Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PC ModMode

i've been tinkering with my PC these days... i'm too darn excited to re-arrange the whole thing and make it look neat.. bought a pair of ATA wires.. those that would make the inside of your PC really cool and dandy.. well, i figure i needed to open it up and disassemble the power supply cos the problem i had before, wherein it shuts down all of a sudden for no reason at all, is back! but i finally found the culprit, again (guess, you need to burn some brows looking back at the archieves if you wanna know what happened before). i inverted the cooling fan this time. so, instead of cooling the processors inside the power supply, the fan was blowing air outwards... stupid ME!

before i did above, i tried vainlessly to figure out what's causing it. went through the motherboard's and the new video card's manual.. apparently, this thing happened after i installed the "coolest card in the whole wide world!" (btw, i look it up in the local PC shops and it's not yet available. what they have here are 256MB's not the 512's which i have. and they, the high end 256's cost around 18 grand!) it could have been triggered by the fact that this card also requires a separate power cos its on-board fan is a "power-hog" thus, requiring more load from the power supply. therefore, more power needs more ventilation since it'll heat the whole sytem up faster.

i tinkered with the jumper settings all the way to startup/boot settings... to no avail. it still shuts down after minutes or hours of use.

this is what happens when you have more time downing alcohol and joining forums instead of learning new things and refreshing old skills... you get RUSTY!

i took out the fans and tested its airflows... presto! the problem is good as solve... at least that's what i thought.

well, the next best things to do are: buy a 250Gig of hard disk, additional 512MB memory to make it 1Gig of available RAM and install new softwares.. those that would get me much needed tools for learning. of course, the GAMES, dude!

btw, for the geeks out there, sorry to bore you and yes, the above-mentioned upgrades are the only things i can afford as of the moment... just an ordinary employee here bud... nothing more, nothing less.

so, forget about nightouts, sexy ladies, beerfest and beerfriends, bars/club hoppings, videoke sessions and all that intoxicating fun, i ain't talking about those shits for now... today, i'm in PC Modding mode!

Monday, January 29, 2007


on my way to the office, NU107 played this song and it's been playing on my brain for the last couple of hours... so, lemme share the experience...

by Pupil

Sunday, January 28, 2007


been having trouble accessing Blogger and other sites lately. though the connection's been improving, but i guess Globe now has more excuse why they SUCK with their internet service...what, with the recent taiwan earthquake... nice news to exploit ey?!

so, everytime i've got no connection and i call their customer service, i get this "super scratched" line from them: "it is because of the taiwan earthquake, sir... and we're doing our best to restore the connections as quickly as possible."

my ass?

i've been having intermittent connection since you installed my darn connection... it just got worst!

....did i just typed two "connection" up there? damn, make it three!


so, wazzup? ok, i haven't smoke since december 25 last year... wait, i did once. t'was during Sinulog mardi gras. my new found buddy, carlo was puffing those marlboro's and noticing he's all by his lonesome smoking his lungs away, beg me to have one for a "drag." i obliged but after consuming half of the poison, throw it away.

i have cut gallons of alcohol consumption. i'm not too keen on stocking one in the fridge. i usually buy one whenever we buy stuffs in the grocery... either a gin, brandy, whisky or rum hell, anything to intoxicate me, bring it on! right now, what i have there are orange juice and some fruits...

i dunno, it just occured to me.. it's not fun to get drunk too much anymore, i guess. or maybe my sister's prayer had been answered... i know for a fact she prays sooo hard for me to quit being an ass and do something good with my life. i, for one, said so many times to my friends that i'm looking for "something" other than alcohol to get me high.

well, i'm not saying never say never but this is the route i'm inclined to take now. i can be drunk one day and really, really enjoying it or i could be sober from now on. of course, with the "right" company, anything can happen.

the shitty part is, i did got one late going to work.. 8:01... damn! i didn't even drink the day before... so hard waking up early these days... cold early morning makes me wanna "extend" the alarm a wee bit more...


workout. that's what's left for me to do. i'm looking forward to getting back in shape... goin to the gym, the pool... best of all, the beach. i miss the beach soooo much! i wanna feel the heat of the sun... i wanna swim til i'm too tired to swim... go to the depths and see the beauty underneath the waters again.. man, i can't wait!

