Monday, December 24, 2012

Tis the season..

i kinda wanna hear something or read the kind that stimulates the brain.

anyway, too many things has happened. some bad news and some... well, worst.

i emphatize with all of that. at this age and with so many battles and trials i've gone through, without a doubt i can relate.

have i told you i crash my new bike twice already?


it takes away a big chunk of your morale.

while the other "service" i have, i've kept it pristine after almost four years of mowing into it.

smells bad news and i'm a bit inebriated... not to mention, in a dash of pain.. i dunno about you but i'm enjoying Christmas.


Have a blessed and a merry Christmas everyone!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

WOW!!!! how time flies, yeah?

it used to be that time was on my side. now, it's outta my hands! a few people are really stretched to the max in the office lately, me included. it's not looking pretty.

now, i can relate when people say they need to overtime; when some say they just couldn't find time like workout or taking care of themselves.

because that's exactly the same foxhole i'm in.

workdays are really something not to miss out.. or there'll be a lot of catching up to do.

anyway, we're here to work. we can't moan and complain because of too much of them work "to do's". we're better off this way than otherwise, wouldn't you agree?

anyway, i got a lot of untold stories to jabber about, but since i killed the cardio and legs today, i'm too fried to even finish this blog. not to mention, my li'l baby is having her tantrums again, i'm of much need somewhere else.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

lights out

yesterday, i had a grand time watching the three episodes of 24/7 Pacquiao/Marquez 4 being shown in YouTube. i thought Marquez did a stellar job at training. he trained for four months! how he trained is definitely a show of dedication and sacrifice.

they showed their awesome explosive workout routine, ya gotta watch it. when it was time to spar though, they kept it under wrap. Pacquiao on the other hand trained just as hard but abandoned the program of his strength and conditioning coach. i reckoned, they blame it for the muscle cramps in his calves during fight time.

when i went to watch Pac fight today, i knew it wasn't gonna be easy for him to beat Dinamita. sure enough, he got knocked on the third. he fought back hard and was able to return the favor on the fifth round. on the last second/s of the sixth, Pac was nailed with the right flush to the face and knocked out cold.

that was one scary moment. he was motionless for awhile there laying faced down on the floor. everyone who watched in the office were stunned.

that was the end of Pac. at some point, he needed to lose and lose hard. he's too busy and doing a lot of things on the side. he veered away from serious training and instead played basketball, badminton and whatnot. i thought he was too chill and laid back compared to what Marquez was doing.

a lot of Pinoys are heartbroken right now. some may have suffered a heart attack, God forbid.


i guess it's time to hang it up while he hasn't mess himself too much.. enjoy the fortune and serve his people in his hometown.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

of IOS, Androids, BB OS

there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

we're tapering down.. i guess.. i hope.

or, it's probably just the "calm before the storm" thingy.

finally got me BlackBerry(BB)  phone. i use the Sony Walkman for a year and got winded with how slow it functions. it's also a pain in the ass when texting. you don't get the right letter most of the time! all in all, it's an outdated phone and just lag to the bone.

well, BB seem promising. you're always pressing the right key with its QWERTY keypad. looks sturdy. just bought a 32 Gig micro-SD to pump up the music storage. texting and calling feels snappy.

if i have all the dough to blow, i'd love to get my hand on sooooooo many gadgets! really. i enjoy tinkering those stuff.

i have a few here but i don't wanna brag about 'em stuff.. he he

iPhone was fun until i realize it's too limiting and waaaayyy more expensive than android stuff. Smart Bro offered me a nice tab. though you can only expand the storage to 16 Gb, what's awesome about it is that there's a USB port where you can plug your USB drive and voila, more space for you!

that's not to say i don't like Apple products anymore. what, with it's retina display and their Mac's super thin aluminum enclosure, etc., etc., i'd be damn not to likey!

but, it's too pricey!!

on my wish list though, is...


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the day of the reckoning

oh my... the level of stress is getting higher by the day. we haven't slowed down for months now. the amount of work? ridiculous.

the workout? it's taking a back seat.

i am burning my brows these days... have to or else things are gonna pile up and i won't be able to catch up. earlier, i almost puke with all the "traffic" that's going through the office. the phone ringing, a customer making follow ups, a sales consultant doing all sorts of queries.... ahhhhhrrgghhh!!! i'm losing my mind!

i was hoping we'd slow down a bit to sorta give me and the rest of the busy bodies in the office a breather. no sign yet.

well, all i can say is this: BRING IT!

though it's a bit late, but my office mate and pal, Divine, lost his battle. he was just out of it. our customer who is a doctor said it was impossible for him to recover.. he had a flat line for twenty minutes. doc says it was only that injection that revive him and kept 'em alive. i wonder what's that too!

well, i was able to visit him a few times in the ICU and at his house. there wasn't a time he was awake. it is sad but that's how fleeting our lives can be.

one day we're all well and good, the next, we don't know.

i've been well, thank you for asking. LOL!


though it's getting harder to get my ass in the gym like i have to drag my feet going there, but when i get the chance, i kill it.


gotta hit the log.. it's a long day tomorrow.


Sunday, November 18, 2012


thought this was easy. darn hard!

yeah, posting here using this tablet. ain't easy .

better stop now. anyone watching that awesome tv series, Homeland? good stuff.

this is making me dizzy!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

i look forward to this show everytime...

Saturday, November 03, 2012

ez bz

the last few weeks had been really busy. it's a fact we've had an all time high in terms of sales. we've never had this kind of unit releases since our company started. it's awesome! but, it's quite a stress.

i'm just gonna have to suck it up.

it's probably because our economy is doing good and people can afford even the most high end vehicles  such as the Mustang and the Explorer. heck, even the Expedition have takers too!

courtesy of Ford Philippines

it has been a roller coaster ride so far. management has decided to bump up the quota. so, it is expected we're gonna have a sizable sales every month.

i'm not from the sales group but this means my workload will increase as well. aside from the main office, there's three more branches which all documentations are sent my way to be processed.

i can't complain.

though it's tiring sometimes, i'm happy to have put up a system long before this came about. otherwise, a huge pile of mess would have been on my table right now.

haven't gone out partying with friends since those dreaded days. my condition has since improved. unfortunately, workouts had to suffer since we've been busy and worst, the house help left. still and all, when i find time, i sneak out to the gym and make the most out of it.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

called sister in NY, glad she's fine. asked about li'l bro and he's also fine. thanks to the good Lord above for their protection. that was not an easy ordeal. we've had super typhoon but never a superstorm!

a lot of people died. some areas still have no power. if it happened here, we'd probably be thrown back to the stone age.

something to be thankful about, today.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

danger close

we were strolling at the mall having a fine time. i was gonna let my li'l baby, AM go play for an hour at Playhouse. she was psyched to do just that when a text message came...

the Rottweiller, Pudz, got off his leash and is wrecking havoc!!!


that just ruin everything.

worst part of the news, the helper didn't close the gate and she's scared shitless of the darn dog!

this is not Pudz but the exact same replica.

what's even more worst is, i can't call her cellphone cos she's too busy burnin' up the lines... lucky me!

good thing me and wifey were out on different times and i was on my bike and she's using the van. so i can actually go home flyin' with my bike and not worry about any passenger.

so many thoughts run into my mind while driving back. the what if's and how stupid was it that he got off his leash and the gate is wide open.

