Friday, November 30, 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007


no, we didn't go out with my new office mate. i deliberately went back to the office a wee bit later... so she won't catch me..

so, there.


just received a text message from the sister of my best pal, earl. he's due to come home this december. i'm excited but i'll have to keep my emotions in check cos i don't wanna get disappointed if things don't materialize as planned... of course, we have "big" plans... he he he...

to be perfectly honest about it, i can't wait for the day my childhood buddy, school mate, more-than-brother and best friend to get his arse down here already.

it's been a year, pal.


well, so much for friends, eh?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007



we have a new officemate. she's soooo hot, young and sexy.. and she's inviting me to go out, have a drink at Paseo... tonight. whoa! slow down tiger.. last time i had a drink, well, me and louie had a bottle-ful of rum.. thankfully, i didn't do anything crazy. well, i was watching myself the whole time and though it was pretty jam packed with beautiful people, i was tame to the end..

i haven't been to that place and i doubt it very much if we'd push through (ok, i'd push through) but she's got a little determination cos she talked about it yesterday.. and she sorta remind me again today...

anyhoo, you'll find out all about... uhm.. later? next post?


well, here goes the gym stories yet again..

it's been pretty, lately. i didn't have to wear my shitty wrist support strap to get my reps goin.. i dunno, but the pain slowly subsided when i did minimal isolation exercises. instead, i concentrated on the heavy and compound routine.

these days, i'm gonna do the tough ones... i'd do the squat.. the dead lift... pull-ups... dips...

before, during college days, it never occurred to me the importance of these exercises.. like i'd just do whatever is "appealing" y'know, have that beach boy look or johnny bravo. but i was wrong. it didn't work out.

so now that i'm an old fart, i have to do the hard, painful but kickass exercises... and i can still do them.. how you like that, eh?!

aside from the usual complements i get (no kidding, they said i'm getting leaner.. and this is coming from different people), when i'm in the gym, the gym rats would look at me in awe... for real. that's because i lift like a power lifter. those huge 50lbs. plates, i'd rack them up when i'm doin' military press. and it's true to say as in my own "experiment" with what bodybuilders had been saying all along, that when i'm wearing shirt these days, it's pretty tight on the shoulders, arms and chest part but loose on the ab section. kewl.

but that won't make me go complacent. i am my biggest critic. they said my arms were getting bigger, i say, i don't see my arms anywhere close to rey's or those local roidz boys.. uh, uh.. not even an inch.. i'm gunning for ronnie coleman's physique.. that's what's goin at the back of my brain..

i dunno for how long i can keep this up but i will try to the very end... to stay on track.

time to gorge on my peanuts and coffee fix...

Friday, November 23, 2007

i got to get me a tattoo.. i'll start with the legs. the lower portion of my left knee (Tibialis anterior, thanks wiki) had a huge scar that i got when i was a kid needs to be covered with some artistic thingy.. i've been meaning to get one but am still in the process of looking for the right person to do the job... my right foot (well, a few inches from my achilles tendon) also suffered some burns thanks to my motorcycle's pipe... isssshhhhhh!!! that was the sound of it when my skin kiss the super hot metal pipe... now, imagine the pain!

but yeah, i'd love to get me one of these:


i better hook up with earl and elvin.. they both sport a huge tattoos on their back and legs... where the heck are those guys, anyway?! or should i say, where had i been?


i discovered a website that's got full of information i need.. i'm overwhelm. this is exactly the kind of content, info and articles i've been looking for.. i'm just grinning ear-to-ear these days.. thanks internet.. thanks t-nation!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the punch lines...

ey sports fans! wassup?!?

good to be back and kicking... i'll have to slowly crawl myself back into the "hood..." expect some twist and turns along the way and, uhm, yeah, the drama... we all love a little dose of that.. like some kindda telenovela... it's no wonder our lives end up that way.. but before anything, i'll have to say the "punchlines" that i've grown accustomed to since time immemorial... and their, well, supposed meanings...

