Saturday, December 31, 2011

well, whadyaknow? there'd been party all over and hanging out with friends.. thus.

anyway, it's almost New Year... are you feeling optimistic of the year to come? or is it really the end of the world, so we should party like it's the end of the world, ehy?

ah, whatever... we'll cross the bridge.

this last few days of this week had been fun! i couldn't really tell ya the nitty, sleazy gritty of things as it's quite *cough* *cough* "dark." hah! literally.

but it wasn't all fun cos as i've mentioned a few post below, the weather had been short of brutal these days and yeah, i had bouts of fever, flu, LBM... ya know, the works.

geezz, my BFF is here...

chiao everyone and have a Happy New Year!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


very handy.

in these times of drunkenness and hangover, you would wanna stock-up on them.

alcohol causes dehydration... thus.

remember though, this isn't about you.. or me...

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

ooohhhh... mmhhyyyy....

seems like a virus is goin' around... i gotta a feeling. the weather is just crazy these days, huh? everyone i know or bump into are having some kinda flu or coughing incessantly. i, myself is having some kinda dry throat. better get your vitamin C handy. eat your veggies and lotsa fruits... maybe some orange or pineapple juice.

nuff said.

what happened in Mindanao recently just shows how our world had decayed so fast. this year had been marred with catastrophe after catastrophe i've lost count.

in recent years, we all witnessed that too. tsk.. tsk..

it's just how it is. ya gotta stay positive.

anyway, holiday is coming up. i gotta tell ya, enjoy the cholesterol but keep things in moderation. at the end of the day, all of those thing you put inside your body, they are gonna come back to you in one way or another... remember the golden rule "what you sow, you shall reap."

here's sending you some positive vibration... and a happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

party, party!!!!

party here, party there, party everywhere!!!!


i'm getting fat again!!!

anywho, this is all gonna come to pass. things are gonna go back to normalcy when January comes by...

that's the big hope.

after suffering some kinda bummed elbow, it just made my transition to the 5/3/1 program a lot, lot sooner than expected.. it's better this way as i barely overtrained.. everything's set so no more unnecessary skirting here and there.

better F-O-C-U-S.

the Excel spreadsheet wherein i chart my progress with them big lifts is also done.

meanwhile, four more days...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

overtraining.. could kill

i finally hit a one RM (rep max) of two hundred twenty pounds (220 lbs) on my barbell bench press the other day. it was a glorious day for me! well, if you're a hardcore lifter, that ain't much really. some can even get twice, thrice, four times as heavy. in my case however, it's BIG cos i've been benching since many years back wrongly.

once i got the proper form and it happened not too long ago, the numbers went up, finally.

i got a little too excited and well, overtrained along the way. my right elbow is a bit sore. my shoulders and upper pec are probably inflamed. i know when i overtrained cos the next morning, my body feels unusually warmer.

i have to stop some upper pressing movements as of the moment.. instead, had some lower body exercises and did a lot of pull-ups, chins and neutral positions (palm facing each other)... in that particular order as it represents the hardest to the easy part.

just trying to train smartly now and listen to what the body's saying. ya don't wanna force the issue when you know you'll end up injured.

i'm gonna do Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 really soon and hope to stick by it. i'm a fan of his training style and no BS comments and advise... pretty straightforward. however, i don't like his music, religion and steroids. any other beliefs not related to training, i have to skip it.

two days later of doing all sorts of chest exercises, am still fried.

i really have to start tapering down on this thing.. i'm not getting any younger, aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

so. there.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

that's all i have today... enjoy!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Christmas

so we just had our Christmas party last Saturday. as far as i can remember, it all went well. nothing exceptional happened.. especially with yours truly.

didn't got wasted to the point of blackout or did anything gutsy.. under the influence, anyone gets ballsy or do some of the stupidest unimaginable thing to mankind.. i should know, i had a few misfortunes like that.. heh!

for many years now, i haven't won anything major-major in the raffle draws.. seems like lady luck had been stingy with me since forever... shower me somethin', will ya!

i'm getting a lot of flak with my job these days... sadly.

i can come up with many, many valid excuses.. like how hard it is to cope-up with the increasing sales, additional branches to serve, the many people i depend with who are unreliable and how i'm doing all this single-handedly whilst all the other companies who do this kinda job have at least two people to compliment each other.. yeah, excuses.. excuses..

but nah, i could have done better. modesty aside, even with all the excuses mentioned, i can really roll with them punches.. i mean, it isn't really that hard. i just need more time and focus. maybe, a few motivation here and there. a pay hike would be the clincher. yay!

anywayz, lets see how it goes. if i feel like i can't handle the heat anymore, better get the F out of the kitchen!

to me right now, work is just a necessity to get by.. it's not something i enjoy doing anymore. in fact, if i get fired tomorrow, it would be a huge weight off of my shoulders.

you know, you slave yourself to get that desired result, but people don't see the effort behind all of it... all they see is how "easy" you come up with the conclusion.. so they go "why's it taking this long?" or "how come this is the one that came out when it's supposed to be this and that?" all the why's and the how's can really stress the shit out of you... if you take everything too seriously, ponder hard on it and take 'em to bed, you could really end up with nightmares.. LOL!


some. people.

rant off.


since upgrading to IOS5, my iphone (3GS) had been marred with lag in loading apps.. bummer!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Thursday, December 08, 2011

night shiftin'

well, it's tough. working out at night. sleeping is the hardest. peeing frequently is worst.

so, i tried for two straight nights to hit the gym around seven in the evening. i'm not really new to this time except that i haven't been doing that for quite sometime now. it's crazy, tell ya that. too much crowd slash poseurs all over. there are a few strong mofos and select serious lifters. other than that, i couldn't care less what the others are doing.

the cardio area is really full. you'd be lucky to get a slot with them machines.. even the hard-to-use-ones-cos-they're-exhausting-to-do are all jammed packed as well.

there's a lot of consideration when working out at this time.. drinking or popping pre-workout cocktail is definitely a no-no when you have to sleep early cos you need to wake up early... for two straight nights i had trouble sleeping cos i had too much caffeine.. a key ingredient in my pre-workout drink (jack3d). last night i had to sip some brandy to calm my nerves cos the jitter is unbearable.

no caffeine usually means a less than stellar workout especially at these hours as my body is used to relaxing and well, for eons, it means downhill after office hours for me.

that's one of the big reason why i need to hit the gym during the day.

i don't really mind the time.. what's important is i get my behind in there.. the predicament comes in later.. like it's so sleepy driving home and when you wanna sleep, you can't.

when i workout, i usually consume a gallon of water rather easily. i try to shave off that amount of water in the evening but, boy, i'm still peeing like a faucet at night.. i'm seriously thinking about getting an adult diaper so i can sleep like a baby!

guess i'm gonna have to solder on for a few more days.. weeks or months.. we'll see how this goes.

on the bright side, there's plentiful of eye-candy during these times.. when most people are off from work. i just wish i didn't have to wake-up at five in the morning to prep for my food for the day, bringing Neil to school and my arse, off to work... haaaaahhh... i gotta win some lotto jackpot somehow so i could live like a king!

then, i can workout at night 'til i drop, sleep like a log later (or party if i can't sleep yet), and wake up the next day when i wanna. how's that for a life, yeah?

dream big, right?

being lazy is a bad idea though.


bad vibes envelopes the house these days... i hope for 'em to go away.. soon.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

yo mah angel

how time flies, yeah?