again, i gotta thank the Lord above, no mishap happened. although when i got into the gate, Pudz was there and he was feeling me.. if i'm a friend or an intruder. to be honest, i am just as scared of him as well. i think you know why... otherwise, you know the drill.. DIGG!!

i'm just glad he stayed inside and didn't went out cos it would have been a disaster!

there goes my Sunday.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

myopic valve prolapse

things are turning out good... thanks to the good Lord above!

i'm not short of breath anymore and i can sprint again!!! whoa!

still taking medicine though. it's ok. i would rather spend a few bucks to feel good than otherwise. i don't wanna feel that way ever again. it's just the worst kinda feeling anyone can get.

update on my pal/office mate, divine. he hasn't woke up yet. it was announced that he's out of ICU and has moved to a private room. this week, they're scheduled to check out. sadly, he hasn't woke up yet. they gotta get out because the bill has piled up and drain their finances drastically.

he is getting his meal through intravenous fluid... just like my late dad. he was comatose for a year after suffering stroke. he didn't recover and died of complications later.

in the case of divine, i hope he wakes up one day. life was goin' good for him. he was our doorman. but he's earning a lot from the sides. he's got a lending business, a little store in his house and he takes care of trade-ins of customer's old vehicle who wants to buy a new car. that's where the money shot is.

he saved a lot of money, tell ya that. he is the object of envy among the low earning employees. i believe his neighbors are just as envious. when he got sick, he thought some neighbor cast a spell against him so that instead of going to the doc, he went to a faith healer first.

now, after staying in ICU close to three weeks, that took a huge chunk of the money he saved. our boss was kind enough to shoulder some expenses because in just a day or two of his admission, the insurance money was gone-zo.

life, really is so fleeting. one day your on top of your game, next day, you're there sleeping through eternity and don't know when you can wake up.

that kind of put a lot of perspective in a lot of us. but human as we are, we easily forget.

anyway, my apologies for some sad news.

the good news is, i'm almost out of the woods. just need to tweak my diet and exercise a bit more.

be well.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

hey yah?!?

things are getting better. much better than the last time. still, gotta slow down. pace. listen.

anyway, here's hope things continue to improve.

one day at a time.

more talkin' later...

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Saturday, October 06, 2012

the lowdown

well, whadyaknow.. i'm still kicking!

i dunno for how much longer though. my BP has gone haywire. my heart, lets just say it's been downhill for roughly three weeks now. it's definitely something to watch out for.

been to the doc a few days ago. pop a few pills. it's better but still, i'm not out of the woods yet.

monday, gonna get my ECG result and go to a specialist. a cardiologist, to be exact.

yesterday, i felt better after the visit to the doc, went to smash the weights! shoulder pressed ninety pounds for three. rest. then squeeze out six more reps with a help this time.

after a few minutes of doing presses and pulls in the gym, i felt dizzy and gassed. took off.

today, i tried do some light cardio. just walk a bit faster and inclined a tad. boy,  i felt dizzy and gassed again!

that's a stark contrast to what i can pound before doing HIIT on the treadmill at eight kilometers per hour. really, something awry is goin' on with me.

tsk.. tsk..

all that strength and power, gone in a snap!

at least three pals wanna hang out tonight. i'd love to, but i can't.

gotta heal up if i still can. i get a little anxious just thinking of the what if's.

between then and now, only the good Lord above knows.

gotta stay positive. i don't live for myself alone now. there are people whom i love and depends on me.

it's just how things in the world works.

chillin' time.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


you should really take a picture when you can... they are like timelines and memories.. something you can go back on and see..

two of our "loyal" house help just left. they were under some kinda "unique" circumstance that they just have to leave. one left fifteen days ago, the other, today.

they are sisters, by the way.

i kinda feel sad when these things happen.

somehow, it feels like a family has gone abroad and the house, something's amiss.

really man, it saddens me no end.

you just have to accept the fact that in life, nothing is permanent. ya gotta cherish the time you've spent together... which is where the pictures come in.. my gosh, you see all of them happy moments and boy, i cringed!!!

how i wish we could of maintain the status qou and go on living our li'l lives. i would of be more adventurous and warm with every single people in the household.

but, nothing is permanent... change is the only reality. sucks big time, yeah?

i'm glad i'm still alive and kicking writing this post..... ya know why?

i'm on the verge of a massive something.... yep, something really BIG!

my office mate and pal, Divine, he is there somewhere... in dreamland... he is on comatose. third stage. that office mate i told you  about a few posts ago? saw him. he's not doing good.

i hope he can turn things around. his family isn't too optimistic. i could almost feel them wanting to pull the plugs off. he is still on ICU. with all them mounting bills and that grim prognosis the doc had been implying to his family, i too would rather end his suffering.

i'm not really sure where i'd stand. some office mate suggests that the family should have more faith in the good Lord above and that, in time, Divine will have a full recovery.. they just have to sustain it and burn whatever is left on their savings.

on the other hand, they could just end his suffering and you guess it, pull the plug.

we are all in quandary.

if i live another day tomorrow, it'd be like a miracle.

i am sure of that.

so, enjoy every moment you have in this world.. and make it count!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

random, random

am listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan's Little Wing, thus....


it was fun last night. thought i got hammered early on. i can tell.. when i see things differently like there's too much colors and rainbows, that's a tale tell sign. anyway, my best pal finally went with us. it was one helluva party! met a few gals along the way.. hehe

but really, didn't do anything nasty. t'was just a spur of the moment thing. somethin' about spur of the moment and being candid.. spontaneous. ya kinda get things done with it rather than contemplating and waiting.

best pal tried in vain. buddy was hammered and was just, well, waiting. i made the toast. then, we were talking...and torridly kissing like really thisclose... i can almost feel them lips all over my ears!

no, this wasn't between us boys, ya schmoe.... now's a good time to use your imagination. jeje

other than touching them hips and all that huffs in between our ears, we went our separate wasted ways in peace.


office mate sms late this afternoon and requested a prayer. one co-worker is in grave condition, doctor said. he is on dialysis. his kidneys had given up on him. it's crazy how he was looking fine early this week. we always made fun of each other every morning cos we're usually the early ones. we go "are you aiming for the punctuality award?"

here's hoping he recovers and gets well soon. hang in there, bud.


when you're face with a problem, don't run away, face it! yep, that's what i learned. especially at work when there's a lot, ya gotta man up.

i better go and really absorb above cos right now, i'm not in the pink of health and i refuse to get myself checked. instead, i opt to self medicate.

message to self: FACE PALM!

random acts of whatever, donezo!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

oscar mike

your chances of winning in a lottery is .000001 to nil.

so you're better off betting on a cockfight or in a casino.. you'd exponentially increase your chances than betting on some lottery. unfortunately, i don't win in this kinda game. wifey is the lucky one when it comes to raffles, games and gambling. she oftentimes brings something after a party where there's raffle. we've had LCD TV, a laptop, some  cellphones, a few electronic stuff, etc. courtesy of her winnings.... a proof of how lucky she is.

so why am i talking about this? well, just recently the lottery station had been swamped with people wanting to bet on the lotto. grand prize was peg at roughly three hundred million. that's a lot! people would wanna have a piece of that, that's for sure judging from the people queuing up in droves. even i bet a few times..

some lucky folks finally hit the jackpot! good for them. hope it makes them better people and rub others with their good fortune.


meanwhile, thought i'd share that little "secret" i discovered in increasing my bench strength. it has something to do with how you grip the bar. i've read this a few times that when you grip the bar, you kinda want to bend it. so there. i experimented with how i place it on my palms. when i thought i finally got it, the bar just travels to its supposed trajectile rather nice and easy.

