Wednesday, May 31, 2006

alcohol effect

i'm sure i'll have some parting words tonight before it's over.

for one, louie dampen a bit my mood to party tonight. well, he just told me earlier that our priced possesion, national treasure and modern day hero, manny "the pacman" pacquiao, tested positive for substance abuse or prohibited drugs (choose your battle, creep). now, if you've been living in mars for the last few months, you wouldn't know the guy. but of course, you're not humanoid, hence, get off my case!

fortunately for me and the rest of pinoys all over the world, i went to surf the web immediately, end to end, side to side, wall to wall and found nothing of the same. cheers!

in as much as i would love to rejoice with my recent discovery that louie's blab was a dud, i'll save that for tomorrow. god forbid, it might just be true.

meanwhile, i wanted to enjoy and forget the last two uneventful days i was off to the world, metaphorically speaking. it was productively boring, in case you wanna know... in addition, the s--tload of gossips (chismis or cheese mez if you wanna call it, bitch) i was told this morning and days before that, about my boss' supposedly exploits with my fellow hirelings....oblivious.

ahhh! this is what i get reporting back to work after taking a vacation leave??? unf--ckenbelievable!

so i'm suppose to immerse myself with some "intelligent" conversation tonight with sml, fueling adequately my brain cells to speak ferociously about the abyss of alcohol effects and what not.

after this vocabulary "spiked" piece is done, i should see myself riding my favorite, pimped and juiced-up vehicle to the place people all over cebu adore, love and congregate 'til dawn... beach roots.

i'm dying to get my ass back there where my fellow earthlings, earl and louie, eagerly awaits my charismatic presence ...

they furiously told me to get my butt-cheek back to the chair i left earlier. i guess the last few days i was bemused in their sight, they have missed me so badly.

so fellow earthman, off i go.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

for lack of crap to scribe... let's have some jokes on the house!

of dollars and frog


Pinoy chicks in U.S.
The other day, my american friends and I went to a Ladies Night Club. One of the girls wanted to impress the rest of us, so she pulled out a 10 dollar bill. When the male dancer came over to us, my friend licked the 10 dollar bill and stuck it to his butt cheek!

Not to be outdone, another friend pulls out a 50 dollar bill. She calls the guy back over, licks the 50 dollar bill, and sticks it to his other butt cheek. In another attempt to impress the rest of us, my third friend pulls out a 100 dollar bill and calls the guy over, and licks the bill. I'm worried about the way things are going, but fortunately she just stuck it to one of his butt cheeks, again.

My relief was short lived. Seeing the way things are going, the guy gyrates over to me! Now everyone's attention is focused on me, and the guy's egging me on to try to top the 100 dollar. My brain was churning as I reached for my wallet. What could I do? Then the pinoy ingenuity in me took over! I got out my ATM card, swiped it down the crack of his ass, grabbed the 160 bucks, and went home. . .


Dead Frog
One day a twelve-year-old walks into a whorehouse dragging a dead frog on a string behind him. He slaps a hundred-dollar bill on the counter and says, "I want one of your women."

The madam looks at him and says, "Don't you think you're a bit young for that?"

He slaps another hundred on the counter and says, "I want one of your women."

The madam says, "Okay have a seat, she'll be down in about twenty minutes."

He slaps another hundred on the counter and says, "She has to have active herpes."

The madam starts to sputter and asks why, but he slaps another hundred on the counter and says, "Active herpes."

She responds, "Okay have a seat - it'll be about ten minutes."

Ten minutes later, a woman comes out, they go upstairs (dragging this dead frog) and do their deal.

As he's leaving, the madam asks him, "Okay why did you want someone with active herpes?"

The kid replies, "When I get home, I'm going to screw the baby sitter. And when mom and dad get home, dad will take the baby sitter home and screw her on the way. And when he gets back, he and mom are going to go upstairs and screw. And tomorrow morning after dad goes to work, the milkman will come in and mom will screw him.

And he's the bastard that ran over my frog.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Talented Frog

An attractive woman entered a pet shop. When the clerk offered assistance, she explained that she was recently divorced, and was looking for a small-ish dog for company.

The clerk explained that the name of the store was 'Exotic Pets' and that, unfortunately, they did not stock cats, dogs, fish or any commonplace pets.

He did say, however, that he had something which might be ideal.

He took the woman into a back room. He walked over to a terrarium, and pointed proudly to a large bullfrog which sat inside it.

