Monday, June 30, 2008

all apologies


all my energy today: down the drain.. to oblivion!

i'm still doin' that sheeett program i had last week.. can't complain though.

i gotta do this and test my limits... where and what part will i burn out???

unless there's "no more everest to conquer," i doubt it very much if i'd even think about quitting..

that should keep my spirits up, homs.


i failed to meet up with my uncle yesterday.. tsk.. tsk.. i bet he's pissed with me.. he has been inviting me before and i often fail him.. so sorry, Tito.. i'll find a way to make it up to you.. it's just that last saturday, RAJ, my officemate invited me to some R&R, and though i wasn't that drunk that night, i just felt a little tired to get up early the next day.. i should've just stick to the plan: get a massage, go home, sip some brandy and hit the log.

anyway, that RAJ episode is best told exclusively in another post..

it's good Pacquiao won it yesterday via knockout.. i was beginning to get bored watching his fight goin' to the distance.. some say Diaz was an easy opponent.. well, whatever.. if Manny didn't knock him out, i bet the "boxing guru's" would've said he's losing his "touch." now that he knocked his opponent down, they're sayin' otherwise.. you guys just don't know how to appreciate..


Friday, June 27, 2008

I Love You Sabado


i love saturdays... i always look forward to saturdays..

it is the day of the week when we can strut our favorite jeans and shoes.. never mind the upper clothing as it's all uniform..

it's also a "relax" day for most people in the office... me included.

no field work.. no sunbathing..

no gym!

and i can sit back and relax after office hours.. maybe get that much needed massage (again) to recharge...

have a few sips of brandy while sitting down..feet up.. on the couch, baby!

or go out with friends and have a few beers...

i'm basking the day.. that is saturday.


tomorrow, it'll be...

hope to see it live on PPV.. got a standing invites from my uncle.. FREE!

GO Philippines!!! GO Pacquiao!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

can you smell me?


that's how i feel right now.. sheeeettt.

after this week, i'd revert back to the old routine.. maybe not.. i dunno. i'm still feeling myself out. maybe.. just maybe.. i might be able to adapt to this new routine.. but i have to say it's a killer.

i'm a candidate for over-training.. a bona fide and certified gym-rat!

and the bummer, i'm not even doing this for aesthetics.. it's just a routine i do to maximize the effects of the supplement/s i've been popping since i went back from a 10-day hiatus.

of course, i'm also applying the many techniques i've since dig, thanks to internet.

i should be taking steroids... i've been busting my ass, my joints, tendons and skin.. i'm getting calloused hands and yet my gain ain't comparable to those drugged lifters...


this whole bodybuilding thingy is too darn expensive and yet the rewards ain't that much.. better enjoy the ride..

rather than whine..

i think it's gonna rain in a few seconds.. i better flee NOW!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

fight club style

off day today.. gotta.


hitting the gym twice in a day finally took its toll on me.. yesterday i just felt totally weary.. like i could literally fall off!

the plan was to hit it hard and fast in the morning.. i needed to flush out the main ingredient of the supplement i'm taking (which is caffeine) by the time the day is done or i'd be having a hard time taking a snooze..

thus the morning workout.

later in the day, i'd hit it again and do some "beach workout".. man, do i have to explain the meaning of this for the nth time? man-up, do some google search, will ya?

what i've been trying now is do some drop sets... lift the heaviest, then immediately after, hit the lower poundages and go on.. 'til i'm too tired or my muscles couldn't take anything anymore.. already, i can feel some muscle gains all over.

the trade off: this is twice harder and tiring.

well, i'll try to keep this up 'til i gain significant results.. or i'd collapse due to exhaustion..

i wouldn't really prefer the latter...


i've finally gotten rid of my burdensome in-laws..

thanks to his drunken-bad-behavior and yelling at me like he owns me and my house.. this time, i whop his ass real damn good.. like bloods were oozin' down his face.. he took a good shot at me.. he hit me pretty good. i got nailed at the back of my head and body.. but once when i got hold of him, the wimp couldn't throw no shit no more.

though he was drunk, making noises, challenging me to a fight and all, his mother still came to his rescue.. months ago she suffered a mild stroke because of this mother-fucker and yet she still came to defend him.. all this asshole do in the house is sleep all day, sell some things to buy his poison and just do the darnest thing when inebriated.. i thought i taught him a lesson weeks before that incident happened but i guess i was wrong.. maybe because i didn't really hit him hard.. now, i bet he got the massage.. cos this time, i brought the dagger home..