i got excited today and as useless, err, i mean as usual, got carried away! my shoulders are burning hot with all that lactic acid! just tore myself apart real good.

my li'l baby is all over me right now... buzzin' off!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

stay frosty

i can't put a finger to it but i know my body is in the shitters right now.

i have an awful lot of idea what's bugging it, but i'll keep it to myself.

we was gonna get hammered last night... however, i have to excuse myself cos wifey had a fever. besides, getting hammered on weekdays is a bad, bad idea. one, i have to wake up early cos Neil rides with me off to school. and, i don't wanna be absent at work on weekdays cos there's a lot of things to do or watch out for.

this whole lotta drinking, this is the reason why i can't get the most out of my workout. all those calories and alcohol.. what about alcohol, you ask? they screw your brain cells nicely so that each bout of 'em, you lose a bit of 'em cells here and there.

it's also worth mentioning that them alcohol elevates the darn estrogen, that female hormones, so that instead of getting testosterone laden, i get the opposite compound. sucks, eh?

going back to work, seems the dust finally settled. after that "windfall," we're getting steady. nothing extra-ordinary. well, we all could use a break.

that's all i can say about that.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

*cough* *cough*


don't ya pressure me!!

i can't think straight!!!!


ahhhh... the holy grail of bench pressin' baby.. found it!

i've read about it when Dave Tate mentioned it in one of his e-book but didn't really took the time to test it. i'm too used to what i've been doin' for eons. but, something's wrong. my bench strength hadn't gone up for a while now.

and that's why it's important to always be reminded because we people, we easily forget. yeah, you too! when was the last time you ate at KFC? you don't remember, dontcha?

i thought so.

i've seen all sorts of techniques and read all sorts of discipline and philosophy.

today, i got down and tweaked my technique accordingly.

i reckon i did a stellar good. it was lightweight, baby!

shoulder could use some icin'...

with ageing comes wisdom... can i go back in time with all these "tools"?

wouldn't it be awesome, huh?!?

Saturday, September 08, 2012

rain and fever.

that's what had been hounding us these days.

Neil had a fever a few days ago. mine, it's ongoing. hope it stops with me. however, since it's the season of La Niña, we're gonna have to suck it up.

in as much as i wanna post s'more of my boring shez, i don't wanna rub you of my "down" time, and i meant that literally.

it'd be nice to have a bike like the one above... wait..

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

so many things are going on but it's a bit crazy as of late...

i don't even know where to start.

worst, i got home freakin' late cos it's raining heavy since afternoon.

workout late too!

it was awesome though.

guess i'm gonna have to write all of 'em thoughts tomorrow when the dust settles...

hold your breath.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

no easy d-day

just turned a year older today.. how time flies, yeah?

seems like it was just yesterday when i jump some very steep concrete fences to test myself if i can withstand the fall. today, my right knee is bugging me when i try to walk a tad faster! geez man, wazzup with that?!?

i have no celebrations or party whatsoever.. as always.

as a gift to myself, i might have to buy me a new foot equipment. my good ol' snickers has given up on me. no plans of anything out of ordinary. just going through the motions.. and the day.

leg workout comin' up. bummed knees can go to hell.


the other day, by the way, i had a blast with our usual weekend getaway. met some "new" friends, had a good laugh.. got really drunk. when me and my "crime" partner went to s'more clubbin' at some posh uptown bar, the level of fun bumped (figuratively and literally speaking) up further. pal, i think, was getting drunk and out of it. he's just walking around in haze. i kind of felt a lot of bumping around while people were dancing to the tunes. some were accidental. some, deliberate.

it's hard to differentiate whose who. whore, gold diggers, horny singles (lol), milf's, etc.

anyway, there's nothing i can do about it. we're harmless. even with all the weights i can move in the weight room, i don't put it in my head and go around lookin' like i could pounce some bloke who tries to mess with me.

like that fatass bloke who said i cause their glasses to move because my forearm kept leaning on the table. "sorry" was all i could say. i don't remember pulling a stunt like that cos, geez, i'm a bit doped myself. guess it's not worth causing a scene anywayz. my pal was pretty pissed at some guy who look smashed himself, but i go, "don't mind him, he's stoned."

pal was thisclose whacking him. good thing, his friend/s were there to intervened.

then again, that was just a minor setback to a rather fun night.

now, that i'm eighty four years old, all i can really do is, watch. what else am i gonna do? try being eighty four years old!

(yeah, i stole that line somewhere... )

Friday, August 24, 2012

looks like someone had a rude welcome at the gym earlier. i wasn't really mindful of others... bad, bad me!

some guys, two of them were new, obviously. well, i've been rotating my time in the gym so i have no clue whose who cos i go when i'm ready and good to go. no specific time whatsoever. anyway, did some decline dumbbell press. this lift is something i'm really good at. not many in my gym can pull this one with the one hundred pounder dumbbells. so there, after doing my set, there's no way around it but to drop it.

one guy was beside me. THUD!!! the new guy was standing next to my bench. he seem to be lookin' weird at me and the dumbbells... i just went ahead and do s'more pressing.. didn't know what happened really until the PT (personal trainer) guy told me, "that dude was shocked as hell when you drop the weight!!"

i go "really?!?"

"he doesn't know you yet and he's a newbie so he's not aware of how things goes around here."

"sorry." that's all i can say albeit, embarrassed.

it's no wonder they were gone a few minutes after that incident.

so, that's my story of the day.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


windfall... who doesn't want one, huh?

i must admit, we're kinda having that right now.. we're selling like hotcake! how ya like that?!?

a stark contrast when you compare it to the first and second quarter of this year. that's the reason why work is really UP and i mean waaaayyy UP than it was the last time.

anyway, we're kinda built for this... we, human? yeap. we have the ability to adapt. it's up to us to get our shez together, or crack.

your choice.

it's kinda fulfilling that after all that gruesome and bloody audit last week in our submitted documentations, we emerge unscatched. not only that, we beat other local dealers who has several people working in my kinda job. they were ordered to pay surcharges and under-collections of their previous payments. ugh!

some kinda feather on our cap, yeah?!?

eat that suckers!!!


all the glory to the good Lord above.

i know people who stop believing in God and instead believe on themselves. i have my questions and doubts of His existence myself. some people would laugh at you for still believing in God. forgive them.

i can't even begin to fathom the depth of all of these things.

one thing i can be sure of, whenever i'm trapped in a foxhole and there's no way out, i would call on His name and boy, the peace and that assurance that He will deliver me from my troubles... it's really something you can't find in this world.

so yeah.. i'm here cos of Him.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

work, work work!

there's no escaping work this week.

no way to outsmart it. if it's right up your face and shoved on your throat, gotta work or bust!

that was unexpected. thanks to the good Lord above, it is over and we pulled through.

guess the cockiness on my last post was tested this week. if i didn't do the smart thing before, i would have had a hard time dealing with our compliance issue.

anyway, the long weekend, thanks to the two-day holiday, is coming soon. i'll take that as my reward hehe!

hope my li'l brotha is having a grand time out there whilst celebrating his birthday... our former nanny and them families, who lives in that flood-stricken part of Manila, may their situation improve also.. watching the news is really stressful these days considering how difficult their predicaments are.

it is how it is. we just have to roll with it and hope to come out on top.

cha ching!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2012


my, my..

this evening workouts has taken a toll on my sleep pattern. it's been days since i've been having sleeping problem!

