Thursday, December 31, 2009

Band of Brothers

wow!! it's New Year already??

that was fast!

i wish it'd be better next year... for all of us.

i can't really ask for more... got everything i need...

hhhhmmmmm.... i only need basic things.

yez, am watchin' Band of Brothers and i'll never grow tired of it, sorry.

see yah next year!

hey buddy.

yeah i remember my buddy, lui whenever i see this guy.

wherever ya are man, Happy New Year.

hope you're doing well...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Amy Grant

ey yo?!

Merry Christmas, before anything else...

it's the 24th and i have to say --- whatta stressful day, dammit?!

wifey, made sure of that.

it's the last minute thing ya know... no plans whatsoever... out of the blue, to be exact..

but we pulled it through.. they're there downstairs enjoying their videoke fix.. i'm here watchin' movie yadi yada..

nice set-up, huh?

gotta say whatta colorful year it was... ooooppppsss!!! i know, it ain't new year yet.. lemme just say teh memorable ones... it had to be the tail end of this year... i guess.

professionally, there ain't much.. family-wise, i suck teh most... gym-wise, i gain lotsa things...

i just mentioned a few post ago i pulled and squatted over 400 lbs.. it's hard, yeah.

but the hardest was pushing a 100 lb dumbbell... i had a history of shoulder injury, that's why.

havin' conquered that, finally, means a lot more to me than anything else..

i had to do it over and over again... just to make sure the feat wasn't some kinda fluke, ya know... t'was a battle all the time.. mind over matter..

i'm not totally sold out yet, but just like before when i made it to 80, 90 lbs., this too will come to pass and it'll be ordinary all over again...

120 lbs., you're next.

meanwhile, i'm listening to Amy Grant's song... helps me chill out during these times..


Saturday, December 19, 2009

'tis the season

change.. i did.

no, i don't wanna be like 'em.

wtf was i talking about below?

i did change.

a lot.

lemme brag a bit...

i can push a 200 pounds of weight... [insert smiley and smirk here]

i can pull over 400s pound of weight... that ain't much, right?

i can squat just teh same amount of weight... ya should try it sometimes.

i'm betting my ass i can equal teh strength of of teh "strongest" guy in the gym in a year's time..

wanna bet???

yarp, can't believe it neither.


try bustin' yer chops a wad bit more... like start rampin' everything up, already!!

anyhow, i'm gonna dream about topping everything out.. next week.

watch me.

bragging OFF.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

change.. will do you good

yeah.. that's me.. i haven't change much.. same old, same old... i dunno if it's a good thing or bad.. hhhmmmm...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


thought of sooooo many things to say.. i haven't collated everything. sucks, huh?

yeah it does.

anyway, my personal life's in disarray.. it might not look like it, but it does. work, as always sucks.. got a few things that needs immediate action or it'll blow over.

i'm prepared for the worst though.

home... ahhhhh home... these guys and gals can't get things done without being told how to do about it.. well, they do get things done only that they kinda suck along the way.

they suck literally. ya know, they can't even help putting food on the table, worst part is, they don't know how to conserve... they can practically drain our resources in a short span of time.. talk about days.. shit, these folks are animals... i can't even begin to enumerate the what's and the how's.

not to mention, some are a real pain in the ass.. they just know where to push your buttons.. well, most of the time, i don't mind 'em.

they can keep their miserable shits to themselves... i'll go on live my life.

today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life, i promise myself one thing.. and one thing only.. that is, to MAN-UP.

i can't worry about everyone else' issues.. if i do, it'll just drag me down.. na-ah!

no way never.. bitching about other's issues won't lead me anywhere but down.. stuck!

so yes, i won't worry my life away.. maybe a tad.

guess, i'm born like that...

set a new PR this week.. i finally flat bench press the darn 100 pound dumbbells for five repetitions! that took forever, yeah?!

that was my promise to myself that before the year ends, i should conquer the darn thing.. and i have..

my deadlift went up 180 kgs for one rep... not bad for an old timer, eh?!

lets sing together now..

Friday, December 11, 2009



don't forget to smile...

Monday, December 07, 2009

i am the walrus

whatta tight and lousy day!

wifey made sure i suck on my workout today. she had me rush to the bank to make some deposits and left me to fend for the house cos her and the rest of her posse had to go party.. on the bright side, they brought home a new microwave oven. at least, they won something.. deym, i almost forgot how that thing work. well, the one we have ain't workin' no more... for months now.

anyway, i took a leave today. i deserve a break, ya know. the thing is, my superior isn't too generous giving leaves.. approving should've been the word.

he always feel the need to swipe some nasty remark.. he probably thinks he's funny.

well, f him. unless they convert the un-use leave into cash or something tangible, i'm availing it (the leaves) even it means they'd shut down their pie-holes!

i'm pretty burnout with work these days. that explains the line.

got a few bumps that would entail a lot of work.

pretty stressful, to be honest.

makes me wanna quit pronto!

i'm just gonna sort this mess out. finish everything..

then i can cry out loud....


i'm insecured, yeah. i've got issues, right.

but as soon as i'm out, i'll stop bitching about everyone and everything that's holding me back physically and mentally, then i can soar somewhere higher than this.

this is getting redundant.

pizzing off.

Friday, December 04, 2009

arnold press

am hoping i'm scot free but i ain't.

well, i was hoping the verdict is out... ya know, i wanna get this done and over with.

somehow, some kinda force of nature got in the way... either i'd be thankful or feel guilty forever.. hhmmmmm...

whatta predicament!!

either way, i'm bent on doin' somethin' else... something i really, really want.

don't we all wanna do something we want??

it's like something to look forward to - everyday.

ya know, i don't mind waking up early and eating some iron for breakfast.. i don't mind eating egg whites (boiled), churning out oatmeal after oatmeal or eating raw broccoli's..

i don't mind the pain that goes through my hamstrings or rotator cuffs... as long as i feel some kinda exhilaration.. surreal? yeah!!

i dig it!

one preacher quoted somebody sayin' "life's too short to be ordinary."

yeah... hell yeah!!!

go figure!!