Wednesday, July 30, 2008


i wanna sleep!!


tired and overtrained from yesterday's session/s.

i went to "test drive" the gym my officemate, Tina, is a member of.


it's like apples and lemons if you compare it to my current gym. the place has a very nice ambience, the people, lets just say they smell better.. haha! and the equipments? whoa!! i love it there, mate.. superb, to say the least.

i guess i have outgrown my current gym.. pretty much done everything there.. swept all the dumbbells (from the lightest to the heaviest), racked up most plates in most machines.. got all the raves from vets to noobs (y'know, the ooohhhss and the aahhhhsss, the unusual starings etc.), gained respect (yep, it's nice to have one in there especially if you work and bust your ass hard) shet, it's getting less challenging, to be honest.

thus, now i feel i need to bring my "A" game somewhere else where it'd be more challenging, things will be like "new" again, loads of techniques to learn and lotsa girls waiting, err, i mean, new equipments to de-virginized.. haha!

i got about three weeks to decide.. after my gym due, i'd take a week break to rest and deload.. think things over..

though it's a little pricey, it's worth every penny..

but nothing's final yet 'til the fat lady farts.. lol!


my buddy, Boyet, is coming over from NJ. i remembered the last time we had "fun," we morning the night away!

tell you what, i can only count with my two hands the number of real friends i have.. i probably have hundreds of "friends..." and they all come and go.. it's not the number, homs, it's the quality of friends.. those who'd stand by you no matter what.. who'll never desert you whether you're up or down..

that, to me, matters more than anything else.

so, to all my friends out there, reel or real, i am your friend forever.. no matter what...

i think i'm gonna cry now..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

subliminal message


yay! i'm trying to decrypt the body language of some people around... uhm, me?

it's tough, dude.

you should try it sometimes...

i did have trouble hitting the log with all that thought going through my cranked out brain.. shet, i don't need this thang, mate!

nope, gotta think otherwise now..


i'm trying to finish that post i'm supposed to be having days ago, but unfortunately, this new system of ours, just won't let me.. not to mention, privacy issues are hounding me... feels like i've got eyes all over.. can't think straight these days, momma... i think it's time to vanish from blogsphere and move somewhere else... i dunno... i dunno...

better zit it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

i don't care.

yeah, lemme repeat that.. i don't care.

feels good not to give a rats on someone you thought you'd care about.. you feel me?

but geez.. i dunno.. i'm not that bad..

i try to be...


here's a song..

for me!!!


this week's rundown...

monday was a hard one.. damn, when did i choose the easy road, eh?

i always try to finish these bodypart routines in a day - chest, shoulders, upper-back, triceps... then i have to break it all down to mini exercises.. i know, i know.. you don't get the picture.. quit figuring it out already!

remember, ignorance is bliss.

tuesday was worst. though not in flying colors, i made it through.

wednesday - OFF.

thursday's grind was a tad easier.. or NOT. rey was there to provide me with his usual off-tangent teasing.. anyway, he just shut-up when i stop reacting..

friday, i had to deviate from my usual routine.. damn, somebody beat me to the squat rack.. well, there's always the equally brutal deadlift.. off i went.. then squat later.. not too cool arrangement for me.. i felt tired and stiff when i got to the heavy part..


in between those days, i managed to go out with friends.. took a day's leave and pretty much rest my ass..

as i've mentioned before, i don't like going out on weekdays.. not when i'm soooo tired and ready to crawl on my way home.. but off i went.. i gotta..

anyway, long story short, we ended up in this bar.. i didn't wanna go there.. promise.

not only was i wearing my dorky uniform and my faded shirt, i had a sweatful early on and i probably didn't smell anywhere near 'good.' ok, i stink! happy now?

and this buddy of mine, of all the days we go out, he just felt the need to "table" some girls.. now, it's just both of us there but he took three ladies.. damn!

i'm not being a 'killjoy' but i just didn't have "it." y'know, the "mojo" to mix it up with 'em.. catch my drift?

he ordered more beers like he just won in the lottery!

damn, i'm so stressed out thinking of the bills we're gonna pay later.. 'til the alcohol kicked in.. i felt relax and was ready to play dirty... muhahahaha!!!

anyway, we did pay more than i expected (we originally planned to just drink two beers and flee) and things did went nasty as the night wore on...

it was fun alright but i ended up goin' home early... early in the morning!

to think i wasn't in my best that night... oohhhh.. the what if's....

and did i mentioned he paid all the bills?

the dude must've won the lottery, yeah?


by the way, my officemate Tina is aiming for this bod right here..

good luck!

