Tuesday, May 31, 2011

whoa there!!!

yeah, i got a li'l carried away doin' my thang ya know.

i'll be back soon.

oh yeah, got me a new dog! a Rottweiler!

the fucker is badass!! like he bites?!? yeah.

one year old and was given up by the owner cos he bit some guys and gals at home. shit.

anyway, more news and pictures (perhaps) later. too much distraction.. gotta go.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 21

crazy how i got here and facing a black wall.. yeah, i had all these thoughts whilst away from the keyboard and now that i'm here *poooof!!!* gone.


i guess you can i say i'm kinda lame.

that's one reason why i appreciate people who speak with so much zest in them.. so much life that they kind of not go tired, somewhat.. where'd ya get all that energy, huh?

is it a personality thing or how you're brought up... in your genes, hormones, breed?

i like them people but i also appreciate the "cool cats."

y'know, the James Dean kinda people.. pretty laid back. i'm torn between these personalities.

what i'm really trying to drive home is this: does our being "US" has something to do with our breed, genetics, race, etc.. or is it our destiny to be born this way (no, Lady Gaga had nothing to do with this line of thought, btw)???

it's nice to see the other side of the spectrum.. ya know, discover, learn and adapt.

is it possible that some people who are positive and radiates good vibration more likely to get more out of life than those who're easily content with whatever they've got? what if they were taught to think this way growing up?

isn't it a wonder that some people have all the luck while others couldn't catch a break? some are just too down and out they'd rather kill themselves than go on with life...

see those kids out there off the streets begging? see those kids who were born with a golden spoon? even those aren't too well off.. look at them 10 years from now. some gets better, others worst.

anyway, i'd like to think everything gets better in time.. i know. i saw it.

May 21 is almost over. the world didn't end. even if it did, we'd all be together with whatever's forthcoming. so yeah, whatever. why worry about the inevitable?

thoughts to ponder.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Thursday, May 19, 2011


yeah, it's like that as of late for me. lotsa WORK to do and it's got to be done even if i don't feel well.

Neil is doin' some summer schooling. basketball. so, some personal goal has to be sidelined.

another reason why i can't stick to a fixed workout schedule. cardio is now a rarity. sigh.

gotta get back to work now.

Monday, May 09, 2011

still swamped with work, deym!

hope to get things done this week..

had a pretty lousy four weeks now. still plateaued at pretty much everything. shit!

had a few drinks here and there.. well, gotta have a life outside family, work and gymin'.. though i'd prefer if things are routinary.. it keeps my sync otherwise i'd be out of the swing of things.

tried different hours in the gym.. pretty much rotate the time. the once i haven't got into is the 8-10pm slots. i wanna know how i'd fare in that time, strength-wise.

gonna try to sneak in some cardio in the early morning. it's a must. non-negotiable. gotta do. kinda thing.

problem with evenings has something to do with the pre-workout cocktail i take.. it's laden with caffeine and most likely i'd be chugging shizload of H20 which means too many trips to the comfort room whilst i'm asleep.. that is, if i could even sleep considering the facts mentioned above.

i'd love to chat s'more but my little baby is all over me.. it's an ordeal to focus at this time. LOL!

out and about.