Thursday, May 31, 2007

wrote a lot of stuff i couldn't freakin' finish... someday, i will compile them all and it'll be the biggest smorgasboard post i'd ever have.

i'm staying up late cos i'm moving music from my PC to my walkman phone. we'll travel to Bogo, that's somewhere north for our team building cum summer-not-held-on-summer outing... (correction: copying. to the anti-piracy watchdogs all over the world: this one's for my own consumption... promise.)

i'm ready to hit the log.. my shoulder, the right, hurts. my wrists doesn't hurt anymore but my shoulders acting up lately. the good thing though, i can lift really heavy weights now.... sorry, i'm not making any sense tonight and neither am drunk... just sleepy baby... just sleepy.

here's a lullaby for you guys and gals... sleep tight...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

many years ago... i listen to this song cos i love it....

but today, i'm asking this question... and wonder.... where's my place in this world?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

hehe... remembering the days..

Dear Kuya...

what the heck, love this song... the video? um... never mind?

Friday, May 18, 2007

the quck and the fox

man, i've been pumping iron for months now and i thought as time progress my muscles would essentially get used to them. well, it hasn't. i guess it's because i always pushed myself a tad more each sessions. i'm, uh, gym fanatic these days.

it hasn't been easy. i make sure of that. i'd spend hours and hours of making sure my stay there is "worthwhile." i can honestly say i sweat profusely more than anyone else. since i'm doing this all for myself, i have to keep myself motivated by whatever crosses my mind. another big motivation i've been getting lately is the fact that people, as in many people, took notice of the "changes." and if people say otherwise, that's just as motivating as well.

a friend of mine who works out in a plush gym uptown gave me a glimpse of what and how his gym looks like... a wide array of cardio machines like the treadmill, stationary bike and the likes.. all made by Nautilus.. oh yeah, everything there is made of Nautilus.. fantastic, huh? then there's the sauna bath.. and the very affordable 5G's per annum fee. that's roughly 400++ per month.

"but wait, that's not all!" hehe.. famous punchline from a home shopping network TV ad.. yeah, he mentioned a lot more of positive things in there.. he's probably swaying me over, but still and all, i'd stick to my rustic gym.. where people scram for equipments to use, where humidity these days is close to hell, where smelly shits from whomever and whatever abounds, where nobody tells you how to do things properly, where everyone seems to think they have thee body to die for after just a few sessions, where dirt, germs, handles, benches and equipment go hand-in-hand harmoniously, where a lot of assholes lurk around and are quick to "dethrone" you of your "station," if you leave it for a milliseconds.. ahhhhhh, i can go on forever... but what the hell, i love it anyway!

so, it's not totally pretty in there but i've met a few friends and getting that much needed inspiration - to beat everyone out! haha... yeah, haha... watch me... !;)


hhhaaaaaaa... that was actually a sigh there.. our water system at home had been troublesome lately. worst, the guys we contracted to fix it did a crap job. first, it work for a day then stopped.. so we didn't have water for days.. good thing our preggy househelp had the initiative to fetch us some water from a nearby watering hole.. the guys went back to fix the "back job" but not after charging us some more for additional parts and materials. they had it fixed (again) but today, right now, what comes out of the faucet and the shower is some murky and rusty water. i'd love to buy a baseball bat and whack those guys up for one helluva messy job they did.

so, i've been bathing myself up with those unhygienic H2O the last couple of days.. just great!


exactly a week ago, my friend, dexter invited me over his house. i know it's his birthday on the 13th all right but it was just the 10th yet. i thought he just wanted to have a few beers.. so i said, "YES" halfheartedly when he told me days ago when we bump into each other at LTO.. if you've been to Pluto which isn't a planet no more (if my memory serves me right) these days, then you didn't know i "semi-retired" to drinking beer and whatnot. therefore, unless it's your grand birthday or tomorrow's the end of the world and i have to enjoy life before leaping to the other side, i don't feel the need to drown myself with "wine and women" no more..

when the day came, he texted to confirm if i was coming. i said, "i'll try very hard to attend.. cio" of which he probably took it as a "not sure" answer. he replied, "it's my birthday cio, it's just you, me and louie. brought some beers. bring your ass down here!" or something to that effect. and so, i GO!

as it turned out, it was his farewell party cos he's living for the US. great! what a surprise, really. he's really like that - full of surprises!

as the party wore on and as more beers went empty, i got a bit gutsy. so, to give me some sort of closure about that incident months ago between me and lui, i finally spill out some harsh comments about what he did. it would have been easier if he simply said, "sorry, my fault" and i could have easily "forgive and forget" about the whole thing, but we all have our bad days and excuses. so, to make this short, he finally said the magic word, "sorry." now, if people would have been like that, you know, taking responsibility for your actions, admitting your fault and apologize if you've run over some ego's, then life would have been easier.. dontchathink? well, whatever.

we never really had a row.. there's just some sort of gap but case closed and we moved on.

and by the way, dexter has a friend who knows how to do a David Blaine street magic. we were all awed by it. fantastic.. fabulous.. great.. mind boggling.. awesome... ooohhhh.. aahhhh

minutes past 11pm, bade them goodbye, wish my good friend, dex, well and and gave him a hug... he'll be gone for quite a long time...


now, i'm hungry and ready to hit the gym.. what a mix-up, eh? really, it's time to zit my mouth up.

anyway, let the pain begin.


excuse the spellings, grammar and punctuations... was in such a hurry to get this piece done and over with.. many, many apologies.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Can you spot the female bird?