i can smell it already.. the air, the food, the roasted whatever, the company.... ahhhhhh! i wish it's today already!

excuse me while i fantasize....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

me and myself

hey all!

feels like i've left this bloggy thingy for a while now... who cares? nobody's reading the CRAPS here anyway....

more CRAPS coming your way, or, is there even a person on the other side of this screen? hmmm... makes me wonder...

so, what's up ME? sorry, i'm actually talking to myself here... excuse ME and myself, will ya? hey bud, looks like you've got loads of question marks instead of dot.. dot.. dots... why? ooopps more "?"

well, the Sinulog festival's finally done and over. it was fun but not that fun. maybe because for the first time since i was exposed to this grand parade, my best bud, Earl isn't around. i was with my new buddies, however. as always, when i'm with the same page with anyone, and i mean anyone, we click.

i miss the company of my friend, Earl... though we are of different personalities, we usually tick when we hang out. and so, going out there without him felt awkward if not downright eerie.

didn't even felt like partying... there are plenty of street parties all over the city... the news even said that this is so far the "biggest" Sinulog of 'em all.

went home around 8pm.

i must be growing really old, fast!


here's a question: why do people wear tattoo during Sinulog? i use to wear one - year after year after year... but didn't quiet ask until now.

and is it just me or its really what the ladies are wearing... the skimpy shorts and the sexy blouses... whoa! somebody stop me from staring! ohw man, yummy!!


well, i guess, this is it. i'm tired of partying. i can live life without it and still be smiling. on the plus side, there are other things i'm enjoying now like my family (i know, it sounds cheesy) and well, my rejuvinated PC... i am playing my old and bought some new games and it's exciting to go home early again. thanks to the new goodies i got from mr. fred. btw, he gave me one more thing, a wireless bluetooth mouse. nice way to slowly untangle myself from all the connections, huh!

have to go now... got a game to finish... bye ME and myself...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

the good stuff....

except for the digicam which was given for the forum group, the rest is mine... he he he

a DVD burner, lots of blank DVD recordable and best of all, an ATI Radeon/VisionTek X1300 3D Graphics Accelerator video card! whohow! its got 512MB on board memory!! i can again play those rich graphic games i've been itching to get my hands into...

what have i done to deserve this?

thanks a lot, sir fred... you're the MAN!
here's a nice song.....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

check out my friend, aloie, firing an M4... help me figure if he hit something with that darn thing...


Monday, January 15, 2007

hey all!

been busy with all this forum thingy. not that i'm hook or too excited... just got a few activities in the coming days... and i need to help out.

oh yeah, i've been meaning to spill this news... one member took notice of me in one of the many forums i blab and he's coming home this week from NY. guess what? he's gonna give me a DVD-burner, some media's and a few goodies. this guy is for real, man. he gave our group some money for the polo shirts we'll be wearing come Sinulog... he even invited us to a dinner party with his relatives this friday... hmmmm, at least there's something good i can get from all this yakking, huh?

i dunno what i said there that he's willing to give me a few PC parts upgrade, but man, thanks!

last saturday, we also had a meeting with the guys from the government, a few members and a foreigner. a german actually. he hosted the meeting at his place in that plush maria luisa estate park... this guy is a programmer and quite knowledgable about the internet. now, who doesn't wanna rub elbows with these people? never thought i'd be 'til started hanging around some of the forums you'll find in the LINK section of this blog.

kewl, huh?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Uploaded by goryo13

what the heck?!? did you hear that?

some kid, huh?

images on the road


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


i need something to begin with... oh, ok, is that it? looks like.

my good friend, lui's been having low morale with his job lately. he's been ranting about it for eons now. office politics, you know, is a sucker. i know that game, brad. when you're performing well, everyone's applausing, but when you're having a down time, they'd love to kick you in the curb... that's life dohg, nothing's too sure with anything...

if you wanna survive this cruel world, take my advise... i don't need it anymore!! har har har

seriously, don't take it too seriously!!

life's too short bud to go gaga over it.