"Would that suit your needs?" he asked.

The woman answered, scornfully, that she hardly thought an amphibian would be a suitable companion.

"Ah," replied the salesman, leering, "but this 'amphibian' has been carefully trained ... to perform oral sex upon women."

At this the woman's eyes lit up. She eagerly negotiated a price of $500 for the frog, and left with it in her expectant possession.

Arriving home, she drew a bubble bath, poured a glass of champagne and relaxed in anticipation.

When she was thoroughly mellow, she dried herself, and arranged herself, nude, upon her bed.

Parting her thighs, she placed the frog between them, closed her eyes, and waited.

Nothing happened.

She prodded the frog.

Still nothing.

She moved it up further toward her body.


She ordered it to perform.

No response.

After an hour of this frustration, she lifted the phone, and called the pet shop. When the clerk answered, she complained loudly that she had been cheated.

The clerk apologized profusely, wrote down her address, and said he'd be right over.

Ten minutes later, he knocked on the door, and the woman answered, wearing a nightgown. He asked her to demonstrate the problem.

She obliged, by disrobing and assuming her former position, with the frog in place.

The frog made no movement.

"You see?" she asked, petulantly.

"Yes, I do," said the man.

Then, addressing the frog as he removed his necktie and shirt, he said, "Now, I'm only going to show you this one more time..."

Friday, May 26, 2006

something for nothing

i have to write something..

i have to write something...

i have to write something.....

i have nothing.

shucks, i need a drink bubba to crank-up my creative juices...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pinoy in Amsterdam

Pedro, a young Filipino tourist on his first visit to Amsterdam locates the red light district and enters a large brothel. The madam asks him to be seated and sends over a young lady to entertain the client. They sit and talk, frolic a little, giggle a bit, drink a bit, and she sits on his lap. He whispers in her ear and she gasps and runs away!

Seeing this, the madam sends over a more experienced lady to entertain the gentleman. They sit and talk, frolic a little, giggle a bit, drink a bit, and she sits on his lap. He whispers in her ear and she screams, "No!" and walks quickly away.

The madam is surprised that this ordinary-looking man has asked for something so outrageous that her two girls will have nothing to do with it. She decides that only her most experienced lady, Lola, will do.

Lola looks a bit tired, but she has never said no and it doesn't seem likely that anything would surprise her. So the madam sends her over to Pedro. They sit and talk, frolic a little, giggle a bit, drink a bit, and she sits on his lap. He whispers in her ear and she screams, "NO WAY, BUDDY!", smacks him as hard as she can, and literally runs away!

Madam is by now absolutely intrigued, having seen nothing like this in all her years of operating a brothel. She hasn't done the bedroom work herself for a long time, but she did it for many years before she got into management. She's sure she has said yes at one time or another to everything a man could possibly ask for.

The challenge is irresistible. She just has to find out what this man has wanted that has made her girls so angry. And she sees a chance she can't pass up to show off to her employees how good she was at what they do.

So she goes over to Pedro and says that she's the best in the house and she, herself, is available. She sits and talks with him. They frolic a bit, giggle a bit, drink a little, and she sits in his lap.

And Pedro leans forward and whispers in her ear, "Can I pay in Philippine Pesos?"

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The nucleus of a vacuum

glad to be alive.

before i further kick my ride into the curb, let me just say some positive things about "mateo." yeah, that's his name, alright. inspite all his shortcomings, i finally saw something in him that other high end vehicles can't do. like, i can actually drive recklessly with it and not worry getting it dented or scratched. so, if i wanna park it rear first, i don't have to worry if i fortuitously bump it on somebody else's car or on the wall. heck, even head first! no biggy (it actually happened a lot times, bro). no repairs necessary.

not only that, i can park it anywhere unsafe. leave the windows open. car thieves wouldn't wanna risk doing my car. and if some "atras, abante" kid or ex-con offers to watch my car while parking, i can fairly say yes but leave them to rot behind. i'm not paying you dumb asses! it doesn't matter if they'd scratch it next time... i'll just say, "off that rust, baby!"

needless to say, if i accidentally crash it or it gets stolen (god forbid, i still value mateo and me life too!), it wouldn't hurt so much. i just have to content myself with that famous adage "every car has it's day." don't ask me where i got that.... plezzz

moving on....
while i successfully brought my boom-box (with mateo displaying his usual tantrums) to beach roots and had the loudest music in our area, we just couldn't bring the "magic" we once had a few months back. bars are sprouting and popping like popcorn in the area. competition is stiff these days that every bar has to come up with some gimmick to stay on the race. you blink and you could be gone.

