Tuesday, November 29, 2011

max reps

am watching this movie (again) now and man, it never gets old!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

of smokes and mirrors


yeah, that girl in the gym earlier is smokin' hot. i can't effing focus when she's like staring at me when i do my exercises.. of course i'm being presumptuous, as usual. well, it kinda feels like. or, it must've been the other way around. i have a picture of her, by the way. wanna see?


she just have all the nice curves and bumps in the right places... it's in her genes, i surmise. sometimes i wish i don't get to workout around the same time with her cos she's quite a distraction... but at the same time i just luuurrrvvvv having her around cos it's so nice to see a lady who takes care of her body and knows what she's doing.

so, it's a love and hate thing. if it was up to me though, i don't mind the distraction at all if it's her that's causing it.

speaking of smoking, it's been what, six or seven years since i quit smoking. i gotta thank the good Lord above for the strength He gave me.

it was never easy... nor that hard.

i've been smoking since high school, if my memory serves me right. it all started when i learn that it's an appetite suppressant. i didn't wanna go morbidly fat but having our family history and my big-boned structure, i'm meant to be that - fatso!

so on and off i go smoke a stick or a pack whenever i can... not until i suffered some serious health problems. i know my heart was weakening fast as i didn't exercise, eat all sorts of junk, alcoholic, slept late and smoked like a chimney. it's also worth mentioning that i was born with a congenital heart disease. yaiks!!

whenever i go walk on stairs, it is as if i'm gonna suffer a stroke on my journey upstairs... i could hardly breath and barely have legs to go on!

not only that, my bouts with tonsillitis had been frequent and worst each time. i need a more powerful and expensive antibiotic to combat it - and the pain, it was getting unbearable. what's more lamentable, fever was a like a last name whenever i had tonsillitis.

the last experience i had was around the third week of december (either '04 or '05) and it was when i cannot say "no" to my uncle who offered me a really nice pack of Marlboro. the kind of which is rich and imported. and even though my throat had started to feel uncomfortable that time, what, with all the parties in the month of december, i just went on and binge on s'more cigarettes.. puffing and huffing to my heart's delight.

a few days later, i had the worstest tonsillitis in the whole-wide-world.

thus, i could not smoke 'til i healed up.

then i thought, what the heck, it's New Year in the next few days, why not make it a "resolution?"

i made it for a few days... why not push the envelope s'more? i go convincing myself.

it wasn't a walk in the park at all. whenever i go out with friends, i get teased and tempted. they'd say "you know, you'd be back smokin' in no time, i'll bet my year's salary on that!"

then my boss, who was my smoke buddy since we knew each other many years back and one person i cannot say "no" to, also downplayed my resolution and said the same thing my pals told me. that i wasn't gonna last a week or a month.

then days became months.. and months became year...

and many years later, i haven't lit one cigarette.

whose to say one cannot change? that it's hard?

nuff said.

i've got a few more tales to tell up my sleeve, but i gotta watch my favorite show on Discover Channel. now, brotha!

American Chopper.

enjoy the weekend.. keep your pants up and be safe.

Friday, November 25, 2011

i still ask that question too...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bench Pressin' like playin'

i saw a video just recently and that was all i need to see to get my bench press (bench) performed properly. see, we all can put things up and down but there's actually a way to execute things properly. like when you're trying to lift something off the floor. picture a case of beer. if you're bending with your back rounded, you're gonna feel some sorta pain later.. worst, injure your lower back. however, if you arch your back, you are doing it sexy properly.

there are more examples i can give, but ya gotta pay me though for them infos.. heh!

well, going back to the video, i've been doing the bench wrong since day one. that's one reason why i hurt my right shoulder before. since time immemorial i tried to do it right with no luck, though dumbbell pressing one hundred pounds each hand was somewhat a success, using the bar proved to be my waterloo.

i just couldn't get stronger with it no matter how i tweak my hand position or body's... 'til i saw the video and applied it earlier.

wow!! it's like seven years or so of doing things wrong and trying in earnest to learn.

but not when i'm older and joint pains is a regular!

it's also worth mentioning that recovery had decelerate a tad.. argh!

ahhhh... it's never to late to learn new tricks! even old dogs can learn a thing or two.. like me!

exciting times, indeed.

some people in the gym must've been smiling behind my back when i do all those goofy exercises.

the basics are always a staple - squats, deadlifts, presses and rows. the assistance however is where i do all sorts of stuff that most people in the gym wouldn't dare try cos they don't wanna look like "aliens."

but it's not about how nice you flow through the movements, it's getting things done - the right way.

so wipe that smirk off yer face, ya moron!

my apologies for getting carried away. too much testosterone running through my system, i must admit.

well... it's time to chill now..