the other day, (yep, it's a little stale to talk about but lemme blab about it) went to his UK shop (UKay-UKay = surplus shop) cum videoke joint. he split the place up for this new venture... i dunno, but from how it looks, the dude is looking for trouble.

when they tested the videoke machine days ago, they already received complains from people living above the building. he bought a lot of egg crates to sort of "sound proof" the area but i doubt it would work.. the ceiling of the place is made of wood, that's why. it's a 5-storey building but above every floor is made of wood. in other words, the floors of the people residing there are, well, your guess is good as mine.

good luck, buddy!!

ow yeah, we had videoke sessions there the other night. the machine he got was CRAP. sorry bud but it's a fact. i hope you can have it replace before drunk customers of yours start belting out that deadly "My Way" song... shit could happen.

while we're at it (the videoke, what else?), they lured me again with those darn cigarettes which i politely declined. i didn't even wanna try holding it. my friggin' friend even went to the extent of having me light one for him... dude, read my lips: FUCK-OFF!

though i didn't light one, my shirt STINKS! thanks to you guys....

on the plus side, whenever i smell me breath thru my mouth, dude, like a baby....hhmmmmm... can't wait to test it for some torrid kissing.. heee heee

you know, my sista, she cared so much for me... she wanted me to STOP this "madness" i'm into... and she told me she's been praying for me to reform and quit my wicked ways...

guess what? her prayers for me might have been slowly answered... we'll find out in the next few episodes... i'll keep you posted, babes....

she'll be coming home soon... can't wait!

meanwhile, Bzzzzzzzzz!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ehem, excuse me, but i needed the inspiration...

Monday, January 08, 2007

geeeez, what a rain, ey?!

rainy monday blues... not that i'm ungrateful it's raining, but dude, it's a little boring to be stuck, y'know...

what's worst, internet connection's been cramming these days so i could barely browse my favorite sites... sigh!


it's not even worst yet... the house' roof is leaking, dammit! like there's a faucet there and rain water's free flowing... want some?

i love whopping the ass of that contractor who did that job...

our place is FUCKED right now, believe me. with a rain like this, it'll be like river outside.

whoa! i could use some smoke, beer and a nice looking lady right now to brighten up my day.


Friday, January 05, 2007

i thought we're having el niño this year but since the new year started, it's been raining incessantly like today. hmmmm, it's better than having too much sunlight, i think...

i wonder if most of my visitors here are a bunch of spammers... all i have in my Gmail's inbox right now are hundreds of SPAMS. now, why would any human wanna do that to his fellow earthlings, huh? machines. they are the only one's capable of sending those stupid mails.


since migrating to Beta version which is the new Blogger today, i still can't make any comments to my friends' blogs. shoot! i wonder why? i haven't receive no comments either. is there even anybody out there? hello?! you there?


so far, six days had passed, i've been alcohol, nicotine, late-and-slacker-from-work free... how's that to start a year, huh?

and correction in my previous post, i started forum posting/shopping on the third quarter of last year and now, i probably have almost 2,000 modest post in all the forums i've joined in. if i made 10,000 postings, then i must really, really be slacking with my job, right?

i'll have alcohol next week when i get a green light from my throat... yes babes, i got tonsilitis again... must've been the weather, the brandy, the videoke sessions... i don't know... you tell me!

anyway, it's really cold out here and just between us, it's making me really horny :-)


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

hey wazzup!

been busy with my new "jobs" lately. i've been given an assignment by the administrators of two forums. it's only this year that i've been actively joining these things and i already got a moderator's job... whew! cool, huh? not really.

tiring in fact. it's ok though cos i get to explore another side of this cyber world. it feels great to be trusted and be given some sort of "previleges" both in government and private forums... i must have said something "good and sensible" for them to even consider me among the many people who were first to explore their site.

nonetheless, i'll stay objective with my views there as much possible. that alone is quite a challenge to me.

it's the beginning of the year. let's see if i can sustain the self-imposed change i'm aiming for....

i've been blabbing all day... forgive the errors... plez!

Monday, January 01, 2007



told you tito's gonna get knocked on this rematch... and he did.

here's the LINK of the fight...