Love Love Love

lets just rock it...

cos i still got no time to write anything... too tied up, homs...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wanna wait in vain?

love this song.... sooooo much!

HONEYMOON SUITE's What Does It Take,ladies and gents....

got some reely juicy stories for y'all.. but that would have to wait 'til later, bucko... ciao!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

the rundown

yesterday was "Annihilation Day." i pretty much did got annihilated in the gym... but it's all worth it. why? i'll tell you later, alligator.

my buddy Earl texted my earlier last night.. we'd go hang around somewhere. good thing wifey went to Bohol to attend to her uncle's wake.. yes, another one bites dust. another acquaintance also died last week.. suicide. apparently he's been having trouble with his work and personal stuff.. he's been putting a brave front all this time only to take his life away -- by hanging!

good luck for both you, err, i mean, bless your souls.

shifting back, i had a standing invites from the Sales crew that we'd go videoke or just have a beer or something after our Award's night. it was planned days ago, but when my buddy texted, without a doubt, i went with my "crew" and ditch what could have been a "fun" nightout with the rest of my colleagues.. yeah, ladies and gents, homs.

anyway, t'was a nice getaway.. we went bar hopping and enjoyed the last bar we set our foot on.. so much dancing.. lotsa sexy bods.. gyrating all over the place.. hot ladies all over our corner... just a nice a place to party.

finally, we ended up in a place where you wouldn't wanna know what happened.. ha ha!

got home around 4am... no regrets though.. i definitely could use the breather.

well, they had "fun" last night, i was told.. just dunno which one was more fun.. your guess is as good as mine, babe.

weekend, here i come!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

tina tina tina!!!

must've been hard for her. Tina, my officemate. she's been called FAT a number of times.. not funny being called like that.. i should know.. good thing about being BIG these days is that i don't have a bulging stomach. my "meat" is well and evenly distributed all over.

her dilemma, she's having trouble working out and her supposed partner has been slacking this early... like she's gotten off the gym for days now. worst, her gym, a super hyped-up center that boasts of great equipments and amenities wouldn't give her a simple program to follow... of course, they'll do if she forks out three more grand on top of her monthly due, otherwise, she's on her own.. how cunning, ey?

this early, her struggle with her partner, the what-to-do program, her constant cravings and her choices of food, her need to be pushed to do her thang, and loads of shit coming her way spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

in fact, it could lead to failure if she can't keep it all together.

personally, i would like her to succeed.. really.

she'd be their poster girl come what may.

fingers crossed.

Love Remains the Same

perfect.. it was just a perfect workout.

needless to say, things are getting obvious around "the kitchen" and it's time to sorta tone down the fitness talky-walky.

anyhoo, this is nothing to do with my end... i went to this gym somewhere north cos i had a delivery to make.. an instructor ordered something and i gotta get my butt out there...

surprise, surprise!!

saw a lot of guys doing dumbbell/barbell curls.. some wearing lifting belts which they don't really need.. well, i just know.. i get to wear mine when i'm almost at the top of my set/s.. in case my core muscles will have trouble holding on to whatever's making me lose balance.. and that's when i'm in the super heavy part.. around eighty percent of my top set, to be precise.

it's no wonder guys like Rey, me and and a few handful of people get stared at cos we're, ahem, a rare breed..



love this song but i'm betting my next month's salary this ain't the official video.. well, they say it looks fine just as well.. so there ya go.. enjoy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

get over.. regrets..

get over it.

move on.

life's short.

this is message is for you. you reading this? good.

yeah, some people can't just get over themselves.. why don't cha forget the past and while you're at it, erase whatever traces of anything between you two?

sounds easy, ey?

it is.

you just have to do it... otherwise, you are on denial trying to say one thing yet thinking another.. uhm.. like getting into each other's arm again? live happily ever? do i have to jolt you off your seat to wake up already?!?


