Saturday, October 11, 2014!!!!

it's been a while... i know.

working smart isn't working well for me these days.

i gotta grind through my teeth to get things done. literally.

definitely, the stress factor had been bumped up to the roof!

i hope i can finish up everything so i can quit after this year. i've accumulated enough know-how in the trade to start my own little "business".

yep, i hope to start next month... i don't care if that means i'll double the stress. i gotta go out and test the waters while i'm still a 'hotshot'. once i'm unserviceable, it's game over for me.

yeah, it's out now... better commit.. get rich now.. or die trying. hah!

my little angel is going to school.. finally!

can't believe how time flies. once upon a time, she was just a little baby that i didn't want. now, she's all grown up and eager to learn.

love her more everyday...

neil is a teenager too! today, we just went riding motorcycles together getting the bikes tuned and repaired.

he can really step up when the situation calls for it. well, he learned driving my bike by himself... when i accidentally left the key, that is.

me and him have this elaborate plan hatched together when we finally dive into this thing called entrepreneurship.

here's hoping it'll push through and work out as planned.

in times of hardship, there's definitely an opportunity on the horizon. sometimes, we just need to get to that point in order to look outside the box.

these ebooks and audiobooks that we've immersed ourselves into, they are awesome!

i wish i had the time to read 'em and listen when i was at neil's age.

but, it's never too late to start, right jim? brian? and everyone else?

anyhow, prepare! the day of the reckoning is at hand!

it's time to...