Monday, November 30, 2009

judgement day

am not out of the woods yet.

i'm trying to stay calm. tomorrow, the verdict should be out.

i did it.. not because there's so much to gain.. but lotsa pressure from all corners.

more reason to have a change of perspective, yeah?

i'm pretty psyched and prepared.. sorta.

anyhoo, i was pretty strong at the gym earlier.. broke some PR's.

for squats, all in kilograms, started with 40 x 3, 80 x 3, 120 x 3, 160 x 3 and lastly, 180 x 3, then i drop the weight back to 160 x 5 all the way down 40 x 5.

same goes with the deadlifts except that at the top of the set, i only managed to get it to 170 x 3.. probably because my CNS' pretty toasted by then.

all these lifts, by the way excludes the bar which is roughly about 40 pounds, give and take.

basically, i've gone over 400 pounds on both lifts today and i'm pretty happy.

got this protocol somewhere and tweak it to my liking.

so, even though what i'm about to face tomorrow is a huge distraction, i still manage to squeeze out some serious workout and even broke a few PR's.

i'd rather not worry...

Friday, November 27, 2009


i'm so dead right now.

i did the darnest thing.


i don't know what's gonna happen next.

kinda crazy.


wish me luck.

Monday, November 23, 2009

10 loooong years!


i better write something before this blog goes down the shitters.. been really busy lately. work, work, work!!

i wish i didn't have to so i could do what i do best.. seriously, i'm thinkin' bout this year being my last hurrah doing my job.

i'm not really good at it.. i just get things done that's why they've pretty much kept me here.

talk about doin' things half-ass most of the time.. but then again, i get things done. that's what matters - at least for my kinda job.

on the other hand, i'm really getting better at working out. people respect me, i can feel that. ya know, those groupies who thinks they're the strongest and most advance, they go out of their way to be nicey-nicey with me.

what sets me apart from these fockers is the fact that they're strong, yes, but they're "on" to something. while i can beat their asses on some lifts even though i'm a natural.. meaning, i haven't mess around chemicals and stuff while them are being "scientists."

sometimes, i feel like they're giving me too much credit.

i do things differently and they've kinda got this "shock and awe" look on their faces... they still can't believe i'm just a mere mortal with no drug assistance.

some dimwit are actually quick to jump on their arse when some "juiced" guy give them some sorta program to follow. frankly, i take it with a grain of salt when these guys give advises. it's like apples and oranges, homo. ya think what works for him will work for ya??

no freaking way!

i don't know man.. i'm happy where i am when it comes to experience and knowledge.. no injuries whatsoever.. my lifts, decent.

the only thing that's missing right now and am trying to figure this out since forever, is how i can do something i enjoy and at the same time earn some moolah on the side???

ten years of busting my chops, i think it's high time i do something else.

on the other hand, my job's not rocket science.. pretty laid back and i get to do other things on the side just as well.

ahhhh life... you go schooling and finish up to get a job and when you have a job you wanna quit??

lemme tinker my future s'more...

by the way, dog is dead.

he died the next day.

R.I.P. Ramboo

you're maybe gone, but not forgotten.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


that's right. he'd be lucky to be alive. dog is just too darn weak today he had to be brought to the vet. confined, the doc says his chances of living - slim.

ok, had lotsa dog came our way but this dog is different. he was our first kind that have breeding.. the rest were like mix and match, if you know what i mean.

he was diagnosed to have some sorta liver problem. i hope he wasn't poisoned by some thugs in the neighborhood considering how zealous he was guarding our humble abode.

if they did and i'll find out who did it, somebody's gonna be up for a rude awakening around here.

all that time spent in the gym moving effin' weight, finally, they'll be put to some good use, ha??!

anyway, expect the worst, but hope for the best!


something to smile about. we'll go beachin' tomorrow.

celebrate wifeys birthday...with all her super-friends yadi-yada! it's supposed to be recession, right?

oh well.


Friday, November 06, 2009

die another day

my dawg ramboo is dying...

i dunno what happened to him. my heart's really heavy right now. i love that dog.

he is one true loyal and trusted guard dog you can count on.

the moment he's out of his cage, he goes around the house and do his job.. and he does it well..

don't ya die on me, man!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009




ya mind if i talk to ya tomorrow?? of course ya don't, yeah?

i knew it.

anyhoo, i hope to look this good when i'm in his age!