sick because of that darn "special supplement" just scares the crap out of me... i'm getting stronger, alright but i ain't have that body of a bodybuilder yet... y'know, that well sculpted, cut and dry physique..

no plans to be like that... i'm taking the long and hard way.. doesn't matter.. this isn't some kinda race, right?

slumbery and out.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whack Outs!

i was at CITOM earlier this week and as i was walking around their vicinity, i saw these vehicles and i thought i should snap 'em up... i'm always on the road almost everyday... this things are "peanuts" to me.. i've witnessed even worst.. so if i get to snap more, i just might make a blog for these whack out vehicles..

by the way, i checked the mileage of that underbone bike and the poor thing only had around 300kms on its speedometer.. whew! tough luck.

wonder what happened to the driver, huh?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bruce Almighty


this week was hell..

glad it was over.. after sweating it out under the sun, got a few things at work done.. happy me!

a few weights had been lifted off my shoulders.. i hope it'll be smoother next week.. ok, lemme try again... that i'll be even more brawny over whatever comes my way.. so help me God.


it's summer and so many invitations comin' my way... beach everywhere, huh?

nice.. nice..

last Sunday we did went to the beach "cos it's Easter Sunday and we really need to be at some beach" during that day.. well, i knew we were looking for trouble cos that's what millions of people think too... take a dip!

and so it was one helluva pain to look for a "decent" place to "sink and swim."

parking was heavy and some resort actually had to turn down many beach-goers cos they could not accommodate more people in..

we found one a few kilometers away from our usual beach destination.. kinda weird cos this beach isn't full yet.. i think most people don't know it's a resort as it had a peculiar setting... just.

anyway, lucky us... but we just settled for the "table and chairs" package as these SOB businessmen charges ridiculous rental fees during the season... dontcha just wanna bury those pricks, eh?

i'm a little picky when it comes to beaches... if it ain't deep enough or near-immaculate, i'd rather "people-watch" or just hang around drinking cheap brandy.. sooo much better, mate!

but what i really like is to island hop... the beaches on the other side are much clearer and if you opt to stop a few meters away from the shore, ocean deep, honey!

we didn't have that yet but i think before this summer's over, we'll most likely have done it.


i have standing invites from Sales to go out tonight in some "night swimming and drinking galore" but i'd most likely not butt in.. another invite from a good friend and one of our manager, Eugene, that we'd hit the beach tomorrow... of course, there'd be a lot of drinking rampage and excessive indulgence of food... knowing him, he just loves to eat you can tell just by looking at his humungous frame.. loony me, i'm unperturbed.

oh shit, i just elevated my "anti-social" status to a few notch higher.. whatever.

i guess this is it. my social life, as i had projected it, will continue to slip little by little until nobody gives a damn about inviting me.. oh, i didn't made it to my friend's wedding last month too.. great!!

talk about nosedive... pity.

sorry.. sorry.. sorry.. my sincere apologies to you all..

keep your parties up while i sulk in the gym... i want it, i like it, i meant it this way...

i'd like to hang around people who will accelerate my progress, not stand in my way. partying up (and the likes) will definitely hamper whatever growth i accrued..

hhhhmmmm... next thoughts please!


now for the gym story, i think i won a few fans yesterday when i started doing my thing.. hehe

particularly this Japanese guy who trains with his Filipina wife and some relatives.. he got the surprise of his life when i started benching 200lbs. and then right after, without taking a rest i hoisted the heaviest dumbbells up for my incline press routine... not only that, i went on to deadlift over 200lbs. and top it all doin' dumbbell rows! all this i did in almost zero to nil rest... how ya like that, huh?

he was pretty impressed he had to clap and cheer me up for my reps.. personally, i've been to many gyms before, but modesty aside, i have yet to see one who works out as hard as me... and, the results are coming in, baby!

i'm looking boxy these days...

Good Time = Just Messing Around

and then last night, i paid a visit to my barber.. the best part of our session usually happen towards the end as he usually gives me a nice "quickie" massage to my back and arms... whenever he does that he'd usually ask me if i'm still "working out."

to sorta give him a "good time," i'd usually say nope i've been off of it and all i've been doing is now "drink, dine and be merry..."