now, i have this pesky texter who keeps on texting me the whole day.. sometimes we'd end up talking about sex. he/she confessed to have over 200 "friends" or shall we call text-mates.. damn, that should qualify him/her to a Guiness World Record, yeah?

him/her cos i'm not too sure if he's/she's a she or otherwise.. haven't heard his/her voice though i tried calling... am not too excited either to know or see him/her.. damn, i'm getting tired with this! lets just pretend the person is a female, aight?

anyway, i'm not the jealous kind, but i'm not too keen on sharing when it comes to the opposite sex.. unlike RAJ whose all too willing to share everyone he bedded, i don't.

i want to be exclusive... me alone. if you're "fishing" for a guy/date and text message everyone else to sorta "ride" with your trip, consider me.. NOT.

if i'm gonna risk it, it'd better be worth the trip, otherwise, i won't budge.

been there, done that.

it hurt like hell and i won't fall for it EVER again.

when it comes to "those" things, i don't look forward for anything.. i just let 'em fall into its right places... my Dad loves this song, "Que Sera, Sera..."

i like the thought, but no, not so much the song..


i just got to 340 pounds with my deadlift. nice.. nice..

i haven't been breaking my personal records (PRs) since i got back, but i've been working on other things.. and it's not the end of the year yet.

the gym instructor had been calling me "Hulk Hogan" not because i look anywhere close to HH but for the brute strength i've been showing around.. can't stop the strange stares from other gym-goers though, but what can i do, this is how i roll when i'm workin' out?!?

deal with it.

and then on Friday we'll be having our Award's Night. the food's in-charge needed volunteers.. one of my officemate prodded me to go for it cos i now look like a "bouncer!" damn, can i take that as a compliment?

geez, this bulking phase better be over soon... i guess it's also good to look forward to something better in the future.. keeps me goin' and motivated.


Hayley Williams

i just love her!

nice rockin' voice too...

Monday, July 14, 2008



the routine is getting tougher everyday.. one English guy approached me and asked why i'm being an ass and do all that heavy lifting.. well, something to that effect, and he further queried whether i even thought about getting some sorta definition instead of doing all that powerlifting when apparently there ain't no powerlifting competition around the corner.. i replied by whopping his ass!!


i politely replied that well, this is a personal quest for me, chump. would you be competing if you wanna have six pack? i bet not. how about a huge chest or a define shoulders? how about a massive quads? nope, right? we all have our goals and i happen to set mine on stone early this year - hit the 300 pound mark on bench, squat and deadlift.. where have you been surfing the net all this time, English man?

but seriously, what i've been lifting are waaayyyy too puny compared to the guys i've met in some forums.. they'd bench what i could squat.. how's that?

when i'm done with this phase i'm gonna switch gears and do the most ambitious phase i'll ever be... cutting down.. while at it i'm gonna go for that sex, err, i mean, six pack... we'll see what happens...


meanwhile, i have some more stories to tell but i gotta go now.. maybe later.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Spike 'Em


to our new system... CRAP!

it's very slow. imagine many users accessing one CPU/Server and you have a crawling station.. so they use this system to save up on software licenses... brilliant! however, it's been marred with bugs since they've installed it.. our IT personnel is close to cracking up since they just went ahead replacing the old system without informing users and mapping out everything.. a lot of us had been complaining and boy, you can smell the tension they're feeling.. as i've said, i don't like this CRAP.. in fact, i would very much rather have those good ol' budget PC (read: surplus) than this sophisticated-looking but downright disappointing duds..

oh yeah, we still can't do shit cos our friggin server upstairs hasn't been turned on and nobody knows the password... you feel me now?

enough with the rants.. i just might throw this off the window.


it used to be that i hit the gym six days a week.. then i thought, heck i'm too "over-trained" with this routine so i cut it to five.. then, i woke up one day on the wrong side of the bed and figured maybe i just make it a two-day split.. so monday i'd go lower then tuesday i'd go upper.. then on wednesday i'd rest.. repeat again on thursday and friday.. in other words, i'm down to a four-day a week workout.

nice, huh?

then came my coffee-laden supplement. there's no way in the world i'd guzzle it later of the day or i'd be having panic/anxiety attacks at night.. so i ended up hitting the gym early.. but since i won't have all the time in the world to finish my punishing routine in the morning session, i ended up splitting it. now i need to come back for more pain later in the day.. thus, if you do the math, i ended up hitting the gym exactly eight times a week!

