Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here tonight

So long to you my love
Don’t be afraid to run away
I know you’ll be okay
Just take your time to find

But i need you here tonight
I need you here inside
I need you here tonight
I really, really need you here tonight

Made up my mind on this
Too late for me to hold you back
Maybe to short or dumb
To cry for you but i will anyway

It’s all my fault
To feel this way for you that day
I know i am and i will
Though it’s wrong,so wrong

Cause i need you here tonight
I need you here inside
I need you here tonight
I really, really need you here

I need you, i need you
I need you here inside
I need you i need you
I really, really need you


can't find the video in youtube.. sorry.
nice song though..

... we entered this nightspot and saw this lady who looked like "her." she resembles "her" face and complexion... and oh, "her" smile... i told this lady before about a story of "my life" and her resemblance to "her."

she may have liked the somewhat straight out of a telenovela narration i told her cos out of nowhere or maybe i was just too pexilated to recall who kissed whom first.. but, i'm almost sure she did.... we kissed. still and all, the story had been told a number of posts ago. so there..

then recently, again we've met.. i didn't wanna prolong my/our agony and fuel whatever little hopes i have --- that there's a posibilidad we'd ever live happily ever after... in a perfect world, momma... in a perfect world.. that would have been nippy, ey?

forgive the coldshoulder treatment, lady.

besides, unless you are God, the possibilty of ressurrecting something that's long been dead is zero to nil.

here's a quote i bump into...

"Girls are so queer you never know what they mean. They say No when they mean Yes, and drive a man out of his wits for the fun of it" -- Louisa May

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


aaaahhhhh!!!! hangover again!

tsk tsk tsk

just came back to work yesterday and today i was struggling to get up - not from bed but from the rooftop of the house. see, rumor has it that our friendly-gossip-ridden-neighborhood saw some white lady hanging around there. last night, i thought, i wanna see some freakin white lady. so, after arriving from a late night getaway, i went up and CRASH on the roof's floor.

the white lady must've been pissed off cos i know i was snoring so loud. excuse me but i was intoxicated, y'know. good thing no white lady showed up or somebody's gonna get whop.

conclusion: our neighbors had too much time to waste on wild imagination and gossip.


on my way home last night, it was the first time in my almost 2 years of existence there in our new place in bacayan to drive on a super dark road. ok, black. i was getting really furious with VECO for all the shitty brownouts they've been giving us. last sunday, from 8am-5pm, there was no electricity. we couldn't hang around the house cos the darn place of ours had a brownout... again!

anyway, from USC-TC all the way to our place was dark... t'was CREEPY, man. good thing, when i arrived home, the lights was back on.


i had a talk with louie and warren, the co-owners of the surplus clothing shop they put up in a place called HELL, err, i mean, the place where we used to lived, jakosalem. they wanted me IN cos they needed some guy who is kewl, calm and collected to be their partner.. he he he... JOKE!

obviously i didn't wanna be in but, since we were all friends and used to be business partners, i obliged out of respect for my comrades. so, they talked me out, promised me heaven and earth, the moon and the stars and a quick ROI in months.

something about your guts that you just have to believe somehow. i wasn't completely sold out of the idea but told them i'd give it a thought.... so, now i'm thinking... sshhhhhh!


went to sideline, the place where we feel nostalgic whenever we missed going there at least once in a week.... great beers but not so great food!! nevermind, we came for the beer, anyway.

when the smoke cleared, we went to... SECRET!!!


i should make a new BLOG where nobody knows me and i can tell all our.. i mean, my SECRETS...

i'm starting to hate the part where all the fun's goin down the drain.



btw, this post is not written in an orderly manner. like, which paragraph took place first... blah, blah, blah

have fun figuring it out, nerdy!

done with the few tweakings... hope y'all like it. tired but hey, it was easier than what i did before.

i'll try to spice it up a bit more tomorrow. meanwhile, have to go to louie's UK shop. he's been nagging me to join his growing business empire of which i'd politely decline, later... after a few beers perhaps.

enjoy the rest of the night peeps!

this is heaven...

