Monday, April 28, 2008

all is well that ends well...


my situation is really hard.. tell you that..

softhead surrounds me these days... non-sensical when you talk to them.. better talk to a stone, at least, it stays still and wouldn't budge.. not that i mind if someone does but at least, they listen and listen well.

yeah, yeah.. life is what you make it.

moving on..

i need money!!! HELP!!!

for real.

i guess all that surging oil, rice and those friggin' basic commodities are starting to hurt my pocket real good.. like my wallet is on a very strict diet now...ggrrrrr!!

heck, i need some serious money-generating scheme to get me outta this stinkin' foxhole, dammit!




ok, ok.. i'm relax now.. chilled to the bone..

don't wanna stress myself with that... life's too short, homs..

anyway, i'm happy to be able to do some serious "dipping" yesterday.. i had to take this exercise off my routine cos my shoulder hurts and i'm having trouble executing it without nearly fainting near the end...

but it's back!

ok, i'm not getting any lighter but i sure am getting soooo much stronger cos i can now do more pull-ups and chin-ups... that's aside from the dips, momma!


those exercise mentioned above is one way to measure what a "real guy" a man is made, honey.. if he can't carry himself, much less, you.. plain and simple.

once when i started working my close-grip bench press, my tricep started to get stronger and stronger.. then i also needed to work on my weak points.. those that i mentioned above, they were a burden for me to do.. it's hard to pull myself up and so much harder to push myself up (dips) that's why i never like those darn exercises.. thus, in order for me to improve, i needed to really concentrate on them.. like doing 'em almost every other day!

by the way, my deadlift had reached 300lbs since three weeks ago.. so stale, eh? my squat is a work in progress (50lbs more and it'll be 300!) while my bench press (peg at 200lbs, 220lbs with some sissy spotter) would probably improve as i do more dips week-in, week-out... i'll add weights to my dips as time progress.

yet, i'm not even having the best supplement the planet can offer.. like those guys at a bodybuilding show last Saturday night. dude, they look like monsters! they epitome the meathead folks down under..

gotta look for some image/s of that competition somewhere.. sucks actually.. cos we didn't have our dang camera that night!!


now here's the LINK.

thanks, dick!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

wazzup?? wazzup??

nah... nothing much..

except for some serious row with wifey and family... and, some crap still hanging on my shoulders.. everything's fine, thank you.

ok, i'm drunk.. gotta STOP this madness called "blogging.."

but really, the row was nasty i just want a legal separation like pronto!!... vanish and start all over.. it's that BAD, homs...

gotta drink s'more... drown my, uhm, predicament then hope that when i wake up or when the smoke clears, everything will be brand new... clean and dandy... like everything was just a bad dream..

keep chowing down, though.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

uhm.... right now nothing tickles my fancy.. so i'm zipping it.

but, things are goin' great somewhere.. nah, talk about it later.

keep rockin'!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

long story, short


nice to end the week with a bang, eh!

both work and "play." i call my training "play" cos i enjoy the exhilaration, the gasping for air and the soaking sweaty feeling.. not to mention, the pain during and after the session..

i know.. i know..

it's sickening to be me.. haha!

Neil, my son is taking summer classes.. some language, speed math and some arts. i haven't seen him for quite sometime being excited in school... only now.

actually, he studied at STI since grade I, if my memory serves me right. i think they have a nice system going there.. quite advance for an elementary, but....

what's abominable about the whole thing is they don't have a lot of experienced teacher. meaning, they don't know how to deal with kids like Neil whose a hyper and a little bit on the naughty side.

not only that, they give assignments that literally makes the parents (or whoever that is) do the teacher's job. several pages of this subject, a few here, a tad there.. man, are they kidding?!

what's more, the kid won't have time to play anymore since he'll immersed doing all that BS school work at home.. basically, what they're doing is taking away the fun of going to school.