had some solid thoughts earlier.. as useless, it got caught in the wind, damn! i bet if i think hard enough i could remember..

oh yeah, some people work really hard. nothing wrong with that except that it's stressful. i know a few people who do and they barely play.. it's all work, work, work.

my job, it requires a lot of working hard. i know a lot of people in my line of work who quit or gone rouge on the company they work for. they could not handle the stress.

most of them work in tandems. it's the best set-up. one takes care of the office work, the other goes out to the field to transact or process the documents.

i have managed to stay on this job for years and still can afford to "play" like workout or just chill... you know how i do it?

it's the smart.

i adhere to that saying that goes "work smart not hard."

even though i'm the only one who does everything, i got it all figured out, thanks to the good Lord above.

my system is pretty simple. i had a trainee a few months back. he's gonna be assigned to another branch and boy did he had a hard time grasping my way of doing things. he had some foul-ups along the way because he could not follow simple instructions.

and another principle i really, really like - K.I.S.S.

no, not the make out one you horny punk!

it's Keep It Simple, Stupid.

you'll accomplish more things by getting down to the basics.. when you complicate matters, you'll end up with nothing.

my son, Neil likes to complicate things. he's being philosophical as of late and i go, why are you having a hard time figuring things out, it's not rocket science?

it's the generation gap. i know.

anyway, i have to make an impression to him. ya know, give him the proper tools so that when he's all grown up, he would rather choose the path that's best for him. if i've been through that road before and i know it ain't good for him, i'd tell him.

he's a good boy though. he listens. if i would compare myself to him before when i was at his age, he is definitely way, way better than me. but, there's a good reason why we're not at par... it's something i would rather forget.

pep talk is over, i feel drowsy now thanks to GrandMa.


Monday, August 06, 2012


cardio suffered a minor setback. just pushed it a little too much on the treadmill doing sprints and, it happened. calves gave in.. muscle cramped. it's been four days and the sting of the pain is still there. oh well.

will just have to work around it. there's still other cardio equipment that i can use that won't aggravate the area. shit happens.


went out again to party-party last friday night. my pal was in cruise mode and just let it all hang loose. i, on the other was pretty uptight.. dunno why.

as usual we got smashed. him had too much though. he practically forgot what went down on the latter part of the night whilst i remembered everything.

he dunno how he broke a chip of his front teeth. i remembered him dancing and gyrating like he's auditioning to some dancing show.. haha!

lesson learned: keep it together and never lose a grip of yourself.


why is it important to have ETA? so that you don't let people left hanging. in the corporate world, it's important to make projections, assessments and planning. a customer said to me once, "i just want to know exactly when cos i don't want it to be open-ended."

imagine if all people would make an open-ended projection, we'd be stuck in limbo for a long, long time.. "we'll just inform you." how about "i'll just text."

so now i appreciate when Jack Bauer said something along the lines of "what's your ETA?"

something to ponder about today, huh?

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

ya better run!

the internet had gone berserk again.. going on and off for days. sucks!

anyway, bought Neil a new guitar. plays really nice... and expensive! when sister had a vacation a few months ago, she bought him one. after a few months, he's gotten really good at it.. pretty much beat me on some tunes! his guitar tho, well, it's quite worn out now. but still playable.

this new one, it's more than twice expensive but plays twice better too! i kinda enjoy playing guitar again. Neil would most likely surpass me, my li'l bro, Alan (who plays flawless guitar!) and my buddy, Earl. he's just fourteen and he's playing cool tunes now. he's got some good licks and plucking too! to think he's just playing for almost three months now.. he'd probably beat John Mayer when he's fully grown up.


work volume had gone up considerably these days. it's a good thing i've set-up a some sorta system so that no matter how huge of a sale we make, it's all go on my end.


been able to run a tad longer now. then, on HIIT, i'm scaling back to the speed i used to kill before. hope to keep it up... it's not all roses to tell you frankly.. but, it's getting better.

better post this before the effing connection goes off again!

Monday, July 30, 2012

make out session...

friday... buddy invited me to have some drinks.. declined. said i was nursing a fever.. been burning tracks on the treadmill and them cardio machines.. all that effort and pain isn't worth dick if i just go waste away on weekends..

saturday.. another invite. just when you plan to go home and chill, getting bugged at on regular basis ain't somethin' to smile about... not when the weather is really crazy and intermittent rain all over the city.

heck, lets indulge this dipshit, yeah?!?

that's what we call ourselves, by the way... moron, asshole, dickhead, dimwit... you name it, we probably blurt it!

anywho, so we went downtown and had some rum and iced tea. just a flat, hon. we're pretty fine after that.. oh, make that two flats! now, we're pretty tipsy.

went uptown... that's when things got a little interested. i dunno.. it was crazy. my pal was buying us beers when some gay, the straight lookin' kind, was being nicey-nicey with my friend and he kinda smiled at him... next thing he knew this gay guy's hands was all over his chest! anyway, he just let it go. no harm done anyway.

one thing led to another, i couldn't recall completely how things turn out but i remembered going near that gay dude who had a korean girl as her company. i had a conversation with the korean girl.. most likely, i was stuttering. with all that alcohol, whaddya expect? what happened next is something i would cringed about every time i remember it... it's kinda embarrassing yet it felt good in a bad way.. what the heck am i talking about?!?

i can't really talk about it. i mean, i would love to! thing is, my son reads this blog too!

whatta predicament!!!

anyway, feel free to draw your own conclusion. last i remember, this was a free country.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


there's a bit of shayt going around the office lately. some new folks are up my ass.. i've been doing a lot of emails to the semi-big boss explaining things. it kinda zapped the zest outta me.

we're pretty busy right now with all the shebang of things that's going on.. these kinda thing just take your focus away. i know... it's their job. might have been that they are ordered from the higher echelon of them - management.

well, lets just see how thing shape up in the coming days... then, come up with an action plan.

anyway, work can go the eff itself off... let it worry by itself.. ya know what? bring it on!!

meanwhile, conditioning had been improved a bit. the endurance had gone up, thank you!

it's gonna get tweaked, adjusted and more importantly, bump-up as days passes by.

i've got a lot of unfinished stories to tell. someday, it'll be given its proper closure. if i wasn't worried about anything else, i'd love to get me some freedom.

gotta bust my ass... for now.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

filler 827

it must've been the weather or, my body is telling me to slow down.

see, i've been really putting a lot of effort with the cardio and diet thing. gotta do whatcha gotta do or else... you'd end up nowhere.

strength training is just as fierce. been doin' a lot of chins and pull-ups (neutral grip). i'm tryin' to be smart on this though.. cautious about how the body's responding..

keyword: calculated risk. 

my body is really warm right now... telltale signs of overtraining. had an hour of massage earlier.

anyway, the body is sore.. really sore. time to heal up.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the three stooges - episode I

we don't go out on fridays anymore, but.. we did last week.

my ex-office mate invited another ex, and the latter invited me. it was fun! we had our usual poison of choice - red horse beer (explains why i'm bulging like a balloon).

this ex-office mate is my drinking and smoking buddy back then when he was still employed at my workplace. we would smoke very often and drink almost, like, everyday! so, when he was given the pink slip, he found work at some call center and met new friends and all.. we barely hangout anymore. i guess he got caught up with some pals that are really at his level of ya know, highly sociable kinda people. he sorta spent more time with his work and his new found friends and eventually we've taken different roads.

this other pal with whom i often hang with during weekends, well, we did have our own little "issues". i've wrote about it here sometime ago. only this january did we started to hook-up again after over a year of ex-communicado. lol!

it's always been my nature to wait and not start, ya know, yapping "what's up?" and "how's life?" i mean, i do miss the good ol' days but it's different now. we all have our families and if we don't hang out, i just channel my energy somewhere else close. like my kids, the dogs, etc.