Monday, November 27, 2006


yeah, i ask the same question too... i dunno what happened but when i left last night, everything was in order till i check back this morning... oh well, shit happens... everytime. guess i'm gonna have to burn some brows to get my BLOG's mojo back again, huh?

well, it's getting boring anyway so some major changes are coming your way...

i'm just a little piss right now, thank you.

still here..
still on leave...

having a much needed rest to recharge some worn out batteries - burnout, to be exact.

well, had my softwares updated... thanks to some guy in the forum who gave me a good instruction on things (can't elaborate here, sorry) and microsoft, everything's even cooler now with my pc.

and yeah, i did propose to earl and aloy what we can do to get richer... he he he

i'll get it done, hombres, as soon as i'm done sorting out some domestic problem around the "corner."

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

the new MS Office....


few nights ago, me and earl had a discussion about this new bar we're supposed to start with. prior to that, i had a good look at the place and to be brutally honest about it, i don't see it last a year... much like we had in our previous joint. there's not enough parking space and they were building quite a number of kiosk - 15. if all the bar owners go there all at the same with their cages, the place would be pack already.

so, i ask earl about the technicalities we might be facing (again) when everything's settled down. though he was excited about it, we both agreed this one's a little tricky. i mean, it's not like beach roots when everything just fell to its right places - never mind the few squabbles we've went through.

swak! is the right word here.

with this project, i don't see some "swak!" coming as of the moment.

though this is not the end of the story, i am inclined to believe that we just might have to shelve this plan... for now.

and yeah, that night got me really wasted. my head was in pain the morning after. me, earl and aloy (who came by and had a beer) split hours after. met louie at his new ukay-ukay (surplus) shop in a place where we lived before... talk about small world, huh?

business is good for him. his stocks had been selling briskly last couple of days. a few minutes after, he closed shop and off we went to...... SECRET!

anyway, good to be on-leave these days... finally have plenty of time to waste... for sweet nothings like this... he he he

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

nice set-up there, mate.... though not so ergonomic. lessens the travel time relieving yourself..

Monday, November 20, 2006

it may not be as sophiticated as those that you see in the market today... you know, the bling-blings - water cooled, dual core, 2G'S of memory.. blah, blah, blah...

but this rig certainly ain't old....

my rig after.... up and running...

someday, i'm gonna me one of those "pimped" pc...
monday, finally.

well, you know the news so 'nuf said, let's move on.... shall we?


yesterday, while browsing through a few sites for some news and tidbits, my pc hang-up just a few seconds after booting up. well, it wasn't really much of a surprise since it's been acting up lately... it's just that recently, yesterday in particular, it was way too quick as oppose to days ago when it would take a longer time to quit on me.

after several tries with the same result, finally made up my mind to open it up and just rip it apart piece by piece.

it could have save me some trouble if i'll just go and bring the darn thing to the repair shop but my gut feeling says i should just do a DIY.... once again.

though i've done this a number of times before, lately, i have been busy and lazy to get my hands dirty... but, i must.

and, so i did.

what i found out was, the other side of what's supposed to hold the CPU's hit sink was detached causing it to heat-up quickly. that explains why the CPU's fan was making some loud vibration. ignored it 'til the problem got worst. now, i really need do something... and done!

fix it.

the good thing about this whole experience (experiment, if you may) is, i was able to clean up the motherboard, the cards (memory, video,etc), and especially the cooling fans. not to mention, had me a quick refresher lesson. got the fans lubricated with WD-40 and some oil. now, it's fix, quicker, seamless and quite....

here have a look....
(tonight, blogger won't upload my images... so just click on the links....)










Friday, November 17, 2006

Boxing and UFC

two grand events this weekend.... i wish it was monday already.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

i'm soooo excited for this sunday's big event.... just dunno yet where to watch it live. i got a few invitations from friends... i might just end up watching "The Grand Finale" on delayed telecast... where are you gonna watch, hombre?


work had been easy, thanks to the management's decision to switch my work with val's. except for that specific clause in our new assignment that says everything but the benefits, incentives, commission, etc., they have effected the exchange of our work. now, didn't i mention i wanted the whole package?? i would have been a few thousand pesoses richer today. heck, management decision says nope. you just gotta work harder now, orc!

hands down, val deserves what he's getting. he's always up and about, in a hurry, goes around the city and never complains (OK, only a few times..), kiss asses (no pun intended), hard worker... you name, he's got it. i'd say he's the man. he deserves a few of that awards, trophies and cash gifts the management is giving out monthly. the man also knows how to share his loot, er, i mean, gains from his commish. it's hard to find guys like him... i'm learning a lot from him these days... have you seen casino royale? the new bond guy with that suave personality... he's half that guy.. ha ha!


