Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i would have wanted to talk about our bar's impending demise but i had too much of that yesterday, i don't think i wanna delve into it further.

but, my heart goes out for all the gloomy faces of our workers whose starting to feel the heat, uncertainties and what future awaits them....

we'll just take it one day at a time peepz... stop crying your heart out...

i say, life goes on.


today, i'm goin back to the gym. after two weeks of being out, i'm itching and so prepped up to hit those machines and free weights of my new gym again. went there yesterday to check out their facility and was impressed with the equipments and all but, got a little uneasy with the new faces i have to deal with.

anyway, i'll be there for a month and a month only. rex' gym is not quite finish yet. but, by the time i'm due with my current gym, his should be complete already, or, i'm gonna have to kick his ass. joke!


i just got my pc disassembled down to it's last component. let's see if i can put it back on again in a few days. well, i needed to break it down cos the cooling fans (5 of them to be exact for maximum ventilation) were obviously gathering too much dust. when it's turned on, there's some annoying sound/s that were coming out from all of them. had it lubricated, paint brush all the fan's propellers, cpu's mother(fuckin?) board, casing, drive enclosures and everything from dust.

hopefully, when i'm done putting it back all together, there won't be excess screws and parts left to install, it'll be faster and, i won't have to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" (read: BOOOOOMMM!!!) when i turn it on.


now, it's time to do the grind.

Monday, August 28, 2006

this is how to begin when you don't know how.... oh yeah, that's the one. the intro? you just read it.

it's weird.

everytime i'm done with all the supposed "fun" weekend and all that drinking binge we had in our joint, i always end up feeling a lot of guilt. i don't know why but somehow, after all the "happiness," i feel really, really empty inside. damn, hate that feeling, dude!

i don't want to say anything forward cos i'm no good at it but i'll try to skip the "night life" for now and for as long as i could. besides, i needed to finish up reading two important books i've been browsing through simultaneously (muti-tasking is my last name, by the way) everytime i'm stuck in the c.r. for upset stomach or had too much red "whore" the night before.


last saturday, i celebrated the eve of my birthday over there at beach roots. i did not told anyone about it cos i hate the attention and the fuss... i just got older and wiser today... no big deal, no drama. i was having sooo much fun with whomever was it hanging out in the bar... (yeah, the kind of fun you and i can only get when we're hanging out there... no need to elaborate here) that i practically forgotten what time did i went to my car and snooze 'til morning!

i woke up around 6am. check my things if everything was still intact. i'll make a wild guess, i slept like a log that time. when i woke up i had no recollection how i got there but i knew i thought about not driving anymore with my condition cos i'm surely inviting accident again.

btw, this is the 3rd time i got "knocked" in there. it usually happens when i'm bringing the cage... i get a little comfortable with it as my ride than having to do a whole lot of balancing act on a two-wheeled vehicle under the influence of you know what.

on my birthday, wifey wouldn't understand that it's too dangerous to cruise around town "loaded." we had our usual fit just like ordinary days... instead of taking a long sleep, i ended up tinkering with my pc and played grand theft auto - vice city (i have san andreas but the former loads and plays faster) and smoke some shits away! was pretty therapeutic, actually. about 9am, my sister from ny called and greeted me. boy, the familiar voice, the sense of belongingness, the sincerity, the "real deal" sense of concern ---- ladies and gentlemen, i cried and wept like a baby. i guess this is it. this has got to be better than wasting all my enemies playing gta. call me what you like but i felt really good after burning the line for quite some time with her just opening up myself.

after the long chat, went back to my "fortress" (the place in the house where everything dear [includes some guns and ammo, xxx cd's...etc. and beware] to me are stored in utmost secrecy and privacy) but this time, i just played some cool music and reflect on all the shitty things i've done... all of these were all my doings, i thought.

surprise, surprise! around 10am, wifey had a change of heart. she brought me some hot soup and was being nice.