that's just how it is these days. the fact that we could not surpass or even just equal that huge feat we accomplished before, made me sad. but that's the reality. we just can't have all the good things in life. as thomas uttered weeks ago, "i'm spreading the butter." he could not have said it more beautifully. (you'd know if you've been reading current events). yeah, the butter's pretty spread now. we've reach saturation point.

guess no matter how good we are, somebody else will always be better.

i think i'm gonna cry now...

bwehihihihi! cheesy.
bragging aside, we earned pretty decent that night. even on other nights, i think we manage to sustain our core customers. i reckon, it would be hard to leave pretty guys like us just like that. in fact, other neighboring bars envy us to death! that's because we are the bar to beat, capish –ese??

bar braggart out.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

please pray for my safe journey

just drove my dilapated, f---k up car tonight. it's really hard driving it especially at night. not only does it turns itself off while on stop, much worst, in motion. the idle speed (or whatever they call it) had been repaired a hundred times, but to no avail. and did i mention that there are a lot of creepy sound coming from everywhere? when shifting gears, it swerves somewhere, i don't know why.

man, i'm so over the hill putting up with this vintage vehicle. if i win in lotto and become an instant millionare, i swear, i'll smash it to pieces for all the mess he's (i think it's a guy cos no matter how i "sweet talk" and "romanticize" its steering wheel while driving, it breaks down, anyway) brought me. it'll be therapeutic, i bet.

been driving high end vehicles lately... you know the comfort that's bundled with these cars...awesome! well, it's the nature of my job. i wouldn't call it a perk, though, just comes with the territory. but, driving this vehicle really works me out good... like i'm sweating profusely behind the wheels... wondering when it's gonna stop or turn, or break down... ahhhh! when can i get rid of you - 1986 mitsubishi lancer boxtype a$$hole??!!

i need to use it though cos the other vehicle is being used by wifey to attend some fiesta. hah! ironic isn't it? here i am, being the "opposition" of this fiesta thing, yet i can't stop my wife and son gorging on some lechon and all that high fat/calorie/cholesterol nourishment of gastronomic proportion that only fiesta's can offer.

i could have use the motorcycle, my usual/everday service, but i brought along my boom box to beach roots cos we're suppose to party tonight, you dig?

we thought about it last night after strolling to the newly opened bars fronting, what used to be, rustans. they had a blast, literally speaking. huge speakers here and there... it was loud, man! lots of nice looking ladies were spotted in the area. too bad, i couldn't stay longer. got wasted earlier than expected and i wouldn't wanna have flying utensils welcome me at our house' door, would i?

but the issue here, really, is my rubbish wheels. either way, i'm goin' out tonight with him as my cage. hopefully, by the time the night is over, i'd make it home alive and in one piece.

on the other hand, you might wanna go to beach roots tonight where we'll have some serious "kicka$$" music. figuratively speaking, of course.
be there or be (mango) square.


pretty sleepy writing this. bear with my... well, you know... and yes darling, don't forget to pray ü

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

max(ed) out...

after a day's leave, i still could not come up with anything of a masterpiece material to inscribe... maybe, i need two or three... hmmm... maybe a week to come with an outstanding piece!

har har har... by then, i should be fired already... daydreamer strikes again!

well, that was for the light moments... now, for the sad one... a cool and easy, mild mannered, ever accomodating and a friendly guy who works in a government agency, died of heart attack yesterday. just heard the news early this morning courtesy of our friendly neighbor, liaison and media person, virgie. i haven't receive any details of "how's and why's" other than his suppose "stressful" financial problems. it was a bummed morning, thank you.

he's name is max by the way. ever mysterious and reserved. but, more often than not, he delivers the "goods" for me.

his name and personality reminds me of that rpg, pc-game, max payne 2.

shall we talk about the game instead of the dead?

like you have a choice....

ok, you start the game with max, the first person you're almost always gonna be. he's narrating what has happened to him and his surroundings... (as there was max payne 1)

he cooly recounts everything that's been going on in his mind... he anticipates.... it's all narration and action 'till the end...

that's all i can say about the game peps. kap-pooooy!