mah baby is gonna be two year years old in like days. seems t'was just yesterday when she came to us and we were all messed up with her crying and all... how're we supposed to take care of this baby that we didn't even  plan to have?

to be honest, we're just glad to have her around.. even with all things considered (read: time, effort, sleepless nights, expense, etc.), she just made our home exciting again... Neil is growing up fast and he's not cute anymore, sadly haha!

our little Angel is quite cuddly and affectionate.. ya know, she just loves to be carried around the house.. amazing how i can go lift heavy ass weight and kill it in the treadmill or other cardio machines, but when i carry her, i tire out rather easily. she's getting heavier everyday, by the way!

you know what time it is? it's twenty hundred hours (20:00). i'm gonna be doing leg work tomorrow with all the squattin' and pain in between. it'll be glutes, hamstrings and quads.

yes, it's twenty hundred and five hours now.. am way pass my beauty sleep. LOL!

i'm gonna be watching some porn movies and hopefully be able to go to la-la land early... so, i'll see you when i see you.. chiao!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

whatever happened to these beautiful ladies?


today didn't go as expected. nothing's planned though except that there were things i reckoned it was gonna be but it all went to zit.

i expect some important emails; to do exactly this but digress along the way; a fruitful reply; an adventure.

boy, was i disappointed.

yep, that's all i got.

some days...


Friday, December 02, 2011


i had a two day off from the gym... well, one was a needed respite, the other was just too much work. yeah, the work had been really riding me these days! it doesn't help that my effing supervisor is up my ass with pressure to get things done.. i'm actually having some kinda headache right now. ugh!

so much for that and on to my favorite subject...

another awesome shoulder workout today!

it didn't come as a surprise as i've been busting my chops to get my numbers up in doing shoulder presses. i've pretty much set a new PR (personal record) doing shoulder presses from the pins. roughly 190 pounds for a good three repetitions. i think that it had something to do with my grip strength. someone said and i agree that your ability to move the weight starts when you grip the bar. it's like when you hold the bar, you just go and picture tearing them apart. Dave Tate said something along that line and i must say, i'm a believer now of that principle.

anyway, i've pretty much gotten stronger in almost all facets of lifting.. but i'm not there yet. ya know, it's exciting and there are days that i look forward to just reaching my goal... it feels remarkable to have gotten that far and moving such amount of weight but at the same time it's frustrating when i realize i can't move any more weight cos my body, especially the CNS (central nervous system) is signalling me it's over. it is tired and exhausted and even though the mind is willing, the body has been weakened considerably.

so those are the highs and lows.

kroc rows and farmer's walk had gotten my grip stronger. they can also withstand longer use... in short, they tire a li'l longer than usual.

meanwhile, poseurs are scattered all over the gym like dog shit. hah!

you know, they must've started workin' out yesterday and today they're wearing top-tanks already. show-offs!

others look like they know their thing.. they go start bench pressin' with heavy ass weight but funny thing though, they just move the bar like a few inches off the rack. then after just 2-3 sets they go call somebody (usually, personal trainers) to help them move the weight. yeah, to sorta spot them but them PT's end up lifting the weights themselves.

i got one word for these people, LEAVE YER EGO AT THE DOOR, YA DIMWIT!

ok that's and handful, gotta a problem with that?

but, kidding aside, i use to be like that myself. these days, if i can't do it properly, i eat humble pie and lower the weights. i get better stimulation doing that and it's gotten me even more stronger.

last but not the least...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

max reps

am watching this movie (again) now and man, it never gets old!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

of smokes and mirrors


yeah, that girl in the gym earlier is smokin' hot. i can't effing focus when she's like staring at me when i do my exercises.. of course i'm being presumptuous, as usual. well, it kinda feels like. or, it must've been the other way around. i have a picture of her, by the way. wanna see?


she just have all the nice curves and bumps in the right places... it's in her genes, i surmise. sometimes i wish i don't get to workout around the same time with her cos she's quite a distraction... but at the same time i just luuurrrvvvv having her around cos it's so nice to see a lady who takes care of her body and knows what she's doing.

so, it's a love and hate thing. if it was up to me though, i don't mind the distraction at all if it's her that's causing it.

speaking of smoking, it's been what, six or seven years since i quit smoking. i gotta thank the good Lord above for the strength He gave me.

it was never easy... nor that hard.

i've been smoking since high school, if my memory serves me right. it all started when i learn that it's an appetite suppressant. i didn't wanna go morbidly fat but having our family history and my big-boned structure, i'm meant to be that - fatso!

so on and off i go smoke a stick or a pack whenever i can... not until i suffered some serious health problems. i know my heart was weakening fast as i didn't exercise, eat all sorts of junk, alcoholic, slept late and smoked like a chimney. it's also worth mentioning that i was born with a congenital heart disease. yaiks!!

whenever i go walk on stairs, it is as if i'm gonna suffer a stroke on my journey upstairs... i could hardly breath and barely have legs to go on!

not only that, my bouts with tonsillitis had been frequent and worst each time. i need a more powerful and expensive antibiotic to combat it - and the pain, it was getting unbearable. what's more lamentable, fever was a like a last name whenever i had tonsillitis.

the last experience i had was around the third week of december (either '04 or '05) and it was when i cannot say "no" to my uncle who offered me a really nice pack of Marlboro. the kind of which is rich and imported. and even though my throat had started to feel uncomfortable that time, what, with all the parties in the month of december, i just went on and binge on s'more cigarettes.. puffing and huffing to my heart's delight.

a few days later, i had the worstest tonsillitis in the whole-wide-world.

thus, i could not smoke 'til i healed up.

then i thought, what the heck, it's New Year in the next few days, why not make it a "resolution?"

i made it for a few days... why not push the envelope s'more? i go convincing myself.

it wasn't a walk in the park at all. whenever i go out with friends, i get teased and tempted. they'd say "you know, you'd be back smokin' in no time, i'll bet my year's salary on that!"

then my boss, who was my smoke buddy since we knew each other many years back and one person i cannot say "no" to, also downplayed my resolution and said the same thing my pals told me. that i wasn't gonna last a week or a month.

then days became months.. and months became year...

and many years later, i haven't lit one cigarette.

whose to say one cannot change? that it's hard?

nuff said.

i've got a few more tales to tell up my sleeve, but i gotta watch my favorite show on Discover Channel. now, brotha!

American Chopper.

enjoy the weekend.. keep your pants up and be safe.

Friday, November 25, 2011

i still ask that question too...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bench Pressin' like playin'

i saw a video just recently and that was all i need to see to get my bench press (bench) performed properly. see, we all can put things up and down but there's actually a way to execute things properly. like when you're trying to lift something off the floor. picture a case of beer. if you're bending with your back rounded, you're gonna feel some sorta pain later.. worst, injure your lower back. however, if you arch your back, you are doing it sexy properly.

there are more examples i can give, but ya gotta pay me though for them infos.. heh!

well, going back to the video, i've been doing the bench wrong since day one. that's one reason why i hurt my right shoulder before. since time immemorial i tried to do it right with no luck, though dumbbell pressing one hundred pounds each hand was somewhat a success, using the bar proved to be my waterloo.

i just couldn't get stronger with it no matter how i tweak my hand position or body's... 'til i saw the video and applied it earlier.

wow!! it's like seven years or so of doing things wrong and trying in earnest to learn.

but not when i'm older and joint pains is a regular!

it's also worth mentioning that recovery had decelerate a tad.. argh!

ahhhh... it's never to late to learn new tricks! even old dogs can learn a thing or two.. like me!

exciting times, indeed.

some people in the gym must've been smiling behind my back when i do all those goofy exercises.

the basics are always a staple - squats, deadlifts, presses and rows. the assistance however is where i do all sorts of stuff that most people in the gym wouldn't dare try cos they don't wanna look like "aliens."

but it's not about how nice you flow through the movements, it's getting things done - the right way.

so wipe that smirk off yer face, ya moron!

my apologies for getting carried away. too much testosterone running through my system, i must admit.

well... it's time to chill now..