went ahead with my day alternately playing the pc and/or watching what's on dream tv. my younger bro, alan would text me later from the land of milk and honey . thanks for the greetings man. a few hours more and earl, my "best friend forever" arrived later that afternoon and joined me and wifey (see how women can nag you, like, forever and be your best pal in a few hours? one complicated piece of work, really... but, love 'em a lot) while we belted out some of our recently brought pirated disks from our "suki."

it's a wonder how a 1300 watts of amps, 10 band graphic equalizer, a huge 15' woofers (this is bragging rights time, dude) can make one crummy voices like ours sound pleasant, ey? must have been that we got the voice echo mix slid to the max for that "adequate" output, huh?

so, there goes my birthday "episode." as i've said, didn't want the fuss. if i wanted to , you'd probably knew it since january, huh?

time to press Ctrl-S.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

the headlines today:

"Cebu City inspectors: Mango strip ‘dangerous’ "

"Mango Square asked to justify violations"


well, i had fun while it lasted. of course, i'm keeping my fingers cross... expect the worst and hope for the best, as the maxim says.

we already had our ROI. it won't hurt so much if things wouldn't go our way. how 'bout those who spent a mil or more of pesoses and just starting out? how are they gonna recover the lost investment? breath man, breath. it's not over 'til the bulldozer runs over your stalls.

i guess, it's also a way of slapping the management of mango square for being too insensitive and greedy... practically selling every nook to any interested tom, dick and harry of what used to be its parking space! even tenants had to fight whatever space they believe as their own cos nobody gave them a specific area where to put their tables and chairs. and then more stalls are popping out of nowhere like, everyday. somebody build right beside ours, infront and even behind our asses! even in the unimaginable places, it is being rented out!

as i have been posting here before, the place is so crammed up on weekends you'd hardly breath. not to mention, the space, the c.r.... ahhhh, go figure...

lemme just cite to you how greedy these fuckers who runs the place are. upon the renewal of our contract this year, they've increased our rent by a whopping 50%! not only that, they had our water and electric re adjusted to a much highier charging on per kilowatt and per cubic meters, respectively. even more, our CUSA (from what i understand, is another scam of theirs to charge us for every square meter we occupy --- in short, bullshit!) increased by 100%! (am i correct here lou?).

after city hall made all that surprise inspection and stuff (though i sense some hanky-panky, mumbo-jumbo intentions from the city hall. here), they again asked us to make a one time fee of 3 g's for some building permit! man, how greedy this people can get, huh?! the place where our kiosk is planted is not a building but an open plaza! why charge us?? and, they are supposed to take that from all the increases they've implemented on us and yet, in these hard times, when everything seem hopeless, they still managed to milk us some more!

you know what? fuck it, have tomas close the entire mango square, i don't care! (except for the many people who are about to lose their jobs) those who felt they have been cheated by the management for all the crap they were promised to, you can sue those blood sucking freaks, kill 'em all or just burn the place down.

so yeah, have those filthy rich guys of ludo and luym burn in hell.

we should have a farewell party guys... like, maybe, starting tonight 'til tomas decides to pull the plug??

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

first off, my apologies for the green guy whose making a bleeee and then a dirty finger.... and also, the tireless monkey walking around and flashes his.... ummmm, "booo" sign... and yes, bart simpson showing his ass off...

well, those were a little of "adult content" animations, i know. thought they'd spruce up this place a bit....

didn't claim to be a moralist and neither an extremist.

we clear?


boyet finally came to meet us, "former office & drinkin' mates" at our "soon to be closed" bar at mango square. had a helluva good time with the guys goin' full circle. louie, dexter and eugene all came. except for louie whose a partner in the bar, i haven't had much "meeting" session with the rest of the crew.

we had a great laugh with our usual antics. we're definitely better now with a lot of things. but, of course, some things never change. some made quite a revelation... a confession, if you may. am.... let's skip this part... shall we?

again, this is one of the few night outs i have where i get to see the sunlight, wasted. i actually gave my word to boyet that i would roll with him wherever and for as long as it takes... and i did!