if you like counter strike, grand theft auto and other dizzying, mass killing, huge bombing and supa-dupa gory rpg games, chances are, you'd like max payne 2.

somehow, i didn't enjoy the ending. i can't f----n' finish-off the madaf----n' boss, that's why! the only way to win the game is, to never die. of course, like max, the mortal guy mention above, he dies... eventually.

there is a way to circumvent all that crappy death and losing thing though. cheat. heck, almost every new game that comes out of the market these days have built-in cheat codes.

you can have all the guns, be "god", invisible, etc. by simply typing in those codes. eventhough i'm proud to have reach the end employing "cheatless" strategy, i just can't figure out how to cheat my way to finish the game. i could use a little help here, anyone?

i really have to write something... despite the fact i know it'll take more than a miracle to achieve or obtain even just a quarter of intelligence and wisdom the "great ones" have....

the purpose of which, is to practice and sort of challenge my lazy brain cells to rise from a long, deep sleep...

i've been monotonous for quite a long while now.

so, there goes another shoddy material posted.
fresh from the grapevine:
rumor has it that max committed suicide. he hanged himself up due to financial difficulties.. (the family wanted to hide the truth in order for them to claim his life insurance) hard to believe he died of a heart attack, mainly because, the man's got no vices whatsoever. he neither drinks nor smoke, pretty lean and looked every inch, healthy. it's strange to imagine how a man whose fairly straight in the least, would do such a horrible thing... he probably had no outlet and he just took it all in by himself, i surmise.

Monday, May 15, 2006

beer fest, anyone?

just pass through the streets of talamban tonight. dude, one hell of a traffic jam is happening out there. it's their annual fiesta. i don't know about you but i'm no "fiesta" person. not that i don't get a boarding pass ticket to crash a friend's house. i do get invited at times but the thought of going through all the traffic, crowds and mingle with strange people just don't equate with the nourishment and the booze you get there. i kindda ask myself sometimes everytime i pass these places that host fiesta's, what's the big fuss all about??

you see, you can get all that for a few bucks and still enjoy. naturally, you do miss the company of others... so what?? if most of the people you see there are strangers, nevermind. oh well, i could be wrong or just plain anti-social.

i just don't get the drift why people pig-out, get drunk and wasted on a day when they're suppose to celebrate some patron saints' day. why babes, why? the prevailing customs, social conduct, and norms of a fiesta should have been to pray and celebrate in a more wholesome climate or entertainment. not disco 'til dawn, beer boozing 'til you drop, drunk chicks hunting, etc. "something so wrong with the world today, dawg. i don't know what it is" --- aerosmith - living on the edge.

well, my beliefs and values are different. but in so many ways than one, i think and firmly believe that no matter how hard we try to be religious and all, there's just too many things we practice that we need no rocket scientist to figure things out. even a no-brainer would know it's just not right.

i should apply for a ministerial job and whop some asses while i'm at it coz i'm tired of all the routine this creed has to offer, chum. maybe start my own cult... commence some sort of beliefs and practices depart from the conventional norms of society today. that would be nice.

any mortals out there, pinch me please... i'm daydreaming again....

i rest my case.

Friday, May 12, 2006

goose egg

today, i could not come up with something to write.

i have nothing much to say, except, that i've found some useful textbooks... and talking about it today is completely boring if not storytelling warmed-over event. well, if it interests you anyhow, i found these books while cleaning my bro's room two days ago: "programming with HTML," "basic automotive," "spelling and grammar for high school," and best of all, "Merriam-Webster thesaurus." there must have been tons of books in that closet. i don't suppose i need to elaborate why these were the only ones that caught my attention or explain the details and importance of these books to me. as i've said, i don't feel like writing anything today. nada! capish??!

i don't wanna talk about how unproductive my work had been this week, thanks to a lot of inevitable events. of course, the rain made it even harder but i really can't complain... that it's rainy season once again and motorcyclist that i am, being wet while driving down the road is bound to happen. i have to block that bon jovi album, "slippery when wet" off my brain when i'm driving... i feel wierd, bud. is it the songs or the rain that's making me horny??

eventhough school days is far from reopening, pagasa announced, "summer is over." didn't i mention here so many times that i want some more beach before the summer is over?? heck, i verily wouldn't wanna dwell in my "dumb" idea of "let's make summer out of the rainy days." because, as i've said, it's a dumb ass idea if not downright stupid. somebody stop me!

