Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wait... i'm still thinking what to write.

right now i'm still overwhelm.

swamp with work, i guess.

it's also worth mentioning someone earnestly wanted to rain on my parade.

i have to shift..

it has to be done and the contemplation has begun.

arrrgghhh!!! my quads hurt.. i almost fell from the treadmill earlier.

all this crap is getting me out of sync.

but it's cool.. keepin' it together..


Thursday, April 21, 2011

why? why? why?

people has to be somewhere during this time of the year, holy week?

some had to be in the beaches or some place where there's lotsa party's happening like beaches.. did i mention beaches?


i don't know about them, my wife and son included, but in this time of the year we ought to pray.

i know, i know.. i'm not holier than thou..

me however, i'm chillin' like a villain - at home.

for some it's boring at home.. i'm not bored at all. if anything, i look forward for this rest.. recharge my batteries.. regroup.

anywho, it's summer so anytime this season, we'd hit the beach. i'd prefer very much if we'd go island hopping cos i wanna be there in the middle of the sea enjoying my sun tan.. rather with the sharks!

meanwhile, off to something more meaningful.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


yo!! wazzup?!?

well, there ain't much here.

it's been pretty steady for the last three weeks.

i've got some bad news and some good news tho.. which one would you wanna hear first?

ya you pessimist you! you want the bad news, yeah?!?

well, after our recollection last saturday, went to the grocers yet again.. what can i say, i love hanging around there!

well, i finally gave in to temptation and bought me some vodka to chug-chug the night away... primary reason was, whilst i was on the recollection listening, watchin' some drama unfold and doing the usual and overrated slash overused "interactions" to sorta make us breakdown.. cry.. get emotional.. i was slurping coffee after coffee after coffee.. cos man, there's nothin' else there to entertain my mouth!

so, i was anticipating that after smokin' packs of caffiene, i'm gonna suffer some nervous breakdown and what better way to prevent it or shall we say what's the best antidote to a stimulant than alcohol, right? rrriiiigggghhhtttt!!!

but here's the good news: i haven't opened the vodka yet. today is wednesday.

lemme hear ye say "bravo!!!!!"

the thing is, once i down a shot there's no stopping me from wastin' it all away, tell ya that..

so better to hold it off 'til i can or the situation is inexcapable.

lazyin' out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, April 09, 2011

one day too late..

one night i asked wifey, "lets call nanny." she goes "sure!"

then i let it slipped off my mind.

my nanny, well was the nanny of most of my siblings except for my younger bro.

she's been battling breast cancer for years now.. chemotheraphy was out of the question as she was on stage 4 when we found out. that's like the mother of all stages when it comes to cancer, if i'm not mistaken.

anyway, she opted for natural healing and perhaps, divine intervention.

my sister was very supportive of her and her family.

me and my bros aren't exactly the expressive kind but we do cared.. only that they lived somewhere in the province of Manila and me being here in the queen city of the south and my sis and li'l bro abroad.

so, the only way to show we cared was call her from time to time... keep in touch, so to speak.

it's not something to be shock about cos we know we're just waiting for the inevitable considering the facts i mentioned above.. but the next morning when i'm supposed to call her that night - she passed away.

i felt a huge regret.

this woman didn't want to be a burden to her family. even when she was suffering with all that nasty things that go with breast cancer, she carried on.

she didn't wanna be served or babied.

only on her last three days when she couldn't stand up anymore that her daughter prepared for her meals. even then, she ate her meals all by herself.

on the last night, she asked her daughter to go on and take a rest.. sleep and not worry about her.. she'll go eat her meals later.

then, she was gone... forever.

finally, she's now free.. free from the pain and sufferings.

she will be laid to rest tomorrow.

to my nanny, wherever you are, i love you..

Monday, April 04, 2011


holy shiz! this guy is a freak!

he made it look so easy, huh?

Saturday, April 02, 2011

of graduation, booze and the children

soooo effing tired today.

at this early, dreamland is tempting.

that had been life for me this far... it's peaks and valleys.. then downhill all the way!

some people are gonna get bored living this way. i ain't though.

i mean, i had my time partyin' it up.. going places.. adventure.. the lot!

this is me now.

guess i'm getting old. no more energy. zest for fun, zit!

i don't even play PC games anymore, WTF?

most of my beer bud, gone.


i was at the grocery earlier and was watching all those beer-in-cans, ya know, the six packs, then passed by the liquor area.. thought half a sec - then went straight to the beverage section and got me some Chuckie. that yum-yum chocolate milk drink, that's what i'm pouring in my cup right now.

anywho, alcohol is bad for recovery as it increases cortisol, that muscle wasting hormone that does nothing good to your physique, so better avoid it especially these days when i'm supposed to waste lotsa fat and keep 'em muscles.

i'm not saying nada tho.. i just had some rum-soda last thursday as it's my officemate's son graduation. "drink moderately" was in effect that night. LOL

meanwhile, Neil graduated from elementary too. boy, the kid is a handful, tell ya that. i hope he'd find something good where he can focus his attention to and not on something useless.

i dunno but maybe my little angel mitch is also one of the driving factor of why i'm "cool" these days.. meaning, i'm not partying up and go crazy. instead, i've been workin' hard, exercise, rest well and do something meaningful in life rather than waste away in reckless abandon and not a care in the world.