by 6am, only two guys were left standing.

two things i need to get through the day: coffe black and aspirin.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

talk to arden, the service manager of bimmer dealership, earlier today. i don't know what led us into motorcycles but we got there anyway and was surprised to know he owns a CR250 and a KMX125 (which he got mod to 175cc) dirt bikes. i thought this guy, considering his position, couldn't be driving around town without the usual cage. geeeez, he also sports a few scars on his legs. we actually got a little braggy (yeah, i know the word's not on webster's yet but it'll be soon) about our scars.

told him i used to own an XLR200 but sold it early this year. the cool dude actually goes mountain trailing! i have been driving mine for over three years and the worst trail i've ever been to is in my uncle's place. i would have gone mountain trailing if i had a bud to go with or a group of bikers i can join. in my circle of friends, nobody's into it and i was too busy to join a group. so, all that power, muscles and spikes of my dirt bike - all went to naught.

here's the good one, the dude invited me for some trailing and offered me to drive his other bike, the KMX and boy, was i smiling ear to ear! that, of course, is still something to materialize but i'm looking forward to it. i still have my "for motocross" helmet. it sure could use some "dust eliminating" job, fast.

it's a little nostalgic for me to say, that even if my bones are giving me some kind of pain sometimes due to the injuries i suffered from the past, i just have to this. i miss my dirt bike a lot and this would sort of "unite" me with 'em. if i fall and scratch a few skin or fracture some bones along the way, at least it's something worth it (rather than crashing into something due to drunkeness). i definitely would try to be as careful as i can be.

can't wait, dear!

Monday, August 21, 2006

1,150,000 ++
1,020,000 ++
and then 782,000 ++

you probably asks, "what the heck are those fiigures for??"

bragging rights, man... bragging rights....

you wanna know what? nah, you wouldn't dare ask. but, if you do, i just might tell ya.


i had an outlandish weekend, thank you. was playing Generals for hours and was determined in my resolve to get my game going no matter how "brutal" my enemies were. i think there are seven stages in order to accomplish the whole thing. i'm on level 4. i know i'm a little slow beating their shits out but hey, i said i was rusty, right?

on the sides, i had a bonding session with our "live-in" painter. he's pretty good at what he does but i figured he might have some "loose screws" on his head. he wanted so badly to be "IN" my "inner circle" and said, "he would do anything" except, "kill somebody," to gain my trust and confidence. he practically did all the crap talk and if he had it his way, he wouldn't let me butt-in. now, that's a big no, no and a major turn-off for me. i was feeling a little awkward with the way our "trash talk" was going but i figured, hey, let's see what this fucker got, anyway.

for all the crap he said, he practically gave himself away. worst, after all that "flowery" and fiery words he told me (like, he'd take a bullet or eat shit for me!), in just a few days, he already showed his true color. man, that's the way to do it asshole! the loser even mentioned that he would wanna be our "boy" after he's done painting the house red and, was aminable to whatever fee we could afford him for as long as he's got something to buy for his "undies." now, if that ain't schlocky, wonder what is.

i'm wondering if some creep like him who almost smooch me (that's how much he wanted to be "IN") isn't a fag??! no offense to "gray" communities out there but i'm a little too scared for those who don't dress like britney or talk like aguilera kindda gay. they're like "james bond," hiding their true colors.

all i can say to him now is, "you are soooo faaayerd, boy!"

if you wanna be my close, tight and real bud, you gotta be an ass to want some asshole friend like me.

good luck!


ey, he got my time wasted writing about his antics... time to switch channels. speaking of which and far fetched from it all, just saw the cinderella man movie last week and was close to tears with the drama part. damn, i'm not gay yet, right? i also had a great time watching (again for the nth time) the profane laden, bitch slappin' (he he he... like, naked eva mendes), and one bad ass movie, training day.

now, if only, i have all the time in the world to do all the shitty things i like... i'll be damned!.

nuf said, spread the love, not the desease (now, where the heck did that come from??).