"you're kidding, right?" he asked after going through my arms.. i'm close to burst in laughter here but i had to hold it off... and when he pressed into my traps, i can almost hear him say, "you messin' with me, boy?"

anyway, he went on and even had the gall to ask me if i could flex my biceps.. i bet what's playing on his mind at that moment was what i'm saying couldn't be further from the truth.. and i sheepishly went on and gave him a fake squeeze.. damn, the prick ain't buyin' it.. haha!

note: after frying my biceps last Wednesday, it had grown wickedly big as of this writing.

so our session went on and he told me he had a size 16' biceps and i kept on patronizing him (for "good time" sake) that yeah, he's got some big bi's, eh! "mine is probably smaller than yours, Bruce..." i aversely told him. and he said, "your forearms are probably bigger than mine.."

Bruce.. Bruce.. you pansy! you have no friggin' idea what i do for pastime, bhoy!

here's a sneak peek, picture this: you'll be gasping for air, in pain, sweating like hell and it surely ain't fun most of the time...

but i do it anyway.

next time i get a haircut everything will be bigger and harder Bruce... and i'm still gonna give you s'more good time... heee heee heee

hope you're ready, homes!

but i dig thee great Bruce...

and my barber, Bruce...

they're both entertaining.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


still busy, homs..

am still trying to get my bearings with the added work i have to do.. not to mention, i'm still bangin' irons like hell.. i just scorched my biceps yesterday.. fried would be an understatement..

i'm still focused with all these training thingy.. this is definitely one area i can go on doing forever..

meanwhile, i am doing something nice but on the other hand i'm a total failure.. gotta get this balancing act together or it'll be a disaster in the making when the time comes... geez, you wouldn't wanna know the "juicy" details, i bet..

Monday, March 24, 2008

10,000 BC




got to stay positive.. life's short, hombre!

tons of work ahead but this is my "drift moments" thus, this.

so many stories.. so little time..

the beach.. the tooth.. brandy bingin'... PC gamin'... dog playin'..

the list could go on forever, comrades!!

but later, alligator.. har! har!

do remember one thing:

life is good.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

.... but on with the dramz..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


today i'm gonna be calm.

i don't have a lot of words for you all.

i don't really feel like writing here.. honest.

i think i will be “lost in the vast abysses of space and time...”

i'm truly and honestly bored with work right now.. but i have to pay the bills..

i have to send my son to school..

i have to feed my family...

and that includes the dogs..

so even if i'm not happy with where i am now, i am stuck.


"Success may be the ability to be happy with whatever we're stuck with." says Marilyn vos Savant

... in contrary, i'm no longer happy with my work... therefore, i'm a failure.

i just want to do something else now... something "i want" and "i like..."

"i love" is even better..

ahhhh, the dramz of life..

other than that, everything is still "normal.."


"Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from." says Jodie Foster

oh life... is there anything out there waiting for me?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

random thoughts 513th edition

first, the yummy!

Halo Gov. Eliot!!!

Halo New York!!!


it's weekend and this post is for the money shot..

ok, i have yet to earn some money from this... so, me, good luck!


this week had been pretty..


my job is gonna be tougher as the day comes by.. i expect a more gruesome days in the future it's gonna be bloody hell.. tell ya that!

but if it couldn't kill me, it should hardened me, eh?

i don't think i wanna say "bring it on!" anytime soon cos the last time i did that, some force of nature actually made it happened... this time i'd say, "gimme s'more strength, good Lord!"


i'm on my second week since i took a week off and i'm happy to report that everything is working out fine.. strength-wise it's all good and so are the joints, tendons and everything in between..

i discovered a new technique.. and i'm lovin' it!

but it's "top secret" as of the moment.


just to let you know (yet again), i don't forward forwarded messages especially those crappy ones that says if i don't forward it to ten of my friends i'll receive some bad luck... right. great. perfect. spamming. annoying.



hhhmmmmm.. forums? i guess i got burned from it recently and i bet everyone who was with me in "that" forum also got burned.. once bitten, twice shy... or was it once bitten, get a shot? hhhmmmmm..

kinda. sorta.

i'm just gonna back away from it for a while... someday.. maybe..


yes, i hate it when this quote happens in a bad way, "when it rains, it pours." cos it's been happening lately to me.. the problems i'm having these days, you don't wanna know... i'm just gonna suck it up.. as always!

by the way, John Mayer is a deep man.. deep.. love that guy.. he's my man-crush!

there ya go.. an admission... i am ghey!!

kiss me quick! i'm harmless..


now, i really can't wait for this one...

Go Manny!!! Go Philippines!!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's never too late to be who you might have been.George Eliot

got this from TNation today... i gotta ask, are you talking to me, sir?

i'm on the crossroads right now thinking and contemplating of my future.. i'm just waiting for the right moment...

pondering s'more..


so, here's how it all came down...

woke up around 4:40am.. took a quick sip of coffee.. i had everything i needed prepared the night before. all i need to do now is take a quick bath, dress up and well, get them all together.