well, sports fans, today, i don't have anything to say. i hope when this week is over, i'll be rejuvenated and my chutzpah to write sensibly, restored (not that i am sensible or a good writer to begin with).

remember this: “what you see, what you hear, when you go, leave it here." (i can't even begin to tell you what was that all about)

here's hoping for a weekend getaway adventure.

chow! (i want it that way....)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


working out for me has always been good for as long as i'm inspired. you see, being married and stuff makes one really comfortable. there is a tendency to rest on one's laurel. why go through all that tiring routine and perspire in the gym when you can just go straight home, play with the kid(s), put your feet up, watch the coolest tv series or the most recent pirated dvd you bought from colon, have a freakin' cold beer on the left while the remote on the other hand? why tire yourself some more after work, why?

the answer my friend is... yikes! i don't have the answer!

during college days, i used to bike, jog, swim and do some weight training at home. after i got a real job, got hitch and met new friends, things started to go out of hand. the drinking and eating binge became a routine. i practically lost it... tried to get back at my usual "college grind" but i could not... six months ago, "something" got me to really get healthy again... or else....

but there's nothing wrong about getting and feeling healthy, right? i couldn't care less about having brad pitt's body. all i really wanted is to be strong and whatever follows for all the effort i did in the gym is a welcome consolation. and i know for a fact, there is. i'm gradually gaining strength, i don't easily get tired, i have better outlook in life coz i feel i can live longer with the lifestyle, and of course, better sex(?) hehehehe! all in all, my confidence is building up. after 6 months, the guys at the gym notices the changes in me and i'm slowly earning their respect. that, i can tell.

for so many times that i've tried working out years ago, this is, by far, the first time i lasted this long. i'm usually good for 2, 3 months. albeit uninspired to look good for anybody (sorry dear), and yet here i am going for gold... shooting for the stars! everyday, i look forward going to the gym and honestly, i'm surprise by myself, mate.

essentially, i need to cut down my excess boozing and foodtrip to get better results. good Lord, that's pretty hard!

you may laugh at this but one thing that encourage me to get myself back into the groove... is my pair of gloves. no kidding! i use to wear 'em when my dirt bike was still around (boy, i miss that bike!). it's just so nice to lift weights with it on my hands. i could use some running shoes though and maybe cross training... hey, can you feel the vibe?!

well, one thing's for sure. for you to make it happen, you have to start somewhere. however, that's the easy part. sustaining the momentum is where you hit a few snags/bumps. notwithstanding, i fervently hope i can sustain this and really make it a habit.

meanwhile, my muscle's aching and i, must rest now.


Monday, May 08, 2006

messy day

work's been awfully busy today. great! not only do i have to deal with monday blues, traffic and lack of sleep due to gluttony and boxing, i also have to deal with shitloads of "hard labor." my butt's been glued in my chair for hours trying to get everything done. some documents are lost, my printer's jammed, the phone won't stop ringing and my tables a mess! one hell of a day!

but i'm made for this bleeep (i'm trying hard to make this blog free from profanity - fyi) so i hope to come out beat but alive. i should finally be able to deservingly get that prestigious award every employee dreams and covets - "the employee of the month award." that is, for all the strenous effort rendered for years, sir. not just this month.

of course, i'm dreaming.... har, har, har!

meanwhile, i'm almost done printing my report and be gone in 60 seconds...

whew! i need a vacation.

Friday, May 05, 2006

the hop - pics

now, who doesn't wanna do this again?? the water was great, the food's yummy and the drinks at it's best courtesy of "the man" whose organizational skills fit for a manager... dude, i just gave you an earnest gesture of goodwill, now, where's my beer?

i had some great thoughts to write while watching this pictures earlier and now the wind caught it....

got it!

it's amazingly stupid to think how in a whole day affair, we (i mean me and jing. dunno bout louie) manage to snap only 12 pictures... how the heck my wife didn't super zoom me while i was underwater 20 meters deep (ok 15 lagi)?? that was quite a moment dear! how dare you dear?? and i could have taken a video of that part where neil's foot got entangled on the stair's rope? eden and louie were going crazy removing him from that mess while neil was shouting, "agay!!agay!!agay!!" those were some serious kodak moments dude!! i could have submitted the footage to bitoy's funniest home videos and earn a few bucks!