[ won't let me upload a pic, so... there.]

Saturday, August 19, 2006

[hopefully, you can see an image here]

amongst the Generals in Zero Hours expansion pack, this guy, dr. thrax, is my favorite enemy. i like to set it in hard gameplay setting. it sets my adrenaline pumping to the max.

this guy attacks from all angles... i'm kindda rusty and was having a hard time defending my turf after a long lay off... but, i'm starting to pick things up bit by bit.

excuse me while i drop some bomb on him...

Friday, August 18, 2006

sidetrack: i'm a big fan of lindsay lohan... loved her... she rocks, dude!



hi y'all! don't have much of a thought at the moment as i was (as always) at a party last night... but, the alcohol's subsiding fast... so, my blab of the day should have some tinny substance... hik!

bueno, i've been actively posting in some of the forums i've found interesting... i'm hiding under george and goryo handles...(sssshhhhhh, this is just between you and me) there's something about those names... i like 'em a lot.

you'll find most of these sites at the links section. you might wanna join me there... share your thoughts and opinion...

that'll be all for now.

be safe.

finally, had my last session earlier today and bade goodbye to the gym i've been working out for almost 10 months. kindda feel sad. see, that's the place i first started with this workout thingy. me and my bro, alan, used to hang a lot there... it's also the place where i happen to learned how to swim... whenever i go there during summer time, i'd remember a lot of happy moments... my late dad enrolled me there to a swimming class when i was just a kiddo... didn't learn a thing cos i was too scared to hold both of my legs and my breath as instructed... the water just seem so scary, i felt drowning everytime.

my bro got me back there in college. that's when i took swimming seriously... and what do you know, with sheer determination and lots of hardwork, i now swim like a fish. everyday, i look forward to get a dip in the pool. i love those days man... the best!

then we tried the gym. we didn't know what to do back then. we just lift anything in sight. one asshole who think he's "the man" of the place chided us for going there twice in a day. "when is the competition?" he blurted out. we just ignored him. he's full of shit anyway.

thus, the bittersweet feeling. ah, fuck it, life goes on!

speaking of my bro, he texted me earlier today that he finally found the "ONE." happy for you man! it's about time.


here's a confession.... nah, nevermind!

ok, lemme just say, that hanging out in a bar often could get you am.... DRUNK!

this is the part where you get to use your "WILD" imagination, baby.


gotta go... i'm sad and am not making sense... hand me a beer, bhoy!


while editing this post, somebody made a comment already... damn spammers are at it again... let's give 'em a warm welcome, shall we?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

that's what i'm talking about!

you heard me!

yep, i'm talking to myself. had one too many drink last night and got into a situation i'm freakin' scared about. getting really, really drunk pass 1am.

it was pre-meditated, i know. i didn't anticipate the few hotties who joined us later, though. damn, this is gonna drag all night long... you know, the cheap talking, a few rubbing... touching here and there. syeet, i'm gonna be late, honey!

all i really wanna do was talk to louie and tell him boyet had arrived and met up with me last tuesday. catch up with anything and everything, compare notes (he just started working out) with our gym session and drink a whole lot of beer. well, that was the plan.

ahhh! girls, ladies, women, bitches... something strange about you... i just can't resist...

so who the fuck cares if i'm drunk at 1am? me and only me. my scar is still fresh, bitch....and, it so happened that i got tons of work to do (ok, i'm exaggerating things a little bit here) today and history dictates that whenever yours truly is so freakin' wasted in those unholy hours, i'm bound to call it sick the next day. and it happened.

even though i managed to be up by 7am, i was still feeling boozed. the most logical thing to do, Zzzzzz again.

at any rate, today didn't all go to waste. when i finally managed to haul myself out of bed, went to work and had a decent outing.