since both me and wifey are too busy with our own work and business, respectively, we opted to hire a tutor who teaches at their school, but only to find out that they didn't do some assignment or finish their much needed lessons to be studied... cos they "ran out of time.."

so, given that Neil's score and grades are declining steadily, expectedly, his self-confidence went downhill from thereon.. what added more pain to injury, we as parents were pretty much remiss in our duty to monitor his activities in school... why is that you ask? our home is pretty far away from where we work so we barely visits his teacher and keeping tracks of his activities in there..

he practically made a 360 degree turn in terms of his performance as well as his behavior that i was just complete taken aback by the feedbacks i get from his teachers.

my God, we've created a monster!!!


anyway, the problem was compounded by a lotsa things and i, his father, take responsibility for whatever he's become. but, the school's system made things even worst.

get this, the first honor student would sleep around 1am just to finish her homework. she's an honor student alright but geez, where's the fun there? and here's more, the second honor student's mom swayed us to move with them to another school cos she can no longer stomach doing all the "teaching" through the assignments passed on by the teacher.. she ends up yelling her kid when he doesn't get the lesson right away, and in her most frustrating moment, hurts him.

there's still plenty of story to tell here but i gotta save that for tomorrow... cos i'm dead tired, homs.



forgive the typo errors... i'm about to ZZzzzzzz

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

John Wayne

this is not good... at least for my workout schedules.

i've been hitting the gym a little later for quite sometime now. not only it gets jam packed in there, deep in the night i'd have trouble getting a good night sleep.

i dunno, so don't ask me why!

thus, my rest and recovery: jeopardize.

hhhmmmm... need to devise a new plan, bud.

meanwhile, earlier, i only worked the abs. though it's tempting to "get down to business" right away (read: heavy duty lifting), but i opted to back off.. in two days time (monday & tuesday) i already accomplished all exercises that i need to get done for the week... yesterday, in fact, i had a killer workout.. i hit my shoulders, biceps and back.. i was sweating all over and i bet i stink!

i hate elaborating but doing back exercises alone could zap your energy within minutes, thus, throwing in some shoulder and bicep exercises into the mix could literally kill you... felt like i'm close to vomiting yesterday.. not to mention, my head started to ache a little bit.. i believe holding my breath often during the execution of heavy exercise/s led to that nauseating, achy feeling..

anyhoo, i really could use the challenge.

overall, it was good.. and that's the reason i need to rest most muscles, joints, tendons, etc. today in order to promote healing and growth...


tomorrow, all hell will break loose again in the gym... watch me as i unleash all my powers! GGggRRrrRRrr!!!! AaaWWWooo!! AaaWWWooo!!

just psyching myself up, homs.. you should watch me here slapping my face! haha!

in the meantime....

gotta watch The Contender Asia later...

so, GO!!!

i must.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


thank you for the rain good Lord. it's been hot since the summer started and any rain that come my way, even if it literally pours down on me while riding on my bike or it would cause some serious drippings in our house' ceiling.. thanks to some screw up from whoever that is... still and all, thank you for the rain, God.

now, i'd love to open up with all of you out there whoever you are, but unfortunately, i'm sooo bad at "story-telling" only my son, Neil subscribes to my BS... whenever i put him into sleep he would beg me to continue the "series" of my invented story and would intently listen 'til i say, "To be continued..."

so seriously, i just suck in that department.

thus, when i bumped into Bryan's blog last saturday, i was just blown away. i mean, the guys speaks from the heart, unadulterated, so raw, wide open and "in-your-face" kinda way i got hooked the moment i started reading...

on the other hand, i also like to keep a lot of things to myself... sooo many things. when it's time to "come out" and spill everything out, then i can honestly say "I am free."

and yeah, i'm too lazy and too tied up with so many personal issues i wouldn't wanna say a "tell-all-tale" half assed... thus dishing out something too personal for yours truly entails a lot of effort and finesse to even start somewhere.. sigh.

i am also torn between privacy and being liberated... 'til i figure that out, i'll continue whining this way... tu capisci?

that's italian, homs..

time to zip it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

lemme redirect you...

i don't care if you'd STOP reading my blog in lieu of THIS one... he just started blogging last month and reportedly, his site's hits already reached millions!


mine's just a fraction of that.


now get on with..

and have fun!


it's best if you start reading from the very beginning to know the background of the whole mess.. err, i mean, story.

you know the drill, right?

