Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011


it had been a busy week.. you have no idea!

the work -- is a killer!

well, we have two new branches opened recently and all of its sales... the processing and stuff still goes back to us.

though, ain't nothin' but a peanut for me considering i'm pretty "systematic" so to speak when it's time to buckle up, the volume was quite ginormous i must say i'm overwhelmed.

hopefully when the dust clears up, i'm still standing and ready to rumble for s'more.

i can only get stronger and smarter... that's a done deal.

quote for the day:

"what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

so i've been reading a lot of ebooks. sometimes i wish i'm Will from that good will hunting movie.. wherein the man's got photographic memory.. sadly, i'm the exact opposite.

i read and easily forget. well, i have a very, very short memory since forever and now that i've "matured" it's gotten worst. hah!

anyway, i did a lot of reading.. then listened to some preaching i downloaded from my church's website. i haven't been going to the church for months now and my soul is kinda hungry for some spiritual nourishment.

you should try that sometimes. it puts a lot of things in perspective with all the happenings in the world right now, i could really use a little guidance.

from what i reckon from all that reading and listening, it was impressed upon me that i could use a group... to sorta make me push myself and make me accountable.

ya know i could easily blend in. i just didn't want to.

i've always been self-reliant. i don't like to bug people with whatever if i can do it myself. whilst in college, i learned to be a handyman. even now when there are things that needs fixin' in the house or anything, if i can fix it or at least i know i won't make it worst, i'll do it myself. other than i hate waiting, it's also a hassle calling or looking for someone to do it for ya.

jack of all trades. i wish i am. but i don't know jack about being a mechanic. there are technical things that's just way too deep and needs some careful studies before you'd even wanna mess with it.

but i digress.

so goin' back to the group thing. that, i will have to work on to.

i'm kinda the loner type. i'm better off alone. though i have lotsa friends in the gym or at my workplace or wherever my butt falls into.. easily, i can get along with anyone.

i can make anyone laugh when i'm in the mood for it. in fact, i'm quite a joker.

basically, i have a lot of things going on in my mind.. some issues that i have to work out... address then hopefully, resolve.

it's not easy but i'm aware of it and definitely it's something i'm trying to improve on.

when i'm ready to just let it all hang loose, life would probably be different for me.. i'm guessing it's a better one. an upgrade.

that would be the day!

Friday, September 09, 2011


a few days ago we had freak accident. it happened so quickly my little baby would have died.

every time i remember that day, i cringed. i hate to tell a long story unless it's face-to-face or we're speaking in tongues so i'll go cut to the chase of what happened - she choked on some sugar-coated peanut.

she was crying for a piece and i was too smart to feed her one and she choked on it. i tried to grab it from her throat only to find out it has gone way down her throat and she couldn't breath.

i panicked!

she was starting to turn blue..

i practically turn her upside down so she could pop it out her throat. what's worst though is that the friggin' peanut's rough edges had slightly teared down her throat as it stuck there and she was coughing blood!!!

damn the fuckin' peanut huh?!?

it was half sister's idea of feeding her that kinda peanut.

things would have turned out for the worst... thanks to the good Lord above she came through.

so yeah, when i remember that night, it kinda mess up my head.


another story, we have this two house-helps who really made my day today.

well, last night they ask for permission to go dancin' somewhere as there was a Fiesta goin' on in the nearby village. we're always kind enough to oblige.

these girls are just 16 or 17 and you know what? they have so many text-mates.. probably collecting boyfriends.

anyway, at the back of my head i was wondering what these girls are doing when we're all out - me and wifey doing our job and Neil off to school. aren't they entertaining boys inside our house or something.. ya know fishy going on?

then this morning (well, we don't know what time they went home) Neil was surprise to find out there are two boys in their room!!!

what the hell?!?

how do you make out of that picture?

i mean, what the fuck is going on here?

what the hell are these boys doing in their room? praying the rosary?

if i was the parent of these kids i'd be damn. whether the girls or the boys.

what have we become?

i would of fired them both in an instant if only there was someone who could babysit my li'l baby.

we'll eventually have to let this biatches go... but i gave them a mouthful, alright.

i'm sure if their parents finds out what they did, i dunno what'll happen to them. i'm sure if i was pissed since this is my house and not because they are related to me and they're doing the hankie-pankie.

they're parents i believe would of snap. i mean they trusted these girls... they'd probably blame us along the way.

all these cellphones and social networking and the media... their parent's aren't as faultless either.

anyway, there i let a few steam out.

hope you're happy cos i ain't!

i like blogger's new interface.. so many options yet still user-friendly. good job guys!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

lez pump it up!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

well, well, well... it's been quite a vacation, homie! from here of course. i got a lot on my plate, as usual. some aren't really making me any more richer (like i'm already am) but i did learn. that's what's important in life, right? perhaps.

 i just had my birthday last month... the plan was to spend it quietly without the whole shebang that comes along with being a year older.. as usual. well, indeed it went really just that. save for some relatives and my circle of family who texted, most of my pals as well as my office mates didn't have a clue.

incidentally, on the eve of my birthday, we had an award's night with all the food and booze that goes along with it and i just let my hair down that night.. hah!

yep, i had my little celebration and only i knew what. so there.

i got a shezload of ebooks that are rarin' to be read. i hope to really be able to focus one day and just read 'em all at once!

 on top of all this chit-chat, there's a lot going on in my life that some, i find it a pain in the ass, whilst others seem like an opportunity waiting...

 could somebody hand me the crystal ball already?!?

Sunday, September 04, 2011

hey everyone!!!

well, i miss you too! hope to get back on the swing of things.... i just un-quit blogging.. hee hee