Tuesday, February 24, 2009

live another day

sniff.. sniff..

i'm not feeling well.

i think i'm gonna die real soon.

i'm not kidding.

ok, i hope i'm wrong... i do wanna live a li'l longer..

makes me appreciate life.. cos i haven't stop to "smell the flowers... "

it's all been about what i can get my hand into... no depth.. no excitement.. no sense of adventure.. hhhaaaaahhhhh... breath...

i dunno... life's got it's way giving you some sorta sick sense of humor... no, it ain't the good Lord..

but life.

we've been given the freedom.. to choose what's right and wrong.. freewill, anyone?

yah, you got it by default.

wish it wasn't that way... uhm, lemme rephrase it: wish i didn't have it.. ya know, freewill? let the good Lord decide what's good for me... life would have been easier, yeah?

anyhoo, hope to live another day... cos from where i'm sitting at... doesn't look good.

you did remember i posted about me having congenital heart disease from way back when, right?


start digging.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

smooth and slick


heyp! supp??

last night was pretty... my niece came by. he hails from my late momma's hometown. good to know he's gone richer as the days go by.

whenever we gather around, me, my pal, Earl and him, we love reminiscing the good ol' days.. ya know, i'm just 5 years older than him.. when he went to college, he stayed in our apartment.. so yeah, we're kinda like best pal instead of that dorky uncle-niece kinda like relationship.

those were fun days... we had lotsa time in our hands to do the darnest thing... on top of it all, i kinda dished in whatever "lessons" i can impart to him.. i dunno.. i barely remember one, but the dude loves to pick my brains out.

after all these years, i never thought those "lessons" i taught him would haunt me... well, there are good, bad and ugly things i taught him.. one thing stands out, he got richer, albeit, being shrewd..

i couldn't possibly lay claim to whatever "savvy-ness" in business he's got as this kid is a licensed Civil Engineer... in short, he eats Math for breakfast.. i don't. i puke with just a mere mention of it.

it's just that he oftentimes recall the things i said before and he kind of apply it - literally.

last night, whilst we had our drinking bout, he was being grateful for all the things he learned, and quotes the things i said before every now and then... to show how filthy rich he's become, he gladly foot our bills.. whattaman!!

anyway, looking at him now and how he kinda confuse things morally, not that i have so much to begin with, i had mixed feelings..

did i made the right impression??

yep, he's doing good and well, but what about his beliefs? i wouldn't mind if he was just a friend.. thinking and doing things like he does.. but he's my relative.

i'm his role-model. i may have 'cause' him to think otherwise such that he's slick with his business dealing, but on the other side of the coin, i may have corrupted his mind.

man, i'm confuse.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


got some things updated around here. geez, that label thingy is a lot of work. got over 500 posts already, damn it!! maybe when i'm stalled again, nothing to do and bored, i'll do s'more tweaking.. now, i'm writing on a fly...

i've been doing lotsa cooking as of late.. you know, nutrition plays a big part of building serious muscles, so i gotta learn how to prepare my own food.. i kinda regret not learning a thing or two from my late momma.. she's one helluva cook! she can turn anything inside the fridge to something magical and tasty..

that's her talent.. i'm guessing none of us can even come close to her ability.. well, my sis abroad can whip up a nice dish, but she barely cooks when she's home for a vacation.. it's usually our former nannies who comes over the house and crowds the kitchen.

anyway, guess cooking is another passion i wanna harness.. i'm very good with food - tasting, that is. i can tell that it's good or crap with my taste bud.. of course, we all can, right? yeah, i know. but really, my late momma set the standards way too high, so that gives me a little bit of an edge over 'ordinary' mortals. eeeekk!!

remember that story i told you about a Mazda zoom-zoom-zoomin' at the SRP and flew off the road, tumbled a number of times to a halt??

well, here are the pictures.. you might wanna finish eating first.

crash and burn.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

summer breeze

diet.. diet.. diet..

seems everyone i know is prepping up for that sex pack, err, i mean six pack summer look. got some guys who have lost lotsa weights already.. like 20 pounds for starters!

a guy i know who look like a whale with no tail already lookin' lean after a month of strict diet.. i wasn't gonna bought what these fellas had been telling me late last year.. that they're gonna lose the lard come January..

some of them says i should join the bandwagon as i have build enough muscles, and the only thing i need to do is lose the water slash lard, and i'll be lookin' HOT!

well, some of this dudes are joining contests.. i don't.

but, it's kinda like you're in a class where most of yer classmates are aiming to score perfect and you're there feeling the pressure to join their ranks.. cos shit, you don't wanna be left behind.. peer pressure, i thought i've gone through this before??

i'm cool with it though.

not that i wanna be 'IN' with those bozos, but i wanna prove to myself i can have the discipline to get leaner come summer time.. like them, i wanna see some packs on my abs.. i've never seen one since time immemorial.

it's not goin' to be a walk in the park.. i know.

my partner though is bent on leaning out... with the aid of some chemicals he's putting on in his body, he'd likely will.. in a month's time.

i wish i can.. however, i can't.

i'd like to keep mine simple.. not some complex cycle of injections and/or poppin' of who-knows-what pills.. meaning, it'll be a long and hard process.

what's more, i'm an endomorph... gotta big bones and a slow metabolism to deal with. then there's the age factor to consider.. meaning, i need to work harder in terms of exercise and nutrition to burn off lotsa lard... i'm not like some teenager whose got plenty of energy to spare.. that, my friend, is the challenge i have to face.

i won't make excuses though. i'm doin' it.

it's a personal quest... not for anybody else..

but for me.

so help me God.

yo! why so serious, eh??

crap, i'm hungry!