Monday, November 21, 2011

pooling all thoughts.... processing...

tough luck!

yeah, yeah.. there are days and, there days..

i really have to start jotting down thoughts whenever i'm out there coz they were pretty nice and i can't @$^%& remember any right at this moment.

tsk.. tsk..

all i can say is, it's been tough lately. with everything.

i'll save the gabfest for say, tomorrow?

retreating back to the cave.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

hah! i'm in touch with my feminine side.. what can i say?!?

... and i just love her mouth.. ya know, the expression.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

acting like busy body

mmmmmkkkayyyy. we know what happened. it wasn't exactly what most people expected, but shit happens. we won and that's all that matters... not convincingly or decisively, i guess.

shut your pie-hole ---- a win, is still a win.

i'm not gonna go and start a whole lotta discussion as to the "what's" and the "if's" like what's happening at 'em message boards and the interwebz.

it is what it is. so, stop crying your hearts out and move on.. comprende?


i just had a really busy monday today. fyi, i'm a one-man-wrecking-machine doing all the paper works and does fieldwork to process 'em paper works. with the bulk of our sales the past few weeks, i'm also caught with a lot of documentations to process.

and i'm not even done yet!

sadly, it comes with the territory.

i failed to hit the gym today. am just gonna make it up tomorrow.

meantime, i'm hitting the sack... it's been luring me since i step foot on that cozy bedroom...

i'll see you in my wet dreams.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


just had a massage earlier at a place where i'm a regular. i kinda stop experimenting with other parlors as i only get disappointed when i don't get that much needed therapy.

so, when i find a good masseuse (nothing kinky, just prefer women), i usually note their name so the next time i go there i can easily request for that lady.

lately i've been going for the two-hour session... pretty rejuvenating for a tired and weary bod like mine. i always go for the HARD variant... when she does that massage, she really goes for the kill! mostly, i end up holding my breath to sorta mask the pain.. but i don't complain... especially when it's done on the hamstrings, glutes, back, shoulders, chest and biceps... on the calves, quads, triceps and some part of the neck and head, i prefer it moderate.

that pretty much puts my weekend on a high note.

there was a time when i just went balls to the wall at the gym, the next day i couldn't get up! well, i can actually but it was really hard to move around or go to work.. i ended up calling for a home service massage.

curiously, some people at the parlor, i overhear them talking to their masseuse... they're like hitting on them. maybe they're hoping to get something "extra" or some DOM wanna have some lovin'..

well, i don't like to chatter. i just wanna chill , listen to relaxing music and close my eyes. even when it hurt sometimes.. i don't go "could you tone it down a little, it effing hurts!"

i don't even get a wood, dam'it!

maybe if the attendant was wearing something skimpy, i might.

i don't know if some masseuse are actually hitting on me... there was one who really did a nice dig on my inner thigh she's a few millimeters away from my manhood... i can't stop it from getting mad!

anyway, i don't really wanna think that way cos my intentions are pure. sorta. LOL!

well, that's my story for today.. my mind's still debating whether i should down some brandy whilst watching HBO's Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 24/7 - Episode 4 or just have gatorade instead... hmmmm..

decisions.. decisions..

Friday, November 11, 2011


i can't wait.... wooooottt!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family First

shot. that's right, my shoulders are shot!

it's pretty sore actually. i did one too many shoulder presses earlier. what can i say, when it comes to workin' out, i love hittin' the shoulders hard with everything i've got.

a few days ago i had little mishap. whilst doing rack pull of roughly five hundred pounds of weight, my lifting relic of a wrist straps snapped on me! well, only one gave in but it made a huge thud of a sound in the gym that everyone got the shock of their lives... good thing the olympic (oly) bar didn't break or bend or i'd be the object of hatred in the gym. why? cos there's only one oly bar and it is the most useful bar you can find in the gym. not many gym around here have that kinda bar, sadly.

i guess it's time to buy a new heavy duty variant. the one where you're shoulders would pull-apart or your spine break loose but never them straps. isn't that nice? hah!

anyway, the work had been tremendous you wouldn't wanna go there. backlogs had piled-up but it ain't my fault. it's the other end that needs to deliver as i have done mine. unfortunately, there's just so much you can do or control, beyond that you can only hope that somehow things get done. i wouldn't wanna worry too much about it though, cos man, it's not gonna make things better. good thing i'm into weights, otherwise i would've been drinking my worries away.

meanwhile, wifey saw this fella of mine drinking with a friend while we were out in the mall. i guess i must have hurt this fella's feeling cos he hasn't bug me since that fateful night... fateful cos we smoked some serious dough carousing with you-know-who, of which i seriously felt would have been better spent on something more "productive."

we went there to drink but things got out of hand, we deviated. we ended up spending more than we planned... in short, we were a few grand poorer after all the bills were paid.

i guess he felt bad that we had to split every penny. it was a rough time for him, i understand. he had some work related issues. and for me as well as i just had an "instant" baby. we ended up spending more than we probably could earn in a week... he must have thought i'm loaded and it should be my treat.. which is really, i wouldn't mind at all spending on food and booze for our little rendezvous. that side trip however was too costly and to be perfectly honest, i would very much rather spend it on milk, diaper, etc. for my little baby.

so yeah, i get it. i don't feel bad at all.  if anything i'm happy he's moved on with his new or old friends and still pull that kinda shit. i mean me, i've gotten older. i'd love to drink once in a while or go on a gimmick trip but i can't go back to those days wherein we end up going home in the wee hours of the morning.. like almost on a daily basis.

these days, i don't need to be "IN". i don't need to belong. in fact, as i've said here many times, i can easily blend in if i wanted to. in the office alone, i can easily join anybody's circle. more so, in the gym. there's not many strong mofo's out there like me. just a handful.


i am soooooo waaaayyyy pass that. i kinda miss those "glory" days but i don't wanna go back there. at least not that frequent.

if you've been following me you know i've turn my life around, thanks to the good Lord above.

memories are good.. the past is a good place to visit once in a while but life goes on... i moved on. it's nice to have friends and buddies to cheer on and to toast to, but today more than anything else, i have to get my priorities first.

make a wild guess what they are....

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Saturday, November 05, 2011

ahhhhhhhh... i love holidays... long weekends? yeah baby!!

like this week, for example. the President finds it appropriate to declare the 31st as a holiday. then, on November 01 obviously too is a holiday. filed a vacation leave on the 2nd so now that's a lot of R & R. sadly, we didn't go out somewhere other than the cemetery. tsk.. tsk..

i kinda regret the time that went by and us not having done anything leisurely. what can i say, i'm not really in the mood with them same old-same old company. if you've been reading this helluva blog, ya know who i meant.

so again, going back to holidays, monday is yet another holiday!! how ya like that, huh?

if you really wanna know seriously why, READ THIS, aight?!?

hopefully, me being thee "man-of-the-house" can put a spin on this downtime.

meanwhile, gotta go coz there's too much distraction on the background... it's making me think harder!