moving on, thanks to globe broadband for having installed a free internet connection at home but, no thanks! it's like this: i can connect for a few minutes after booting-up then it's gone forever! talk to their technical assistance operator about the problem and tried vainlessly to solve it but can't. so, she sent their "contractual" technician the next day to see in the flesh what's bugging my pc... solve it in a blink but the problem came back in a whip.

told the tech guy, "see, that's what i mean! it connects for a few minutes and now it's gone." he made a lot of mumbo jumbo explanation that since our place is way too far from their server the possibility of continues connection is from zero to nil. what a load of CRAP! tell it to the marines, bhoy!

sigh. i guess i should just cut my losses and revert back to dial-up or, apply to smart's broadband. linking to their network utilizes cell sites and our house is just a stone throw away from their transmitter, i should have no problem connecting....

hmmmm, that should do it.


meanwhile, if you have notice my blog slowly becoming an "R" rated site (it usually borders between GP and X), no sorries but i didn't mean it to be that way. it just that most of the "materials" i bumped into had a little adult content but hey, it's not extreme... if you know what i mean.

gotta go cos my crappy mouse is acting crazy again...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

got a good look yesterday at what appears to be "our" future bar. "our" because up until this moment, i'm undecided...

though i'm leaning more on the "GO" side, part of me says NO.

why, oh why? this time, there will only be five investors. three of us from the original ten investors of the now defunct beach roots, one is a bro of sarsy and the other is a friend of ours who used to own chill ville (whom we had a friendly competition before).

the twist here though is, i was told four of our friends who co-invested with us before is also putting up their own bar in the same area.

not that i'm against it but i would've like it better if it was just like before when we were ten. though money wise (read: ROI) wasn't that much, the fun factor was definitely something to look forward to.

of course, it wasn't all fun. the three of us who broke away from the rest felt we sweated and labored more than the others. and so, the decision to do things on our own was easy.

on the plus side, we'll probably hang-out again together... not as one group but competitors this time.

NO because my sis and wifey aren't too keen in supporting me with this venture... and i value their support especially from sis who never fails to check on me every now and then.. making sure i'm walking the right path and in good health....

meanwhile, i'm keeping my fingers crossed 'til the fat lady sings.

now, if only sexy girls wear shirts like that and do exactly what the shirt meant... the world would have been a happy place...

i get excited!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Monica Bellucci

i just like her....

back from the dread...

[check this out... look real close to see some image on the right side that's supposed to be a ghost?? keep looking.....]


this is gonna be quick....

me and my best bud earl decided we'd hangout one last time before he heads to middle east. quatar to be exact. didn't bother texting my usual "buddies" cos this one's our "solo" trip, so to speak.

when we arrived at our meeting place, we were surprise to see two of our acquintances (okay, "not that close" friends) already inebriated drinking their favorite toxin, red horse beer.

so, even when we planned to do some "crimes" on our own that night, we didn't have a choice when they saw us and called us in to join their table. i thought, since they were earlier, they should be done soon. had a few chat with W and Y... non-sense mostly. they were in a "good" stage, i figure... i wasted three san mig lights and earl had two... well, i was thirsty, you know.

my bottle's half empty when i received a text from T. "meeting at mango grill, found a place for our new bar." shoot! looks like our iron-clad plan of a twosome getaway from 'em all is going down the drain. so, i asked earl if he'd be willing to mix it up with my gang. he was cool about it so, i said yeah, let's meet up... started to miss the good ol' gang, anyway.

but before all this events came to happened, some lady had been texting and asking me where i'll be hanging out that night. told her i have no plans at all and neither do our common friends...

four bottles and my world is spinning. right on the money, T texted that they're at the place and that the meeting had commenced. i said, we're on our way. gestured to the waiter for our bill and took a quick leak.

when i got back, a freshly opened beer is on the table. i knew my world's a little fuzzy right there but i'm pretty damn sure i ask for the bill, not the beer. W was quick to enlighten me, they ordered it up for us... i guess they like us too much they didn't want us to leave their asses behind. so, even when i'm loaded, went on to down the last drink in a haste.

said goodbye's to W and Y and immediately went to T's new hangout, mango grill. t'was the first time i laid my foot there and was impressed with the cozy setup. saw T and R with some stranger. we were introduced blah blah blah and now, he's no stranger no more.. hehehe

so, this is supposed to be a meeting, i asked myself. there's a band playing (nice taste of music there bro) and they're (T, R and stranger no more) drinking hard liquior. this has got to be something else. well, well, it was a "drinking spree" meeting, alright. shit, my main man earl, i don't know if he's cool about it but i figured he's got no choice. pacencia amigo!

with our objective under duress, i thought, we'll just have to enjoy the moment.

as time passes by, our goal to commit our planned "crime" that night is getting dimmer every minute.. at least, we did something else than bum out.

the lady texter arrive a few minutes later... dude, she's HOT! and her pal? just as HOT!

