Wednesday, October 31, 2007

but i'm still alive...

wear and tear

it's hard to accept it but i think i'm on the verge and realclose of injuring myself. i can feel my right wrist feeling funny (in a scary way) that even when i'm doin ordinary things, it knacks weirdly. earlier, i felt a pang of pain on my right shoulder while doin bench presses... and get this, it wasn't even close to my maximum load yet... so, yeah, i'm kindda there right now... y'know... getting fucked!

i always thought i wouldn't. some people kept telling or i heard them talking about doin some light workout on some other days... i wouldn't have any of their advice... i felt really invincible especially when i was able to lift all the dumbbells that were placed in the heavy rack... sorta place where only the "big boys" hang around... best of all, i can go toe-to-toe with the "old-timers" or the "bodybuilders" in my gym... "if they could lift it, i could too!" was very much my mentality the whole time.. i would grind for hours... when i'm there, it's all business..

so today... err, i mean tonight, i seriously thought about backing off a bit to heal up.. my doc-wannabe friend asked his ortho/resident doc/instructor on how to deal with those things cos he too suffered the same fate as i am. the doc said calmly to him... "take two weeks off."

i don't know but i guess it's the best option for me also... five to six days a week of romancing the iron bars... have to stop the madness right now... i should have a better plan when i go back so i don't injure myself again... but that will have to wait til the middle of November... which is my payment due...

a MEMO to myself:

SLOW DOWN or burn baby... burn!


this one was on Oct. 28.....

Friday, October 26, 2007

sabado nights

one hundred thirty pounds excluding the bar for a standing military press? i am surprise.. by ME!

yeah, i am bragging. i'm just happy to max it out in that level of tonnage... this week's session had been all great... fuck the pain, i'm doing it full throttle!

i need to pile up some serious mass while i can cos by the time i'm old and gray, it won't be easy to do those lifts.. just like the once and glorious former Mr. Philippines, who had to call for help cos he can't raise the bar anymore while doing incline bench press... it's ll in the mind now, sir... as the cliché goes, "the mind is willing, but the body is weak."

hope i didn't screw that up.

nuff said.

just a side note, i'm pretty amuse by this fellow whenever he works out... cos he never fails to wear protective belt...

so what's amusing about it? well, he only lifts a puny 10-15 pounds while i'm grinding 250's wearing nothing but raw power... hhhhaaaaahhhh... i know.. it's windy in here too!


and i'm just too happy exams are over... no, not mine. it's Neil's. i am his tutor y'know.. dang, it's a pretty tough job, huh!

now, i don't have to worry bout dashing home as quickly as i could... i could use the breather....

i was gonna ask the guys from school, "are you sure these subjects are for grade 3?"

cos it's friggin tough, titser!

on the bright side (well, i have to look at that part), i'm having one helluva refresher/crash course about elementary subjects.. God bless me.


i can't complain and i won't apologize for the boring entries here these days... cos this is the right page for me. i've been really "bad" for many years which got me weak and ill and obese and i kept on thinking that one day i can turn things around... day-by-day... one drinking session after another... packs of cigarettes and more... contemplating... planning and feeling my body... but i can't wait for me to burst.. i could be late, y'know...

so, this is why i'm HOT and starting to look brawny today... he he he

i'm happy cos after months (started march or april) of hard training, burning out didn't crossed my mind, still. i think about it everyday... sleep, eat, work and just roll with it... but i ain't goin crazy with it, yet... i'd go out and have some rum or beer on some weekends... and sometimes, i'd go crazy with who-knows-what.

like two weeks ago. haha!

i guess i should start "behaving" more next time.. for real.

uummmm... like tonight?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

rain, rain...

change program.

yeah, i have to.

i will treat myself like it's just now that i am working out. not that i'm unimpressed or discontent, but there's just soooo many things i'm starting to discover and learn by just reading some stuffs on the net.

so, i'm gonna start from the scratch... learn a few things... unlearn some... it'll be exciting again!

ok, more exciting now.


i discovered recently that our newly hired IT guys are already tinkering with my PC... hhmmmm....this early?!?

long before they've set foot here, i've been the "go to guy" whenever shit comes up so i know my way around... first they un-installed my skype (which by the way i couldn't care less cos i ain't using it) and then they took my firewall off and installed a spy software (remote admin) so they can take a peek as to what i am working with (or browsing, if you may)... that is, if i'm screwing around, ya know... and maybe later, take over my PC when i'm not around...

they probably think that i'm just gonna hand it to them in silver platter and give them the satisfaction of busting me with my pants down and tail between my legs...

great, guys! you just started a war and i ain't backin' out... lets see if you REALLY can find out what i am doing... and yeah, you'll be surprise at what i can do... heee heee

can i say the punchline?

here goes:



thanks to the rain i'm pretty much stuck here and writing this masterpiece... hope you enjoyed it.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Love Somebody

love the new version... check this out guys...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


i soooo love pearl jam and THIS song just reminds me of my full of angst years... all because of love...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fair game

life's not fair.

the guy below is my buddy at the gym. we help each other out when were doing super heavy lifts.. other than that, we just do our own "little thing" while in there.

so why is it not fair, you asked?

well, let me count the ways...

one, this guy could not match me with the weights.. i could lift 20 to 50 percent more than his poundages..

two, i do more exercises for one body part than his average of two to three sets...

three, i'm almost doing ten by tens... meaning ten sets of ten repetitions of everything... how much more difficult and rigid training can i possibly get, huh?

four, i'm pretty much adept and technical with the whole workout thingy that he'd practically asks for my advice/s...