Below are two birds...

Study them closely...

See if you can spot which of the two is the female.

It can be done!

Even by one with limited bird watching skills...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

dela hoya and mayweather.. hooohummm...

good thing, bautista and aj banal were able to win their respective fights. no knockouts though.

that's why i'll always appreciate watching pacman fight.. thee most exciting fighter in the planet today. Chuck Liddell and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson UFC fight? bring it on!

this one's far better and should be more exciting than anything else.

forget about laker, mavs or miami... they are all history now. let the young guns rule!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

what's her name?

i'm one of her huge big admirer... since it was a relaxing day today.. found some time to look her up on the net.. which i did and finally found the person behind the voice.. and just as what i expected her to be, she looked exactly how i pictured her... whooohooow! lovely indeed.

anyway, she's just as bubbly, articulate and deep as she is on radio. boy, i love reading her candid post and "don't give a damn" attitude to whomever bumps into her site... be it her friends or some poseurs.. she's just as lively and vivid.

and her friends.. oh her friends.. i'd love to be in those circles.. talk about those big bands out there in Manila.. who doesn't wanna be?

i dunno how she looks now.. as in today.. presently.. but i bet she's still hot and sexy...

well, my day is now complete.

Friday, May 04, 2007

exactly what i felt!

i bet BORING is the right word.

i rest my case.


was ranting above.. mind it, not.

feels good to be hurtin' y'know, physically. after all that exercise to get a bod like spartans, it's best to feel the pain/s later.

my beer-pal, dexter came over to the office earlier. me and this guy, we go a long way back. we drink beer like juice... downing one after another.. whew! those were the days.. i missed the days we spent hours arguing over nothing.. i'm usually the instigator of our "battle" cos i refuse to agree with everything we talk about..

having been fueled by alcohol, we usually end up speaking foreign languages.. usually that english twang with a twist of slur.. hehe

so, during our short chat, he mentioned about drinking tonight and "bringing back the glory days.." further, he offered to smoke our lungs out, to which i politely decline. he said, "when did you quit, yesterday?" then laughing obnoxiously. yeah, yeah... you guys don't believe me, huh? that was well, as usual and predictable.

shit, you guys do what you wanna do with your lives but i'm sticking my guns out. i'm getting older for that kindda crap.. shut-up, back-off and leave me alone, will yah?

it's friday night. i have a standing offer. my friend's bar is open and i'm sure i'll have a sure seat in there.. not to mention, a VIP treatment.

unfortunately, both mind and body says NO!

i'll go ZZzzzzz early tonight and smilin'.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

goodbye aida, lorna and fe

my neck's got some kindda allergy.. wonder where i got this. a few days ago it was itchy, now it's giving me some sulky feeling... let me remember the ways...

the damn beddings of our "love nest" must've been the penetrator! err, i mean, perpetrator...i can only count with my one hand the times it's been replace with a new one.. like yesterday!

or it could be the water.. since our water is pump all the way from down under, it could have suck some unwelcome entities along the way.

shit, could be my shirt/s. seems our house help had been slacking lately since she's decided to "stay-out" of the household. worst, she's two months preggy. oh, what am i supposed to expect from her staying at her boyfriend's house, pray the rosary? and so, that explains the nauseating smell emanating from my clothings.. her lackadaisical drive to deliver effective and efficient service. tsk tsk tsk....

or it could also be from the gym... you know, the rust from those bars, the sweat from all the people who've used the benches, handles and plates... they've dried out there and formed a very potent germs or bacteria... that must've been the CULPRIT!

ahhhh, i can only wonder.

meanwhile, went out last saturday night purposely to pay my debt to a friend. since the other week i was at my other friend's bar, Beach Roots, got drunk and forgot to pay my bills, i decided to go back and "clean up my acts."

we had a few rounds and as usual, i got drunk again.. went to some sleazy bar (me only cos i was trippin')... y'know, the whole nine yards.. boy, did i have fun? hmmmmmm... a bit but i felt a few regrets after. as i drove back home, i got really, really sleepy driving the motorcycle. you know, the breeze during the wee hours of the morning.. the chill... i was there driving super drunk and wasted... i almost got into an ACCIDENT!

the next day or hours later, woke up famish and ate everything on sight. a week of hard labor and pain to shape-up... all went down to nil. GREAT!

so now, i'm not going out unless it's really a special occasion. make no mistake about it, i still enjoy the feeling of being inebriated and getting that "high" feeling, but life's got new meaning for me now... i see things differently and better. i don't think i will waste my time for that purpose anymore unless i have to. i can't even find the time to paint our room and the other rooms in our house, or rip my music CD's back to my PC (which i missed listening a lot), or fix the arrangement of my brother's room (which is where i usually hang around), or go to the rooftop where the white lady roams around, etc. etc. etc.... yet i still have time for a good freaking time?!?

nah, i've had my days with all that nightlife and fun. i'm happy for my friends who're happy with their lives... but i guess, this definitely is the curtain call for me... time to bade nightlife goodbye.... i love you... but i won't miss you... mwah!

unless of course, this babes lure me back....