Tuesday, July 29, 2014


who doesn't wanna go there?

man, i wouldn't if we're flying.

so, wifey made it possible for us to go there in style.... my favorite means of transportation to hate - flying.


i made all excuses not to go there. wifey is adamant, however.

you know what, i hate flying but there's something inside of me that says "eff it, GO!"

there's that thirst for danger but at the same time if i really, really have a choice, i'd like to take that risk at my own terms.. like driving a car or a motorcycle so fast, or bungee jump or any other dangerous stunt that i have the control how to go about it.

i can only imagine how brave my sister, brother and my pal when they travelled for hours going abroad. i'd probably freaked out!

thus, given my pussy-ness to fly, it is something i wanna keep doing so i can conquer it and be able to overcome that fear of flying at some point.

yeah, being up there, be it a building or otherwise, it cracks the shit out of me.

now, the question really is, go sober or loaded?

Saturday, July 05, 2014


that's how this blog has turn out to be lately...

who wants to yak when you're un-inspired, eh? YOU?

the irony exactly.

you bust your ass to get where you are and what you want, and sometimes, nice people just hands it over to you in a silver platter, but yet, when you have it or you have/can have everything you can think of, you'd still come up short and empty.

why's that? don't ask me. i'm looking for answers too!

anyway, it's been really busy lately i have to bring some work at home and yeah, i'm working on it now... then got bored and look around for sites on my bookmarks. then, bump into this blog, opened it. there.

now, back to work.

my little angel