{i've got four minutes to finish this episode and hope to continue tomorrow}

anyway, we had a good laugh, as always! we talk a lot things and boy, this dudes, their lives are really taking off.. i mean, they talk about vacations and stuff.. going abroad! geez man, i haven't been out of the country since........... birth!

so there.

time is up.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

something strange....

around 2 o'clock in the morning... i was wide awake as i slept like a log in the afternoon..

dogs were barking like crazy.. unusually loud.

went down to check what's the fuss all about... might have been a suspicious person lurking around..

or a robber!

hit the lights off.. that's my technique, by the way.. waited for someone to appear in my vision..

saw a dog outside the fence.. weird. i've never seen any kinda dog like that in the neighborhood.

pretty big for a "local" or a native dog.. went closer...


Pudz, our rottweiller had gotten off his leash and went outside the house!!!

damn, that dog is one badass creature. you wouldn't wanna mess around with him. i almost got bitten by him twice!!

and so, when i went and call his name, i wasn't sure if he was gonna come, cos i thought he enjoyed his new found freedom so much he wouldn't wanna come back.

good thing, he went straight inside the gate's door when he heard me. took him right inside our now defunct store and he strangely, just cooperated. when inside, he didn't bark or make any noise.

thank God there was no mishap while he was outside. this dog has a temper. see, he didn't grow with us. he was given to us cos the owner kinda feel scared of him. it's nothing really, he just bit a few people in the household, ya know.

anyway, another dog story next time?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

there was some news last week about a PBA player who got fined to the tune of five hundred grand and, suspended for a conference because he lashed out at the organization that makes up most of the money he made. kinda like biting the hand that feeds you. he got all this testosterone in him to say there was fixing, etc. only to retract afterwards.


it is because of all these social sites that people use to vent out their angers or speak their mind.. or ya know, blaspheme other people. i believe you're walking a freakin' thin line my friend. people are gonna get hurt, piss and some are gonna return you the favor. and, you wouldn't like it. it gets nasty. before you know it, you're in knee-deep trouble and you can't wiggle yourself out rather easily.

and that's why in here, there's no linking to where and what especially Facebook. there's no promotion and there's less than stellar visits as compared to other blogs and sites. it's like a secret society. lol.

i did got jumpy when i started this and went telling people.. when i think about those times, i kinda regret that. there are people who will do otherwise. it's nice when they want to be accountable and all. me however, don't think so.

when i'm ready to put everything on the line, that's the time there'd be no hold's barred and things are gonna get crazy and ugly. yaiks!!!

off to the gym in a short while.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


time to run again. if i was gonna go improve on my blood work, i gotta start pushing it. conditioning is where i fail at. when it comes moving weights, i got it all figured out.

it wasn't easy to start running again.. my knees are bumming out. i'm too heavy and geez, gimme some oxygen cos i'm short of breath!


one word: SUCK IT UP, FATASS!!!!

i know, i know... gotta be hard on thyself if you ever want to accomplish things. gotta roll with it, man-up and grind to the very end.

F-O-C-U-S. eyes on the price, baby.

... too wasted (physically) to continue..

Friday, July 06, 2012

here's something i've been digging to sorta remind me of my, uhm, *glory* days, so to speak.

it goes somethin' a little like this:

Thursday, July 05, 2012

stay alive.

my BP has gone haywire. along with being superstrong and well, HUGE, there's a price to pay. i think it's high time to change the phase. it's not healthy. admittedly, this was my goal - to get freakin' strong especially with the bench cos that's where i'm weak at. as a rule, being large and strong is relative. you don't become stronger by being puny, little pansie although there are a few people who are an exception.

so, having HBP is a bummer. i eat mostly fish though occasionally i'd go have a few servings of that fatty part: the head. it's crazy how much fat you can get when you eat that part of the fish especially the large ones.

anyhow, Taylor Swift is blasting on my boom-box (lol!).. i'm having a hard time bringing myself to a point. so, later again?

chill and stay out of trouble, boys and girls.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

crack is whack

my right knee feels funny. too much leg work, i guess.

my gym is on a crackdown. locker crackdown, that is. see, i took a pretty good advantage of them lockers. they were quite lax with the whole thing but as the time went by, they are slowly getting into my nerves.

oh well. some good things never last.

goin' back to the knee, i think i've lost lotsa tendons there with all sorts of exercise i've thrown its way. good thing no mishap happened or i'd be on a wheelchair now. see, it feels like there's some lose screw on my right knee that at some point in time while walking on the treadmill or doin' squat, it seems ready to bend or detach itself. weird? you got that right!

another snag. yet another reason to back off from all that gymin'. it's better to drink, dine and be merry yeah?!? NOT!!!

at twenty one hundred and fourteen hours (09:41 pm) i'm ready to hit the sack. i am getting really old, huh? it used to be that i sleep like twelve midnight or in the wee hours of the morning like on a regular basis.

geez, between nine and ten in the evening, it's lights out baby!!! it's been the norm since, uhm... shiz, i can't even begin to remember!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

somethin' somethin'

so we had an excuse to go beachin' today. some dickhead, err, guy in the family had a birthday. off we went.

nice beach. bet we'll come back again soon. but, not the way we went today. we were so cramped up in the vehicle. good for me, i'm the driver. i get to have my seat all by myself. them, it was an exhibition of some stunt you'd only find on TV like that "Ripley's" thing.

then, i hate driving at night. the road leading back to where we're at was so dark and worst, under repair! good thing wifey can drive cos my eyeballs are about to pop looking at the road which, duh, road visibility was at its worst. picture a very dark road, lotsa potholes and heavy rain.

anyway, been watching bio movies or series and stuffs. just finished watchin' Hatfields & McCoys. highly recommended.

time to go ZZzzzzz...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

B i g g i e

yeah, yeah!!

finished watching this guy's bio film, THUS. kinda sad but inspiring as well.


Sunday, June 10, 2012


Manny Pacquiao's last fight was marred with controversy. today's, well, it had to be even more dubious. but hey, you can argue however you want, me thinks it ain't gonna change a thing. i'm not gonna stress myself out over that. even Pacquiao was graceful enough to acknowledge he lost even though he knew he won decisively. i saw it. some of you did. we know what exactly happened. just breath and let it go. let the mob kings, queens and bookies figure it out.

now, gimme my darn popcorn!!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

lived another day

yesterday, i had... well, i dunno how to say it - i wasn't ready to workout! actually, i skipped monday's workout cos i felt i wasn't ready yet. my CNS was still revolting after last saturday's balls-to-the-walls session. since time was pretty tight, when i had the chance to get my arse into the gym, i wanted to start real quick.. but, sister called. we talk for almost an hour. by then, the last meal i took was almost a goner. completely digested, to be exact.

there wasn't any way i'm gonna go out and get some food anymore.. i just soldered on and hope i'd be fine. it was LEG day. that's a capital L-E-G cos it's one exhausting session. anyone who trains legs knows how it'll sapped your energy to the ground.