what the??!

hey, that's just the way i like it... makes my life more exciting..

everything should go back to "normal" next month.

i'm still looking for that 300 pounds bench... i've been fortunate to learn from the best (thanks to internet) but i have to do the grind on my own..

i'm delighted i can now bench using the bar. the shoulder pain seem to subside and i also learn a few techniques that pretty much help deal with the pain and improved my form..

i gotta say i get a "whoa!" look whenever i do my sets.. it's not everyday (at least in my gym) that they see somebody like me.. you know, going beyond what average fitness buff usually do in the gym.. i liked it a lot that people respect me.. you wouldn't wanna mess with a friggin' strong guy, would ya?

that also applies outside the gym.. since i have HOT wife and i don't mind people staring at her when she's at her best (mighty proud of it, tell you that), but they know when to draw the line.. you don't wanna mess with a lady whose got a muscular partner, do ya?

and it goes the same when we're outside having some boys nightout.. happened recently actually. while we were having a grand time in some bar and a "pack of sheeps" were there trying to score a bunch of lady just across our table.. they all got a "talk to the hand" gesture from the girls but when we introduce ourselves, we got lucky. they'd "table" us in fact. later, some of those sheep tried in vain to sorta steal the femmes from us, but when they saw the "wolves," they just scram.. me and my body, we just look very fierce and intimidating.. ha ha!


anyway, i wouldn't think of it that way.. no matter how muscular or nicely build you are, some guys are just way too aggressive you wouldn't know if they're concealing weapon somewhere.. one shot and you're dead.. this gain, it'll never spoil me.. i earned everything i did in the gym the hard way... gotta keep myself grounded.. ALL THE TIME.

by the way, if you've noticed how disorganize this post from the get go, it is because i'm writing this at the mercy of my lovely officemate, Lorraine. she's not here yet so i'm taking advantage of her PC... she's not yet into that CRAP nComputing just yet.

geez, i better start jotting down my thoughts, cos if this is the way the "future" goes, i should be able to post in a huff.

now, i wish it's two-weeks later already so i don't have to squeeze my way into the movie house and watch Heath on his final performance...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

my new PC sucks!!!

it's friggin slow.. it's using a hub instead of a CPU (NComputing system).. the mouse jumps all over.. i can't open my files.. internet sucks as well.. i can't disable some system configuration cos it is now solely controlled by our IT peeps.. meaning, i'm screwed if i surf around cos they can now CLEARLY see my station.. the best!

lemme greet them "HI!" cos i'm betting i'm being watched right at this moment.

on the plus side, my screen is now LCD, fancy keyboard, optical mouse and i can now listen to something cos speakers are built-in..

i wouldn't trade my old school 386 PC for any of these, though.

i'm still working my ass around it and i'm seriously thinking of 'enabling' my home's internet connection again cos i just hate this new whatchamacallit system we're having right now.. sucks!!! sucks!!! sucks!!!

IT peeps yo reading this??!!??

and did i mentioned we're using IE instead of the cool Firefox browser? no more spell-chekcer.. damm'it! see, i just mispelled a word and i wouldn't know if i mispilled it... waaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

later with that boring workout log...


Monday, July 07, 2008

the grind

the mind is willing.. but the body is weak..

then again, mind over matter, baby!

though i struggled the whole time in the gym yesterday, felt good enough early on to pull it through.. and came back for more!

there's been a surge of gym membership lately. pretty crowded yesterday so i gotta improvise, otherwise, i'd have a mediocre session... gotta be quick and alert with the equipments, if you know what i mean.

well, out of say, 20 newbies, i bet only a handful would persevere and press on to a few more months.. they'd probably just quit like anyone before. basically, i can only count with my fingers and toes the number of people who had become familiar faces.. the rest just come and go.

going back, yeah it was all mind over matter yesterday... after a shot of the NO-Shotgun supplement and warming up for a few minutes, it was all business.

as time went by, my energy peak just in time and tapered down as i neared the end of the session... that's when i felt a huge weariness.. i guess hitting the chest, back, shoulders and abs all at the same time when you had a drinking spree the night before was a little too much a grind..

i grind ahead and went even further... working the delts and triceps in the succeeding session.. whoa there!

i promise myself to be back in my usual routine as soon as i finish the darn tub of supplement i'm taking.. halfway there now, thank you.

i gotta keep my training up.. i'll be fighting Pacquiao soon... in the video game!

he he!

oh, by the way, i meant the grind.. NOT..

sleep deprivation


Earl drop by the house last night and whaddaya expect.. we got drunk.

hit the log around 1am and have to wake up at six...

thus, i'm a walking zombie today.

hhmmmm.. i guess some have worst experience than me.. like their sleep's a lot shorter.



