Sunday, July 30, 2006

my suzuki live up to its model - SMASH!

yes bud, after a year of smooth driving with whatever two-wheeled vehicle is being put in front of me, i finally crashed and burned my left elbows once again... with feelings (as in PAINful) this time.

it was an ordinary night, nothing special. right after i wrote the post below, went ahead to our "tambayan" (if you've been my fan, you know where that is. however, if you're not, you know the drill). although i had high hopes that whatever happened (read my previous post in case you are in limbo) may just be patched up sooner than later, i'm also not too optimistic, considering the circumstances sorrounding the incident. but, i just gotta have some hope. i like these guys anyway, so if there's anything i could chip-in to help them kiss and make-up, i'd gladly do. well, the offended parties were a "no-show." it's pretty unlikely for them to just show up after a night they thought of killing each other.

so, i went ahead to enjoy the night. as usual, the goal is to keep it slow and steady with the booze and bail out before 12mn. then a "friend," from out of nowhere and out of the blue, suggested we hit some "other bar" where sexy and skimpy girls hangout. "shit, i don't wanna do this but heck, let's go!" to make the long story short, (aaahhhhh! i can't say it here unless i wanna get busted by wifey) it was a "productive" (oh, it's not what you think... really! pramiz!) night for me. damn, thought i've lost my mojo a long time ago since i fell for somebody like crazy... still have some under my sleeve, ey!

to say it was a fun trip would be an understatement. it was great! had too much adrenaline that night, practically forgotten how many glasses, bottles and pitchers of booze got into my bloodstream.

perhaps, the combination of adrenaline and alcohol combustion would explain why on my way home, i just quit taking glances at my speedometer and didn't notice how fast i was riding. worst, i didn't bother to hit the breaks when i made that fateful turn... SMASH!!!

ouch! geeez man, that HURT like hell!

stand up in haze, check myself out quickly for broken bones, skull (God forbid), dislocated joints, etc. except for an obvious pain in my right knee (due to the impact on the gutter/pavement of the road) and, a nasty scratch, cuts and a bruise on my right elbow, everything checkout fine. my suzuki smash, still intact except for a broken side mirror.

went home with minor bleedings (forget hospital and doctors... hate being around them) and was greeted with glee by nagging wifey. i've lost a good amount of confidence driving a motorcycle after that incident but left me no doubt in my mind, i'll be driving mc's 'til my last breath....

well, shit happens to nice guys, you know...

lesson learned: STOP screwing around or else....

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

too much workout can kill you.

who says? sez me, bud.

after going full stretch last week of my workout sessions, i inadvertently injured my foreams. first was my left. there was discoloration. thought it was just some bruise i got from getting bump while under the influence of "you know what." but after a day, my right forearm started to pain annoyingly. meaning, if i hold something (such as a bottle of strong ice or a glass of rum and coke), it pains. if i open the door or zip my fly, it hurts. i figured, that's it, i'm fucked!

yesterday though, with no plan at all and out of the blue, went to the gym to whip up some weights and "fuck the pain," told myself. well, the good thing though, i was able to buy me one of those wrist support band before (due again to the same recurring injury i got from a motorcycle accident years ago) and managed to work around the pain. voila! had an excellent session and it looks like there's no stopping me now. yahooo!

meanwhile, a good friend of mine who works in one of our company's biggest competition, rex, asked me to quit working out in my current gym and move over his newly build house slash gym. i've been there before and although it's not as complete as the one's i have now, his is more personalized. rex is a pro bodybuilder. he competes and in fact won various bodybuilding competition. so, to be invited and be part of his fold, a previlege and an honor.

so next month, i'm moving over.


went to beach roots last night and as always, it's fun to be with the guys. one lady at the bar asked me why she rarely see's me there. i guess, going there twice a week is rather rare these days, huh? well, i didn't answered much cos she's too young to understand why.

my reasons are basically simple.

one: my conscience bothers me when i'm all there having fun while wifey and neil are left all alone without me...huhuhu...