he still manages to reasoned out after we separated.. that nobody's perfect.. yadi.. yada.. tell it to the marines, schmuck!

beaten and bruised, he manages to blurt out, "i've had it! i got it!"

next day, he went home, but not after stealing my son's piggy bank.. her "loving" and consenting mother followed him later.. forgive me for being frank, but you two are perfect for each other!

since he lived with us many months ago, i've really stretch my patience (and i bet i've got more of it now) for him.. tryin' to understand why he's being a drunkard and a jerk.. he may have "issues" before, and they (the wifey, mother, Neil) kept convincing me to just "let it go" cos:

"he's drunk, it's not worth it"

"he takes care of the dogs and opens the gate for you.. for us"

"we could use another guy around here"

"he's not like that when he's sober"

well, i'm done being patient and nice to him.. fuck him!

i bloodied his face pretty good.. there were blood splatters all over the wall where we tackled each other.. definitely not mine. the only injury i got was a minor cut on my left knuckle and some gash on my back.. superficial, i'd say.

it's not easy to go fight on a bare knuckle fist-fight everyday.. it's pain, man.. PAIN!

one more thing... i'd rather live with my dogs than my in-laws.. got that??!

you!! off my planet already!!!!!

shoooooo!!!! shoooooo!!!!

oh yeah, this is the story i've been meaning to spill.

and there ya have it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my way


more dead coming up.. no thanks, Frank!

the typhoon that hit the country days ago claimed a lot of lives... not only in many regions but more are feared dead with that sunken ship of Perwisyo, err, i mean Sulpicio Lines.. why oh why did they set sail in the midst of the storm??

i dunno.. if it was me there, though i know how to swim (and i swim well) i'd probably be dead just the same.. stories i gathered from the news and everywhere suggests that the ship capsized in a matter of seconds.. and if you're caught beneath it, you'd be lucky to wiggle yourself out of the water considering how deep and how steep you have to work on your way up... tsk.. tsk..

here's hoping for the best.. i hope to see more survivors in the days to come.. and for the dead, may you Rest In Peace..


i'm setting myself to failure in the gym these days... just earlier, i felt sooooo tired i must've been over-fatigue... the last few days, i've been training twice in a day.. sssshhhhhhh... this is just between us, aight?

more on this story later... gotta get my beauty sleep NOW!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Jun U.

if there's anything in this life i'd wish to the good Lord above....

is that my son will bury me.. not the other way around.

i'm about to explain why i said that.

two Sundays ago while me and my son, Neil were strolling down at SM Mall, i bump into one of my gym mate, Jun, his wife and son.

Jun, as he would often see me workin' out always finds me wearing baggy shirt.. y'know, those XL's or XXL's.. those shirt were sent to me courtesy of my bro abroad.. since he's been slim for years now, all those huge run-me-down clothings he used to have, i inherited them.. thanks bro!

though it's pretty loose for me to wear them, i'd wear it anyway instead of throwing them away... thus, guys in the gym like Jun would not be able to notice the muscles i've since grown..

besides, i don't really feel the need to brag.. i don't need to wear tank tops to show off.. i'm just not the type.

anyway, when i met him two Sundays ago, he was blown away when he saw me wearing a body-fitting tee shirt.. he was like sayin' WHOA!! there..

guess he was surprise to see my physique lookin' fierce in that shirt..

because of his reaction, i failed to even have a good look at her partner and kiddo.. seconds later, we just went our separate ways..

then earlier today, a gym mate told me a tragic story.. Jun's only son had died yesterday due to dengue fever..


i'm speechless.

i'm just as devastated as i put myself in his shoes.. we both have "an only child" and he has to bury his... man...

so sad.

i don't even want to picture Jun's face right now... this guy, though we're not super close, but the image i have on him is always his radiant face.. y'know, he's never the kind who'd look angry..

honestly, i don't wanna go to his son's wake.. though it's just a few meters away from our office.. sigh.. but i have to... i got to...

remember that Denzel Washington's John Q. movie when he said "I'm not going to bury my son is going to bury me!"

