Friday, September 28, 2007

Final Push

we'll have dinner later tonight... it's the culmination of the company's sports fest. it wasn't that much of a "sport" and "friendly" game though as we almost had a brawl with our sister company's basketball players for playing it rough and dirty. we won the game by the way... so, bbbbllleeeeeeeeee!!!!

hopefully, the dinner won't be like last year's when the food was scarce... no budget, eh?


am still feelin the pain of yesterday's shoulder and tricep workout. if there's any highlight of the week for all that pumping action, should be yesterdays... thanks to my bud, benjie for assisting me with the heavy ones... i guess he was a little scared as it is his first time to spot me in that position... whattaguy by the way!

he was in a beach, Portofino to be exact.. swimming.. when he passed by two ladies who just came off their boat to swim around... he just said to them, "hi girls!" and from thereon in they became instant friends.. not only that, the hot one was all over him the whole time... some lucky fella, huh?

morale of the story: it pays to be buff and workin' out

hehehe.... love that sandwich, girl..

back to the main topic. today, i'm hoping to get my groove up when i aim to bench a few poundages more than the last time i top it. it won't be easy but i've never done anything easy lately, so it won't be too much of a surprise....

and whew, the abs exercises... sigh.. they never get any easier and fun... i'll get them all done. promise.

someday, i hope i'd be as lucky as my idol and training partner, benjie. dude, your name is my late dad's namesake too!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


ey man! dang, somebody found out about my blog!

that's not supposed to be.

that's why you wont find me advertising this anywhere.. from forums, friendster and the whole wide web... never.. nada... capish?

Top Secret, this is. really. hee hee

so, after the 3 day fabulous fever weekend, had to slowly crawl my way back to form.. tueday was tough as i had to deal with light-headed-ness.. the usual "play after work" i've been doin since april had been hitting the gym for hours... so, even with the "not-so-feeling-well" mood am still having, went in and eat some iron for dinner.

everything went well but lifted lighter loads this time... don't wanna pass out doin squats y'know...

now this was unexpected...

Keith Jardine winning over Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell

Monday, September 24, 2007

sick leave

i've got feeeeevvvveeeeeerrrr!!!

dang! had been parking for a while now. worst, i'm also suffering from LBM. just perfect.

haven't taken a bath since saturday... i stink!

had to call it sick for work today.

it must have been the weather or the LBM... whatever it is, i'm pretty much derailed of my plan to go super heavy-lifting this week. in fairness, i'm still feeling sore of last week's session.

today, with some help from the Almighty, i will take a bath and hopefully feel better...

meanwhile, my veins are starting to pop.. haha... i'm leaning out slow and sleek.. by the time it's december, i should be closer to my target.

some pictures...

the bare essentials

i just conquered this one... *applause*

the gym rats.. err, i mean gym buddy.. they help me with the heavy ones.. y'know, spot me

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i went out last saturday. thought i should let my hair down sometimes. brought some hard drinks cos we just came from the mall and had a huge dinner... beer would just make my belly larger and my pocket slimmer.

everything went well as me and my amigo, lui, who rolled out the red carpet for "a long lost friend." did some catching up of whatever's happening to the rest of what used to be our posses... and yep, most of the gang do hang out in my amigo's bar which had been renamed to Baseo. apparently, the old and now defunct name Beach Roots had so many unsettled back taxes.. so, instead carrying the excess baggage, they opted to just dub it Baseo.. a spin-off to that new "whatever place is that i haven't been to."

cool... cool...

i saw yul, the teacher guy whose also into bands. he's been our regular before and he always brings with him his students... some guys.. some gals.. some became her girlfriends too! whattaguy.

unfortunately, as the night wore on, i started to struggle with my "other" self and before i knew it, i was there sitting with some lady and her friends. i only have chunks of memory since then.... i could not picture her face nor remember her name, but i remembered being touchy (which i think didn't went to the extremes or i would have been sporting a black eye now) and my amigo's famous last words, "you're on your own now, cio." whatever that means, i wanna know the story behind it but the thing is, can i handle it?

from there everything was downhill... practically, i black out til i arrived at the gates of our house... end of the story. not!

last monday i couldn't figure out what transpired there and i felt so bummed while working out... maybe in time i could ask my amigo what i've done there and did i conduct myself as a gentleman.. or have i screwed up again... gggrrrrrrrr!!!!!!


so, this week kicked off with me in the gym sweating it out for a friggin six hours... i'm goin crazy with this fitness thingy i dreamed of it at night.

as to what purpose? hhhmmmm.. i dunno. but i've been wastin time doing stupid things before... so, this time i'd probably get some results.. well, my pants are getting looser, for one. my shirts too! i'm better in sex.. hehehe.. more oxygen, baby... of course, i don't breath heavily now unlike before when just a few steps on the stairs i feel like i'm gonna have a massive cardiac arrest... shish, speaking of which, a member of our forum died a week ago for that... cardiac arrest on his birthday!

well, it's not for me to judge but it could have been his lifestyle, y'know. i wish he's in a better place now.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


i just saw on top of my editor a "video" icon. well, that means (probably) we can now upload videos to blogger, eh? great!

long absence... y'know..

anyway, there's not much going on with me right now except that i'm training like manny pacquiao.. hehe... well, that's what i've been busying myself into, working out as in sweating out.. big time.

night life, zero. gimmicks, nil. feeling of boredom, in a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, 7. well, that's life. you make choices and you make it happen. nothing will ever get you where you wanna be unless you start putting up... hmmmmm, but what about my mediocre job? why am i stuck with it? i thought about that too... it's nothing fancy but it's a win-win situation for all.. nothing to add further.. zit.. zat!

i like the thought that as time went by, i'm getting stronger. those dumbbells and plates that used to scare the crap out of me, i can now look at it man-to-man and lift it... as in i'm in the "big boys" rack now lifting the top weights in there with ease.... ok, ok i just can lift it these days. happy now?

in the meantime, i wanna thank the "masters," the "doubters," and the rest of the opinionated people in the gym... i've proven many of you wrong. how you like that, huh?

in the meantime, have to flee now for this story's starting to suck...

my back, aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

this girl right here makes me feel like a pussy... HOT!

Kara Bohigian doin' Standing Military Press

yeah, could use the inspiration...