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

how was your halloween? good? great!

just like the years went by, i had the same old, same old experience. with my boring in-laws, as usual.

thanks to the addition of my little baby, Angel Mitch, it was a tad fun to go around the cemetery. she's getting bigger and a lot lot more pesky and restless. she wants to move around all the time when you put her down. still, she's cute when she does all that.

i gotta say she's got a lot of zest in her. she's just moving all the time, talks a lot and she actually interacts when you talk to her... i guess i'm surprise since what, Neil is now thirteen years old so you can imagine how old, err, i mean how it's been a long, long time ago since we have a baby around.

everything is just, to me, a discovery yet again.

i'm really just posting something so i can greet ya for the holiday.. actually, i'm effing toasted again for doing a lot of exercises for my legs and triceps this morning... argh!

chillin' out.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

no.. not exactly but i just like this song a lot.

brandy and cracker nuts

we're supposed to have a halloween slash award's night party right at this moment and i was pretty dolled up and excited to go wax it up...

but everything went to zit.

i was just tired. bored. ya know, there wasn't anything going on out there minutes into the party.. i wasn't just feeling the vibe. my office-mate cum booze buddy, i don't know where they were.

so as not to prolong the agony, i went to pack-up my stuff and left in a huff... co-employees told me where i was going or ask why i was leaving or don't leave -- i go, "i'll be back, shortly."

now, i feel like a diva.

on my way home a buddy called and ask "where the heck are you?"

man, ever heard of that senti song that goes "twenty five minutes too late?"

i'm sleepy, i replied.

this guy however isn't gonna take "NO" for an answer so i sorta lied and "assured" him i'll get right back to him and the rest of the "buddies".. later.

if you want my company ya gotta keep me wired to something of interest cos i don't care if we have all sorts of yummy foods, tasteful drinks and kinky girls.. wait, kinky girls? that'll do haha!

yeah, i'm better off somewhere else like home if there's too much lull in between... now, i feel like a divine diva.. wahahaha!!!

yeah, yeah.. i've got more smile on my face looking at my li'l girl blurting non-sense and just soooo affectionate.. pretty much makes my day. besides, i've got a bottle of brandy 'round here sitting since forever.. better pop it up before it lands in the wrong hand/s.

well, "That's all I have to say about that. "

Sunday, October 23, 2011

rest and repair..

my CNS is pretty fried.. well, it had been unable to recover nicely since i pushed too hard and had little to no rest in between days of workout... yeah, i'm still movin' some serious weight.

the plan this week is to ease up. maybe take a one day ON, one day OFF. pretty much alternate the days so i'd come up fresh and not whince days later.

ever heard of DOMS? that's exactly what i've been having doing all that crazy things i dig on the net. tsk.. tsk..


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

overtraining is overrated.

i've been having a blast in the gym lately. cardio had been "exciting." yeah baby!!

been doin' lotsa sprints and that summit trainer thang... it's a lung buster, mate!!

and then add to that the whole lotsa lifting where i try to incorporate all that reading and fuse 'em all into one helluva routine --- it's a killer!

so yeah, everything about workin' out and breakin' sweat, it's pretty covered-up and still consistent.

i'm still sore from doing some back and biceps routine yesterday... today was hamstrings. guess i overtrained yet again, huh?



i got a li'l caught with 'em shebang of things... ya know, movin' some weight, work, earn that much needed moolah  and all sorts in between..

yeah, that pretty much sums up how i roll... it's too bad i'm getting predictable.. i hate it when i come to that.

i take everything as a challenge. even though work had pretty much doubled or tripled up since early this year, i'm still coping nicely. sadly, i also depend on other people and when they screw up, all that hard work i put up goes down the toilet.

i guess that's life... sometimes you wish you can do everything on your own so things gets done.

in my "business" kissing ass is the norm. no matter how pissed you are with this particular person, ya gotta be nicey-nicey... or else, something "bad" is goin' to happen.

still eight minutes left... to get my effing IOS5 update, that's what!

memba what i said about fusing 'em drafted post?

you're reading it. chiao!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

soooo busy coz aside from work, i.....

work out.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011


it had been a busy week.. you have no idea!

the work -- is a killer!

well, we have two new branches opened recently and all of its sales... the processing and stuff still goes back to us.

though, ain't nothin' but a peanut for me considering i'm pretty "systematic" so to speak when it's time to buckle up, the volume was quite ginormous i must say i'm overwhelmed.

hopefully when the dust clears up, i'm still standing and ready to rumble for s'more.

i can only get stronger and smarter... that's a done deal.

quote for the day:

"what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

so i've been reading a lot of ebooks. sometimes i wish i'm Will from that good will hunting movie.. wherein the man's got photographic memory.. sadly, i'm the exact opposite.

i read and easily forget. well, i have a very, very short memory since forever and now that i've "matured" it's gotten worst. hah!

anyway, i did a lot of reading.. then listened to some preaching i downloaded from my church's website. i haven't been going to the church for months now and my soul is kinda hungry for some spiritual nourishment.

you should try that sometimes. it puts a lot of things in perspective with all the happenings in the world right now, i could really use a little guidance.

from what i reckon from all that reading and listening, it was impressed upon me that i could use a group... to sorta make me push myself and make me accountable.

ya know i could easily blend in. i just didn't want to.

i've always been self-reliant. i don't like to bug people with whatever if i can do it myself. whilst in college, i learned to be a handyman. even now when there are things that needs fixin' in the house or anything, if i can fix it or at least i know i won't make it worst, i'll do it myself. other than i hate waiting, it's also a hassle calling or looking for someone to do it for ya.

jack of all trades. i wish i am. but i don't know jack about being a mechanic. there are technical things that's just way too deep and needs some careful studies before you'd even wanna mess with it.

but i digress.

so goin' back to the group thing. that, i will have to work on to.

i'm kinda the loner type. i'm better off alone. though i have lotsa friends in the gym or at my workplace or wherever my butt falls into.. easily, i can get along with anyone.

i can make anyone laugh when i'm in the mood for it. in fact, i'm quite a joker.

basically, i have a lot of things going on in my mind.. some issues that i have to work out... address then hopefully, resolve.

it's not easy but i'm aware of it and definitely it's something i'm trying to improve on.

when i'm ready to just let it all hang loose, life would probably be different for me.. i'm guessing it's a better one. an upgrade.

that would be the day!