"what the fuck?" - self explanatory.

"paksit" - this is a how we greet each other during the days when we "morning the night."

"paker" - we sooo love rex navarette's joke about "SBC Packers" that my bud started calling us that, paker. but really, it means "fucker." whatever.

"cio," "sho," "shomaker" - i called my niece with that name over the phone and my friend, boyet, started calling me with it too. soon, everyone in the office followed. "shomaker" was a spin-off of the the whole "cio" thing but that's because me and my office best bud, boyet, who by the way lives in NJ these days, loves formula 1 racing.. til now.

"idol" - i started this one in the gym. i call my "spot buddy," idol - all because he's such a hardworking fellow that he literally had a physical makeover.. from fat to whoa! and as usual, as luck would have it, he'd call me "idol" too. other people in the gym heard it and ever since, "idol" had become a byword in there. unfortunately, my friend, (arsua was his last name) quit working out but the "idol" monicker lived on... especially for those who work out hard...

"cracker" - my former officemate, jagger, was such an anxious guy that every sales he made, he'd frantically prepare all the documentations... he would crack at the slightest missteps and when customers start bugging him about documentation, you guess it, he cracks! i'd mess with him even more by mimicking the voice of our GM and calls his name by surprise... and boy, the look on his face? priceless! unfortunately, he left as he was given the pink slip few weeks ago. he now works with our competitor.

"shut up!" - yeah, we'd love to drop this when we're too drunk and in our slurring moments, we so wanted to make a point, but the other guy kept talking... we'd say, "shut up!" but we're all good sport. we never take anything personally.. at least, not yet.

"i just wanna go home" - this isn't really the coolest thing to say when things are starting to "warm up," but i'd usually say this (or my bud, louie) when i had one too many. it's especially and frequently blurted out when cellphones start ringing or some sms comes in a matter of seconds... and it's the wifey! ahhhh!!! have a little empathy, will you? lemme go already!

"i love you!!" - hhhmmmm... say this to any of your friends and you'd be surprise at the look of their face.. i do it frequently -- to anyone.. some actually would say, "you're saying "i love you's" like it's soooo ordinary..." and i say, "why not?" when people do me some favor and get something done for me, i'd say "i love you!!" to them as my way of saying thank you.. once, when my bodybuilder friend taught me a lot of lesson on how to do things properly and i very much appreciated what he did, when he bid goodbye to everyone, i told him, "bye rey, i love you!!!" very loudly. hahaha!!! one japanese guy who heard and whose always serious with his training couldn't help but laugh! rey's reaction was like, "WTF?" but he smiled and went ahead.. but hey, everyone had a good laugh... and as usual and as predictable life can be, more are starting to say that... nice, eh?

more about this "lines" later... trying to remember some of 'em...

now, if you've read this and you caught me flat footed, pants down, drunk, wasted, naked, horny, crazy, and everything, try to understand that that's just the way i am... ok, that's not really me in there but the "poison" working on me... so, could it be that i'm in between sober and drunk state? like the movie "me, myself and irene?" damn, go figure.

and please, skip the picture taking part... i'm too old and ugly for that shit... i'm no britney or paris to get that paparazzi-like images... no magazine or newspaper would want any of that... i guarantee you..



just watched american gangster... loved it! denzel and crowe was exceptionally good.. had to repeat it..


still haven't got my shot for anti-tetanus. i step on some friggin' and rusting nail while i was out trying to feed my new dog, maui. it was dark (blackout, mostly in the city) as the typhoon lando just passed us by... but i had to feed her no matter what.. now, i'm gonna die because of my dogs.. great!


nuff BS... over and out.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i'll mask my stupidity a few days ago with this numbers... talk about it later (the stupidity)... as these numbers, at least, is something to be proud of.. ok, brag off.. haha!

i'm gaining more strength lately... should i thank my supplements (creatine, amino and CMD) or my food intake... or is it just my sheer determination to break out from the plateau? i dunno but i'm happy to have been able to max it out and get my numbers up in the gym.