BTW, had quite a surprise when i browse this masterpiece blog of mine (just roll with me here) and read a nasty comment about that "Sexiest Filipina Bloggers" post i had yesterday. though it was ,uh, pretty atrocious, to say the least, i was glad it wasn't some darn spammers again.

well, dunno much about her except for the few quotes i've read from THIS site and of course doing some "extra mile" of sleuthing. however, everything about her had been firewalled because of the recent events.

enough said, i'd like to get back on my favorite game (which i'm playing again after a yearlong hiatus), generals.

peace out.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

what can i say, i love cars!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sexiest Filipina Bloggers

read a lot of pinay blogs who were, according to michael, the sexiest filipina bloggers. i couldn't agree more. these gals are hot, dude! they packed a lot of brains, sensuality, emotions and depth. there was one named Transience who had to temporarily shut down her blog for getting one-too-few hate mails. don't do that baby, just got on your real nice, poetic and super sexy blog! damn, some good things never last, huh?

i actually stumbled upon this story: "Filipina decides to pull the plug on her blog" while browsing thru's tech section. one click led to another... and another and so on... go ahead, read on with her story...

it's also nice to look at some of the pinoy great bloggers... lots of these guys slash gays slash gals are really good at what they do and had an awful lot of time burning eyebrows...

it'll be hard for me to achieve such a feat for helluva reasons... i rarely go cheesy. i watch a lot of TV but am not your typical american idol, capt. barbell, korean import slash u.s. surplus "dubbed," slash pinoy telenovela kindda guy (ladies, don't dispair. 80 percent of guys are like me according to an a.c nielsen survey... joke!). and, am certainly not kris aquino fanatic... more reasons coming up soon!

according to one headline (which i'm not searching no link no more), blogging is for the elite... hey, i'm no elite dude, just expressing my views, opinion, sentiments and ok, drama. so beat it.

so, what's the point to all this blabbing? i guess, i'm surprised of how bold and open-minded ladies are these days... they can go toe-to-toe in expressing their views about "mature" things with men and be so openly vulgar about their sensuality to the world...

though surprise, confused and somewhat enjoying it, is there anything good we can get out of all these or are we all goin' to the dogs?

shit, i forgot, i'm not supposed to ask questions here cos only the spammers have the balls to comment. sorry peepz, my mistake.

there goes my yadi-yada for the day.

Monday, August 14, 2006

that's pretty difficult but nice pose there... "unique" to say the least...

whatever happened to anna kournikova, mate?
hey guys!

you might wanna check THIS out... just SPOT the difference...

forwarded message courtesy of my bro, alan
yeheyy! boyet telephoned (classic example of a noun wishing to be a verb... ) me this morning... "the eagle has landed," indeed... well, dunno what the plan is but i'm sure he's got some...

meanwhile, had a great time tweaking and experimenting with this ever so cool blog of moi. can you spot the obvious difference? i guess that "idiot's guide..." coupled with "learning HTML..." book(s) did some tricky thing with my brain, ey? i'm not even half of both books yet but already, am doin' some minor "damaged" here.... watch when i've read 'em 3 times... he he he

the goal is basic: learn something new everyday. it doesn't matter how big or small... well, for me, i have to cos i'm the kind of guy that gets bored sooooo easily.

guess what? while reading thru the source code of some of the coolest blogs, just pick up some more tricks... geeez, i think i should capitalize on this cos this is one of the few things i love to do... i need a superfast connection, baby!

haaaaah, there goes my episode of the day... YOU all take care of yourselves pepz!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

love her sexy nike shoes...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

just saw our audit officer and gave me a good reason not to write anything cheesy... hmmmmp!!!

where's my goddman liquidation report, dam·mit!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

oh... doohwd

i'm back on the groove.

the nasty wound on my elbow is seventy percent healed. had it tested at the gym last monday and was happy i could stretch it quite a bit. had an hour of light workout. i'll try to hit it harder later today if and when time permits.