Monday, November 21, 2011

pooling all thoughts.... processing...

tough luck!

yeah, yeah.. there are days and, there days..

i really have to start jotting down thoughts whenever i'm out there coz they were pretty nice and i can't @$^%& remember any right at this moment.

tsk.. tsk..

all i can say is, it's been tough lately. with everything.

i'll save the gabfest for say, tomorrow?

retreating back to the cave.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

hah! i'm in touch with my feminine side.. what can i say?!?

... and i just love her mouth.. ya know, the expression.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

acting like busy body

mmmmmkkkayyyy. we know what happened. it wasn't exactly what most people expected, but shit happens. we won and that's all that matters... not convincingly or decisively, i guess.

shut your pie-hole ---- a win, is still a win.

i'm not gonna go and start a whole lotta discussion as to the "what's" and the "if's" like what's happening at 'em message boards and the interwebz.

it is what it is. so, stop crying your hearts out and move on.. comprende?


i just had a really busy monday today. fyi, i'm a one-man-wrecking-machine doing all the paper works and does fieldwork to process 'em paper works. with the bulk of our sales the past few weeks, i'm also caught with a lot of documentations to process.

and i'm not even done yet!

sadly, it comes with the territory.

i failed to hit the gym today. am just gonna make it up tomorrow.

meantime, i'm hitting the sack... it's been luring me since i step foot on that cozy bedroom...

i'll see you in my wet dreams.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


just had a massage earlier at a place where i'm a regular. i kinda stop experimenting with other parlors as i only get disappointed when i don't get that much needed therapy.

so, when i find a good masseuse (nothing kinky, just prefer women), i usually note their name so the next time i go there i can easily request for that lady.

lately i've been going for the two-hour session... pretty rejuvenating for a tired and weary bod like mine. i always go for the HARD variant... when she does that massage, she really goes for the kill! mostly, i end up holding my breath to sorta mask the pain.. but i don't complain... especially when it's done on the hamstrings, glutes, back, shoulders, chest and biceps... on the calves, quads, triceps and some part of the neck and head, i prefer it moderate.

that pretty much puts my weekend on a high note.

there was a time when i just went balls to the wall at the gym, the next day i couldn't get up! well, i can actually but it was really hard to move around or go to work.. i ended up calling for a home service massage.

curiously, some people at the parlor, i overhear them talking to their masseuse... they're like hitting on them. maybe they're hoping to get something "extra" or some DOM wanna have some lovin'..

well, i don't like to chatter. i just wanna chill , listen to relaxing music and close my eyes. even when it hurt sometimes.. i don't go "could you tone it down a little, it effing hurts!"

i don't even get a wood, dam'it!

maybe if the attendant was wearing something skimpy, i might.

i don't know if some masseuse are actually hitting on me... there was one who really did a nice dig on my inner thigh she's a few millimeters away from my manhood... i can't stop it from getting mad!

anyway, i don't really wanna think that way cos my intentions are pure. sorta. LOL!

well, that's my story for today.. my mind's still debating whether i should down some brandy whilst watching HBO's Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 24/7 - Episode 4 or just have gatorade instead... hmmmm..

decisions.. decisions..