Friday, September 09, 2011


a few days ago we had freak accident. it happened so quickly my little baby would have died.

every time i remember that day, i cringed. i hate to tell a long story unless it's face-to-face or we're speaking in tongues so i'll go cut to the chase of what happened - she choked on some sugar-coated peanut.

she was crying for a piece and i was too smart to feed her one and she choked on it. i tried to grab it from her throat only to find out it has gone way down her throat and she couldn't breath.

i panicked!

she was starting to turn blue..

i practically turn her upside down so she could pop it out her throat. what's worst though is that the friggin' peanut's rough edges had slightly teared down her throat as it stuck there and she was coughing blood!!!

damn the fuckin' peanut huh?!?

it was half sister's idea of feeding her that kinda peanut.

things would have turned out for the worst... thanks to the good Lord above she came through.

so yeah, when i remember that night, it kinda mess up my head.


another story, we have this two house-helps who really made my day today.

well, last night they ask for permission to go dancin' somewhere as there was a Fiesta goin' on in the nearby village. we're always kind enough to oblige.

these girls are just 16 or 17 and you know what? they have so many text-mates.. probably collecting boyfriends.

anyway, at the back of my head i was wondering what these girls are doing when we're all out - me and wifey doing our job and Neil off to school. aren't they entertaining boys inside our house or something.. ya know fishy going on?

then this morning (well, we don't know what time they went home) Neil was surprise to find out there are two boys in their room!!!

what the hell?!?

how do you make out of that picture?

i mean, what the fuck is going on here?

what the hell are these boys doing in their room? praying the rosary?

if i was the parent of these kids i'd be damn. whether the girls or the boys.

what have we become?

i would of fired them both in an instant if only there was someone who could babysit my li'l baby.

we'll eventually have to let this biatches go... but i gave them a mouthful, alright.

i'm sure if their parents finds out what they did, i dunno what'll happen to them. i'm sure if i was pissed since this is my house and not because they are related to me and they're doing the hankie-pankie.

they're parents i believe would of snap. i mean they trusted these girls... they'd probably blame us along the way.

all these cellphones and social networking and the media... their parent's aren't as faultless either.

anyway, there i let a few steam out.

hope you're happy cos i ain't!

i like blogger's new interface.. so many options yet still user-friendly. good job guys!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

lez pump it up!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

well, well, well... it's been quite a vacation, homie! from here of course. i got a lot on my plate, as usual. some aren't really making me any more richer (like i'm already am) but i did learn. that's what's important in life, right? perhaps.

 i just had my birthday last month... the plan was to spend it quietly without the whole shebang that comes along with being a year older.. as usual. well, indeed it went really just that. save for some relatives and my circle of family who texted, most of my pals as well as my office mates didn't have a clue.

incidentally, on the eve of my birthday, we had an award's night with all the food and booze that goes along with it and i just let my hair down that night.. hah!

yep, i had my little celebration and only i knew what. so there.

i got a shezload of ebooks that are rarin' to be read. i hope to really be able to focus one day and just read 'em all at once!

 on top of all this chit-chat, there's a lot going on in my life that some, i find it a pain in the ass, whilst others seem like an opportunity waiting...

 could somebody hand me the crystal ball already?!?

Sunday, September 04, 2011

hey everyone!!!

well, i miss you too! hope to get back on the swing of things.... i just un-quit blogging.. hee hee


Thursday, July 07, 2011

oh man... this place is going down the sh!tters.

i have to be perfectly honest.. i'm not built for this kinda thing.

i realize that.

there's just too much "skeletons" in me!


i guess, this is goodbye.

i ain't comin' back no more.

if i'm too tired, lazy or couldn't make time for this, the hell with it!

why even bother..

i just wanna say, thanks to all who took the time.. whether you hated my guts or had a little fun and whatnot, muchas gracias!

this pretty much is where it all comes to a halt.

so, goodbye. farewell.

Friday, July 01, 2011

the swelling has subside.

all i can say is EFF you very much, man!

my fault? right.

i could have sworn i could lynch you into pieces... i mean, really.

divine intervention must've prevented me.

anyway, i'm not really the violent kind.

but you messed up my cardio...

am just gonna zip tho.

'til then.. never ever mess with the dude again.

or else...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

on a roll.

i know.


shut up.

sit down.


rock on!!

on a roll.

'tis the rainy season.

who'd you wan't me killed?

coz i said i'd kill to have an mp3 or a video of this song.. and now that i have it..

lemme know and i'd be happy to...



like forever.. LOL!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

whatever happened...

to these guys:

me wonders....

Friday, June 17, 2011

too lazy to blog.

oh man, been really lazy.. yeah, i wasn't that busy at all. just lazyin' around ya know how it is.. i'm not really getting any younger.. even when i was, i wasn't exactly the "active" kind.

work had settled in. there ain't no way i'm gonna just let it pile up. when it's game time, i put on my game face.. that's how i cope with things.

anyway, i'm kinda in the mood to explore.. go out to far away places and see how it is there. better have fun now while i or we can cos this time, this moment ain't never comin' back anytime soon.

so yeah, that's the grand plan.

today is friday and as usual i'm just sooooooo wasted.. not wasted with anything crappy but of something good.. can you guess what is it i'm wasted at?


take care now, bye-bye then..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday, June 03, 2011


ghey!!! ghey!!! ghey!!!

that's what it feels when i'm posting here.. the gheyness in me exudes.. haha!

no, i'm not drunk.. at least not yet.

well, it's nice to take a break from work. even when i'm on-leave, i can't stop working. i'm a workaholic!



it's just that i have to be within striking distance at wherever i need to go so i can immediately react/respond to whatever that needs to be done.

thus, taking a leave and really going to some far away places is a bit of a bummer.

summer is almost over and we haven't gone with a bang yet, so to speak... better be soon!

now if only my little angel didn't woke up too soon i'd be chattin' s'more gheyness here 'til i drop.

but then, things happens for a reason..


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

whoa there!!!

yeah, i got a li'l carried away doin' my thang ya know.

i'll be back soon.

oh yeah, got me a new dog! a Rottweiler!

the fucker is badass!! like he bites?!? yeah.

one year old and was given up by the owner cos he bit some guys and gals at home. shit.

anyway, more news and pictures (perhaps) later. too much distraction.. gotta go.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 21

crazy how i got here and facing a black wall.. yeah, i had all these thoughts whilst away from the keyboard and now that i'm here *poooof!!!* gone.


i guess you can i say i'm kinda lame.

that's one reason why i appreciate people who speak with so much zest in them.. so much life that they kind of not go tired, somewhat.. where'd ya get all that energy, huh?

is it a personality thing or how you're brought up... in your genes, hormones, breed?

i like them people but i also appreciate the "cool cats."

y'know, the James Dean kinda people.. pretty laid back. i'm torn between these personalities.

what i'm really trying to drive home is this: does our being "US" has something to do with our breed, genetics, race, etc.. or is it our destiny to be born this way (no, Lady Gaga had nothing to do with this line of thought, btw)???

it's nice to see the other side of the spectrum.. ya know, discover, learn and adapt.

is it possible that some people who are positive and radiates good vibration more likely to get more out of life than those who're easily content with whatever they've got? what if they were taught to think this way growing up?

isn't it a wonder that some people have all the luck while others couldn't catch a break? some are just too down and out they'd rather kill themselves than go on with life...

see those kids out there off the streets begging? see those kids who were born with a golden spoon? even those aren't too well off.. look at them 10 years from now. some gets better, others worst.

anyway, i'd like to think everything gets better in time.. i know. i saw it.

May 21 is almost over. the world didn't end. even if it did, we'd all be together with whatever's forthcoming. so yeah, whatever. why worry about the inevitable?

thoughts to ponder.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Thursday, May 19, 2011


yeah, it's like that as of late for me. lotsa WORK to do and it's got to be done even if i don't feel well.

Neil is doin' some summer schooling. basketball. so, some personal goal has to be sidelined.

another reason why i can't stick to a fixed workout schedule. cardio is now a rarity. sigh.

gotta get back to work now.