five, i spend more time bangin' the iron in the gym than him... like he's done in an hour or two and i'm still doin crunches...

six, his workout is never consistent... he quits for a week or two and comes back again, but without losing much muscle and definition... while i grind and eat iron six days a week to get a shoot at looking muscular!

and lastly, he gets all the girls (and even the gays!) for that so-so gym performance by just getting half naked while at the beach while i'm having dinner at the gym gorging on dumbbell steak.... WTF?

now tell me, is that fair?

but then again, i'm happy for him... after all, when he is there pumping iron, he really puts up and almost never ceases to rest in between sets... like these days, after a week/s off, he is like an animal! loading plates after plates.... and that, i can't match... i'd like to take my sweet time, y'know....


in case YOU have found your way here uninvited and you know me in person, i want YOU to understand that i'd like to take a break from all of that... for now...

i already said my piece... now, i'll take this time to gather my thoughts and reflect...

when i'm ready, i will again, re-appear to finish what i've started.


some guys....

have all the luck!

have to scan the friggin picture from the printout cos the digicam had been owned!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


nothing much to rant about somewhere else, so here i am.

what was that i was gonna talk about? hhhmmpp!!!

oh yeah... I am HOT!

i like that a lot... i am now a chic magnet... dang!

i went out last saturday and boy, when i sat down with some ladies (one is a GF of a friend and the other was her friend) at my friend's bar, we just hit it off right away.. last time i check, it's usually me whose touchy and icky, but this time, they were. the other girl kept her face thisclose to mine whenever she speaks... i can almost feel her lips rubbing my ears... whoa there! and my friend's GF (my friend's somewhere not in Cebu) she'd occasionally hold my arm when she speaks... hhmmmmmm... checking me out,girl, huh? but no worries bud, i ain't hitting your GF even if we're both stuck in an island.. promise... he he he

oh and she did left me a cellphone number but i ain't calling nobody... unless i wanna get whop by some jealous wifey...

remember that story a few entries back? well, do some back reading cos i ain't diggin', will yah, hombre!

well, her name was ashley... shesh! she came back a few nights later and was looking for me... sorry girls, i'm good for one night only and that's it... after that, let's forget the past.... i mean, for real.


so, i get it... this is probably the reward for all that pain and sweating, eh? i'll sweat some more 'til i can't sweat no more... dang, i bungled up marley's song...


now, for the gym story...

i'm getting stronger as time passes by... i've added parallel dips and pull-ups into my program... those two, for me is the true measure of strength... you are practically lifting your own weight doing those exercises... when i am able to do it weighted, meaning i'm adding weights other than my body's, i'd be able to achieve that V-Shaped bod... i am getting there though thus the sex appeal... heeee.. heeee...

but get this, when i'm doing the barbell/dumbbell curl, my bicep's vein appears.. and my forearms, even at rest are starting to get vein-Y. and though my jeans are getting looser, my shirts are getting tighter around the chest, shoulders and arms.. i call that p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s, baby!

i wouldn't mind at all if i get even a quarter of Jay Cutler's bod... at any given day, man...

but having that "appeal" isn't really my goal when i went into serious training, but to get conditioned as my body was sending me signals it's going down hard and fast if i don't do some drastic changes. but the "appeal" factor was a great bonus to continue what i've started and further fuel my resolve to push 'til i reach my maximum strength potential.... wow, that was deep!

except for a few snags, like my right wrist's occasional aching (i'm a southpaw by the way) and my shoulders feeling the same, things are goin' smoothly... as i've learn to deal with the obstacles by working around them.. the plan for a week long rest would not materialize as the new techniques i employed, and yes, the unexpected accolade and adulation from friends and strangers was a huge, huge boost for my ego.

now, give me that iron!

wait, wait... my chest still hurts!!

or is it my breast?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i'm back.

no, not the usual funfare please...

i said i needed a break, ayt?

i have a new uniform... weeee!!!! picture this: that mall guard wearing all blue, that's exactly how they look! haa.. haa... unfunny, indeed.

i may have been "out" in the cyberworld for a while now but i was never away.. took a different direction though to further my "growth". well, we all need a little break from where we've been stuck to... it's refreshing to discover new things and to go back where you've been a tad more rejuvenated.. well, that is, for me.

yesterday's iron pumping session was the lowest if not the worst workout i've ever had. i still had some pains goin through my legs as i went pass 200lbs for my squat the other day.. whew! so much harder, huh?

it was tempting to relax yesterday with all the work in the office/field...also got my bike's sprocket replaced cos the chain's starting to roll over. that took an awful lot more of time to finish... oh, the downtime just stalled me for hours and made me feel sleepy.

so, when everything was done and ready, even my when legs were still hurting, went ahead to the gym... but.... felt really different warming up. shoot, something's not right, here. anyway, started out with the incline bench press... first few plates, good.... but after going 170lbs. the damn bar got way too heavy! shesh, i did 200lbs. of this one before... WTF?

tried again, with a spotter this time... that's it, i can't friggin lift it! i must have plateaued already.... hmmmmm.. sooo many reasons but i hope i can improve next time.

..... to be continued.

Monday, October 01, 2007

i've decided to make this blog for "friends" only..

i actually do have a problem about sharing things about my life, (no matter how mundane and frivolous they are). i'm naturally a very "keep your cards close to your heart kind of person". so alas.. sorry to all the lurkers out there.. hehehe.. and no, i'm not talking about you.. sheesh!

toodles! kit and caboodles! =)


some guy beat me to the pulp as to exactly what i want to say about this place i called my "secret-confession-blog" place!