that's the feeling, mate.

so, you guys and gals out there, go give your kid/s, parents, relatives, friends, etc. a tight hug tonight, cos no matter how health-conscious or fitness buff you and i are, we'll never know when our time is up here on earth.. and it may be the last time we'll ever see them again.. like what happened to a dear friend of mine, Jun..

condolence, buddy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lurking In HiberNation


had too much fun last night.. but not to the point of regrets..

my buddy arrived yesterday.. gotta keep this as hazy as possible.. don't wanna mess around other people's lives here..

anyhoo, went to this bar somewhere uptown.. it wasn't that fun but hey, it was something worth remembering... aaaahhhhhh... time to SHUT UP!

har har !!


earlier today, i went to this gym in Baseline.. nice equipment they have right there.. they have a wide array of dumbbells.. from the smallest to over a hundred pounders.. been looking for a better gym and so far, it's lookin' like theirs is on top of my "wish list."

i might just try it there sometimes..

currently, my workout's doin' great.. the new "program" had begun.. i'll probably be on it for a month or two then shift gears again.. probably.. we'll see...

not really tired today cos i slept more than i need to, but i had one too many beer..

i better...

Thursday, June 19, 2008


whatta day!!!

i'd rather listen to this..

new song that reminisces the past..

gotta love the dudes from Sandwich... and they include the Bisayan word (local dialect) "Padayon..." meaning "Go on.."

well, i love Raimund Marasigan's former band, Eraserhead..


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

progressive loading


current mood: happy!

should be. my strength increase had been phenomenal lately... it's almost surreal.

what can i say... could be the rest, the self-help readings, supplements or a whole lot of things... whatever it is, i'm extremely pleased.

my wrists had been very cooperative.. i've been hoisting and curling stuff in a fly, homey..

i just need to train smart.. gotta keep this progress UP.. still workin' around my right shoulder, though.

mood swinging...


change is the only reality

i'm supposed to write something about that li'l incident last saturday night.. but since i wanted to introduce this post with something that would grab your attention..

gotta postpone it indefinitely...

i'm waaaayyyy too tired to even think right now..

maybe tomorrow.. next week.. next month...

or maybe not.

either way, take care y'all and God bless for now.


Monday, June 16, 2008

masseuse: i like

i love massage.. if i have all the money in the world i'd get a massage like all the time!

unfortunately, i don't. even more, it's quite expensive and, we're in the midst of a world crisis, so it is such a luxury to get one these days.. what people spend these days are for the bare essentials.. necessities.. what they can stuffed into their mouths.. cleanse their everyday clothing.. education.

but since it was payday last Saturday, thought i could have one.. it's been a month, lad.. i really, really badly need one.

thus, after work i went straight to this wholesome massage center.. can't wait. i'm so excited..

went in and choose to have a swedish massage.. like being oiled and all.. sooo soothing, homs.. then a guy came with a wide pail with water on it.. he helped me take my shoes off.. wash the dirt off my feet.

nice... nice..

however i sensed something wrong right from the get go.. dang, the dude washin' my feet will be the one's who'll massage me.. eeeewww!!!

so i immediately asked for Melba.. she was the last girl who took care of me.. yeah, i want a masseuse, dam'it!!!


"aahhhh, he wants a masseuse."

yeah. good. quick thinker. liked that.

after a few minutes, a lady came out.. "over here, sir."

"oh, ok."

"here?" i queried as she led me to a small room..

"ok. this is the one sir."


"i'll just get my stuff, sir. be right back."

from this point, i knew i have to take everything off except my undies.. a boxer short, in case you're interested.

laid faced-down.

minutes later she arrived.

nope i didn't look at her face.. i went there with the sole intention of getting a soothing and therapeutic massage.. not mess around, get kinky and all.. nothin' like that, mate.

anyhow, she said "you want hard, sir?"

"lets try that first..." i replied.

"that sir?"