two: it's pretty expensive. it's not like since we owned it we get freebies. we pay just like anybody else... and no discounts please. so, even if our bar hasn't gotten that long desired "5 star rating," our prices still are relatively pricy compared to your next door neighborhood sari-sari store. thus, one night of fun equals a lot of food on the table. sensible man that i am, i prefer the latter.

three: i'm not getting any younger. if i was in my late teens or early tweenties, i'd probably hang-out there 'til i drop. now that i'm wiser (older is is not in my vocabulary), i know my limitations. if i hang out there, expect me to be a goner by 12 midnight. besides, i got a job to do the next day.

four: i may still be a party boy (in contrast to malou's assertion that she's quitting the night life), but i certainly can live without it. it's not something i crave for. if it comes, it comes. expounding further prolongs the discussion, so quit asking.

five: if it weren't for the fact that i happened to co-own the joint, i wouldn't hang around in a super crowded place like ours. i guess i'm really getting older, huh? duh! there are people who dig that kind of environment. you know, the crowd, the faces, music and the vibe. i don't. i like the music lower than what we usually have. i like to sit and move comfortably, piss properly (not pissing at the back of rustans everytime) and breath easy. it's pretty hot in there when it's crowded and breathing can be such a pain sometimes especially with almost everyone smoking their lungs out to extinction.

six: sinner that i am, i'd call the place "little sin city by the city." with practically everyone converging there, it's like hell. of course, i mean on fridays and saturdays. i'm not trying to be a saint but i also don't wanna go to hell. so when i'm there, sinning is a sureshot.

lastly, it just feels better to go home after a days work. have a relaxing time with the family, watch my favorite tv-series, play with neil, sex with wifey(ooopppps! censored!). but, expect me to be popping up in there once in a while. after all, we all need a little unwinding sometimes.


just got a text from john, our partner, being apologetic and saying some strange, "out of this world" message telling everyone (i presume he texted everyone with the way he said it) that we're all toughies and that he would be there later tonight if anybody wants to hook up with him for some chat (over a bottle of beer, pre?).

i got a little curious. obviously, i wasn't there anymore if and when some shitty things happened. when i left, i was a little worried about the "below the belt" jokes being jab around with gusto. i suppose something bad happened later that night for him to text something serious and most probably, it involves some of our parners.

did a little sleuthing and was surprise, shocked and appalled to learned that two of our partners had a fight! damn, how the hell did that happened?? i have long prepared myself physically and mentally that being in the bar business, we'd sometimes get into trouble with some thugs, gangs, competitions and maybe unruly customers but i have never thought even in my wildest imagination that there will come a time when we would start killing each other! never. nada.

i don't wanna say anything premature but dude aren't we a little too "mushroom minded" to do that??

so tonight, i'm going there in peace and hopefully find out what the heck happened and maybe patch things up before it goes out of hand.

wish me luck.... (again)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Good Luck _____

what's new??

not much.

i'm a little off my "comfort zone" these days, so, instead of posting anything recent, i'd rather be staring at some image of a beautiful, voluptuous, sexy and one hot of a woman in the name of eva mendes.

oh yeah, it was niel's 8th birthday last friday, july 21st. the kid is growing faster and smarter by the day. it's amazing how better they are in terms of learning and all at their age as compared to the kids of yesteryears (such as yours truly).

anyhow, his ninong earl went to the haus and gave him a present. haven't seen this childhood-best friend of mine for months. glad to see you buddy!

went out after all the hoopla to meet more friends...

i guess i'll never ran out of friends, buddies, acquaintances and all but, right now, my best of the best friend-forever, "kabarkada," playmate, chatmate, bedmate, showermate, mall & foodtrip date (when time permits), tv-channel surfing buddy, pc-games dreaded competitor, and the person who would always have all the time in the world to be with me........

is none other than (drums rolling).............

make a wild guess.

