Wednesday, October 31, 2012

called sister in NY, glad she's fine. asked about li'l bro and he's also fine. thanks to the good Lord above for their protection. that was not an easy ordeal. we've had super typhoon but never a superstorm!

a lot of people died. some areas still have no power. if it happened here, we'd probably be thrown back to the stone age.

something to be thankful about, today.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

danger close

we were strolling at the mall having a fine time. i was gonna let my li'l baby, AM go play for an hour at Playhouse. she was psyched to do just that when a text message came...

the Rottweiller, Pudz, got off his leash and is wrecking havoc!!!


that just ruin everything.

worst part of the news, the helper didn't close the gate and she's scared shitless of the darn dog!

this is not Pudz but the exact same replica.

what's even more worst is, i can't call her cellphone cos she's too busy burnin' up the lines... lucky me!

good thing me and wifey were out on different times and i was on my bike and she's using the van. so i can actually go home flyin' with my bike and not worry about any passenger.

so many thoughts run into my mind while driving back. the what if's and how stupid was it that he got off his leash and the gate is wide open.

again, i gotta thank the Lord above, no mishap happened. although when i got into the gate, Pudz was there and he was feeling me.. if i'm a friend or an intruder. to be honest, i am just as scared of him as well. i think you know why... otherwise, you know the drill.. DIGG!!

i'm just glad he stayed inside and didn't went out cos it would have been a disaster!

there goes my Sunday.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

myopic valve prolapse

things are turning out good... thanks to the good Lord above!

i'm not short of breath anymore and i can sprint again!!! whoa!

still taking medicine though. it's ok. i would rather spend a few bucks to feel good than otherwise. i don't wanna feel that way ever again. it's just the worst kinda feeling anyone can get.

update on my pal/office mate, divine. he hasn't woke up yet. it was announced that he's out of ICU and has moved to a private room. this week, they're scheduled to check out. sadly, he hasn't woke up yet. they gotta get out because the bill has piled up and drain their finances drastically.

he is getting his meal through intravenous fluid... just like my late dad. he was comatose for a year after suffering stroke. he didn't recover and died of complications later.

in the case of divine, i hope he wakes up one day. life was goin' good for him. he was our doorman. but he's earning a lot from the sides. he's got a lending business, a little store in his house and he takes care of trade-ins of customer's old vehicle who wants to buy a new car. that's where the money shot is.

he saved a lot of money, tell ya that. he is the object of envy among the low earning employees. i believe his neighbors are just as envious. when he got sick, he thought some neighbor cast a spell against him so that instead of going to the doc, he went to a faith healer first.

now, after staying in ICU close to three weeks, that took a huge chunk of the money he saved. our boss was kind enough to shoulder some expenses because in just a day or two of his admission, the insurance money was gone-zo.

life, really is so fleeting. one day your on top of your game, next day, you're there sleeping through eternity and don't know when you can wake up.

that kind of put a lot of perspective in a lot of us. but human as we are, we easily forget.

anyway, my apologies for some sad news.

the good news is, i'm almost out of the woods. just need to tweak my diet and exercise a bit more.

be well.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

hey yah?!?

things are getting better. much better than the last time. still, gotta slow down. pace. listen.

anyway, here's hope things continue to improve.

one day at a time.

more talkin' later...

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Saturday, October 06, 2012

the lowdown

well, whadyaknow.. i'm still kicking!

i dunno for how much longer though. my BP has gone haywire. my heart, lets just say it's been downhill for roughly three weeks now. it's definitely something to watch out for.

been to the doc a few days ago. pop a few pills. it's better but still, i'm not out of the woods yet.

monday, gonna get my ECG result and go to a specialist. a cardiologist, to be exact.

yesterday, i felt better after the visit to the doc, went to smash the weights! shoulder pressed ninety pounds for three. rest. then squeeze out six more reps with a help this time.

after a few minutes of doing presses and pulls in the gym, i felt dizzy and gassed. took off.

today, i tried do some light cardio. just walk a bit faster and inclined a tad. boy,  i felt dizzy and gassed again!

that's a stark contrast to what i can pound before doing HIIT on the treadmill at eight kilometers per hour. really, something awry is goin' on with me.

tsk.. tsk..

all that strength and power, gone in a snap!

at least three pals wanna hang out tonight. i'd love to, but i can't.

gotta heal up if i still can. i get a little anxious just thinking of the what if's.

between then and now, only the good Lord above knows.

gotta stay positive. i don't live for myself alone now. there are people whom i love and depends on me.

it's just how things in the world works.

chillin' time.