geeeezzz! they (whoever they are) didn't click on us while we did that difficult, head first dive?? a video would have been appropriate so we could see (especially me) how smooth we went down the water or perhaps view our faults and make the necessary adjustments/improvements. not to mention, the priceless snap of the day would have been the time when our boat, on a standstill, caught a big wave and we almost tip over (elvin strongly accuses me and louie as being the culprits coz we, heavyweights that we are, got both our butts together on the other side). the panic faces of the gang would have been well, priceless.
would have been, should have been, could have been: history.

i had my cam's battery charged-up the night before so we could use it the whole day. luckily, i was able to shoot a few videos but.... unfortunately, all i can hear in the background is a voice of a drunk fuck. uncool. i should have a career shift and get into pornography... errr, i mean, photography or maybe filmography so we'd have better images in my blog. whatchathink, dawg?

i think we got a little too excited with the whole darn thing, got busy holding our drinking cups, smitten by the view, overwhelm by the fun.... we're too busy we couln't press that teeny weeny little tiny button... ahhh, shit happens!

well, there goes the pics... they speak for themselves. forget about it and the whole crap regrets thing.
bottomline: it was one super fun trip!

more beach!!! more beach!!! more beach!!!

fire in the hole!

station 17 is on fire! (pronounced: fa-yer)

i pass through this bar in banilad everyday since moving to our new crib. i thought it was a fire station coz they put a feigned fire truck as front propeller. what's really funny and ironic is they mimic a fire station and really look like it but of all the establishments in the area, they were the only one who got burned. what's even more suprising was, when they call the "real deal" fire station, they got no answer! they have to send their guard(s) off and wake those sleeping sonofabitch firemen! freakin' odd ey?

anyway, went to pass the place last night and was sad to see it burned down (technically, standing but you're reading tabloid here - exagerration sells, you know). no more strobe lights... the fire truck, gone. i was really, really hoping to drop there for just one time and see what it looks like inside. wonder what they're serving... burned down sizzling sisig? beer bam straight from the truck's hose? and the waiters must be wearing something distinct... like, do they have axe, helmet, close-fitting breeches, fully clad uniforms or jumper suits? but my single, biggest curiosity goes to the waitress(es) why?? hmmmm.. i'll leave that to your imagination...

meanwhile, when half of the "crew" of b.r. (co-owners in my dictionary) met last tuesday, me included, we discussed about doing the island hopping thing again. sarsy said, "it was fun every minute." can't disagree with you cio and can't wait for another. we need to perfect our somersault dive (haven't learn pa gani), you know.

the fact that we called our bar "beach roots" is a testimony that we are but bunch of beach bum peps. tongue twister, anyone?

can't be too forward and be too excited about "the hop - episode 2" (again, you'd know if you've been following my telenovela) coz as the saying goes, "a cat has nine lives." geeee, whatever that means!

promise, more sanity next post.... ¿¿¿

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Geography of a Woman

Between 18 and 22, a woman is like Africa, half discovered, half wild, naturally beautiful with fertile soil.

Between 23 and 30, a woman is like America, well developed and open to trade, especially for someone with cash.

Between 31 and 35, a woman is like India, very hot, relaxed and convinced of her own beauty.

Between 36 and 40, a woman is like France, gently aging but still warm and a desirable place to visit.

Between 41 and 50, a woman is like Great Britain, with a glorious and all conquering past.

Between 51 and 60, a woman is like Yugoslavia, lost the war and haunted by past mistakes.

Between 61 and 70, a woman is like Russia, very wide and borders are now unpatrolled.

After 70, she becomes Tibet. Wildly beautiful,with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages... only those with an adventurous spirit and a thirst for spiritual knowledge visit there.

Monday, May 01, 2006

my impulse to react

wrote this piece to a columnist in reaction to what he wrote that day:

yeah it's good for you to say this part of your column:

"It's bad enough for this country to be buying and selling "chop-chop" Suzuki mini-pickups and putting our own brand names like "Multi-Cabs" or "Chariots" or that Korean businessmen are "dumping" old and decrepit or about-to-be-junked Korean cars, because they are still of some value to our motorists. But I would like to believe that we should control ourselves and not play to the whims of these unscrupulous Korean traders who offer cheap luxury SUVs because it didn't cost them anything in the first place, because they stole those vehicles!"