5:15am.. it was still dark as our place isn't in a plush subdivision.. in other words, we don't have those dang lamp post like your place has.. anyway, i'm prepared to break somebody's face if someone dares... i guess they're too scared to try.. i'm scared of me either.. hehe.. joke.

just a few meters of walking, felt a pang of pain somewhere in my diaphragm.. you know, that kinda pain you get when you sprint but you're not used to running.. try that and you'll know what i mean..

anyway, it didn't go away.. but the pain was bearable as it didn't worsen.. just a bum feeling though..

man, my walkman phone ain't no good either.. something's wrong with the cable and it can only produce a mono music.. since i'm already ficked anyway, might as well get on with it and just finish the whole ordeal with whatever crap i'm dealing with..

around 6:18am i'm already halfway through.. my sweat's breaking out like hell... oh, i was wearing a jacket, by the way... and it's all sweaty now.

7am and it's not about to get easier.. it's an uphill battle royale, baby!

this is the time when i started to think about all the "why's" in the world i can muster and reasoned it out with me and myself...

why am i doing this crap?

why my friggin' left foot hurts when i'm wearing a supposed "balance" shoes?

why don't i just get a ride already and end the suffering?

why not stop for a few minutes and rest?

man, man, man!!!


.... and before i knew it, i arrived.

but since i didn't have my ride (a motorcycle, if you've been in the cave) and i thought i can still go walk, after office hours, i went on and walk some more.. what the heck, i already did the hard part, this should be a breeze, i thought.

it wasn't.

but i went on and finish my lenten sacrifice... yeah, now i understand why i'm doing this crazy sh!t! this is my sacrifice!!!


now i can drink all the beers and gorge on some barbecues, roasted pig and eat 'til i drop, eh?

yeah right, like i would!

lesson learned:

one, don't be stupid walking around after you had leg exercise the day before... especially when it was a heavy session;

two, if you can, try not bring a lot of stuff with you.. it just make things heavier;

three, make sure you have a nice music player.. it gets boring out there;

four, keep your eyes on the road especially when you reach those traffic jammed area.. you could be side swept by those idiot and sleepy drivers, pun intended;

five, i'm really tired of giving you advices, so why don't you just go do it yourself and find out what you need and what's it like out there, huh?

my PC still sucks so that explains why this post is full of horse bleep!!

so, you feel me?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

walking tall


a couple of things:

first, i walked the talk... but as fate would have it my left foot suffered some blisters in the toe area.. hurt a bit but it didn't stop my resolve to continue with my quest... there ya go.. my contribution to clean and green environment.. so i didn't made it back and forth (home-office-home) but i walked all the way to SM from work! that is still an hour of walking through pain, my man... and i was right on the money when i estimated that it'll take two hours to complete the gruesome ordeal of walking from home to the office.. i am mighty proud of that prediction!

your turn, bubba!

second, my legs hurts now, thank you... it's either the walk caused it or it could be that i squatted "like there's no tomorrow," as my gym mates would call it, last Tuesday... i guess the leg work is the culprit behind the quad pains.. i hit it hard and heavy i was close to limping on my way out of the gym.. but that's just the way i roll there.. so sue me!

ok, not just a couple but more things, i suppose.

work is so much harder these days.. meaning, more work, more pressure, more stress... lesser time for "fun and play" and of course, still less wages..

my home PC is now ficked!

and so is my office PC... what more tragedy could possibly come my way, huh?

i'd love to talk s'more but as usual, i'm plagued with roadblocks after roadblocks... you have no idea how hard it is to deal with.. life without all these complication's gotta be boring.. so bring 'em on!

anyway, more talk later.

Monday, March 10, 2008

walk of life


well, that's all i have now.. but not totally one hundred percent yet.. better than being totally knocked on bed, eh?

anyway, i had my initial walking test last Sunday. what, you didn't know? i'm gonna walk from home all the way to work, health and weather permits, tomorrow morning!!


it will be dub as, "A walk to remember.." booohooo!!! copycat!


but yeah, i initially tested my feet, the joints, knees and everything in my lower body.. that is, if i could sustain the whole ordeal.. i was walking from the Talamban church and was planning to cap 'em, the walking thingy, right at the door of SM Mall 'til wifey and the rest of my homie (this, i mean the people who lives in our home.. whatdyathink?) caught up with me in Subangdaku, Mandaue area.. well, they attended a mass, while i took a hike.. approximately one hour and thirty minutes.. that's what it took to get me from point A to point B.