"great! i like that.. lets have that instead.." told her.

started with the calf.. thigh.. foot..

ooohhhhhh, i love that part when she pulled down my boxer short and started squeezin' my ass.. felt a li'l sexual there, actually.. kinda give me a bit of hard-on.. dude, unless i'm some kinda alien that don't have tail in between my legs i'd probably feel nothing.. so deal with the hard-on, aight?

suddenly she started a conversation..

she asks how that girl "Melba" looked like.. i dunno but last time i check she was kinda "on the heavy side.." y'know, fat.

no biggy with me though.. i came to get a good massage.. no hanky-panky, mommie!

then she went on to say that the uniform she was wearing was that of Melba.. she quit a month ago cos she's giving birth.. darn, that's why she looked "heavy" last time around, eh?!

furthermore, she asks whether they both have the same build... and i said "nope. you're on the sexy side," in jest..

then it was time to flip cos she was done workin' my back..

still, i didn't stared nor had a good look at her since it was pretty dark in there.

i kept my eyes close, to be honest.

then i felt something weird while she was working my shins all the way to my quad.. i had a "good" feeling my foot was resting in between her vajayjay.. she was rubbing my shins all the way to my quad and yet my foot was directly in between her buttocks and vajayjay.. i must have done something good from my previous life, eh?

i dunno but i've been massaged one too many to know this ain't the usual way of doing it.. it's just, uhm, good!

ha ha!!

then she went to my other foot and the same thing happened. shesh, is this for real?

"junior" is wrecking havoc underneath my undies now..

long story short, it's almost "crunch time" now.. she was working my head (not that head, maníaco) and my neck this time.. i said "be careful. there's a flesh wound somewhere on my neck.." and she said, "what is it sir, a hickie?" "ahhh, no. just some flesh wound..." i said.

i dunno about you, but everything she did and said to me had strong sexual undertone..

when i went down to pay my dues, she was there waiting at the reception area.. they usually do that for the tip.. finally, i was able to get a good look at her and guess what?

she's one hot, beautiful lady, hommie!!


i gotta get away from temptation.. i can't go back there anytime soon!

no, can't DO!

went home grinning ear-to-ear.

then later that night.. a bummer happened.

but that's for the next episode.... burnout and tired here.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


guess what?

guess what??

it happened again.

more on this later..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

matter of factly

remember a portion of THIS POST when i said something like hurtin' your shoulder even while asleep?

well, it turned out there is such a thing.. i experienced it first hand many months ago and i tell ya it happened to me and it can happen to anyone... dude, it's friggin painful!!

without further ado, here's what other peeps in the forum have to say:

"So I woke up this morning and I feel like someone's been hitting my shoulder with a hammer all night. It's really focused near the top of the delt, but sinks in deeper too.

Moving it doesn't make it hurt any more or any less, so I'm assuming it's not a rotator issue. Moving it in circles, lifting it straight ahead of me, or just sitting here it hurts all the same. Any ideas on what it could be? It's really irritating."

"In the last three months I've managed to sprain my ankle and tear a tendon/ligament in my sleep. A shoulder injury seems possible to me."

"If you sleep with your arms under your pillow/under your weight, that can screw with your shoulder.

You should never sleep with your arms above your shoulders.. a good general rule, otherwise too much stress can be placed on the rotator cuffs."

"I suppose you could get injured, I think it would be more of an issue of sleeping in a bad position, and maybe getting that area to cold at night. You end up with a really stiff muscle/joint/tendon whatever.

I dont see how people can tear muscles or ligaments in their sleep..."

"I woke up once with a seriously nasty knot under my left scapula. It took three days of rest and a chiropractor visit to get that arm moving properly again."

"Happens to me all the time. As kayveeay said, sleeping with your arms above your shoulder will do this. Even though I know this and try to fall asleep in a good position, I always wake up with my arms above my shoulders/under my pillow. I don't know what to do, honestly... My shoulder probs are hindering my bench."

anyway, thanks to Dave Tate's website i was able to dig some useful information about the proper way to execute a bench press.. you guys out there ROCK!

time to learn and unlearn.. yet again.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wha' A Git

something about this song i just like.. or it could've been the MTV..

dang! can't put a finger on it..


you catch what she said in the intro?

Ang Sarap Dito

this kept playin' over and over my head.. better share the darn feeling..



just when i thought..

just when i thought!!!!

everything was going smoothly 'til earlier when i went down to do bench presses.. my right shoulder's pain is BACK... hu hu hu!!!

nope.. no way i'm gonna "rest" again for this.. i'll work around it.