Monday, July 17, 2006

i just love jessica biel!

had quite an episode to tell about my last saturday's night-out, highlighted this afternoon by virgie, no less, whom i mentioned in my previous posts.

but, instead of writing that "sexy and scary" episode of mine, let us instead watch how hot the image of jessica biel above cos, one: i badly need some inspiration, two: have to get myself together, three: am really, really tired and four: i just freakin' hate mondays.

now, if you will excuse me, i need to stare my darn monitor, lewd woman!

ooooohhhhhh..... aaaaaahhhhhhhh.......... ü

Saturday, July 15, 2006

gym rat

after five days of not being able to hit the gym, finally had the time to slam some weights on, big time. not to get my ass there that long, for me, is quite alarming, a bad sign and a prelude to quitting altogether.

one guy whose been there for about four months and already slimming down (he's very fat when he started) ask me what's my program. i guess, when i saw him earlier, i gave the fellow a compliment that he was trimming down, so he had quite a confidence to ask me that question. and so i said to him, "this is for strength training bay." he nodded in agreement when he saw how much weight i was lifting. he even offered to 'spot' me when he saw i've got 70lbs. of weights i'm about to gobble for my tricep extension set. the friendly dude told me he's into some fat burning supplements for three weeks and has been lifting a maximum of 5lbs of weights per side for get this, two hours on a 3 day split (hope that's not too technical for you)!! that explains his drastic slimming. i am however not incline to do the same for some reasons....

amino acid, extra joss and some multivitamins does the work for me. the most essential tool i need to keep this thing going is all in the mind. if i start getting lazy, i'm done. what's amazing though, is everyday i keep thinking of doing it and for months it's been working out good although not seamlessly... like, it's a struggle between taking it easy (read: sleep, eat, dvd, pc-game, beachroots, etc.) and sweating it out.

since thursday, i've been hitting it really good and man, my muscles aches a lot like i've been beaten down, stripped, whopped and sexed by five women in bed.... hehehehe! i wish!

well, i like it that way.

i practically scorched my lats, back, chest, delts and triceps the last three days. whoah, somebody stop me!

i guess i need some serious fun tonight, like, go to some nice place loud, meet up and chat with some friends, drink-up some rhum and coke, enjoy the view, party and just enjoy the rest of the night.... whatchathink, muchacha?


this conclude tonight's broadcast.

Friday, July 14, 2006

random thoughts

i'm on a dilemma.

in as much i would have love telling all my tales, i have to draw the line somewhere. you see, a lot of my friends, their gf's, mu's, wify's are reading this one hell of a 'kewl' blog... excuse my assumingness.

so, even if it's so tempting to blurt the nasty, kinky, twisted, perverted and far-out adventures me, my compañeros and acquaintances of wherever my butt-cheek visage settles, i won't kiss and tell.

my lips are sealed. zip. (or is it 'is' cos i only have one lips?)

needless to say, this blog, even with its 'PG' rating, is trying to be as wholesome as possible. you may read some profane language being impulsively uttered, but that's about it.


as the title of this post suggest, this will be a random of whatever. meaning: boundless crap.

it's friday the 14th and i'm itching to go beach rooting but, i'm home typing, serving a heapful of 'brainworks.' yep, for me this entails a lot of intellectual activity that for an abused brain such as mine, it's nerve wracking. ok, that's a lot of hyperbolism. my apologies...

goin' back, it's always fun being there especially tonight and tomorrow night. it's gonna be loud and a lot of people will surely be flooding the place. they just keep coming no end.

and yeah, before i forget, eye candies everywhere, dude.

but i have to skip it tonight.

i was there last tuesday and as usual, with earl and louie and few of our partners (aloy and elvin) in b.r., it's always fun. we had a concoction of rum and coke for a change. it was cheaper than our usual booze but more potent. my ears, español blooded that i am (bleeee!), turn red like crazy after i downed one glass. WTF, is it hot here or it's just me?

prior to that drinking binge, moi and louie meet up downtown to purchase new speakers. we already burned-up three sets of speakers since we started this bar business thing. it's not funny no more, chump. earl eventually caught up with us. this guy's got some "psychokinetic" powers like superman to actually predict we were in that area. anyhoo, the speaker sounds better than the rest we've had. of course, everytime something burns-up, the new one always sounds better. must've been the price, ey?

