Sunday, September 21, 2014

i wish.....

i could sing..

cos i wanna sing this song soooooo bad. ly.

Monday, September 15, 2014


nice place.

luscious green trees all over. lotsa island to hop in to. WOW. just WOW!

the beaches? aaahhhhh....

crystal. clear.

oh, the cave.. hmmm.. kinda creepy especially if you're like me, claustrophobic.

there's plentiful crocodiles and saw a few monkeys.

then there's the people. we were there for three days and two nights. most people i've meet personally were nice.

i'm goin' on a limb here and declare that all people from Palawan are nice people!

take a bow, guys and gals..

what's really nice about having this domestic vacation is being able to get in touch with people from different part of the region and see the culture. considering we are all filipinos, it's nice to meet people from different parts of the the island, the Philippines, and boy, believe in humanity again.

when you're in the city like my city, where it's almost always rush hour and everyone competes with everything, where people are unwilling to yield even just a little space so you can squeeze yourself in and drive through on the road, it's a welcome respite to go somewhere like Palawan.. more laid back and the time seems to take awhile to be over.

anyway, if i have the dough to blow, i'd gladly go back there no matter if i have to ride a freakin' plane all over again and be scared shitless.. in fairness, i'm getting the hang of riding a plane.

next month, i would've ridden another one if only i had a passport. the company i work for suddenly had an awesome idea of giving me the trip along with some *cough* *cough* deserving fellows in the office.

next time, sir... next time.

anyway, this post is long overdue and there's been a lot that has happened. i wish i have the liberty to divulge 'em all.

back to reality.