BIG sigh.

i think it's time to quit this chest routine..

uhm, no, i take that back... just the bench press cos with the dumbbells, it worked fine.

gotta devise a new plan.. i can't eeeFFn' overload the shoulders in successive days or something has to give.. the law of physics my friend..

actually, i have no idea what i just said above.. ha ha!

but as i've said before, the shoulders are the most delicate part.. and it ain't just me who had to roll with this crap.. it's just fortunate that i can still do other things.. others can't even masturbate!

man, that's hard when you're having a hard on!!


seriously, it's not really painful, but i know it's there.. i just hope a two-day rest is enough to eased it up.. wish all these trial and error would amount to something.

the one thing i really like about working out now as compared to my younger days, is that now i get a better result. before, even with all the curl variation (read:bicep exercises) i still can't grow my friggin' biceps, somehow.

and that's the only muscle i concern myself about.. male machismo in the works, baby!

it's one sshhhhh--crewed up exercise.. found out about it just recently.

no wonder...

fast forward today.

grew a few inches of muscles everywhere.. i'm pretty proud of my shoulders (no wonder i injured my right.. again!) as they are pretty erect, if you know what i mean... because of the muscles i've built around my frame, my posture improved.. i barely slouch when standing or sitting.. it's not intentional, mind you.. the muscles around your back, chest, lats and abs are definitely a big help if you want to correct your posture...

saw an old woman once, and bhoy, i can only pity her.. i'm not saying this in a funny way, but it is as if she's vowing her head to everyone while walking around.. this picture should describe it best:

anyway, strength training can help you with that problem and would in fact improve your over-all appearance..

nuff with the pep talk..

and yeah, i'm bored too.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

arm lock

well, hope i didn't toast myself up today.. t'was pretty intense but i trained smart.. haha! i wish!

the downside? i forgot my "magic potion!"

i prepared it last night, but since me and Neil were hurrying up for school, i forgot to check everything before heaving off.. sham!

anyway, there's still tomorrow.. there'll be a thorough check before we step outside the house.. that's a promise.

my buddy, Earl, came by the house again last night.. gotta help the dude with his job application.. he's running low on budget.. geez, the dude had been jobless for almost six months.

tough luck.


oh lorraine.. if i can only help you..

she's got some sad sorry to tell.. her lolo (grandpa) is being an ass to her.. i believed her story.. she's one person whose always smiling even though her personal life is in chaos..

can't really talk much about her life story.. i'll keep 'em to my chest.. but, i can relate in soooo many ways.

my in-laws (mother and brother) both live in our house NOW.

both are a pain, quite frankly.

a recent incident, my bro-in-law, who had one too many was pestering our visitors last Sunday while we were all having fun.. he drink. we drink. he got drunk and so were we.

he screwed around. we didn't.

so, after the visitors left i let it all hang loose.. and i meant it.. i liked it.. no regrets..

i kicked his ass big time!!

damn, i have to hold myself back a little.. wifey and Neil are both "in the line of fire" and they kept telling and yelling me to STOP!!

if i didn't i might've hurt any or both of them.

i hope i taught him a lesson there cos next time he puts me in that embarrassing situation again, it'll be sooo much nastier... it's not a promise, homs, it's a done DEAL.

he's been able to wiggle himself out when i'm about to whop his ass cos her sister (wifey), momma (in-law) and even Neil always come to his rescue.. well, not all the time you can get away from me, yo shit-head!!!!


ok, i'm chill.. i'm relax..

i'm born nice.. it'll take a lot of throbbing and turning my buttons to ignite my fuse.. but when i'm there and at that state where i'm not gonna hold back anything, you better get out of the way.. no kidding.

i understand now why i train soooo hard in the gym.. to beat the asses of those mothafuckers who roam around messing other people's lives.. they better not come around my corner... damn, lotsa threats here, huh?

changin' channel...

trained my upper and lower back today.. then i alternate 'em with some shoulder routine as well.

i was about to torch my back with the seated rows but i back down.. can't be sore tomorrow cos it's still a hard work waiting.

my triceps and biceps still sored a bit but fuck it, can't wait for them to feel "good." i've rested them yesterday already so there's no stopping me hittin' the gym earlier.

tonight i'm gonna drink Love Potion Number Nine to ease up.. want some?