(OT: geeez, writing can be a pain in the ass... and i wonder who gives a rats about this diary, journal, episodes whateva of mine??)

after more nice music, chit-chat, food and a few concoctions of rhum and coke later, the band was done playing. socialize with some of them as they were our friends way back when we had a bar.

bored, we paid our bills and left in a flicker.

went to our new found videoke joint where the waitresses are hot. me, earl, T, R, the text girl and her pal and the not so stranger anymore R's hanger we'll call F for fat ass or fucker or whatever you like.

it was past midnight already yet the place' still bangin' with people singing their hearts out. we had a good time there... people just sings along with you... i had a hard time looking for something to belt on but earl was quick to suggest, "champagne supernova," part.

we would have wanted to go on with our videoke swagger but was told by the waitresses they're closing in 30mins. sigh.... we'll be earlier next time, promise.

as we left the joint, we had the text lady and her pal board a cab while we, yes, we, find some more action...

(this is the part where you're supposed to use your imagination... he he he)

so, the plan. we'll head to that bleeep bleeep to get a bleeep but it turn out there's no available bleeep. so, we head to another bleeep bleeep but since there were five of us, the bleeeps could not accomodate all of us since there are only three bleeeps available.

he he he... still following me?

anyhow, disappointed, i told everyone to fuck off! no, not really. just said, it's a wrap. we can all go our separate ways with a big L in our foreheads.

with our numbers now quickly dissipated, me and earl went back to the bleeep bleeep we went earlier. we have to wait since there are still no available bleeeps... a few more minutes and we had the right number of bleeeps... yehey! went to have a nice bleeep and immediately after, i told the bleeep if bleeep have bleeep bleeep.

minutes later, and a nice bleeep bleeep, check my cellphone and was surprise to see 3 missed calls and messages from earl. he's done and ready to go. just in time buddy, me too!

4am we arrived home. he's gonna sleep over cos i have to take him to the airport for his trip to manila where he'd take another plane for quatar.

we had a quick breakfast by 6am, left around 7 and immediately head to the airport.

bye buddy.

(told you this was gonna be quick)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

BloG LeaVE

today, a few days or a month, maybe months, i'll be on a Blog leave.

reason: i have a project i need to focus on and finish up. i'm also a little burned out with this blogging thing i could use a breather or something.

so, to all my fans out there... adios and sayonara!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The King had to leave his Kingdom for some business. He was afraid that his only Daughter would be taken advantage of by some of the Guards because she was a very deep sleeper. So before he left, he slipped a razor blade between the lips of her vagina.

That night, three of the Guards did plan to have sex with the Princess. The First Guard went into her room. From outside of the room, the other two Guards listened.

Suddenly, they heard the First Guard scream. He came out. The other two Guards asked why he screamed. Embarrassed, he said that it was so good that he couldn’t control himself.

This made the other two smile. The Second Guard went in. After some time, “Ahhhhh!!!” The Second Guard came out. The Third Guard asked what happened. Just as embarrassed as the First Guard, the Second Guard said that it felt so good that he couldn’t control himself.

Finally, the Third Guard went into the room. He went up to the Princess and lifted her dress. Outside, the other two Guards were as the Third Guard finished silently.

The next morning, the King came back. He suspected that his Guards tried to fuck his daughter. He told them to drop their pants. Each of them did. Two of them had sliced dicks, but the third one didn’t.

Confused, the King asked why. He stuck his tongue out and said, “I neba pry fuk ur dahta, I zunt eban lik ur dahta!
geeez my inbox's pretty full right now... thanks to all of those who sent their "stuffs," i'm having a ball!

to those who hasn't, it's never too late to start... yours might better... maybe best.... keep 'em coming y'all!

caught in the act

very unlikely....