Friday, November 11, 2011


i can't wait.... wooooottt!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family First

shot. that's right, my shoulders are shot!

it's pretty sore actually. i did one too many shoulder presses earlier. what can i say, when it comes to workin' out, i love hittin' the shoulders hard with everything i've got.

a few days ago i had little mishap. whilst doing rack pull of roughly five hundred pounds of weight, my lifting relic of a wrist straps snapped on me! well, only one gave in but it made a huge thud of a sound in the gym that everyone got the shock of their lives... good thing the olympic (oly) bar didn't break or bend or i'd be the object of hatred in the gym. why? cos there's only one oly bar and it is the most useful bar you can find in the gym. not many gym around here have that kinda bar, sadly.

i guess it's time to buy a new heavy duty variant. the one where you're shoulders would pull-apart or your spine break loose but never them straps. isn't that nice? hah!

anyway, the work had been tremendous you wouldn't wanna go there. backlogs had piled-up but it ain't my fault. it's the other end that needs to deliver as i have done mine. unfortunately, there's just so much you can do or control, beyond that you can only hope that somehow things get done. i wouldn't wanna worry too much about it though, cos man, it's not gonna make things better. good thing i'm into weights, otherwise i would've been drinking my worries away.

meanwhile, wifey saw this fella of mine drinking with a friend while we were out in the mall. i guess i must have hurt this fella's feeling cos he hasn't bug me since that fateful night... fateful cos we smoked some serious dough carousing with you-know-who, of which i seriously felt would have been better spent on something more "productive."

we went there to drink but things got out of hand, we deviated. we ended up spending more than we planned... in short, we were a few grand poorer after all the bills were paid.

i guess he felt bad that we had to split every penny. it was a rough time for him, i understand. he had some work related issues. and for me as well as i just had an "instant" baby. we ended up spending more than we probably could earn in a week... he must have thought i'm loaded and it should be my treat.. which is really, i wouldn't mind at all spending on food and booze for our little rendezvous. that side trip however was too costly and to be perfectly honest, i would very much rather spend it on milk, diaper, etc. for my little baby.

so yeah, i get it. i don't feel bad at all.  if anything i'm happy he's moved on with his new or old friends and still pull that kinda shit. i mean me, i've gotten older. i'd love to drink once in a while or go on a gimmick trip but i can't go back to those days wherein we end up going home in the wee hours of the morning.. like almost on a daily basis.

these days, i don't need to be "IN". i don't need to belong. in fact, as i've said here many times, i can easily blend in if i wanted to. in the office alone, i can easily join anybody's circle. more so, in the gym. there's not many strong mofo's out there like me. just a handful.


i am soooooo waaaayyyy pass that. i kinda miss those "glory" days but i don't wanna go back there. at least not that frequent.

if you've been following me you know i've turn my life around, thanks to the good Lord above.

memories are good.. the past is a good place to visit once in a while but life goes on... i moved on. it's nice to have friends and buddies to cheer on and to toast to, but today more than anything else, i have to get my priorities first.

make a wild guess what they are....

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Saturday, November 05, 2011

ahhhhhhhh... i love holidays... long weekends? yeah baby!!

like this week, for example. the President finds it appropriate to declare the 31st as a holiday. then, on November 01 obviously too is a holiday. filed a vacation leave on the 2nd so now that's a lot of R & R. sadly, we didn't go out somewhere other than the cemetery. tsk.. tsk..

i kinda regret the time that went by and us not having done anything leisurely. what can i say, i'm not really in the mood with them same old-same old company. if you've been reading this helluva blog, ya know who i meant.

so again, going back to holidays, monday is yet another holiday!! how ya like that, huh?

if you really wanna know seriously why, READ THIS, aight?!?

hopefully, me being thee "man-of-the-house" can put a spin on this downtime.

meanwhile, gotta go coz there's too much distraction on the background... it's making me think harder!


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

how was your halloween? good? great!

just like the years went by, i had the same old, same old experience. with my boring in-laws, as usual.

thanks to the addition of my little baby, Angel Mitch, it was a tad fun to go around the cemetery. she's getting bigger and a lot lot more pesky and restless. she wants to move around all the time when you put her down. still, she's cute when she does all that.

i gotta say she's got a lot of zest in her. she's just moving all the time, talks a lot and she actually interacts when you talk to her... i guess i'm surprise since what, Neil is now thirteen years old so you can imagine how old, err, i mean how it's been a long, long time ago since we have a baby around.

everything is just, to me, a discovery yet again.

i'm really just posting something so i can greet ya for the holiday.. actually, i'm effing toasted again for doing a lot of exercises for my legs and triceps this morning... argh!

chillin' out.