Monday, May 09, 2011

still swamped with work, deym!

hope to get things done this week..

had a pretty lousy four weeks now. still plateaued at pretty much everything. shit!

had a few drinks here and there.. well, gotta have a life outside family, work and gymin'.. though i'd prefer if things are routinary.. it keeps my sync otherwise i'd be out of the swing of things.

tried different hours in the gym.. pretty much rotate the time. the once i haven't got into is the 8-10pm slots. i wanna know how i'd fare in that time, strength-wise.

gonna try to sneak in some cardio in the early morning. it's a must. non-negotiable. gotta do. kinda thing.

problem with evenings has something to do with the pre-workout cocktail i take.. it's laden with caffeine and most likely i'd be chugging shizload of H20 which means too many trips to the comfort room whilst i'm asleep.. that is, if i could even sleep considering the facts mentioned above.

i'd love to chat s'more but my little baby is all over me.. it's an ordeal to focus at this time. LOL!

out and about.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wait... i'm still thinking what to write.

right now i'm still overwhelm.

swamp with work, i guess.

it's also worth mentioning someone earnestly wanted to rain on my parade.

i have to shift..

it has to be done and the contemplation has begun.

arrrgghhh!!! my quads hurt.. i almost fell from the treadmill earlier.

all this crap is getting me out of sync.

but it's cool.. keepin' it together..


Thursday, April 21, 2011

why? why? why?

people has to be somewhere during this time of the year, holy week?

some had to be in the beaches or some place where there's lotsa party's happening like beaches.. did i mention beaches?


i don't know about them, my wife and son included, but in this time of the year we ought to pray.

i know, i know.. i'm not holier than thou..

me however, i'm chillin' like a villain - at home.

for some it's boring at home.. i'm not bored at all. if anything, i look forward for this rest.. recharge my batteries.. regroup.

anywho, it's summer so anytime this season, we'd hit the beach. i'd prefer very much if we'd go island hopping cos i wanna be there in the middle of the sea enjoying my sun tan.. rather with the sharks!

meanwhile, off to something more meaningful.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


yo!! wazzup?!?

well, there ain't much here.

it's been pretty steady for the last three weeks.

i've got some bad news and some good news tho.. which one would you wanna hear first?

ya you pessimist you! you want the bad news, yeah?!?

well, after our recollection last saturday, went to the grocers yet again.. what can i say, i love hanging around there!

well, i finally gave in to temptation and bought me some vodka to chug-chug the night away... primary reason was, whilst i was on the recollection listening, watchin' some drama unfold and doing the usual and overrated slash overused "interactions" to sorta make us breakdown.. cry.. get emotional.. i was slurping coffee after coffee after coffee.. cos man, there's nothin' else there to entertain my mouth!

so, i was anticipating that after smokin' packs of caffiene, i'm gonna suffer some nervous breakdown and what better way to prevent it or shall we say what's the best antidote to a stimulant than alcohol, right? rrriiiigggghhhtttt!!!

but here's the good news: i haven't opened the vodka yet. today is wednesday.

lemme hear ye say "bravo!!!!!"

the thing is, once i down a shot there's no stopping me from wastin' it all away, tell ya that..

so better to hold it off 'til i can or the situation is inexcapable.

lazyin' out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, April 09, 2011

one day too late..

one night i asked wifey, "lets call nanny." she goes "sure!"

then i let it slipped off my mind.

my nanny, well was the nanny of most of my siblings except for my younger bro.

she's been battling breast cancer for years now.. chemotheraphy was out of the question as she was on stage 4 when we found out. that's like the mother of all stages when it comes to cancer, if i'm not mistaken.

anyway, she opted for natural healing and perhaps, divine intervention.

my sister was very supportive of her and her family.

me and my bros aren't exactly the expressive kind but we do cared.. only that they lived somewhere in the province of Manila and me being here in the queen city of the south and my sis and li'l bro abroad.

so, the only way to show we cared was call her from time to time... keep in touch, so to speak.

it's not something to be shock about cos we know we're just waiting for the inevitable considering the facts i mentioned above.. but the next morning when i'm supposed to call her that night - she passed away.

i felt a huge regret.

this woman didn't want to be a burden to her family. even when she was suffering with all that nasty things that go with breast cancer, she carried on.

she didn't wanna be served or babied.

only on her last three days when she couldn't stand up anymore that her daughter prepared for her meals. even then, she ate her meals all by herself.

on the last night, she asked her daughter to go on and take a rest.. sleep and not worry about her.. she'll go eat her meals later.

then, she was gone... forever.

finally, she's now free.. free from the pain and sufferings.

she will be laid to rest tomorrow.

to my nanny, wherever you are, i love you..

Monday, April 04, 2011


holy shiz! this guy is a freak!

he made it look so easy, huh?

Saturday, April 02, 2011

of graduation, booze and the children

soooo effing tired today.

at this early, dreamland is tempting.

that had been life for me this far... it's peaks and valleys.. then downhill all the way!

some people are gonna get bored living this way. i ain't though.

i mean, i had my time partyin' it up.. going places.. adventure.. the lot!

this is me now.

guess i'm getting old. no more energy. zest for fun, zit!

i don't even play PC games anymore, WTF?

most of my beer bud, gone.


i was at the grocery earlier and was watching all those beer-in-cans, ya know, the six packs, then passed by the liquor area.. thought half a sec - then went straight to the beverage section and got me some Chuckie. that yum-yum chocolate milk drink, that's what i'm pouring in my cup right now.

anywho, alcohol is bad for recovery as it increases cortisol, that muscle wasting hormone that does nothing good to your physique, so better avoid it especially these days when i'm supposed to waste lotsa fat and keep 'em muscles.

i'm not saying nada tho.. i just had some rum-soda last thursday as it's my officemate's son graduation. "drink moderately" was in effect that night. LOL

meanwhile, Neil graduated from elementary too. boy, the kid is a handful, tell ya that. i hope he'd find something good where he can focus his attention to and not on something useless.

i dunno but maybe my little angel mitch is also one of the driving factor of why i'm "cool" these days.. meaning, i'm not partying up and go crazy. instead, i've been workin' hard, exercise, rest well and do something meaningful in life rather than waste away in reckless abandon and not a care in the world.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i, me, my

another milestone achieved today.

weighted dips: bodyweight plus forty pounds of dumbbell for five reps.

for a guy whose had shoulder problem and cannot do even my own bodyweight, that's a lot!

to think i'm supposed to be "weaker" these days.

i'm not really getting weaker.. probably getting stronger, yeah.

lighter, in fact.

i'm still eating a lot but what i'm doing is finish all my carbs early afternoon and it'll be protein all the way through the night. or, if it's not possible, really lessen the carbs.

what's more, i cycle at night. some days steady state, on other days, HIIT.

thank God for laptop, torrent and movies, otherwise it'll be one helluva boring thirty minutes of pedaling to nowhere land.

so that means i can pretty much eat a lot since i'm doing more work.

but that's not the case.

repeat after me: less is more..

i don't really get all this into my head, ya know losing weight yadi-yada, but people come up to me and say i look leaner. to be honest, i don't wanna think i'm there yet cos then i'd start to relax.

so, even when my pants and shirts are getting loser, my belt had an added two holes cos my slacks are dropping like i'm hot haha, i don't bother with how i'm losing some flabs... after all, i'm still a work in progress.

i was gonna cycle yet again tonight but my knees are bummed, my hamstrings are shot, my CNS is still recovering from my legs workout yesterday, my arms aren't at par with my brain so what am i gonna do with all these chicken shit barrier on my way?


yeah, there's still lotsa days do all that.

i'll try to make it up tomorrow.

off to la la land..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

i'd love to go to some snoozefest as i could use one.

been hitting the sack early (between 21-22 hundred hours) and waking up around 4:30-5. it ain't my usual routine. in fact, it's a total 180 degrees to what it's used to be.

good thing, since my kid neil moved to this new school that starts at 7 am, there aint gonna be no excuse for me to be late at work. and, to really make sure we both go to our respective destination on time, i have to be extra early.

so here we are.

anyway, got nothin' much to say today.. just posting this non-sense so i'd have somethin' to post and it's really harder to do this with an iPhone's "friendly" keypads if you catch my drift. no, i'm not bragging about it since its almost a year that i have it. it is what is, you know what i'm sayin'?

by the way, the double-up cardio is going great. the fat is melting up twice the speed of sound!

peace out.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

this is perfect...