anyway, i figured i'll do front squat. you don't see to many gym rat do that thing. i do 'em regularly! then, when i'm done with them set i'd go do walking lunges. i imagined, if i wanna have a really nice pair of wheels, i better do the hard things.

so there.

that's when i almost had a mishap.

about the fourth set of doing back-to-back of front squat and walking lunges, i almost fainted. i felt light-headed and it was almost lights out!!

i was ready to collapse, man!

shook myself momentarily and immediately call it a day. that would have been an emergency. the gym would have been in chaos and it would have been another one of those "most" embarrassing moment in my shit-list.

good thing, i got away with it.

nonetheless, today was better. took a nice good meal one hour before hitting the gym and blasted shoulders and chest to oblivion! had a strong session all throughout.

it was awesome, dude!

on the western front, sister just texted me the deets of what went down with my brother and his father-in-law's almost all out brawl... what happened to him and that prick, err, father of his, ain't no laughing matter. but, i'll save that for tomorrow's... i'm too thrashed, hun!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


well, i just received some disturbing news about my brotha abroad. while me and sis were chatting over the phone, he texted sis about him and his father-in-law almost getting into a brawl. if my sister received a text like that from me, i don't think she'd be surprised. i mean, i'm kinda like the guy who gets into trouble with my in-laws and usually, when there's trouble at home or anywhere, it's almost always a brawl!

my bro is like a gentle giant. when we were younger, he'd resort to crying when somebody in schools starts a fight with him. me being the older brah, i take care of the business (his enemies).

you know, i haven't seen him in person for over a decade now. he was a bit of a pain in the ass while he was here. guess being single and all, he's too carefree. he was like a boarder at home and pretty much lived like a king. but, having been married and all, he's pretty much a better man. sister could attest to that. i guess it all boils down to ya know, in-laws living with you.. i know i don't like my in-laws around me -- often. they're OK to see sometimes but when they're in your face most of the time, it gets annoying.. what's bad is when they start calling the shots at home.. and the worst part? they're not even the one that's putting food on the table!!

if i was there and saw what went down, you can bet your ass i'll be the one to do the whopping or get whopped at... doesn't matter as long as it's not him that got beaten. i have always been like that - to my family. maybe some friends. i get really suicidal for them when something nasty like that happens.

make sure when there's a brawl, no one tries to stop it. especially me!! it is important that everyone around knows we're just trying to let off some steam.. somebody's gonna get hurt but no one's gonna get killed, i promise! well, i don't know about the opponent but i don't intend to kill anyone unless the situation deteriorates further.

what happens when someone stops the fight and you end up in a bad position, pray you don't get beaten to the pulp!

anyway, i imagined seeing a better picture of him and his family compared to me and my gang. but what do you know, life's full of surprises.. them twist and turn, it's hard to predict what's goin' next.

i feel really, really bad for him right now.. i wish i can be there for him. i hope they settle it sooner or later. i don't know.

hang in there brah.. i love you.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


oh, the drama.

well, if you've been glued to the tube waiting for the "so-called" verdict (well, it's been decided long before all the evidences and witnesses were presented), get a life already!!

i didn't watch it... ok, barely.

it's really a toss-up between pro's and con's. between Pnoy and GMA. proxy war, to be exact.

what? between honest and corrupt?!? rrrright. i say everyone of those who hanged the poor (apparently he is rich with all that dollar he kept) guy is just as guilty.

'nuff said.

we have our own little drama around the house too. ahhh man.. ya don't wanna know.

and that's why i have a problem living with other people... cos things just get complicated. it's messy and a waste of precious oxygen.

meanwhile, i see a lot of people gathering around in some places... wonder what's the fuss all about.

SNAP!!! it's the NBA playoffs, that's what!!

whose your bet?

Monday, May 28, 2012

danao lake

"too much radiation."

that's what. ya know, it's a bit of a pain in the ass these days posting 'round here cos of some privacy issue. that's right, i want to have my space. i want my command center to be mine and mine only.

that's not really the case these days. lotsa hangers prowling in my war room. i can't focus cos they make a lot of noise and they are very sneaky.

anyway, we just came from the province.. ORMOC, Leyte to be precise. we have a few relatives there and one in particular is making a killing - business-wise.

it's my nephew. he made it there and it's not some top-notch place to begin with. it's a province wherein it's laid back and boy, for a city guy like me, i'd be bored shezless if i stay there longer than necessary.

i gotta hand it to him though. he pretty much established himself there and in a few years time, i'm guessing he'll be like super-rich!

i imagined myself doing what he does and... i don't think i am built for it. i mean, that's why rich people are what they are, cos they work like a horse. that's him. other than being it's in his genes, it's probably safe to say he lost half of his hair thinking, pondering and analyzing things all the time. to be able to multi-task effectively, it requires great thinking and a lot of heart.

he definitely found "gold" in there. whatever business he dips his hands to, it goes BOOM!

we enjoyed our time there. last time i was there, it was a long time ago. they took the time to accommodate us, showed us great hospitality.. they were so warm to us we were just amazed and awed at how they made us feel welcome.

anyway, i'm too hammered to go on with this... ya know why? i worked out earlier and there was blackout. the heat inside the gym just zapped the zest out of me.

hope to post a few more pictures next time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


so we had our little rendezvous last Mother's day. ya know, gotta have an excuse of something special so we could go have some sorta celebration.

best pal Earl was there. i had a drunken session the night before.. ahhhh.. what an eventful night it was. i drop my effing wallet and it was like a freak show. how the heck did it came out from my back pocket and the money went at different places. but i digress.

so, back at the beach where we had some photos taken.. boy, pictures don't lie. i'm effing obese!! help!!!

i still haven't found the time to get lean. it's not easy. but it's neither hard. at least i'm still working out. the only thing i haven't focused on is nutrition which by the way, comprises ninety percent of the work that needs to be done.

i need a kick in the head to jumpstart this whole shebang of a lean-ness plan!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

pudz and pool

there goes the darn bug again. got some runny nose and been coughing a lot lately... what else? aches all over. joint paints abounds... it's all downhill from here.

don't feel like blogging for the nth time yet again.

my Rottweiler was successfully dragged down from the rooftop by none other than moi. he was pretty adamant. he didn't wanna go down the stairs without a fight. i win, obviously.

we have this new inflatable pool up there so it's not safe for the kids to hang around with him dog also. he's barking like hell when they're there enjoying the pool and it pisses the neighbors. ya know, his bark isn't like any ordinary bark... it's really loud and annoying cos he seems to not get tired doing all that. he is downstairs barking like crazy right now. duh?!?