it's been raining for days... last monday, i was on my way to SM and was about to fetch wifey (she just decided to ditch driving the mini van we bought last year specifically for her to: be MOBILE on demand, STOP bugging me, and to GET a life of her own -- all because of high fuel prices). i was near the Mabolo police station when all of a sudden the rain came down inbucketssheetstorrents! man, the rain swarmed in my clothes and apparel (you know, my make-up and stuffs..), i was practically WET all over in just minutes. i would have had sworn vicious fits to whomever caused my fate that night and sing out LOUD Vanilli Milli's song, "blame it on the rain" but, had to desist the idea... instead, i thought about how abundant our water well has become by then because our household depends so much on that. and, out of whatever water is generated to our water system, a few "connected" households are equally happy with the continous supply.

so, next time you NAG about the rain pouring and flowing profusely, remember those liquids running generously through your faucet.... they all came down from the heavens, doohwd.

.... mind you, i'm still reeking wet while i wrote this.


just watched blue crush last night over star movies... i saw the dvd disc displayed somewhere but was never tempted to buy it. just can't find the reason why spend my hard earned moolah in some surf movie with skimpy girls doing some stunt... it'll just give me some "hard-on" somewhere and it won't be a pretty sight to see. as expected, it did but was happy to watch the sand, humongous waves and all the nice beaches. 'twas pretty nice movie after all, doohwd.

now, i miss beachin' again....


it's wednesday and i haven't heard from boyet... wonder where's the doohwd? well, i can't blame him for not showing up this soon... if i miss this good friend of mine a lot, so much more his family.


it's been a really busy week for me... practically, left and right... they're like riding me to hell, doohwd! from all my bosses, to the sales, accounting and especially the freakin' auditor... they all want a piece of me... well, at least, i'm made for this kind of, bring it on!


guess i'm gonna have to slow down with my night life cos i just got healed... i'm developing phobia's of some sort ---- agoraphobia, algophobia, claustrophobia, genophobia, hemophobia, lalophobia, ligyrophobia.... WTF??

i need some "psycho" shrink to get these phobia's off my psyche, doohwd.


just days ago, i had some serious doubt with myself whether i still can "D.I.Y." (Do It Yourself) some minor household repairs. when i was younger, it used to be that whatever needs repairing in our old apartment in sepulveda st., i'd pretty much do the shitwork (except for some i could not handle anymore). when i had to build a barbell made out of cement and stone or when i need to build a cage for our chickens (our relatives from the province sends us a lot of birds way back then), i'll do, in a blink.

when i finally landed a job and earned a few bucks, i left the building and the fixing to the "handymen." thought, "i'm busy," now that i'm employed. or, just too lazy to sweat it out... "have somebody fix it!" so, even how minor it is, be it a house, car, bike, mc "situation", it's much easier to call the "experts" than me trying to look at the problem and figuring out how to fix it.

lately though, i have this growing discontentment of our "repair boys" work and how their respond time had been taking awhile. i also have this growing itch to try "D.I.Y." again. so, i took matters into my own hands in doing the installing of some stuffs in our house and was pleased to know that "I CAN." doohwd, i still have it and i'd say i'm better today than years ago. i guess having alcohol for vitamins do help, huh? heh! kidding aside, it's a wonderful feeling to have done something for our new crib. not to mention, my confidence level in terms of being a "D.I.Y." guy again shoot way up to the stars!

i'm singing james brown "i feel good" song in my head right now.


well, the place where our joint's currently situated is getting a lot of buzz lately. not only do gangsta's hangout and kick each others asses in there, frat boys abode in the area inviting brawls every once too often... enough with the promotion... can't wait to be there tonight... check out on my hommies.

this caps my whole week of storytelling dear fans... i don't hope for you to like it or otherwise. but, just the same, i would like to thank fanny serrano for my hair and make-up, ricky reyes for my wig, dra. vicky belo for the liposuckshon, fitness first gym for my butt enhancing exercise... who else?? he he he... heck, too bad i'm not that familiar with the rest of pinoy showbiz benefactors....

this post is supposed to be the latest than the one above but somehow, it took me a lot while to finish this darn thing... the date of this post represents the day i first conceived this "masterpiece." ahehehehe...

well, see yah!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

isn't that sexy?


thought we'd have some cartoons here to spice things up a little bit...


