Friday, July 24, 2009

i'm done.

this is it.

i'm most likely done.



no point.

going further.

i have better use of my time elsewhere than tell you 'bout sweet nothings.

it's ironic.

cos now i can write whatever.. whenever i want.

after all,

i've been connected since months ago.

but i don't feel like it anymore.

oh, life.

but wait....

'til then.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

could have, should have


to me.

well, i think i can forget about this blog. there ain't much action going on around here. outside it is.

been busy being swole and sore.. yah, i find it more rewarding... exhilarating..

if only i could transmit my thoughts in here like in an instant, it'll be like twitter.

sooooo much information would've been transcribed and it would have been, crap, boring!!!

nope, i'm not a member and no plans whatsoever. ya hear that, ya facebook farm-town-fanatics??!

anyhoo, i'm ready to hit the sack yet again... i'm sore now, alright.. tomorrow, i'll swell.. cos mah muscles are gonna be bursting outta my shirt, homie!

lotsa love, babe.

Saturday, July 11, 2009



din't saw this but it kinda make me wanna cry...


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Monday, July 06, 2009

hot chills


i've been sleeping really early these days.. oh shit, it's time to hit the sack!


yeah, wifey told me last night i'm such a bore.

well, i told ya... it's been routine since God-knows-when.

home-work-home... wait, there's gym and bringing slash fetching Neil to and from school.

she finds me boring cos i seem to be 'content' with all the things i'm doing.. but that's not really the case.

my mind is always working.. thinking.. wandering.. busy with all the things i got myself into.

no more night life... tsk.. tsk.. tsk..

i'm just being smart. tearing myself down in the gym like almost on a daily basis, i gotta have ample amount of rest.

not only that. i've been waking up real early too. heck, that's not my style, homie.

i'm usually late.

you can call it a 180 degrees turn since i started this cool habit of workin' out.

drawbacks: a lot.

barely meet my pals... ya know, the good ol' pals that i hang out with before.

it's almost zero to nil.

i do have a few pals... those who share the same passion as me.. no depth, though.

sure, no biggy.

at least i get to socialize a bit.. share my thoughts.. open my mind.. learn.. impart.. give a bit of myself to others.. be inspired.. inspire people..

hell, this is fun, homs!

of course, i never stop there.. i hang around forums too!

and whaddyaknow??!

it's a different field now.. gotta say, i've leveled up!

quite frankly, i'm happy of how things are shaping up.. of course, there are days that's just boring cos things just seem so redundant, but who cares? i'm makin' progress...

though not in leaps and bounds... it's a slow but sure process.

if partying and going out drinking, smoking, dancing, meeting strangers and having sex is fun for ya, lemme die now.

on a second thought, it's fun to do all that once in a while.

ting! ding! ding! ding!

bed is calling... peace and love.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

talk to ya later guyz!