Friday, March 30, 2012

Microsoft Xbox

well, well, well....

it's been rather disappointing this far.... the "plan" to make this whole shebang of things worthwhile... we're pretty suck in some people's issues and they kinda rub us their shitty drama i would rather forget.

i'm probably looking at things the wrong way, or my expectations weren't met, or i probably set the bar a tad too high, thus this feeling.

whatever it is, we still have roughly six days to turn this thing around and make the most out of this exceptional opportunity.

or, it's downhill from hereon in now.

tsk.. tsk..

why do i feel like a pessimist in all of these?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Sister

when El DeBarge got  caught in some drug bust, i remember my sister... she just loves this guy way back then...

speaking of which, sistah's comin' home this Saturday.. after five looooonggg years. wow, i am stoked! there will be a moment of awkwardness, that's a given, but it won't last forever. trust me.

by the grace of the good Lord above, i'll be happy just to see her again after that long period of absence. never mind them pasalubong (homecoming gifts), although, i wouldn't mind having a few ones here and there... hehe

can't wait for the adventure... i'll definitely make the most out of it -- i mean, WE, will make this a time, a moment -- that we will remember and cherish for the rest of our living years.

that's the hope.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bruce Lee.

sounds like 'em good ol' chinese movies.


what i posted yesterday, i thought this documentary, Catfish pretty much sums it up... of how gullible people can be. well, this was rather a case of an elaborate false pretense to the highest level.

and worst, THIS news is just tragic. i mean, how the hell did she went naked and show it to some stranger? just read the story and see what i mean.

that's how, sadly, most people have become. all for social network.

gotta check out my status, updates and whatnot.. hehe


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

gullible and skimpy

so i've read that a lot of people, young girls doing all that skimpy pose on facebook just so they could get all them million "likes." man, some people, huh?

why are people so gullible with that stupid thing anyway. some would update every second what's the status of their daily lives? c'mon, could you be more lunatic than that? for fuck sake babe, do something productive other than staring and waiting at somebody "liking" your photo or whose itching to bed you, err, i mean, wanna befriend ya.. what's happening to the world, dawg?!?

speaking of skimpy, is it me or is it that almost girls on the streets are wearing short-shorts? i mean, wow! they are all over the place, bud.

once when i was at KFC and went to queue for my order. in front of me are two lovebirds who seem to can't get enough of each other. the girl was wearing, you guess it, that skimpy little short and boy, was it distracting.

when i had my order and was on my table, i sat down facing the opposite of those lovebirds cos i didn't wanna get distracted.. well, i was pretty famish at that time and all i really care about was how to go about gobbling my food.

next thing i knew, another one came in with the same get-up, only this time, she had a more shapely pair of legs and her shorts. well, a few inches more and it'll look like its her undies already. this one's worst cause she was waltzing around back and forth between her friends and in front of me.. she was on the phone and she kept talking like forever... evil thoughts just run around my darn brain... to think i tried avoiding that kinda view and here comes another who really push my buttons.. the kinda make you go horny. that.

so, that's what i've noticed lately. everywhere, it seems like everyone with a vagina and a nice pair of legs are into that kinda fashion. even our help in the house are wearing it... sometimes, less.


and that's all i can say about that.

Friday, March 09, 2012

marry the night

we was gonna go party-party tonight but my pal had me waiting for hours, motha... no can't be. honestly, i look forward to weekends since i've started going out again a few months back. i'm kinda awed when i see them beautiful ladies ramping around waltzing on our way.. really, it's like all these flashy cars such as a lambo or a porsche or them h1's or that lincoln stretch, man, you only see them beauties at night!

i kinda feel young again and my heart beats as fast as 'em that furious flick...

but waiting isn't one of my best virtues. i just go impatient and bored... i think about my little baby and i feel really bad that i'm wasting away time being away from her sweet little smile (though i was watching that documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. an eye opener. you should watch it) whilst waiting for his shift to conclude... feels like a desperate girlfriend waiting for Romeo to finally arrive.

so yeah, i go "lets do this some other time, bud." besides, there's still work tomorrow and we'd usually finish our little adventure in the wee hours of the morning... usually hammered and all, as useless.

i can, though, trade all that fun with a simple cuddlin' with my little baby or spend it with my grown up kid, Neil messing with them bad guys playin' Call of Duty. we kinda compete who gets to win or has more kills... while i sip some GrandMa.. no, that grandma, ya creep, it's that brandy!

anyhow, when time and opportunity permits, i'd still go out and hang around... strut 'em biceps for all to see.. ha ha!!

speaking of biceps, i haven't done any direct bicep exercise for, like a month or two now. i've focus on getting my bench numbers up.. i gotta say, i've upped my stats on that lift and not only that, i've somehow perfected the proper form of doing it. i can honestly say that before this year ends, notwithstanding injuries or whatnot, i'm gonna hit 250 pounds... that's my modest forecast. and that 120 pounds of dumbbells sitting around there barely used, it'll be mine... i will own that darn weight.

so God help me.

now that i've mentioned God, though there were times i doubted Him, i gotta say that when i called His name for help (aren't we like that? calling God when we're stuck on a foxhole or in difficult times?), He almost always does.

thank you, thank you good Lord above.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sunday, March 04, 2012


the good ol' dayz...

the Corruptor

"Corruption is our protection. 

Corruption keeps us safe and warm. 

Corruption is why you and I are prancing around in here instead of fighting over scraps of meat out in the streets. 

Corruption is why we win. "

from the movie, Syriana.

why i quote that? well, a lot of people think they are holier than thou... as if they aren't corrupted as well. hah!

look in the mirror, buddy. 

really hard.

i'll count the ways... later.

fact of the matter is, we are hard-wired to do the sinful thing. that's not a new concept. it's written and had been proven a million.. no, make that a gazillion times.

naw, before you crucify me, read history. in fact, read Genesis 3.

come back here when you're enlightened.