Neil is getting better with his guitar playing and mah little Angel Mitch is getting bigger everyday. it's cool how this kids are growing up. it's like watching miracles everyday... one day they do this and that and i'm kinda amazed at how quickly one can learn how to play this instrument and the other is grasping a bagful of tricks on her own.


is starting to pile-up after months of less than stellar sales. well, it's good money-wise. when we're not selling, it feels like our morale is down and scarcity in terms of finances is obvious.

so yeah, thanks for everything, good Lord.

when there was drought, we relaxed a bit... recharge, sorta. and when the monsoon came, it was time to put our game face. i hope we're ready. lets make it personal: i hope i'm ready.

still sore from the training session yesterday. i can feel my immune system getting whacked from overtraining, but heck, one good, loooonngggg night sleep and it should feel better.

tomorrow, is a brand new day.

looking. forward.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

pain is temporary....

things finally sink in... wait, that's syncing in, i mean.

my lower back felt like it's been run over by a bulldozer it hurts sooooo bad!

had my massage earlier and i must say THAT WAS STEAMY!!!

well, it's supposed to be a clean one. my regular masseuse was nowhere to be found so i opted for the nearest next available... i guess i'm too sensitive or naive.. i really don't know.

she pulled my boxer brief waaaayyy down and really squeeze the shez out of my ass, for starters. then she work her way through my inner thighs... really, really close to my crotch, if you have to ask.

to top it all, she massage thoroughly my chest and went all the way to them nipples.

and NO, it's not usual.

anyway, like i said, i was in it for the clean kind, so NO, nothing "extra" happened.

she did a stellar job of really giving me the HARD massage though. i was wincing in pain but ya know, gotta man-up.

i definitely was looking forward to getting a massage today as i have been really pushing it hard in the gym.. like four days in a row. that's exactly the reason why i'm aching all over. then, since i was eating iron like a man-possessed, went to kill the cardio sessions as well.

so yeah, things are syncing in, finally.

still achin'... i need more... *wink* *wink*

Monday, April 23, 2012

life is..

no matter what i do, no matter how fun it went, when comes down do it, i'm still not happy.

yep, that's how it is with the world. worldly thing to be exact.

if you go examine yourself and really, really ponder on things in life, what you achieved, how much wealth you've managed to amass and all that, honestly, were you able to quench your thirst? were you satisfied? are you really secured? underneath the core of your very being, can you HONESTLY say that you are happy? do you have JOY in your heart?

only you can answer that.

anyway, that's a li'l deep to tackle at the moment so.. i'll leave you to ponder on that.


finally, the mini-van we have that's been sitting on the garage and rotting in rust had a taker. we had it for sale for months now but opted to halt it when sister arrived so we could use an alternative transpo when the other is being used to accompany her when she's out and about.

i kinda feel sad to see it go but at the same time, i'm worried that the longer it's sitting there, the less it's gonna get dispose. although i use it every weekend just so it could run around and warm up the engine and stuff, it's quite unreliable after all the deterioration it has gone through.

i hope the new owner can do a better job at maintaining that car. i know wifey didn't.

we did had a lot fun time with that cage.. it's pretty fast for a little van. i believe it's the fastest in its class. for one, it's a Subaru, it's an all-wheel drive and best of all, it's turbo-charged!

i'd love to talk about work and training... but, gosh, i'm just not syncing right now.

someday... someday...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

tardiness is in the house tonight!!!!

iz too bad, yah?

really, i need to F-O-C-U-S.

i'm kinda out of the loop lately... "too much radiation" Cpt. MacMillan sez it on that awesome PC game Call of Duty, Modern Warfare Game. it's distraction actually.

hope to get back on the swing of things.


Wednesday, April 04, 2012


it has come into conclusion.

wait, make that a few hours more and sister's off to the land of the milk and honey.

one more driving to go and it is done.

i really can't complain even if i wanted to. she rarely comes home and it's usually in a short span of time. twelve days to be precise.

and she's been of a real help to us.... to all of us her siblings, in fact.

sadly, i get the sole duty of driving her and her friend (including her friend's entourage) around whenever and wherever they pleases... and boy, it's just exhausting.

the waiting is worst.

anyway, we didn't do anything "super" this time around... in the future, we hope to make her vacation a lot, lot better.

that's not a promise..

it's a deal.

Monday, April 02, 2012

limo drivin' fatass

it's been a helluva week, huh?!?

been driving around town like almost on a daily basis. gotta say, drivers of public utilities and those who do it regularly cos it's their job, they have earned my respect.

i mean, it's not easy driving around this place. i drive a motorcycle and i don't have a problem skirting through traffic and just go in and out like a fly. basically, i can get through my destination half the time (even less) as compared to a four-wheeled vehicle.

since sister arrived last week, i had the sole duty of driving her around wherever she and her company pleases. to think i'm driving an automatic transmission vehicle, it would have been less burdensome, but hell no!

it's crazy out there. utility vehicles cutting you off with zest! people crossing the streets, ya know, the kind where they'd walk across the street then look later if there's an incoming vehicle? in short, dumbass!

oh man, i can count forever the many ways i would rather not be driving around with a cage rather than a bike. it's no wonder how a lot people get killed or shot at or whacked by some road rage assholes and whatnot, cos it's a freakin' jungle out there!

it just takes away the fun of driving.

well, it's not over yet... there's still a lot of hours left to log on - driving.


training had to take a back seat.

but would you be surprise if my strength had gotten really crazy wicked? well, lemme tell you why.... coz i'm freaking FAT again!

we've been having a lot of that brainsickening ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT buffet, that's what.

since i'm fat and obese nowadays, i better be freakin' strong.. and i am. anyway, when sister leaves and the holy week, over, the plan is to lean out again. i know the drill -- been there, done that.

i've set some serious PR's while i'm here sitting fat as fuck. but, even while i'm strong, i don't feel healthy. my BP's at borderline high and at some point, i feel weird.

so, NO, being huge and a strong mofo at the same time, isn't good for the health in the long run. gotta scale back while i'm not as huge as THIS GUY yet.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Microsoft Xbox

well, well, well....

it's been rather disappointing this far.... the "plan" to make this whole shebang of things worthwhile... we're pretty suck in some people's issues and they kinda rub us their shitty drama i would rather forget.

i'm probably looking at things the wrong way, or my expectations weren't met, or i probably set the bar a tad too high, thus this feeling.

whatever it is, we still have roughly six days to turn this thing around and make the most out of this exceptional opportunity.

or, it's downhill from hereon in now.

tsk.. tsk..

why do i feel like a pessimist in all of these?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Sister

when El DeBarge got  caught in some drug bust, i remember my sister... she just loves this guy way back then...

speaking of which, sistah's comin' home this Saturday.. after five looooonggg years. wow, i am stoked! there will be a moment of awkwardness, that's a given, but it won't last forever. trust me.

by the grace of the good Lord above, i'll be happy just to see her again after that long period of absence. never mind them pasalubong (homecoming gifts), although, i wouldn't mind having a few ones here and there... hehe

can't wait for the adventure... i'll definitely make the most out of it -- i mean, WE, will make this a time, a moment -- that we will remember and cherish for the rest of our living years.

that's the hope.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bruce Lee.

sounds like 'em good ol' chinese movies.


what i posted yesterday, i thought this documentary, Catfish pretty much sums it up... of how gullible people can be. well, this was rather a case of an elaborate false pretense to the highest level.

and worst, THIS news is just tragic. i mean, how the hell did she went naked and show it to some stranger? just read the story and see what i mean.

that's how, sadly, most people have become. all for social network.

gotta check out my status, updates and whatnot.. hehe


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

gullible and skimpy

so i've read that a lot of people, young girls doing all that skimpy pose on facebook just so they could get all them million "likes." man, some people, huh?

why are people so gullible with that stupid thing anyway. some would update every second what's the status of their daily lives? c'mon, could you be more lunatic than that? for fuck sake babe, do something productive other than staring and waiting at somebody "liking" your photo or whose itching to bed you, err, i mean, wanna befriend ya.. what's happening to the world, dawg?!?

speaking of skimpy, is it me or is it that almost girls on the streets are wearing short-shorts? i mean, wow! they are all over the place, bud.

once when i was at KFC and went to queue for my order. in front of me are two lovebirds who seem to can't get enough of each other. the girl was wearing, you guess it, that skimpy little short and boy, was it distracting.

when i had my order and was on my table, i sat down facing the opposite of those lovebirds cos i didn't wanna get distracted.. well, i was pretty famish at that time and all i really care about was how to go about gobbling my food.

next thing i knew, another one came in with the same get-up, only this time, she had a more shapely pair of legs and her shorts. well, a few inches more and it'll look like its her undies already. this one's worst cause she was waltzing around back and forth between her friends and in front of me.. she was on the phone and she kept talking like forever... evil thoughts just run around my darn brain... to think i tried avoiding that kinda view and here comes another who really push my buttons.. the kinda make you go horny. that.

so, that's what i've noticed lately. everywhere, it seems like everyone with a vagina and a nice pair of legs are into that kinda fashion. even our help in the house are wearing it... sometimes, less.


and that's all i can say about that.