Saturday, July 05, 2008

impromptu, as usual.

i can't believe i opened Blogger and don't know what the heck am i gonna say.

when i'm out or doing something else, i usually have a slight idea what to yak about in here.. sadly, nothing 'out there' seem to inspire me.

what? what? what?

Happy weekend?

Happy Independence Day?

ssshhhhhhh... i'm tinkering..

ok. lemme bore you.

i've been reading a lot tips about training.. (here we go again!)

well, i'd usually spend an average of two or more hours in the gym. now comes this tip from world renowned strength/powerlifting coach, Christian Thibaudeau.

i'll save you the trouble today, check his WEBSITE

so he mentioned "Keep Your Training Sessions Under 60 Minutes..." that spells trouble for me, cos one hour isn't just enough.. it's friggin' tough to get my ass off the gym to begin with!

anyhoo, i just might do that.

maybe that's one reason why my recovery had been real slow.. let alone weariness boils over to another day.. like today!

and NO, no more training and gym talk on Saturdays puhhlezzzz!!!


i just listened to this song yesterday and i pretty much scoured the net and YouTube digging and searching...

finally, FOUND IT!

now listen...

soooo cool the guitar works in the intro, ey?

it's no wonder why i had trouble searching it cos it's titled Dizz Knee Land


Thursday, July 03, 2008


back into the groove..

can't really talk much about workouts... it's getting tiring "logging" everything here.

one thing i can tell you though, i'm getting there... my goal..

kinda crazy when i look at myself in the mirror... i am BIG!

not FAT BIG... MUSCLED baby.. not freakish BIG, though..


another invites down the drain...

i ain't hanging out on weekdays, got that?!?

yeah, this one is a real good deal.. free dinner and drinks.. on the house baby!

but NO, thanks.

RAJ and the rest of the sales crew are going courtesy of some bank who kissed their asses... you know, kinda bribe them to corner those juicy financing deal instead of the competition.. that's the way this folks roll.

reality check.

speaking of RAJ, this dude actually relishes being notorious.. he likes it a lot if he's being called a Playboy or a Man-Whore... in fact, he'd smile ear-to-ear if you call him a Fucker.. it's like every pussy, err, i mean, whore, ooppps, bitch, nah, fuck body... ok, ok.. girl or a lady he bedded is a "trophy" or another "stripe" on his chest.. this dude is one major slut!

every time we hangout, he always tells me he's "arranged" some girls who'd join us later.. and he is pretty much true to his word. it's just that being married and all, it kinda makes me feel awkward... did i mentioned he's married too?

oh well.

so much for that sonofabitch!

more craps later....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Welcome to RAJ's World


i seriously need a massage.

gotta loosen up.. my muscles right now are sooo strung tight. i like that my forearms are showing some veins.. i like being vascular. i used to like having calloused palms since i've always have them soft, but now i want those darn callous to go away!

they hurt when i do pulling exercises... especially deadlifts.

i dunno.. would the girls be turned off holding my hands?

hhhmmmmm... just wondering... some like 'em soft.. some dig HARD!


so, the new "program" seem to work just fine, eh?

too bad it's too darn tiring...

we'll see.. uhm, i'll see..


*cough* *cough*

ok, so we went out last Saturday.. though i had planned ahead of the day to do things solo, RAJ had another plan. he approached me later that day and told me we'd go have a little "good time."

i've mentioned this dude here before, so for a little background, do some digging, aight?

anyway, i was expecting some "clean fun" cos we were heading to a videoke joint just a few meters away from our office.

with him was our former sales consultant, lets call her Jill and another girl, a petite but yummy and i don't know her name.. bad memory had been haunting me for years... so sorry.