so there, after we set-up the whole thing, listen how loud it is (everything's loud there, by the way), and dinner at sugbo silog, we decided to drink some hard liquior to liquefy whatever we stack up earlier.

after the drink ran out, i wanted to go home (famous line that's always goin thru my brain that time: "i just wanna go home"). besides, drinking there on a tuesday night is absolutely not part of my week's plan. then, a dude, my superfriend went on to offer me one sml for the road. i can't possibly say 'no' to a free drink, can i? ok, i thought. my toes can still walk straight on a crooked line... i figured.

it was pretty hard downing that bottle, mind you. my ears were so hot it felt like it's gonna burn. damn alcohol's makin' me sweat!

finally, the bottle's empty...(whew!) when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, elvin, the 'gigolo' and the "lots of mojo" guy bade us goodbye. well, apparently, he just sold his suv and again, due to constant prodding of some cool dude, gave us (me and the dude) another free sml as a token of whatevah. now, it's either i'm too lucky or it's just my fate to get some kind of a treat that night, but my toes are wobbling really crazy now and it certainly ain't the solution to my growing predicament.

at last, at long last, the inevitable came. i must go home heavily inebriated. this again are the kind of moments where i managed to think clearly in a split second, while driving pixilated, i mumble to myself: "you're gonna be lucky to be home alive, you @#$%^^&!"

much thanks to God for keeping me safe and alive for the nth times i've been in those kindda situation.


thus, tonight, instead of going out, i'm in 'detox' mode.

neil's been egging me to get my ass off this computer and, since he scored pretty good in school this week, i'm gonna have to let him do some damage with his favorite pc-game.

i should change the title of this post to "missing beach roots while on detox" cos this isn't so random thoughts, anyway.

the sequel's coming soon... wonder what's on discovery channel tonight...

g o t t a g o . . .

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

hey sports fan!

did you miss me? i bet you did...

after i'm done with my "things to do" chores, i'll share with you all the latest happenings in showbiz... waaaaaa!!

meanwhile, i gotta get back to work.


Friday, July 07, 2006

d' bammer

i'm a little bummed today. i did something bad last night. why i have to do that, i don't freakin' know.

i'd like to get drunk and dirty this early... not to continue my bad ass ways, but just to feel better.

and 'mateo?' don't wanna talk about 'em.

geeeez, i need to do something or i'll feel this way forever...

regrets, regrets.... you're always too late.

what am i gonna say??


let's go for a spin, shall we?

it's gonna be brief, i promise.

tonight, i'm gonna fetch 'mateo.' drop-by elmer's shop earlier today and was told, 'mateo's good to go.

i'm a little skeptical but i got to trust elmer. after all, he made me pay 4G's of my hard earned savings. a few replacements there, tightening here, adjust there, welded here blah, blah, blah and 'mateo's feelin fine.

so people of the world, may i request once again for your prayers as we (mateo and me. who else were you thinking, dawg??) traverse the roads of the city and beyond... shit, the 'beyond' part was a little surreal.

i can't describe the feeling...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hot Sex



this is gonna be short...

i'm a little horny. ok, i'm soooooooo verrryyyyyy horny, honey!

thus, any women out there whose willing and able to satisfy one man's earthly needs.... please STAND UP!


he he he.... just kidding people.

tonight, i'm in the mood to get Whapakk!

never mind that i will miss CSI, my favorite tv-series... our favorite tv-series (unless you're one of captain barbell's die hard fans, are you?) hu hu hu....

beach roots, i'm coming.... wakikikikiki!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Waiter, waiter!!!

Waiter, waiter, there's a small fly in my soup! I'm sorry, sir. Shall I get you a bigger one?

Waiter, waiter, this food is terrible! Bring me the manager. I'm sorry, sir. He won't eat it either.

Waiter, waiter, you're not fit to serve a pig! I'm trying my best, sir.

Waiter, waiter, do they ever change the tablecloths in this restaurant? I don't know, sir. I've only been here a year.

Waiter, waiter; what's on the menu tonight? I'm not sure, sir, but it looks like last night's special.