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

wiped out!

shoot, my biceps are still hurtin' 'til today.. darn over-trained it again..

in short, it's wiped out!

yeah, i'm a victim of wipe outs.. like all the time!

i get wiped out from drinking outside hanging out with friends.. somehow when i have one too many, i end up wanting more.. damn, huh?

i don't know when and how to STOP, homs... such a schmuck, eh?

same goes in the gym...

i just went back and geeezz, i thought i was doin' a nice real slow pace, yet i ended up wiped out.. again!

fortunately, today would just be abs day... i can't swerve this time.. no way never i'm gonna work on other things..


moan mode

hhhmmmmm... i'm feelin' a little sore today.. originally, the plan was to chill and just work the abs.. i deviated.

well, since i didn't work my triceps yesterday, i instead had abs and triceps workout today.. i found a new routine and i'm pretty positive something new will sore again tomorrow.. my shoulders were surprisingly well but i gotta warm 'em up real slow and keep my form near pristine or it'll haunt me again soooo soon..

i also found out my strength had increase while doing decline close-grip bench press.. when before i'd struggle to raise the bar from the bottom position, now, i managed to up the bar on my own.. as usual, everything had to be dealt with on a day-to-day basis cos anything could happen.. be at the gym or while at rest.. especially while sleeping!!

what i found out reading the web about training injury is that the shoulders are the first to go.. as in almost always, people ask how they could deal with the injury or work around them, thus, it's no surprise that when you train hard and heavy, you gotta "feel" your shoulders all the time.. if your joints startin' to get creaky, STOP!

hittin' the road now... i'm tired!!!!


Monday, June 09, 2008


i wish this was me...



as projected, went back to the gym yesterday.. everything went well, yeah, but uhm, my friggin' numbers are down... whilst i made it to 300 pound squat weeks before, now i can only muster roughly 234 pounds... not so bad, i hope.. my barbell (BB) curls were down by 20 pounds as well.. i only did some bench presses using dumbbells (DB) and i was able to reach the top most of the DB's stack.. no problem.. shoulders and wrists were workin' fine but my quads sored a bit with just a mere bodyweight warm up.. still and all, i was able to UP the weight just enough to get through my work set..

the supplement i took, NO-Shotgun, did gave me a good pump.. shoot, my biceps were all tight-up as i went about a tri-set routine.. but darn, the "energy boost" courtesy of Redline's inclusion to its content gave me a weird kick.. had to drink lotsa water to flush 'em out of my system cos dude, something's not right, here.

maybe i'll get use to it someday.. make it soon!

anyhoo, i use the DB's for my chest and shoulders routine as i get a good workout off of them without messing my shoulder cuff.. i tend to hurt 'em when i use BB's (dunno why) and, since i just got back into the groove, it's best to build my strength first around equipments that would help me get "there" and skip those that'll hurt distress-prone areas ..

ten days was a long layoff from the gym for me.. my hommies missed me a lot.. hee-hee!!

incidentally during the ten days off, i had a lot friends coming in our house that i ended up drinking lotsa beer and brandy.. got no excuses now as i'm easily found.. unlike before i took off, i'm barely visible.. well, no regrets there.. gotta keep that part, y'know being socially visible and active once in awhile...

i'll be training smarter in this phase of my training.. i'll have adequate rest and i'll infuse a good amount of cardio.. bought me a stationary bike last year and i haven't use it that much.. now, it'll be rolling again.

first day of school today and this will be a routine for me and my kiddo, Neil.. we'll be together monday to friday as it is my "duty" to bring him to school in the morning.. it'll be our bonding time.

traffic wasn't so bad yet but i expect the worst as the days come by.. our area is the most problematic as it easily congests during peak hours... too many cars, too little road, eh?

crackin' out.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

there, i drop the "Yamashita" bomb.


yeah, she tried in earnest to compose herself.. whattagurl, eh?!

"grace under pressure..."

i like that.. she should've use that trait on other things.. good things... those that would improve her lot without stepping on other's toes.

but we'll see.. i hope she keeps it up cos man, i'm not a dumb "but i can pretend" as mah late "idol" Kurt Cobain would have it..

some people..


last night i had trouble sleeping.. i kept thinking.. and it is as if it's monday already..yay!! i'm soooo itchin', man.. the program that i'm about to employ, the supplements i'm about to try.. this is goin' to be a new whole ballgame, hombre.. i'm gonna take a "before" and "after" pictures (not that i'm posting one here) and see the difference..

good thing it'll be holiday on monday too cos then i can really go prepared.. i'm not one who predicts a good outcome but lemme give my conservative forecast: i'll be waxing HOT!

my veins will pop out and there'd definitely be pumps somewhere... hhmmmm... i'm gonna dream on it tonight.


