Sunday, March 09, 2014

human genome

i had this stolen this from Yahoo!

I was making pottery one day because it gives me pleasure to create art from clay. To my amazement, one of my hand-made coffee mugs spoke to me and said "I don't want to be a coffee mug. I prefer to be a vase". 

I smiled and said "but I am the potter, and you are only the clay. I decided what you should be, and you are a perfect coffee mug. You have no ability to transform yourself into something else. That power rest with me alone". 

The coffee mug was angry with me, and rebelled. It tried and tried to transform itself into a vase, but it only managed to break off it's handle. It still didn't look much like a vase. It looked ugly & broken. 

Of course I forgave it, because it is only a silly mug and it doesn't know any better.

it's talking about some silly transgender woman wanting to compete in some female division competition.

really? how the freak is that even fair?

Saturday, March 08, 2014

i. will. not. die. sober.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

speed bumps

was on my way to victory... i mean, i could literally smell it already.

with the pace i'm going, there is no doubt it's gonna be a back-to-back victory. i'm unstoppable!

unfortunately (or more precisely, fortunately)  sister decided to come home earlier. it's supposed to be May, but today, she arrived.

and we ate. a lot.

lets start with the ribs... then the chocolates... and it's only day one for their (sister and friend) eight day furlough. it's not gonna be easy on the coming days. not to mention, the time to exercise won't be a breeze now.

i hit a snag when we went to Baguio City... no exercise and eat everything on site. that was only three days and two nights and my body felt like i'm back to square one.

after this loooong snag, i have six days to get back to the swing of things.


on the bright side, i get to have a new shoes, some jeans and shirts.... and lotsa chocolates!

wish me luck!!