Sunday, September 27, 2009

eff it.

i'm a sellout i know.

next week no more ads and those darn flashy chickenshit "flowers."


Saturday, September 19, 2009

somethin' somethin'


yep. trying to figure out life.

you can call that, uhm, mid-life crisis. ha ha!

it's pretty weird, actually... how the heck did i come this far and haven't done much with me's and other's life???

or am i just forgetful??


trying to make sense here...

well, i could've made a choice.

risk a little bit more.

took a decisive approach.

but i always choose the easy route.

yeah, i said it before and i'm sayin' it again - i hate to stressed myself out!

i haven't really gone out with so much zest for anything.

mediocre is an understatement.

i. suck.

so i'm hard on myself... yeah, i needed that!

on the other side of the spectrum, i'm great.

how? by busting my chops.. now, i need to reverse that... uhm, maybe balance it out.

keyword: work harder.

lets see if these tough words translates into action.

meanwhile, will you watch this??

word: boring.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

crystal baller

oh hello there!

well, i'm 56 so i'm kinda slow.. no typo in that post below... sorry to disappoint you momma!

anyhoo, i do get a few compliments when i brought along Neil wherever i go.. some people say something like "is he your younger bro??" wahahahaha!!!


especially when i'm on street clothes.. ya know, rugged look.

there are days i feel like shaving... sometimes i just let 'em grow bushy.. no, not down there.. the face, ya prick!

but if i could have it my way, i'd prefer 'em thick and shaggy.. haven't done anything like that since forever!

oh, throw in some skinhead, tattoos and lotsa piercing.. that'd be nice.

but i'm a blue collared hombre.. so 'til the day i'm fired, retired, retard or otherwise, i'm stuck with my everyday get up.


bought this today: Total Upper Body Workout Bar.

why i need this when there's about three of this kind in my gym?

well. cos i wanna do it more often. i mean, even when i'm not doing "back" days i wanna do a few sets just to make me stronger with this exercise.

another thing i bought is an Ab-Roller. this exercise is kickass!

ya gotta try it to believe it.

i got some time in the morning to do this dirty little things.. hehe.. might as well make it productive while waiting for my meal to cool down.

i don't earn a dime promoting this stuff, but heck, they are good!

next purchase (if i get lucky) would be a swiss ball.. i know.. i'm getting too serious and boring.

oh well.