the max outs.... in lbs.

standing military press @140

incline bench @210 / bench press @200

deadlift (raw. as in no straps, belts and whatnot) @280

squat @240

dynamic row @160

leg press @490 (but i bet i can do more)

hack squat @200

my parallel dips are getting more reps (repetition) just as my chins...

yeah, i guess i'm goin' insanely stronger each week as i'm competing against the bodybuilder/s (dunno how many are they but they ain't that many) in the gym.. if there's anything i can do good in my life, that would be in there.. the gym.

so, congrats to me.


funny.. i remember a scene in one movie (arrrrgghhh!!! as usual, i forgot the title!) when a man asks his boss whether what news would he like to hear first.. "the bad news or the bad news?" yeah, that's the way to do it! hehe!

so, the bad news. last saturday, due to the great taste of chivas regal, i blackout. what a great night to cap the week, eh! i don't want to elaborate and even remember any friggin moment, but as the boxing guru's would have it, "we all have our bad nights." so and unfortunately, that was mine right there.

i'd love to make excuses... that things weren't goin' great with Neil's studies.. like he's failing, and i just had a "sweatful" earlier thus i'm tired which cause my early "knockdown."

but i won't. as President Truman's favorite expression says it above, in the end, i am responsible for my own action and that night, i was an idiot.

and i am just human, too.

so, fuck it, life goes on.

meanwhile, that being said, i have more reason to get my attention into something really different... very interesting thoughts and philosophies that i'm trying to absorb day in, day out...

just going through the motions here.... and in a way, it's a blessing in disguise.

hopefully soon, no more craps and complexities in me's life.

fingers crossed.

Friday, November 09, 2007

man.. man...

i had an "article" waiting but i haven't had the "time" to complete the whole thing yet.

we have a new dog, by the way. her name is maui.. she's a labrador... and she's so playful and full of life.. a handful, to be exact. i'm not complaining though... wifey is! hehehe

mores stories later...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

what if...

instead of the veins the bones will pop out from my wrist... or shoulder... or legs?

yeah, i thought about that too...

i have this friend in the gym whom i thought was a total ass cos he just go wherever he pleases and grabs anything without asking anybody if it is still being used... worst, he doesn't return it and just leaves it on the floor or some place where you could accidentally bump yourself into.

whenever we crossed path, i'd usually top his lifts to let him know "i'm better" and i'd purposely drop the plates or the bar on the floor to piss him off or shoooo him away... well, cos i'm annoyed by his bad habits..

eventually, he was able to get my drift and i earned his respect... to make the long story short, we ended up being buddy.

i've finally realize why he's such an ass before... it's probably because he's rich and for that, a brat. and so when the smoke cleared and things started to settle down, he understood and learn to be sensitive to other people around him.

one thing about this guy i didn't know? he's such a kid... a nice kid at that. so now we'd end up talking once in a while during our breaks and he asks for my advices.. really. i should consider being personal trainer as my next career move... someday.. we'll never know...

and this guy got the scare of his life when he was looking at me loading plates after plates and did some super heavy presses and lifts that he pop this question: "what if things go wrong and your bones gives in or your back (spine) can't take it no more... or your shoulders snaps?"

well, shit happens even to the best of us... quite frankly though, the thought of it didn't scare me at all... i have crashed my motor bikes a number of times before, twisted my ankles, fractured some bones, peeled some skin... bruises all over (including my ego)... but i still ride my bike... i still go hard and fast if and when the condition permits... i floored four on the floor so many times when i'm driving a cage...

sure, sure, things had changed but am still the same... i just have to deal things a little differently, now.... shift gears and take the higher road...

so, am still kicking ass out there but i always remember what my late grandma kept telling me whenever i'm out there in the fences doin some acrobatic stunt, BE CAUTIOUS!

aaaahhhhh.... time to zit... and Happy Halloween everyone!