Waiter, waiter, there's a dead fly in my soup! Yes, sir, it's the hot water that kills them.

Waiter, waiter, what's this fly doing in my soup? Breast stroke, sir, breast stroke.

Waiter, waiter, this food isn't fit for a pig! Very good sir. I'll go and get you some that is.

Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my soup! No, sir, actually that's the chef. The last customer was a witch doctor.

Waiter, waiter, there's a twig in my soup! Well you did order bird's nest soup, sir.

Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my alphabet soup! I expect it's learning to read, sir.

Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my soup! Don't worry, sir, the tarantula on the roll will catch it.

Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my soup! Sir, what do you want me to do, call a lifeguard?

Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my soup! Throw him a doughnut, sir, it'll make a good lifebelt.

Waiter, waiter, what's this fly doing in my ice-cream? Looks like he's learning to ski, sir.

Waiter, waiter, do you serve crabs? Sit down, sir. We serve anybody.

Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my soup. Don't worry sir, they don't drink much.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

oh my mateo...

this is gonna start short.

and before you and i knew it, this would be lengthy, dragging, tedious and boring (hopefully not) post.

if you've been on earth for a month or two, specifically the queen city of the south - cebu, you've probably noticed how hard the rain has been pouring lately. i've been wet for so many times.. i'm finally feeling the pinch of this adverse weather condition.

neil just recovered from cough and cold, so are his yaya.

motorcycle fanatic that i am, i'd prefer riding my bike on any given day going to work than being held behind the steering wheel of an expedition or a bimmer (unless otherwise i can afford to be super late; not to mention, super rich to support the lifestyle, then i would choose otherwise). not only do i cut my travel time, it's much less stress not being stuck behind the traffic.

lately though, for the nth time since the rainy season started, i've been practically wet driving down the road due to sudden and incessant raining. i have lost a good amount of eagerness to drive my suzuki smash. further, everytime i'm on a gimmick mode, guzzling too much strong ice is a no, no. unlike driving a four-wheeled vehicle, where i can always take a quick nap whenever my knees starts to wobble or my tongue begins to fumble.

so even if i wanted to hang around with my coolest friends, watch those superb bands playing, and enjoy the view at b.r., in a two-wheeled ride, i have to disappear when the booze kicks-in and i'm approaching that level of intoxication where my mental faculties are in question.

well today, i thought i should get 'mateo' back on the road. even with his inadequacy, i figured he is the answer to this 'bad' situation i'm currently holed-up.

contracted our ex-technician, elmer, who now runs a shop of his own and told me that 'mateo' just got a space in his shop today. went home immediately so i could get 'mateo's ass repaired. one click, two click... finally on the sixth click of twisting and turning the ignition key, 'mateo's engine roared. "geeeezzzz, i miss you man," were my first four words behind the steering wheel. it's been almost two months since we rolled down the street... pally.

rev him up a bit... nice sound, i thought.

everything seems fine...

shift to 1st gear and we're off.

i had a relaxing drive from our house to banilad until....

arriving at the exit of i.t. park where a sizable traffic congestion is starting to build-up... when it hit me... this is the kind of situation 'mateo' usually screws up. i was feeling a little nervous. i wanted to erase that thought. a few meters away from usp lahug campus and 'mateo's engine starts to choke. "oh shit, not again," i said to myself. after a few stop and go and some annoyed driver behind honking me to eternity, 'mateo' finally quit on me... again!

man, what is the matter with you, dude???!!! why do you always do this to me??

what's even worst, i'm usually stuck in the middle of the road and the goddamn car would not even give me a hint where he would pass out. i have to push him to the right side of the road and boy, did i get any help. luckily, there were two good samaritans who help me push 'mateo' to the curb.

just when i drove him to get his much needed repair, he boggles. good thing, i renewed my membership to wheelers towing services even when i rarely use 'mateo.' had i didn't, i would have had to call a technician and drive all the way to happy valley where elmer's shop is located and, more shits could have happened.

anyway, he's in good hands now. hopefully, elmer would be able to fix him and get everything right.

meanwhile, i need a freakin' cold beer, punk!