Friday, August 04, 2006


Pwede ba

Pwede bang sabihin mo
Na itatago mo ang mga sulat ko
Kasi medyo maiinis ako
Kung itatapon mo..

'wag kang mag-alala..
Di ako luluha
Kung may kapiling kang iba
Di na pipilitin pa..
Itong damdamin ko sa'yo
Medyo maninibago
Pero ayos lang sakin 'to

At pwede bang sabihin mong..
"maghihintay ako sa'yo.."
Kasi medyo naiinip na 'ko
Sa ikot ng mundo

Pwede bang isipin mo
Nahihirapan din naman ako
Sa paghintay lang ng kung anu-ano
Magmumula sa'yo

At 'wag kang magtataka
Kung ako'y biglang makita
Na nag-iisa..nakahiga lang sa kama
Iniisip ko ito,

"ba't nga ba biglang nagbago?.."

Makayanan ko sana 'to..

At pwede bang sabihin mong..
"maghihintay ako sa'yo.."
Kasi medyo naiinip na 'ko
Sa ikot ng mundo

'wag kang mag-alala..
Di ako luluha
Kung may kapiling kang iba
Di na pipilitin pa..
Itong damdamin ko sa'yo
Medyo maninibago
Makayanan ko sana 'to..

Pwede bang sabihin mong..
"maghihintay ako sa'yo.."
Kasi medyo naiinip na 'ko
Sa ikot ng mundo.. (2x)

At pwede ba..pwede ba..pwede ba?..
At pwede ba..pwede ba..pwede ba?..


heard that song over MTV just once and it hasn't stopped playing over my brains... glad to have found the lyrics on the net.

few weeks from now, it'll be a hit.

been listening a lot of OPM's lately... guess local bands are booming again these days..

Thursday, August 03, 2006

deep ocean

i'm very thirsty.

when the work is done and i mean "hard" work bro... it's just so nice to hold that freakin' cold beer in your hand and gulp little by little... but i gotta hold that itch for now. save it for the weekend and maybe, if plans don't miscarry, next week.

a friend of mine, well, a kabarkada if you may (excuse me americano for the vernaculars used in this blog), is coming home soon next week... can't wait to see our ex-officemate, top sales hustler, formula 1 fierce rival (he's is ferrari mine's mclaren... he's is winning and mine, ah, nevermind), hard-core-red-horse drinking bud, sexy chicks-head hunter, new yersey journeyman and a good friend, boyet, is finally setting back his foot to the queen city of the south.

i'm sure, a lot of us are excited to see the fucker coming home soon. not only does he have quite a charisma to boot, he's also fun to be around with his adventurous spirit. whew, cio, it's been a while...

anyhoo, hopefully soon bay...


bueno, had a humorous day at the field. i decided to take off my jacket and be a show off for a day. love the attention when people look at my elbow and gave me that "eeeww!" look when they saw my fucked-up elbow. har har har... you ain't seen nothing yet. you like watchin' bizarre and graphic shit, check out for more far out images and videos. when you look back at my wounded flesh, you'd never notice it again.

.... it is as if they saw somebody with a lot of piercings all over his face or some guy who transformed himself into a cat... you'll find a lot of that in repley's believe it or not TV show.

the goofy, surprised, somewhat shocked facial expression of my curious friends and acquaintances: priceless.

some could not help and ask what happened... is it us pinoys or it's just human nature to be curious, to crave for the answer... the real score? i can't tell. i've only been with pinoys half, i mean, all my life.


a lot of people who knew me actually showed a lot of concern. you know, the kind that would make you think. ok 'me' think. some would say: "it's a good thing it's just the curb you bump into, what if there was incoming vehicle?" or: "did you wear a helmet?" and another: "you should be careful, your kid is still too young, what if...?" one more blurted out: "you are lucky to be alive, dickhead!" and so on... geez, thanks people!