..or do i have to spell it out for you?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


what the hell is going on with the world today?

soaring gas prices...

rice shortages...

prices of basic commodities will also rise very soon...

people masturbating in public?

gangs shooting on each other and innocent bystanders...

teenage pregnancy on the rise (our place would probably rank in the upper half)..

traffic all over the place..

etc.. etc.. etc..

man, man, man!!!

some bad luck is on a rampage here... or is it even luck?

tsk.. tsk..

guess the world is being sodomized, eh?

or maybe it's the wickedness?

aaahhhhh... whatever..

somehow reading all this stuff and actually experiencing the difficulties first hand just bums me out and messes up my day... not to mention, my work had been increasingly taxing it's getting strenuous to get things done... must be the reason why i've been constantly late for work for months now, thus the memo..

getaway from me, Satan!!!

...switching channel in a huff.

Important Announcement

soooo many thoughts flying around my brain... but.. i'll collect 'em all later.. gotta work.. then sweat.. then maybe.. if i still have some mojo left.. i can.. uhm.. maybe get myself together.. summon some strength from thee Almighty.. and post something relevant..

..other than this CRAP you're reading... gotcha! *wink* *wink*

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bleeding Love

love this song...

what can i say... i'm in touch with my feminine side, homs...

If I Had Eyes

reminds me of my pal, Louie... he kinda look and move like Jack..

meat is a good


now that's what i call an explosive performance!

yeah.. yeah.. i worked it earlier and it was better.. sooo much better than yesterday. the drawback, well, it had to be done otherwise i'd over train my chest and shoulders, so i only had "pull" workouts today...

looking forward to get some good massage later.. i really, really could use one.

it's actually routine for me many Saturdays since... getting a full body massage is heaven, homs..

go ahead, reward yourself... have a good one, beyb..

gotta clear my head and get myself together now.. my testosterone level at this point is just way down low..


Friday, April 04, 2008


off... my workout today was totally OFF!

i was advise by my conscience to take a rest but i went on and hit the dang iron again... why the rest, you ask? cos i hit my shoulders really hard yesterday.. like there was no tomorrow, that's why!

well, i didn't thought it was that much work i did cos i do these things week-in, week-out.. i guess yesterday was an exception.. it definitely is one helluva routine i did and i'm still reeling from the muscle pain right now..

i might hit the gym again tomorrow as i wasn't satisfied with my workout earlier... usually i take weekends off but since Monday is a holiday and my erstwhile performance was a so-so, i'm seriously thinking about a grand training soon... uhm, yeah, like tomorrow?

what i've been doing now is a tad different and a little bit out of ordinary.. whereas people in the gym usually do a few sets and repetitions then take loads of rest, i do the opposite... i do more sets and repetitions then minimize rest.. now that just fries my muscles like frankfurter.. in fact, the sore feeling doesn't subside sooner than expected... and yet i've been hitting the gym for over a year now and as most people in my gym expects, they or their muscle had adapted to the constant stimulation.. but that's not how it's supposed to work, numskull! NO! NO! NO!

when your muscle is able to adapt, it wouldn't grow no more, thickhead!

you have to change your routine when that happens, otherwise, don't expect progress anytime soon...

thus, for me to be sore each time is a sign of growth... my muscles had been subjected to a new stimuli and it's definitely scrambling to adapt.. but not so fast, ding-dong!

nuf with the rant, eh?


actually, i think better when i'm away from this paleolithic PC.. so that's exactly what i'm gonna do.. get away from this rubbish...

chillin' out.