Tuesday, June 30, 2009

this is it.

ey yo!


been really lazy these days. i don't feel like blogging anymore. MJ's dead. more reason not to write 'bout nothing. guess everyone already said their piece about him.

that's it. got no more to add.

i'd rather watch Ronnie Coleman train.

he's not only a freak of nature in terms of strength and size, the dude is one helluva funny guy too!

got a few of his videos... sssshhhhhh... it's a secret how i got it.

this week is de-loading week... meaning, i'd go easy in the gym and get off the fuckin' juice.. ooopppsss!! the "F" word found its way again in here.. sorry.

the juice, you ask?

just supplements, homie.. nothing to be alarm about.

oh well, it's been boring as of late. the routine i'm having these days, a vicious cycle.

what i really, really like to do right now is go somewhere far with Neil and never come back ever again... maybe live in some beach or the wilderness... away from the stress and civilization.. just explore the world and discover new things.

whatta adventure, yeah??!

but i'm being redundant.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

father time


yerp, that's what i'm good at these days.

har.. har..

uhm, i'm having a ball with this torrent thingy.. ooopppsss!!!


oh, 'bout last week's house blessing of my gym buddy slash competitor (friendly) slash namesake, etc.

t'was awkward.

i dunno but the guy wants to be my super-friend. nah, i'm not known to be one.. i've been burned a lot with these so called "friends" before thus, my attitude.

just like Angelina Jolie, i don't trust no one. as in nada.

well, i admire his charisma... his ability to speak his mind, rather, spontaneously and i'm afraid to say, the dawg does make a lot of sense.

makes me feel less.


ok, not really. we all have our own forte.

i shine in my own little way, tell ya that... i'd love to brag about it, but it's for you to find out.


i don't know.

i am just as stranger of my own self.

it's a journey...

a continuing discovery..


but i digress.


i'm a snub.

even the hottest girl in the gym, they'd probably think i'm gay!

well, cos i don't make contact... not even a glance.. har har!

what for??

i'm just it.

not friendly.

but some people just couldn't resist... they make the first move.

like this week, i got a few guys come up to me and start a conversation.

one guys seyz, "you always love it there.. in the power rack, yeah?"

"yep," i said stoically.

one thing led to another, next thing i knew i'm friggin' giving him advices.


another guy saw me doin' something ridiculous (in his eyes), blurted somethin' like, "are you into powerlifting?"

"nope. i do this all for fun."

and he said, "well, i'm outta shape that's why i'm doin' some hi-repetition stuff."

at the back of my alcohol fried brain i said, "whose asking, homie?"

anyway, i said i'm just like him before.. outta shape.. as in, inside and out.

fat, drunkard, smoker (i can smell his breath 50 meters away he's been puffing marloboro!), short of breath... yadi yada..

he said, "well, don't drink, but i smoke a lot!"

there's yer answer, bubba!

quit wondering.

my bad on the drunkard part.. you look like one. hik hik!


another day, another foreigner came up to me and said, "whoa there mate! you train like three hours??!!"

i said, "nope. about two."

"were you in that bodybuilding seminar?" he blurted.


he said, "well, the speaker sez one hour is more than enough... man, i'm 56, i gotta really start slow and work my way up.."

"whatever." i rolled my eyes whispering.

i did noticed how he took real good care of his joints... he kept rolling his shoulder and stretched out his arms and chest every reps.

good job!

then he mentioned that after hours of eating iron, he's freakin' hungry and who knows what the hell is goin' through his mind... what about moi... how do i deal with the pang??

i said, "well, that's why i got some sugar-coated peanuts ready for some poppin'."

"smart move!"

"gotta go now!"

i said "bye" and head down to the cardio area.

gotta get me that boom boom pow time!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


same move.. every time... right hook rollin', right hook rollin'....

Ricky Hatton Interview




happy father's day y'all!


for real.

i wanna say something out of all the BS we've talked about earlier, but i can't friggin' get my brains together.

one, i'm too drunk.


careful now...

i wouldn't wanna spill anything stupid now, would i?

yah! yah!

we've been downing beer after beer since one o' clock... it's almost nine now.. go figure..

what's worst, i get to drive at my most weakest moments, thanks to wifey who'd rather play cards than bring me and Neil home... oh yeah, taught her how to spin the cage.

we got lost along the way... so shet, yeah?

two, t'was the first time i get to step foot in my bud's place (will explain that later when i'm sober) so, i'm not too familiar with their road network.. uhm, not when it's dark and i'm inebriated... catch my drift?

overall, t'was fun, yarp, but dangerous... adventurous... boring... awakening...

forgive me, but those i've mentioned, it all makes lotsa sense...


sob... hik... yawn.. grrrr... zzzzz...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

it's in the image


fever is imminent.

it's the weather.

classes had begun. well, i've been waking up early for a couple of months now. no biggy.

what i hate though is waking up late. no, it's nice to sleep a lot longer, but not during working/school days... it's frigging traffic out there and rushing to get things done is a pain in the arse.

the routine is a killer.. sleep and wake-up early (read: no more CSI's, late night documentaries at DC, etc.).. bring/fetch Neil, work, hit the gym - lift and cardio hard.. in between 'em, you wouldn't wanna know.

i don't know when i'm gonna start getting serious around here.. the cyberspace, i mean.. then maybe earn some serious moolah like the guy i read in some forum whose earning hundreds of thousands of pesos-es thanks to adsense and whatever whatchamacallit.. yarp, i'd like to be in his shoes any given Sunday.

ok, make that everyday.

shet, some people can spend loads of time doin' Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, Tweeter and all that "IN" fad of the month thingy.. whoa there, mate!

ya serious??

is that life to ya????

i'd rather go beachin'.

cruisin' on my bike with Neil out of town..

or, just read the news on the internet... yeah, that should stimulate my idle brain, i guess.

or write something here... watch movies.. listen to music.. sleep.

i find 'em more productive.

but that's just me, homs.

sip.. surf.. Zzzzzz...

Thursday, June 04, 2009


lets perk it up!

now, lets talk about training now, shall we?

i wasn't gonna go to the gym today cos i had a bad case of sleep deprivation, thanks to wifey and Neil partying 'til 1am, got me all worried waiting for their asses to arrive.

ended up sipping a few glasses of vodka to sorta calm me down.

they arrived, thank you. was able to hit the sack around 2am.

ended up taking a half day leave from work and argued with myself no end whether i should hit the iron or just call it a day.

i choose the former.


my dumbbell (DB) press is still stuck at 90 pounds. what am i to do? do it three days per week. by week three, i should set a new personal record (PR).


the rest of the big guns had gone up considerably. squats and deadlifts are almost at 400 pounds, barbell (BB) row's over 200 pounds.

looking good, yeah?

the presses, however, are my waterloo.

well, i guess, i can't have 'em all, is it?

but i'll push it.

lookin' forward.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My fake plastic love

oh man! don't wanna talk about that darn love thang...

best of luck though.






*sarcasm mode: on*

*sarcasm mode: off*

what's the point?

none really.

just messing around.

am really hungry, dawg.

but the food in the fridge: frozen.

i'd like to defrost 'em fast... no, make that super fast!

but the microwave's broken!


what's left to do?


boil 'em a bit, mix 'em all up and voila!

meal is prepared.

then again, gotta wait for it to cool down.

nuts would have been great... ya know, tide things over.

... and keep me from getting NUTS due to hunger!

tsk.. tsk..

gawd, sucks to be alone, ey?!

is this an oven or a washing machine??