More "Idols"

another "Idol" who just passed away, Rudy "Daboy" Fernandez. i love this guy.. i love almost all his movies.. i like that him being a "hero," he often dies at the very end of his movie.. i like that his punches are awkward and that he usually portrays that kinda everyday people character.. i can relate to most of his character, tell ya that.

it's a sorry thing that he died so soon (55), but on the other hand, i would like to think that finally his sufferings are over, and for that, i'm relieved.

geeez, we all die one day.. it's just a matter of when and how.. i'd like it if i die, it'll be quick and that people wouldn't mourn for me.. i don't want the whole nine yards of being interned for many days, people doing all that crazy and repetitive prayer rituals.. hey, it's not like it can help me go to a "better place" if you catch my drift... and please, skip the "holy mass" thingy as i am not a Catholic..

Christian. that's what i am.

ok, this ain't about me but my "idol."

so, Sayonara, "Idol!"


Friday, June 06, 2008

Rudy "Daboy" Fernandez

Rest In Peace.. "Idol."

two-trick poney






i dunno about you but pretending and lying straight-faced is pretty darn hard for me.. i totally suck in that department.

well, she can and bhoy, she's a "pro," mate... gotta give it to her.

lying is tough even though i lie.. definitely, it's something i haven't mastered yet.. no plans either.

i hope one day i don't have to lie anymore.. telling the truth is much easier, i bet.

for those liars out there who can do it like a "pro...."

two thumbs...


to you.

take my word for it.. STOP screwing around!


anyway, seems like i've gotten more than what i bargained for this break.. i discovered how things work around here.. it's pretty lame.. i'm pretty lame to learn "these" things just now..

work had been easy.. not used to it. i'm usually scramming to get things done so i'd have more time to get myself back together to enter my "fortress," focused.. this week had been really laid back.. i probably spent just a tad of my overall energy doin' things.. sucks really.. as in really!

just so you know, i'm not writing this craps around here to impress anyone.. this is a mere outlet of whatever inner thoughts i have that's just raring to burst.. it's soothing, alright.. in fact, i do get some "kick" reading the stupid posts i had before.. kinda help me discover myself cos seriously, that question up there saying and asking "don't know much about me, do you?" is for real.

i have to admit i haven't discovered myself yet... meaning, i haven't "arrived" yet.

so, i don't expect you to understand or grasp anything i'm saying here as most of the things i say here are, well, subliminal... gotta read between the lines, hommie.

i'm not expecting super-duper intelligence from either of us.. but, better be smart, momma.

yadi.. yada..



Thursday, June 05, 2008

i'm a li'l pissed. it's a little blatant, disrespectful and "in-your-face" the things that had been happening around me.. kinda makes one think "is this really happening?" "are you for real?"

it's the greed, mate.

some people just can't handle it..

some people need to get jolted hard to know that there's a simple rule of nature that exist in this world.. you want me to spell it out for you?

nah, i bet you figured it out already.

hoooo.. huuummmm...

that part of me's life right now just sucks to the bone..

anyhoo, my gym mate, benjie had been text-ing me earlier asking me where my butt-ass had been hanging out lately cos he can't find me in the gym.. dang, this dude's like a bogeyman.. he appears and disappears in the gym just like that.. some spooky dude, huh?

but... i'm extremely happy he's come around again.. that means if we'd be able to train together (and that's a big "if") i can maximize my sessions as he can spot me during heavy lifts or at max outs..

hope he shows up on monday..

this is for know.. later, homs!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

love this song... so beachY, eh?

the music video is just as cool.