Ms. Petite. that's what we'll call her, shall we?

a new guy, Ronnie, joined in.

well, what do ya do in a videoke joint? that's right, sing and drink.. damn, i haven't have one drink yet but i already had enough "thickness" to start singing... hhhmmm.. must've been the Testosterone level... the meter should read "High," otherwise i'd be too damned shy to even hold the microphone (mic).

i guess i'm just itching to chill and relax after a grueling week in the gym.

had a few songs.. RAJ would pass the mic to me, Ronnie or Jill on certain occasion and vice versa.. gulped down more Red Horse beer.. a few hours later RAJ and Ms. Petite girl were already showing signs of PDA (public display of affection). geez, i'm jealous..

on the other side of the table, Ronnie who's a "greenhorn" when it comes to drinking, started to loosen up.. too loose for comfort at that.. since him and Jill were seat mates, he started doing his "patented" whisperin' move to flirt his way under her panties.. damn, why didn't i think that move can get you somewhere? soooo naive of me..

so if you've been painting a picture in your brain, that's exactly what happened. they were having a ball while i was there trying to play coy... and a "gunner." the guy who takes care of pouring out the drinks and passing it on to everyone.. clockwise.. that's a gunner, hombre!

anyway, a few necking and petting later, RAJ and Ms. Petite suddenly vanished... i think they were gone for a good 30 minutes... makes us wonder.

later he arrived but without Ms. Petite...

i think his knees were still wobbling a bit.. damn, the dog just FFFBlleeeepp! Ms. Petite inside his car!

whoa there man..

he sat beside me grinning... then he whispered "Idol, here's the key if you wanna go next."


what the hell?

i said "No Way!"

so we continued with our singing and drinking trip like nothing happened 'til he whispered to me again... "That Jill over there, i just FFFBlleeeepp her last week.."

man, man....

what did i just got myself into?

am i gonna be in an orgy later?

anyhoo, Ronnie had a grand time flirting with Jill while me and RAJ continued singing..

"you know those bitches, they are just for intro, we'd have more girls here around 10 or 11" the dawg again whispered... "don't get too drunk.." he added.

around 11pm we hit the road.. i was sitting at the back with Ms. Petite.. boy, she's looking used and tired while RAJ, Ronnie and Jill were at the front seat... Ronnie was still at it and things got more intense between him and Jill... use your imagination, amigo!

being a "good boy," i never took advantage of Ms. Petite even though i could've easily do.

FFFBlleeeepping boy scout!

then all of a sudden, she just rose from her sleep and lied next to my lap.. shoot!! temptation, bubba..

now, i want SEX... ha ha!

tipsy but not "over the limits," i still was able to think reasonably clear.

"i did not have sexual relations with that woman.. but i wanted to.." you recall that line from an HBO series, yeah (i think..)??

she just had one "quickie" with RAJ, remember?

besides, i don't bring rubbers around.. read my lips GOT NO PLAN SCREWING AROUND. comprender?

lest you forget, i am weak when it comes to that part - SEX and candy.

RAJ even mentioned that "you guys should check-in and have a good time."

"NO." i'm pretty sure i can live another day without getting into somebody's pants... well, i guess.

i dunno about you but this guy is really something... he is one BADA$$ EFFFer!

later, we drove through a massage parlor that does "extra service."

i thought hard about it... i decline in the end.

the dude wanted to go and gimmick some more... i said "NO."

what the hell.. i've been saying lotsa "NO" lately.. it wouldn't hurt if say "NO" s'more, eh?

you've got "NO" problem me sayin' "NO" again, right?

i know, i know...

there's plentiful part here i left to your imagination cos my fingers are starting to bleed.. LOL

yeah, i'll just update this story later... right now, i gotta GO.

and before i forget... Hi to my colleagues who're reading this Blog.

now, keep this to yourself and get back to work already, huh!


wastin' time.. when i think about it...

tomorrow, i should be able to tell ya that "Welcome to RAJ World" episode..

as you very well know, i'm almost "toasted" by the time i'm here writing some post for the day thingy...

but since wednesday is a semi rest day, i might have some energy to spill the bean.

you really wanna read this one.. it's one helluva action time.. and, my "finest hours."

Buzzin' out.