Monday, July 23, 2007

finally took a leave. i was really getting burnout from all the work (and workout, if you may) lately. since it was Neil's birthday last Saturday, we went island hopping but not after wifey invited one too many of her "business partners" i don't know from adam. the downside of being away from my usual grind is that i tend to just go lazy it out.. and since i'm not having that "regular practice" of boozing anymore, i tend to easily go drunk and practically enter into some kindda "zone" where i do and speak of things strangely even i am amaze of how the hell did i do or say such stupid things... scares the shit out of me, hombre!

the island hopping went great, well, save for those i can still recall... the fish sanctuary was a nice stop and the place near Sta. Rosa was just as great... much like Richelle's ass.. wooppps, deym, saw her passing by thus the comparison.. but really, it was great... i'm just a little uncomfortable being surrounded by strangers, aren't we all? lesson 101 when island hopping: don't go with strangers cos it's a bummer!

when we arrived home i was ready to call it a day but what the crap, the alcohol gave me a huge cojones to invite some of them over our house... it was pretty stupid cos that means we have to continue hosting them and therefore we need to scram for more food and beers! just brilliant.

then i got a text from my fellow forumers... ahhh, i was sold out to the idea about not going to our EB (eyeball) as the day falls on "D-Day," but thanks to them, my friend, gpsman and sir AJ for teasing me that the babes had arrived... deym! even more, the beers were overflowing as well... deym! have to go and fix myself up quick and make a really good excuse to buzzz away from the "crowd". good thing i won in a raffle held a few weeks back.. an MI3 DVD and i have to claim it, otherwise it'll be forfeited and raffled off for the next draw...

"Houston, we have have a green light!"

oh, it was nice to meet them all. eye candies, indeed. i was pretty much loaded but i managed to stand straight... after a few hand shakes, beers and some chit-chat, my cellphone rang and sounded, "WARNING, IT'S THE WIFE!!! IT'S THE WIFE!!!"

"well, the visitors are waiting, go home, dickhead!" my wife's text went something like that.. joke!

so, bade goodbye to all.. wish i could stay a wee bit longer but y'know, whoever says life is fair should be shot in the head or stoned in the streets cos it ain't!

i ended up drinking s'more beers and singing my heart out thanks to Magic sing... had a boring foursome videoke with wifey and friends... woke up the next morning with a sore throat and a harsh voice... whew! talk about fun, ey?

anyway, i probably had a few embarrassing moments during the day but i always believe one can get away with it or is excused if he's under the influence.. unless you start being violent, of course.

i'll have to think a million times about getting drunk again... cos as i recall, i'm not so cool when i'm drunk and it ain't been funny, lately.

but i bet Paris Hilton had more of that shiteous display of stupidity when drunk...

creep signing out.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

haha!!! i missed laughing out loud... so here... enjoy!

I promise to have a more thorough post in the next few days.. fingers crossed!
love 'em!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

not really bored but just tired... so here, lemme share a video of Marion Raven, formerly of M2M's... the transformation... from cuteness... to rock... to whatever!

just check it out...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

What i got

i'm so naive... didn't know Bradley Nowell, the vocalist, died many years ago (1996)...

but i love this song...


hehe.. hello there!

this morning, i got the best compliment for the day thanks to those motorcycles who sprayed me with wet dirt.. why? well, i have to take me shirt-jack off and wear only my undershirt.. as it turns out, my muscles were pretty obvious.. my officemates were saying, "wow! nice bod you got there!" and a few couldn't help but squeeze my arms... "geeez, it's hard as rock!"

well, well... what can i say, spending hours and hours in the gym after the work is done should have some results, right? not to mention the "starvation sessions" i have to endure.. practically killing myself to get to where i am now... thank you.. thank you.. thank you..


meanwhile, nothing much to update about... well, there is actually but my memory still needs a lot of improvement... so, time to bid adieu so soon..

best regards and have a great weekend..


this one, i can't wait to watch... tomorrow, somebody's gonna get whop..

UFC 73: Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans Talk Tough