everything checked out fine the next morning... no pain, no sore.. perfect!

given the distance of my workplace all the way from home, i'd probably complete it in about... uhm, two hours??


but that's not all!

on my way home, i'm gonna walk again.. how you like that?

otherwise (meaning, some toenails got mangled or bones broke lose), i can always take the shorter route.. wifeys working place.. then, i could just ride along with her..

i'm really, really running low on gasoline money these days.. i could use the savings y'know.. besides, it's also my way of helping the environment.. clean and green baby!

ahhhh, whatever.

anyway, "A walk to remember.." will commence at zero five hundred hours (5am) tomorrow...

can't wait...

i'm so excited...

damn, i'm actually worried!

but i'm doin' it.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

... as long as i'm alive

flu and fever caught me.. but i'm fine now..





yeah, never been better.. just like brand new..

*BIG CouGH!!*

anyway, the weather had been crazy the last few days.. i wasn't really thinking of me being hit by the bug.. ya know, all that workout, training and the supplements i've been popping.. i am invincible, homie!

err, at least, i thought i was...

still human here...

but, all that bed rest and just chilling out at home pretty much fixed me.. practically, with no medication whatsoever.. and yep, drank lotsa water too!

time to hit it cos tomorrow... it'll be a brand new day!


Thursday, March 06, 2008


this should be fun...

taper down

today was "no lift day."

i learned my lesson the hard way... now, i'm very careful with my routine.. pacing.. bubba... that's what you call pacing.. besides, my quads, hamstrings and biceps are pretty sore right now.. they must be growing, huh?

but, i hit the abs instead. t'was a quick work, actually. i did a giant set all for abs alone.. leg raise, crunches, sit-ups, lateral bending, etc... in sequential order for three sets each..

tomorrow, it'll be all out again...

goof, signing out.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

friend in deed


just had my post workout meal.. whole wheat bread with peanut butter. yum!

since i started this whole training thing, i've been saying "No" more often to my friends' invites... to drink or dine.. whatever!

from then on, my cellphone's text messages from friends had been steadily dwindling.. of course, why would you wanna invite somebody, who declines most of the time, some "good time" trip, eh?

well, i expected that. in fact, i wanted that to happen.. and it did.

for the past few years, i've been on the other side of the "sphere" trying to discover what and how it is to be "Livin' La Vida Loca" kinda life.. but i got burned.. bored.. sick.. tired and felt empty living life like that.. i wanted some change.. a turnaround.. a new perspective.. a direction..

so thanks MTV for pimpin' my life!


but yes, gotta thank all that happened before that made me decide to be where i am now.. it's not perfect and there's still a whole lot of work and kinks to iron out, but this is much, much better than where i was before wherein i've pretty much got myself into some deep, dark hole it was almost impossible to come out in one piece.. i'd like to believe that i am a survivor and i had come around just in time to save my sorry arse from self destruction.. thanks, good Lord!

nuff with the pep talk, sugar..

now, update for the second day of training.. wrist was awesome today.. did some beach workout.. gotta get those biceps up and growing.. worked the legs too.. t'was intense but had to keep myself in check all the time... i might overdo things again and hurt somethin'.. don't want that to happen this early.. keep it short and sweet.. that's my new motto.

yawn, time to be in the land of Nod, catch some shuteye, sleep like alogrocktop, sleep tight...

for tomorrow..

i will dine...

in the gym!!

wish my gym looked like that... but it's better that nothing, mimi..

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

gettin' down to business

finally, i came around.

uhm, in the gym?

i couldn't make it yesterday cos i lost a lot of time doin' some things "on the side." but today, i finally did. it went great as i didn't lose any strength whatsoever... the pain is gone and i did the whole session hard and fast!

i kept my sets to four and my repetitions were limited between five to ten... gotta save the joints, baby.. my idea before was do too much volume and repetitions so i could get some "cardio" while doing strength training... it was actually right in some way but i can actually do the same if i limit my rest and work antagonistic muscles in between sets.. i think i've discovered the right mix of doing things around the gym... thanks to the www...

more intense training comin' up in the days to come..

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Heart and thoughts they fade... fade away

i sooooo love this!!


man, after brushing my teeth last night it pained and it didn't stop 'til hours ago... what the???

i'm never a fan of pain killers but i gotta pop one cos my head just ached like forever...

anyway, the long overdue and well-deserved break from the gym had to happened. i've been planning and planning and if my shoulder didn't send me some of those weird soreness signal, i would have continued plowing down those damn irons..

i hope the rest was enough for my shoulder and wrist joints to recuperate in time..

now, this is exciting...