Juan de la Cruz

some señora had the gall to "operate" behind my back... booohooo!

been here long enough, lady... there ain't no way you can beat me on my own game..

well, lets see in the coming days whether she can keep this up..

apparently, she figured i'm too naive to even notice.. uh-huh!



bunk, i'm soooo itchin' to get down and start bangin' now... why, you think i'll lose focus and motivation during this friggin' looooong break? nope. my resolve to get my bench press to 300lbs had multiplied a million times while i'm here sitting my ass down typing this bunkum post... thinking.. planning.. contemplating...

i dunno if it's unfortunate or a good sign, but i keep hearing some funny cracking on my joints.. ankles on my feet, knees, shoulders, elbows and wrists.. i'm gonna have to take this as a positive sign.. guess they'd been too hung up and dry from you know what.. it's only now that they're startin' to loosen up.. believe!

while on this break, i also stop all forms of supplementation and vitamin intake.. gotta clear everything out cos when i'd start swinging those bars and plates, it'll be full throttle, baby, cos my motivation from this hebetudinous layoff just keeps building up as days pass by.. you call it irony, i call it fashion, err, i mean, passion..



so much bad news in the news today, huh?

gasoline had been steadily increasing.. like every week!

the "analysts" and the "think tanks" got a dim forecast in two months time: 65.00/liter.

better start walking, babe.. buy a very comfortable foot equipment (sneakers, lad) cos you'll be using that instead of your gas guzzling bimmer or explorer.. damn, even those little, tiny jap rejects are just as gas thirsty.. it's about time you ride a bike, fatass!

and now...

the staple of most Pinoys, the glorious rice, had gone up too!! whoa! talk about double whammy, eh?

tisk.. tisk..

there's always sweet potato, brown rice, corn rice, etc... improvise.. adjust.. adapt.. and don't forget to keep breathing, mate.. for real, as in serious.

everything else is on the rise, homs, only the panties go down these days.. of course, if you've got the money to pull it down.. wahahahaha!!

no money down, no panty down!!


by the way, i dig Sony Ericsson's W960i..

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


wow!! this is getting to be a bore.. this whole chillin' thing's already got me listless.. sh!t, six more days to go and yet it feels like a century..

drinkin' spree is definitely something to consider later.. gotta "shut-up, sit-down.. relax.." to borrow tommy vercetti's words in that sonofabitch GTA vice city game..

i don't know... i don't know!!!


Jimmy Hendrix, you like?

me, like.

Monday, June 02, 2008



back from a two-day leave. t'was a very productive off days, gotta say.. we wired the house.. ok, it wasn't me who wired it but i helped my buddy, earl do his thang.. we put a photo switch up in the rooftop and installed a few more lights at the back portion of our house.. kinda dark there and i bet some ghost had multiplied in that area since we moved there years ago... we've pretty much left that portion of the house unlit 'til last Sunday..

so now it's really cool that it lights up at night and turns itself off during daylight.. that's the purpose of the photo switch.. nice, eh?

my buddy thought about it many years back but i thought it was too expensive.. then again, i think it's a wise investment. now, we don't need to go up and down to turn the lights on or off.

we capped the day (two days in a row) drinkin' beer or brandy while watching DVD concerts.. that's the only way i can repay him as he doesn't charge me one dime for all the services he's been doing for our home's electrical system.. whatever i can discharge to help him out of anything, i'd gladly do.

that's what best friend's are for, right?

on the other hand, i finally found time to bathe my three dogs.. lather them up with those fleas and tick soup sister sent me.. she's so concern with my dogs she treats them like it's hers.. she owns one whatchamacallit cutie dog out there in NY too..

while i soaked them up for a few minutes, i took the time in between to wash my sooooo dirt-laden bike.. she must've been too happy for that as she's been dirtied up for years.. practically!

yeah, yeah.. i'm not too emotional with things, i guess.. i pretty much let "them" serve me and not returning the favor.. this break i'm taking, i'm letting "them" pawned me.. just this off-from-the-gym days..

by the way, the bike, her name's Shiela.. sexy, huh?


meanwhile, i'm itchin' to get back into the workout groove.. i'm planning some serious sessions but it'll be short and sweet.. i'm gonna buy one of the many supplements sister sent me to sell - VPX Shotgun.. i need to use it as early in the day as possible as it contains good amount of stimulants and, i get a lot of jitters when it comes to stimulants, especially when i take it late afternoon.. i'd probably or most likely have trouble sleeping at night..

projection: i should be kickin' ass by then... i'm excited but i gotta wait..

mientras tanto, on with makin' this break as fruitful and as productive as i can be..