Friday, February 13, 2009


rain.. gently falls..

gawd, it's been raining on and off today.. as of the moment, it's been really on for hours now.

good for those who had planned in advance for their Valentine's whatever tonight.. somewhere dark, cold and cozy..


wonder where's that??


yeah-yeah i'm bored.

i wanna smoke.. hhhmmmm.. it's been over three years. there are days that i thought of puffing one whenever i smell some guy/s in the gym smellin' nicotine, but after seeing them doin' a so-so workout, nah.

i dreamt about breaking the cycle and huff a stick or two only to wake up in great relief that it was just it - a dream.

once i do one, there'd be another.. and another.. next thing i knew, i'm hooked again!


if my friends are wondering why i haven't registered to our own little forum somewhere, the answer is in the idiom: "once bitten, twice shy."

yeah, that one we had a year (?) or two ago was one helluva ride... but got shut-down without any advance notice whatsoever, took the thunder out of me.. i mean, i treated that little place like my baby.. though everything is smooth between us all now, the scar is still there and i wouldn't feel secured after posting lotsa good and bad shit that it'll stay that way.. i wouldn't wanna speak for the others but i'm sure they have their own little issues, but i'm hoping for the best... ya know, that it'll eventually go BIG in every facet, and the owner would really think a million times before wiping it off cyberspace... yet again.

the worst part, the other hangout we had was demolished.. by guess who? no less than the government itself.. no effort was made to revive it to think that it's "the powers that be" were behind it.. well, it's a venue where people complains and air their greivances... calls the attention of people who abuse their power/s.. etc.. etc.. ya don't wanna have any of that, do ya?

i wouldn't be surprise if it'll be back again later this year or next year... a very good place to make "promises" again and campaign for the near election.. ahhhh life!

so predictable and boring.

so there. i got bitten twice, homs.. whaddya expect? i'm just gonna roll over, go back to square one and say, hit me baby one more time??!!

dunno bout the others but i've been skimming through the new sites.. it's deafining.. cos it's friggin' quiet out there.

we all got burned, baby.


or we could all be busy in these trying times.

anyhoo, it's still raining and i'm running out of craps to blab.

oh, it's rest day today. i need to. my strong shoulder which is my left is feeling funny. well, it's pre-determined.. tomorrow, i should be waxing hot again.

good Lord, i love the rain... but can you please pause for an hour so i could drive home already??

i really miss my kiddo, Neil.

Happy Hearts Day, babe.

Happy Valentines

I Love You!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

this is effed!

his helmet literally broke up..

RIP bro.

rush hour


been really busy.. Ggrrrrr!!!

i need to really really start busting my chops cos the friggin' work is starting to overtake me.. duh!

i can't even think of 'em right now... well, i just got a few things done and over with... so, i'd rather not discuss anything or i might throw up.. ya don't wanna see some yucky things on your screen, ey?

it's good.. it's good.. considering we're supposed to be in some kinda crisis, yet we're all busy doin' our own little thing... it's not so bad after all, ha?


got this gym story to spill.. har.. har..

i have this dude in the gym whose pretty fresh.. ya know, brags a lot.. makes those unpleasant grunting or talks smack to everyone.. even to his friends.

in short, i hate his guts.

don't wanna greet him or start a conversation cos, shoot, i wouldn't wanna be in his circle..

well, after bumping into each other one too many, and he saw me squat heavier than he can, and in the same token, saw him press 15 pounds heavier dumbbells than i could, it's safe to say we earned ourselves a little respect from one another.

but still, i prefer not to be chummy-chummy with him or anybody else for that matter cos talk is cheap.. you ever wonder what happened to that juiced partner i'm supposed to train with? i kinda distanced myself. why? i noticed we spend a good amount time comparing notes instead of training hard.

now, as fate would have it, this dude and i finally had a little chit-chat, and what do you know? we're already like best friend forever - just like that!

he was just waiting for that moment wherein i'd probably nod or smile at him and it'd be like we'd been friends for ages.... next thing i knew, he was calling me "Idol." ya know, it's actually a by-word since i can remember gym-ing.

geezz, i dunno what to say. i could use a friend like him cos he's one helluva strong fella, but on the flip side, this dude loves to yak... we can chat forever, homie, but please, not in the gym.