Friday, March 18, 2011

oh my...

this is the mother of all tiredness...

i think i'm gonna get sick real soon..

hope not.

the super-bumped cardio is killin' me... whew!

my pal, Earl had been gone for a century now somewhere in the middle east and i haven't heard of him since.. watap, part?!?

anyway, i heard my drinking pal is back.. hope he's doin' fine too.. tbh, i wouldn't wanna bother him about going out and party.. tho my taste bud is eager to taste that ice freakin' cold alcohol, i have to pass.

another pal who had been gone for years and used to hold a really high position in the company i work with is also back.. he says it's for good.

he'll start monday. again, i hope we don't have to drink if and when we'd go hang out and party.. for real, man.

so i'm boring. so what?

i'll cross the bridge yadi yada..


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


hey there!

been swamped with work these days, deym!

that's why.

well, we all feel bad about Japan and i'm guessing everyone said their piece.

so, i wouldn't add more drama to a tragic, double whammy of a misfortune the Japs has suffered.. i can only wish them well.

i hope they'll be able to cope-up with the situation with all the damage, death and the impending nuke catastrophe that's about to blow over. hopefully we don't have to suffer the same.

man, i can't even begin to imagine the sufferings those guys are going through right now.

God,, help them.

on the lighter side, i've managed to solder on with my goal.. although i'm getting a little impatient.

it's not like there's no improvement whatsoever anymore - it's just exhausting.

each week, cardio had been bumped up. knees are wearing thin.. legs are sore for days.. it's not really that hard, just takes a lot of focus and determination.

probably lost lotsa fat but pretty sure, muscles too!

you can't expect to retain them unless you're "juicing" or taking lotsa supplements such as BCAA's and whatnot.

i would be selfish if i spend all my moolah over those things when there's a boatload of responsibilities to be taken cared of - first.

anyway, i realize how stupid of me before to do all that jogging or biking as it yield me no result.. why? effort. i didn't have that.

today, i've smartened up.

if you ever want to have result, you gotta put on the work. if you're doing a so-so job, expect a so-so result.

guess it applies generally to anything... of course, in my case, it's something of interest, otherwise, i'd probably just get it done just to get by or maybe to earn me a living: like my job!


going back to the workout plan, i'm planning to do cardio twice a day.. that should speed up the process a bit more.. i got a stationary bike at home. set-up the lappy up front, load some movie/s, pedal to the metal for 20 loooooonnnnggggg minutes and we're burnin' baby!

commencing in a few minutes....

Thursday, March 10, 2011


i've been having this eeerie experience the last few days.. why, you ask? well, i've seen quite a few accidents on the road involving motorcycles and it ain't a sight to behold, tell ya that.

the one that stand out: three guys laying on the road motionless and blood dripping all over the asphalt. fcuk!!!

well, the mofos were drinking prior to that and were riding the bike in pillion. they overtook a vehicle and basically encroached the other side of the road.. what do you know? head-on collision to a pick-up truck and it wasn't even his fault!

i'd be surprise if any of those a-holes survived that.

kinda scary but they had it coming, i guess.

tsk.. tsk..

i'm on a motorcycle and i do get carried away sometimes racing some mofos especially those who think they are the fastest.. just to get a point across, i indulge them.

to think i'm using a bike that's not my own.. it's a company bike.. whoooopsss!

yeah, i thought of having me another one of those dirt bike again.. but i'm not gonna force the issue tho.

a colleague has this kinda bike just sitting around their house gathering rust and pretty much useless and they're selling it dirt cheap just so they can dispose it.

if i can have it and that's a big "IF" i'd motardize it.

now, that'd be nice, yeah?

anyway, i'd love to chatter s'more but my little angel mitch is really feeling clingy right now, so, i gotta go take care of her.. be seein' you in like, soon.

out and about.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

it's been really busy at work these days... and i'm awful tired by the time i'm done... thus.

anywho, still marching on with the goal.

will update anytime soon.. when things go my way next time around.


Saturday, February 26, 2011


she's just soooooo HOT!

that's all.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

pushing tin

i can't really talk about how my personal life is in quandary.. it feels like a losing battle anyway, so why prevent the inevitable?

whatever happens, i'm ready. it is what it is and i'm not gonna go out of my way to mend whatever some people messed up.

i can't even begin to tell ya how relieve i'm gonna be if we'd part ways.. SOON.

anyway, i splurge some of my winnings on massage.. like, i got three massages in two days, how's that?!

all that cardio, boy did i deserve them massages, yeah! one was pretty kinky and you wouldn't wanna go there.. ha ha!

i am noticeably slimming down these days. my slacks, pants, panties, err, i mean boxers are getting loser. my fats are like iceberg, they're slowly but surely melting away! my officemates now asks for my advice as to how to go about their diet and exercise... fellas, i invented a magic pill and it's gonna cost you a fortune!

maybe for shiz and giggles, i'd post my "after" body like in a month or two.. i'd be damn proud of what i've accomplished.

the pain, well, they are here to stay. my calves, quads, spine, etc. are definitely aching.. i hope they'd go away soon. i'm trying out the other cardio machines there like the elliptical and it's quite tiring.. same with the stationary bike. i hope to get the hang of it so it'd me more fun to do.

my iPhone had been my "savior" when i'm there during interval sprints. it takes my mind off the time and before i know it, i almost did over an hour of intervals.

while most guys are busy updating their facebook status or twitter, i'm making headways doing some serious movie conversion... i need 'em more during down time than sayin' "off to the bathroom to take a dump, brb!" or "christina just updated her whatchamacallit status."

good thing i deactivated my facebook, erased my friendster, didn't bother with twitter or burn my fingers chatting non-sense.. worst, some of these folks are so engrossed with those online games like farming or poker, etc., they sleep in the wee hours of the morning and they'd end up like zombies at work.

it's better here. i go when i feel like it and i don't have to know whose into what, what's into this and why i even bother with your life?!? my life's complicated enough to know what's up with others. ZZzzzttt!

anyway, nuf rant and off to the gym to break s'more records.. hah!