Friday, March 09, 2012

marry the night

we was gonna go party-party tonight but my pal had me waiting for hours, motha... no can't be. honestly, i look forward to weekends since i've started going out again a few months back. i'm kinda awed when i see them beautiful ladies ramping around waltzing on our way.. really, it's like all these flashy cars such as a lambo or a porsche or them h1's or that lincoln stretch, man, you only see them beauties at night!

i kinda feel young again and my heart beats as fast as 'em that furious flick...

but waiting isn't one of my best virtues. i just go impatient and bored... i think about my little baby and i feel really bad that i'm wasting away time being away from her sweet little smile (though i was watching that documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. an eye opener. you should watch it) whilst waiting for his shift to conclude... feels like a desperate girlfriend waiting for Romeo to finally arrive.

so yeah, i go "lets do this some other time, bud." besides, there's still work tomorrow and we'd usually finish our little adventure in the wee hours of the morning... usually hammered and all, as useless.

i can, though, trade all that fun with a simple cuddlin' with my little baby or spend it with my grown up kid, Neil messing with them bad guys playin' Call of Duty. we kinda compete who gets to win or has more kills... while i sip some GrandMa.. no, that grandma, ya creep, it's that brandy!

anyhow, when time and opportunity permits, i'd still go out and hang around... strut 'em biceps for all to see.. ha ha!!

speaking of biceps, i haven't done any direct bicep exercise for, like a month or two now. i've focus on getting my bench numbers up.. i gotta say, i've upped my stats on that lift and not only that, i've somehow perfected the proper form of doing it. i can honestly say that before this year ends, notwithstanding injuries or whatnot, i'm gonna hit 250 pounds... that's my modest forecast. and that 120 pounds of dumbbells sitting around there barely used, it'll be mine... i will own that darn weight.

so God help me.

now that i've mentioned God, though there were times i doubted Him, i gotta say that when i called His name for help (aren't we like that? calling God when we're stuck on a foxhole or in difficult times?), He almost always does.

thank you, thank you good Lord above.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sunday, March 04, 2012


the good ol' dayz...

the Corruptor

"Corruption is our protection. 

Corruption keeps us safe and warm. 

Corruption is why you and I are prancing around in here instead of fighting over scraps of meat out in the streets. 

Corruption is why we win. "

from the movie, Syriana.

why i quote that? well, a lot of people think they are holier than thou... as if they aren't corrupted as well. hah!

look in the mirror, buddy. 

really hard.

i'll count the ways... later.

fact of the matter is, we are hard-wired to do the sinful thing. that's not a new concept. it's written and had been proven a million.. no, make that a gazillion times.

naw, before you crucify me, read history. in fact, read Genesis 3.

come back here when you're enlightened.


Monday, February 27, 2012

i'm itching to write something... only that, old man's too tired to even finish this little natter. so sue me!

CNS is too fried whilst estrogen is elevated thanks to all of 'em boozing.. better change this crazy ways for the nth time, yet again.


Friday, February 24, 2012

one moh..

once when i had i really bad case of hangover... turn up my walkman phone's FM radio and tuned to some "always first..." station.. this song played and i kinda like it.

the hangover didn't go away but at least, it didn't got worst either.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012


my strength had been pretty on the roof lately. must have been, that i've found the "holy grail" of training.

sadly, it's a bit late. why?

well, age is catching up with me... it's also worth mentioning that the wear and tear is quiet obvious and evidently felt on my right elbow.

it's been nagging me for months now.. either i take a looooong break, have this check and worst case scenario get it operated on or, am just gonna man the F-up and solder on.

it's not like it's unbearable. just annoying.

i'm depress right now because of this.

anyway, googling some studies on this matter.. what's causing the pain and how to go about it.

emo post, done.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

of PR's and explosion

two. three. one.

yes, i one-rep-max two hundred and thirty one pounds of iron today.. not too shabby, yeah?

i did the max effort method. just load the bar one bit at a time then rep it for three 'til things got heavy.. then when i'm about nearing my max, i just went for singles. took a three minute break in-between. that's what's nice when i do bench on Sundays. i don't have to worry about the next person who might wanna use the rack cos it's really quiet on Sundays.

plenty of time to recuperate and not rush into another set cos mr. quarter bencher can't wait to use the effing equipment.

i wish i can do that weight for reps like what i see in Youtube where metheads just go do it like it's too darn easy.

it would probably take a good forever to bump the weights up, but hey, whatever man, as long as i'm inching forward i'm happy.

some days, you're the strongest freak, but on some, you just feel flat.

my right elbow had been feeling surreal though... i wish the nagging pain would just go away. guess it comes with the territory and well, old age. thanks to the good Lord above, i don't feel anything other than... hmmm lemme check. LOL!

brag: OFF.

by the way, i, or we did have an explosion days prior, but that would be posted some other time and in really , really cryptic way that you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out wuz dem explosion all about. hee hee..

Monday, February 06, 2012


been having one of that drink as of late... pretty smooth, but deadly.

anyway, i had a few scares today. there was an earthquake late this morning. i didn't felt it as i was too busy explaining to a client whilst inside a vehicle. only knew about it after i got off the pick-up... when people started talking about it and how powerful it was.

a lot of people have a tale to tell of their experience... how people panic and just sprint their way out of the building like they've been training for it like ages...

the one that got me scared shit-less was when people started talking about the tsunami and that it's supposed to have hit downtown already. that kinda creep me out as i had with me a customer's car and i'm at a place where it's pretty boxed-out... ya know, bumper-to-bumper and there's no way to exit smoothly.. worst, the effing inspector whose supposed to picture the car was taking his sweet time and didn't get his ass on the job... at least not after i did some follow-ups of his whereabouts - twice!

when i finally took off, boy, the traffic outside was ridiculous!

cars and people were scampering... to get to high ground! it was just a nightmare.. people were overreacting and it just made the situation a lot, lot worst.

after the earthquake and the tsunami scare, some folks were crying actually.

then an hour ago, another earthquake was felt again. this time, i got into the action. i was here sitting with my little girl, she just woke up. my first reaction? i just sat down... waited... then it stop. just a few seconds, three to four, tops.

Neil got up from his sweet slumber and started running around the house saying "there's an earthquake!"

he went up to me and i told him "yep, there was."

and he goes "what'ya did?"

i go "i just sat here and waited for it to stop... i actually held my breath a tad."

and he goes how he fell down from running out of his room in school today in panic.


that's all i can say about that. don't be too easy-peasy, but, don't panic either. you ain't gonna get killed with them earthquakes and tsunamis, you'll either die of a heart attack, stampede and/or the likes.

got it?



another one went off again at 19:36 and again.. and again. must be them aftershocks.