... romancing a fish?!?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Friday, November 03, 2006

partners in crime

what a night!

me and my friend (let's call him partner) had an awesome adventure last night.

went to our usual hangout in uptown area (sorry, no specifics here... we don't wanna get busted), had our usual san mig light for our drinks... chit-chat, people watch, get drunk and left after an hour or two.... end of the story, not!

went to this place where a mix of people hangout --- old folks, politicians, students, koreans, some babes (the waitresses were HOT!), med reps, yuppies and guys like us.

no, we didn't chit-chat and people watch anymore. we were there to videoke. dude, didn't wanna shame myself singing in a public place but after hearing those before us, i thought we could do better.

so, after four beers and a failed attempt to get the cellphone number of that babe waitress, we fled on foot.. haha!

the night's still young, we thought, so we decided we'd head to a familiar place we've been busting our asses for a year, bleeeep! bleeeep!

the final stop of the night happened to be the HOTTEST place we'd set our foot into. went there but not before partner and i made a pact we'd only consume 1 bot of beer and that's it.


after finding our way in, saw a whole lot of sexy bodies - booties, if you may, dancing all over the place. finally, our butt-cheeks settled at the bar area. partner and i were amuse at how wild the girls and the ladies dance to the beat. whew, jaw dropping!!

about three meters away, three girls were dancing and grinding... damn ladies, you're makin' me horny! it is as if they were teasing us. the other girl kept raising her hands while dancing.. exposing her neat and white armpit. yum!

gulp.. gulp.. gulp.. our beer's gone - too soon?!?

ok, ok since partner paid for the first round, this one's on me. this should do it.. this is the "last," so i said.

moments passed, partner couldn't take it anymore. he went and introduce himself to one of the ladies who was already sitting (must be tired from all the humping and grinding).

one thing led to another and next thing i knew, we're all "friends" now, thanks partner! i'm a talker not a dancer so excuse me if my ass seem glued on my chair. the other two went ahead and continue with their business while partner was busy sweet talking his way into his girl's undies, err, heart... he was making a lot of headways, btw.

a few more minutes and no more beer?! shit, this ain't good. partner was quick to signal the waitress for another round. this is really, really getting out of hand, bro. anyway, since you ordered it, you pay the freakin' tab, man!

so, ok. can't do anything about it anymore. i guess i just have to roll with partner here... what are friends for, right?

then two females came over our table. apparently, they were friends with our "friends ." one look like a high school junior and the other was a definitely a lady, judging from the depth of her cleavage and the size of her juggles, can't be wrong...

while they were talking, the lady with the nice asset kept on bumping and rubbing her nice boobies at my forearm that's resting on the other chair. temptation... temptation... why art though?

even if it was so tempting to grab and bury my face in between those luscious mountains, i have to restrain myself and act like nothing happened. after a few exchange of pleasantries and some serious bumping and rubbing, they went ahead and dance flirty....

a few more minutes, the lady with a nice armpit (love to kiss, smell and... @#$%^ those) sat beside me. so, still have some mojo left in my tank, huh??

i was gonna do my thing when the alarm went.. teeeeet!! teeeeet!! teeeeet!!

now, what??

"no more beer, your turn, bhoy!!," partner yelled at me.

oh, crap.

you just took away the momentum, buddy.

this is it. this has got to be the super last of 'em all. waitress, move it!

since i was bent on getting my ass out of the place and even asked partner if i could go ahead and leave (which he turned down in a blink), i no longer had the inspiration to be sweety-sweety with "JA." her name must've been jasmine.

i bet if we talk a bit, we wont notice the hours biting the night away and that would be a disaster for an eight to five guy like me.

btw, the lady's name, partner was busy talking down to, is lyn.

finally, partner and i bade goodbye to our new found friends but not before he smooch her up. damn, told you he's on a roll there....

though i hate to do this but somehow it just have to be done...


Thursday, November 02, 2006

01 - funny or weird sign?

this one's hot!

click accordingly....




like that, huh?!?

can anyone out there with a good heart, great organizational skills, smart and sexy help me fix my messy work area??

i am really, really getting tired looking at this crappy place! so, please! please help!!


btw, if you have any good, bad, ugly or whatever stuff stored in your inbox that you may wanna share for the whole wide world to see, do send it to moi so we could all have a.... uhm, well, we don't know yet what's the appropriate reaction...

so, just send it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

U2 and Green Day "The Saints Are Coming"

of course, this video didn't top youtube's if it wasn't good.... love the music too!

love this song and now the video.... sowee goes to our dial up fans out there...

you know the trick right on how to watch it continuously?

in case you don't, click pause 'til the status bar indicate it's full..

geez! go figure!