i guess, i was lucky, huh? next time, i just might not be. so, people die anyway. i, of course, will be careful but if it is my fate, man, what can i do? next time could be fatal... i could break my head or spine... lost my life in a blink of an eye... but that's life. we can live in fear and be afraid forever for what's gonna come to us or we can savor it, right?

we don't hold the future and neither our lives. so, yeah, let's enjoy every second of every minute we exist on this planet cos you'll never know for how long.... the good Lord's gonna take everything back He lent to you.

as the old saying goes, "it is not how long you live, it is how you live."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

PaksiT !!!™

guess i'm gonna be under the radar for a while... the accident, though did not cripple me, it limited my movements, further.

any of you wonder why this blog's called PaksiT !!!™ ? must have been because of the paksits in my elbows... ha ha ha!! still hurts but day by day, it's healing pretty good. during ancient times, men are measured by the number of his scars... you know, battle scarred guys are the ultimate warriors... ehem, just like me...

i was really happy to be back at the gym last week... today, very disappointed. i just aggravated my condition some more. WTF??? i can't believe how stupid i was to superspeed under the influence. well, as some adage would have it, "there are no mistakes, just another lesson learned."

yeah right...

the temptation to screw around is always there. i'd like to keep myself together these days. i'm a little lost... the events that's happening around me... family, home, work, our tambayan, the world and everything else seem overwhelming and i can't quite get a grip of it. i have a lot of personal issues that i also have to deal with now or, i could go on walking around and snap... just like that. boy, it happened before and i hated it.

so, live easy for a while... even mel gibson needed that...


beach roots, we rock!

my unsolicited advise to my fellow partners who are in a row over a crappy thing; you might wanna channel all that might and energy for something more useful... the possibilities are endless, bro. instead of killing each other you/we can:

* whack the kiosk of our competitions... i'm sure we can find a worthy competitor(s) we can whop.

* kick those huge goddamn speakers behind our bar... they're starting to annoy me and they're really getting into my nerve... you probably noticed that during weekdays.

* vent our ire's on those thugs who did not pay their bills and ran off... just in case they'd show up again somewhere.

* go to iraq, lebanon or mindanao and shoot those extremist, rebels and terrorist... we can finally put to use those guns and ammos we've been saving for times like these.... done target shooting, let's shoot the real thing.

yeah, just kidding.

but really, i have only been with you for a year, the most, and i can see how close you are... i supposed, you've been friends for eons. it's crazy to imagine how you can easily crack for that little, tiny thing and just forget about "pinagsamahan."

i really can't add more pep talks here. besides, at the end of the day, it is you who will decide which road to take... so, be careful out there...

just so you know, i had so much fun that night because most of you were there... too bad, it turn out to be too good to be true, huh?

parts, brad, pre, cio, tol, bro... peace... ®


she was a looker... definitely a stunner... she had short hair... silky smooth, fairly white skin... much like *bleep's* and *bleep's*...

let's talk about nothing... shall we?

uuummmmm, trying to figure you out... checking brain waves.... process in progress...

more chattin'....

what the heck, did you just kiss me?

wait, i didn't sweet talk my way to get that kiss, right?

aaahhhh, nevermind... like it a lot... let's do it some more baby... oooohhhhh, is that your tongue sticking out?


damn, didn't know you're a pro... better...

ow, great! some hand's crawling over my crouch... stop it, before anything *bleep* happens...

whew! your legs is all over mine... tsk, tsk, tsk...

you really want me to fall for you, huh?

awww, did you just *bleep* my freakin' *bleep???!*

like that a lot too, thank you....

damn, you're soooo goooooood.... my heart is beating at twice the speed of sound now...

this is way surreal... in a good way... surprisingly good, in fact....




please don't stop!!! please don't stop!!! please don't stop!!!


before YOU jump your guns into conclusion, please READ the title of this post three times...