Monday, February 21, 2011

ain't it fun

the journey continues...

last year i thought of going through this whole dieting thing and spoke about it here.. but i didn't walk the talk.

this year, i felt i needed to prove to myself that i can still turn things around if i wanted to. ya know, i've been comfortable resting in my laurels.. happy with how a beast i'd become in the gym. easily, i'm the strongest mofo there.

what i noticed though is that however strong i got, i'm easily out of breath whenever i climb some stairs. even just walking around the mall i'm easily exhausted.

today, i feel lighter. yet, i haven't stop being strong. of course, my numbers are a tad lower than when i was eating like a monster. but, i'm happy.

last week, i collected my winnings.. crazy how a lot of my officemates (even my boss) wanted some treat. dude, it's more expensive eating this way than when i was eating anywhere to my heart's content, tell ya that.

in fact, i spent more than what i've won!

oh, the irony.

it was Valentine's Day when i weighed in so next month around the same day, i'd like to know how much i've lost again.. this isn't some yo-yo diet wherein i go lose today, gain some again days later.. no!

i'm well aware of that rebound thing when you lose so much in a short span of time you'd balloned again all of a sudden.. so i gotta be consistent. if i cheat one meal or one whole day, i'd get back on track right away.

i haven't been more motivated to do some serious shiz in my life than this year.. with the help of the Almighty, i plan on stepping everything up this year and make this one count.. coz i've been dormant since forever.. hah!

so, Good Morning!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

well, well, well..

looks like i... smoked everyone out!!


who'd have thought, huh?

all indication points to me winning the first price.. actually, i can feel it in my guts churning out since i got serious - i'm gonna win this.

it's been a month and seven days.

239.5 pounds was my before weight and yesterday i was 222 point something.. pounds!

that's a whopping 17 pounds lost!!

earlier, i weighed in again and i was 218!


tomorrow, i'd probably lose s'more..

so yeah, i finally figured it out.

proper nutrition (in my case, steamed fillet chicken breast and sweet potato) and loads and loads of cardio.. the kind that could kill ya.. haha!

and it's worth mentioning your mindset - you should be at the right page when you're doing this kinda thing.

focus and a boatload of determination.. no whining, moaning.. the works..

still have a long a way to go and if they wanna go for another round, count me in!

in the meantime, it's time to celebrate and eat all i can!!!

yeah, the ones i mentioned above, of course.. still got 30-40 pounds to go!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

suicide trend

it's kinda creepy how a number of people had been killing themselves lately.. alarming, to say the least!

the past few weeks, there'd been like a LOT. one killed himself in front of his girlfriend, another took a dive a from the bridge (but lived anyway), a guy stabs his live-in partner before he went to try to kill himself.. both of which he failed miserably to do it all the way.. to top it all, a former defense secretary and armed forces chief of staff shoot himself right on his heart.. cos he can't take the "heat" anymore?!?

and there's plenty of the same i've read or heard that i've lost count of.

some says this folks are pussies.. cos they can't stand the pressure.. i'd say they're quite brave, but in a wrong way!

they're brave enough to shoot their brains out or slit their throats or jump off the bridge.. they could of use that trait and turn it into something positive.

well, some just couldn't handle too much and we're never really at their shoes, to begin with.

i had a HUGE problem last year and you know what i did? i binge on alcohol to sorta get by.

in a way, i kinda made it worst.. cos instead of manning-up and face the problem squarely, i went and took comfort of knowing i could forget my problems and feel "high" temporarily..

but i never thought of killing myself then.. even now when my spouse is caught in a gambling frenzy.. yep, that's what she got herself into.

she just loves to play cards..

worst, she's now ten times more of a party girl and outgoing when we're supposed to be more responsible now with the addition of our "instant" little girl, Angel.

i would understand if she'd go out, have fun, stay out late and enjoy a little "me" time once, twice a week.. but man, she's out there more than that.

so, that's why i'm tired of her.

i'm tired of arguing and fighting... it's a waste of time.

but i'm not gonna kill myself over that... or for her, fact of the matter .

i have more reason to live now... more than ever.


next week, is the final leg of our little contest.

i don't supposed i'd win it handily.. but i definitely put up a good fight. i'm pretty confident to be in the top three... we'll see..

last week i over-trained. often, on a daily basis.. after doing weights i'd go cardio for over an hour, mostly.

there was one time i felt like i was gonna have a fever.. ya know, i'm on a calorie deficit diet and doing more work, the body can only take so much.. either it super-compensates or do the nasty - get sick!

my legs (calves, hamstrings, quads, etc) are pretty burned out. at times i lost my bearings while walking around.. the treadmill had become my best bud instead of my usual poison.

i haven't drink much.. guess it's possible for me to be sober for weeks.. i don't crave on alcohol anymore.. whilst before, i usually have a stock-pile of that cheap vodka or brandy.. which is really convenient, now my "war room" don't have traces of them empty bottles. hah!

yesterday, i had a funny experience at this massage joint.

i knew they just opened weeks ago and as my hunch would have it, most masseuse/masseur aren't "seasoned" enough to handle guys like me.

so, to make this long ordeal short, went in and requested a "hard" massage which is a standard for me.

the moment this lady laid her hands on me, i knew she isn't in-the-know.

her fingers kept slipping away and she put too much oil.. OK, i got no problem with that.. at the back of my mind, what i really needed at that moment was to have a place to crash coz after yet another bone-smashing-muscle-whacking workout, i could use some forty winks.

anyway, she whispered "that's the hardest i can do, sir, sorry.." so i go, "it's OK."

when it was my back's turn, that's when she had the hardest time i can tell... her sweat is now in the mix of the oil she rubbed my back with.. i can feel her sweat dripping off my back!

then she goes again "this is the first time i've massaged a back as hard as yours!"

even though i'm disappointed that she's inexperienced, i was happy anyhow as i was able to re-charge my batteries just lying there.. "guess you'd ask for a masseur next time around, right sir?" she whispered. "no, i'll request for you again." i jokingly replied.

then came a light bulb flashing up my brains... if i'll tell you, i'll have to kill you!

anyway, long post for the weekend.. tomorrow and the days to come, it's time to grind again.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

cardio bunny!

i have become one.

been doin' an hour of cardio post workout. it's a combo of HIIT and steady state.

boy, it's exhausting!

eyes on the price baby!!

the rundown.. we're 11 contestants and we weigh-in roughly 3 weeks ago.

guess whose the heaviest??


at almost 240 pounds (that's a shitload of fat and of course, densed muscles all over), i easily top 'em all.

right now i'm probably sitting around 210-215 lbs.

so really, this contest could not have come at a better time.. i was gonna lost 'em fat anyway for the summer and winning or collecting the pot money, icing on the cake, baby!

of course, i am being forward.

but i did put a lot of work into this so i'm pretty confident.

target would be 170 pounds and let it fluctuate between 180.. that's it.

i'm not gonna go over 200 ever again.

cos i'm not getting any younger!!

and i'll probably have more girls by then... haha!

i couldn't wait to step on the threadmill and kill s'more cardio!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

burn baby.. burn!

it's ON.

well, that contest i told you about.

having less than the usual carbs i had, it's dizzying to say the least.. it's harder to think straight.

this is the walking the talk part. fun and game is over.


yeah, yeah.

i can't wait to tell you how much sacrifice, sweat, blood and guts i put up with to win this contest, yadi yada!!

but yeah, it's quite a journey, tell you that.

the tasteless crappy food i have to shove into my mouth, crazy.

win or lose, i'd still feel like a winner when this is over in a week or two time.

even then, i'm still gonna press on 'til it's summer time.. i wanna come down to where i can or until such time i plateau.

as Gordon Ramsay would often say after every Kitchen Nightmare's ending, "DON'T STOP!"

you bet i won't.