i'm actually in quagmire.. one side of me says i should expand my network of friends by being "Mr. Hi and Hello," but base on what i've observed with people around the gym whose got so many friends, it takes lotsa time... wasted time, in fact... cos almost half of it is wasted in useless chatting and patronizing 'friends' with their lifts.

fatherly obligation calling.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

mine your business

SRP.. finally, somebody bought a piece of it.. incidentally, was driving there a week ago doin' a "flying lap" using a Ford Focus hatchback... damn, didn't wanna watch the speedometer or i might freak out.. months ago, a Mazda got totalled doing exactly that.. four on the floor, dark, driver must've been tipsy... he went zoom-zoom-zoom, maybe he swerve a little or too wide, the car literally flew off the road and flipped a number of times before coming to a halt. good news is, the driver lived... dunno his condition afterwards, but i figured, with a whackout car like that, he's probably effed up.

something about this road that people tend to overspeed yet they tend to lose control of the vehicle when the car's engine reach it's peak.. i'm betting many more accidents happened there but the city government would rather that it don't reach the media... it's bad publicity for prospective investors, homs.


meanwhile, more of my office comrades had left.. at least three sales guys resigned... dunno if it was forced or voluntary. a gal didn't made the cut.. tsk.. tsk.. if i add all of these former officemates to my Friendster, i'd probably have a thousand of 'friends' in there already.

but that's just how things roll in a company like mine.. people just come and go.


a friend of mine had been nailing two birds with one stone... ha ha!

everything was cool and dandy.. he was having a great sex, err, i mean, time even though he was short on finances.. tsk.. tsk..

i've had more hard-ons listening to him while he narrates his "FR" than watching porn.. LOL!

anyhoo, as always, all good things never last. one fine day, someone from his circle who happens to have plenty of time on her hand, spilled everything out to her girlfriend, who, by the way, lives somewhere north in another island.

all that 'good time' went to a sudden screeeeeech!!

i got dragged along the way... i kinda chipped-in to his "success" nailing the other girl.. i gave him some sorta logistical support... not that her girlfriend knows that, but just the same, felt guilty after hearing her wail on the other line.. i got teary-eyed, honestly speaking.

why she called me, you ask? my friend had been avoiding her.. he's probably figuring out a perfect excuse.. the problem however, the girlfriend was agressively contacting him through calls and text...


she wanted me to be the go-between 'em.

anyway, the girlfriend came to town and fought for her right.. gotta give her credit for doing what she did.. not too many femmes can do that these days.. especially, in the case of my friend who isn't a hubby material.. considering he hasn't tied the rope at his age and the many years they'd been ON with her girlfriend... not to mention, the, uhum, ya know what. if i were that girl, i'd probably cut my loses and friggin' move on and find somebody who would take me seriously.. but my friend, i dunno what's this guy's mojo, but he's kinda chick-magnet.. ya know, he doesn't have to spend for lavish gifts, flash you with a nice Rolex, car, jewelries like a size of a dog's chain or do all that mambo-jambo thingy to get laid... he just opens his mouth and the girl opens wide or bends over... whatta guy, eh??!

we have yet to discuss how he went about dumping the other and appeasing the girlfriend... last time he text, everything seems to have been fixed.

Mr. Suave in the works, i guess.

update ya later, crocs.

lights out.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

more muscles in less time

everyday seems to be "whatta day!!" these days.

gotta learn how to manage my time better... i'm kinda engrossed with something... uhm, you wouldn't wanna know.. ha ha!

tomorrow it is.

the dawn of a new beginning...

it's like this:

i'm trying to go the extra mile practically with everything.. work had been that since forever..

at home however, is a whole new ball game.. all the things i'm doing now, i kinda do them sporadically before.. we used to have a helper and a boozer in-law around the house.. the helper had been gone since last year, thanks to that taxi driver slash lover-boy who often distracts her by texting her all the time... they both eloped in no time!

the boozehound bro-in-law, however, left about two weeks ago.. he must've been scared i'd beat-up his ass again after he soaked himself up with alcohol for the nth time and left the house wide open to the robbers' delight. thankfully, no one dared to rob us.. not that there's anything much to rob, to begin with...

no stacks of jewelries or money stashed somewhere... just old school appliances and of less value stuffs, i guess.

so there.. now, we're just threesome in most days.. me, wifey and kiddo... well, six if you include the dogs.. twenty if you count the white ladies, some disturbed souls, ghost, etc.. etc..

either ma-in-law comes by during the weekend or my half-sis during weekdays.. other than that, we're it. just threesome.

so yeah, gotta step up.. wake-up early, do the dishes, the laundry, prepare food for the day, feed the dogs, etc.. sex life is goin' down the drain, homs.. barely to nil night life..

it's not that i'm not used to this.. i've had worst.

it's just the little tweaking that had to be made.. fine, major adjustments!

kinda stressful sometimes.

anyway, i'm still happy and thankful. Neil has grown up big and i can already let him do some household chores..

best of all, i'm still eating iron... HARD!

chow down.