Monday, February 25, 2013


i think this is how it happened when that beauty queen lost her leg in that freak accident last Saturday.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

four on the floor

whenever i go grind in the gym, i don't feel like blogging anymore.


it's been hard getting my ass there. i find all sorts of excuses not to exercise. sometimes, the other side wins. mostly though, grudgingly, i just gather enough strength to get it over with and feel better for myself afterwards.

anyway, whilst on my way to work this morning, i had a good look at a Mazda 2 total wrecked resting on an electric post. though i was speeding a bit, had to slow down and took a good closer look.. boy, was it a freak show!

the car was reduced to size with a huge chunk on the hood really crumpled to half. then, as i went up to the flyover, there's plenty of debris scattered all over the road. and i go, what the freak were you thinkin' dude? you just wasted one helluva fast car?!

click HERE for the news of that story.

prior to that, there's a picture in the local news of an upside down Mitsubishi Montero with the disheveled lady driver sitting on the side of the road tinkering on her cellphone. her shorts looked torn you can almost see her crack!

well, i got to meet this Montero in person in the towing area where i frequent to do my field work. man, it is a brand new vehicle with a "For Registration" plate still attached to it!

i heard from a pal who ply's that route regularly that the lady driver fell asleep. it's the SRP and the road is pretty long. it's a haven for accident. i dunno why.

have seen a few more and i couldn't help but ask: how the freak do you waste such an expensive and fine equipment like that?

accidents happen, go home.

yeah, nobody is an expert when it comes to such things.

speaking of equipment and vehicles, i just took the plunge!

saw my friend about two weeks ago. he was into selling cars. well, to make the long story short, he hook me up a nice ride and i get to pay it in installment.

it's a sweet ride for somebody who has been out driving a bike for eons. although i get to drive a cage every once in a while, it's nice to have something you can drive anytime and tag along the kids. whenever i carry them with me on a bike, i kinda feel nervous because one big bump and we'll all be lying on the road. we could wind up in ER or worst, DOA.

so yeah, i'm thankful. just have to save a little more now and set aside a good amount of cash cos there's a monthly amortization that needs to be payed off.

nuff said.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

saturday night.


some days, it's nice to just blabber around. others, too tired or simply lazy.

the workout, well, it is what is. hafta drag my feet to get in there. when i'm there though, i kill it.

the work still needs to be polished a li'l bit more. all cylinders are firing up pretty fine, thank you.

speaking of cylinders, if those predictions are to be true (read: we're gonna super boom economically this year), i am aiming to have a cage of my own. we do have a mini-van which wifey uses 24/7. of course, i'm exaggerating but you get the picture, right?

yep, when i go gimmick, i kinda wanna have a nice ride because with a motorcycle, i can't bring a whole lot of stuff like my make-up kit, extra undies and whatnot. hah!

so yeah. hope to save up and own a car again. the last few times i have one, it didn't bring me any pleasure. just headache. sigh.

random thoughts are really nice to write fresh. my memories isn't exactly improving. it's been like this since i was a teenager. it'd be a miracle if i am getting better as i aged.

thus, when i'm out there, i have all these awesome thoughts and am just itchin' in my balls to write 'em all up. but, when it's time to spurt 'em out, i end up empty.... eeeekkk!!!

what else? Neil is getting to be more of a pain in the ass.. it's true what that one guy said about children. when they are baby and all that, they're like little angels. and when they grow old, boy, aren't they just little devils?!? but aren't we all? i know i was.

heck, my little girl whose just three is already showing signs of being bratty. her name is Angel Mitch. i hope to the good Lord above she doesn't turn out to be Angel Biatch! thanks to wifey for naming her that!

this quote means a lot to me now:

"Natural law. Sons are put on this earth to trouble their fathers. "

from that awesome movie "Road to Perdition"

anyway, later.