coz you can afford high end vehicles sold straight from a local dealership. how about us who could only fork out 80k-100k of our hard earned savings? can you sell us something that's legit at affordable price? how about us who can only wish we could at least drive around the city like you and don't have to commute riding smoke-belching, delapidated jeepneys. can you provide us a ride at least half of the comfort you rich folks enjoy with your latest suv's, cars and mc's? if you can, i'd gladly avail.

with regards to those smuggled vehicles, i'm wondering why they even reach those surplus shop/dealership when they are supposed to be intercepted right there at customs. and they are there prominently displayed at showrooms and no ones making arrest or siezure and you're blaming consumers who merely purchase these vehicles to these shops? they ought to be closed if they were selling something "hot" but they are not and they have permits from local/national govt. and the vehicles got registered to LTO? so, whose to blame if there's any and whom are you barking to?

it's easy for you to say about the Commandments of God coz you're right up there. you don't need anything since you own a lot of properties, etc. how about us, "isang kahig, isang tuka?" would you share your wealth to us?

i don't think so.


he fired back:

Whosoever you are.

Why are you hiding your name? I have my name and my photo in my column...

it is very easy for you to hide in the internet and tell me
to share.... for all I know you are one of the smugglers who destroy this country!

Please don't be a coward and tell me who you are...

no fictitious names please!


wrote him back today:

i am not hiding and neither am i a smuggler. i'm a mere employee of a private company that do legitimate business. i am one of your fans out there who likes your no non-sense, straightforward writing. however, there are things you write i simply can't agree with. other than that, i couldn't agree more. in fact i enjoyed reading your mc trip in luzon for i am an mc enthusiast just like you. mine is a bare underbone and i can only dream of a big bike like yours.

i couldn't care less about those high end smuggled kia or any other suv's for that matter. even if they are 50% cheaper, i still could not afford it. the only thing i own is a multicab. but i can't help but notice you whopping those traders selling multicabs. what's your beef with them? i mean, correct me if i'm wrong, these "dumped" vehicles were bought by lot from japan, right? they ain't that old and with a few touch of pinoy ingenuity, still usable/recycable.

honestly, mr. -----, with the current oil crisis and our country's poor economic status, people would rather buy anything cheap. pirated cd, dvd, surplus clothing, spurious product, smuggled honda civic, crv, pajero, isuzu bighorn, trooper, toyota surf, starlet, sorento, miata, bmw etc. the list is endless. but is there anything you can do to alleviate the hardships of people like me? i mean, you guys can go on criticizing the government, smugglers, the traders, consumers, etc. but you can only do so much. what we have here is a desease and i don't see any solution.

i don't have plans of destroying this country mr. -----. this country is being destroyed by the many people we elected, the corrupt government officials and the people who have no other vested interest but to enrich themselves.

i am not hiding. i just don't like the thought of getting too much attention or publicity for expressing my views of your column. hope you understand, sir.

i remain,


the hop

i'm feelin' a lot of burnin' sensation all over my back, shoulders and my face. we went island hopping yesterday courtesy of sarsy and wife, joni. it was her birthday. i don't recall having done this last summer '05. it's been fun! i'm actually rediscovering nature again...

i love the second island we went to (where sarsy's househelp took some pooh-pooh over that grassy area - to be free again), the water was immaculately clear! man, i'd rather be there than being somewhere else well advertised/publicize, high-profile beach. less people, flash and better snorkeling/free diving experience. talk about rediscovering nature and oneself, i did yesterday... that i still have the balls to jump over our pumbboat head first and actually made it alive and kicking... and of course, free dive. i had a hard time making it 10 - 15ft (wait, sarsy's 6'0" so, to be approximately exaggerated - 20ft) under but after 10 try's (to be conseravative about it), got a starfish for neil. after that, i just kept on going under. that was something i need to prove to myself... that i still have "it" after all these years... am i cool or what???!

of course, a big thank you goes to sarsy. not only did he treat us with the trip, the food and drinks, he showed the way and gave me a lot of courage to go to the depths. this guy, by far, is the coolest of 'em all. i'm pretty much secured with him around...

two things in the beach i can't live without - my goggles and booze... hihihihi! glad to be alive and tell our tale..

by the way, have you tried sitting over the front end of a pumpboat? well, me and neil did. shoot, my son's so much like me - adrenaline junky!

mr. london's makin' me tipsy and stewed. here's hoping for more beach and elaborate details tomorrow...

'til then, out for now...