Thursday, May 31, 2012


oh, the drama.

well, if you've been glued to the tube waiting for the "so-called" verdict (well, it's been decided long before all the evidences and witnesses were presented), get a life already!!

i didn't watch it... ok, barely.

it's really a toss-up between pro's and con's. between Pnoy and GMA. proxy war, to be exact.

what? between honest and corrupt?!? rrrright. i say everyone of those who hanged the poor (apparently he is rich with all that dollar he kept) guy is just as guilty.

'nuff said.

we have our own little drama around the house too. ahhh man.. ya don't wanna know.

and that's why i have a problem living with other people... cos things just get complicated. it's messy and a waste of precious oxygen.

meanwhile, i see a lot of people gathering around in some places... wonder what's the fuss all about.

SNAP!!! it's the NBA playoffs, that's what!!

whose your bet?

Monday, May 28, 2012

danao lake

"too much radiation."

that's what. ya know, it's a bit of a pain in the ass these days posting 'round here cos of some privacy issue. that's right, i want to have my space. i want my command center to be mine and mine only.

that's not really the case these days. lotsa hangers prowling in my war room. i can't focus cos they make a lot of noise and they are very sneaky.

anyway, we just came from the province.. ORMOC, Leyte to be precise. we have a few relatives there and one in particular is making a killing - business-wise.

it's my nephew. he made it there and it's not some top-notch place to begin with. it's a province wherein it's laid back and boy, for a city guy like me, i'd be bored shezless if i stay there longer than necessary.

i gotta hand it to him though. he pretty much established himself there and in a few years time, i'm guessing he'll be like super-rich!

i imagined myself doing what he does and... i don't think i am built for it. i mean, that's why rich people are what they are, cos they work like a horse. that's him. other than being it's in his genes, it's probably safe to say he lost half of his hair thinking, pondering and analyzing things all the time. to be able to multi-task effectively, it requires great thinking and a lot of heart.

he definitely found "gold" in there. whatever business he dips his hands to, it goes BOOM!

we enjoyed our time there. last time i was there, it was a long time ago. they took the time to accommodate us, showed us great hospitality.. they were so warm to us we were just amazed and awed at how they made us feel welcome.

anyway, i'm too hammered to go on with this... ya know why? i worked out earlier and there was blackout. the heat inside the gym just zapped the zest out of me.

hope to post a few more pictures next time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


so we had our little rendezvous last Mother's day. ya know, gotta have an excuse of something special so we could go have some sorta celebration.

best pal Earl was there. i had a drunken session the night before.. ahhhh.. what an eventful night it was. i drop my effing wallet and it was like a freak show. how the heck did it came out from my back pocket and the money went at different places. but i digress.

so, back at the beach where we had some photos taken.. boy, pictures don't lie. i'm effing obese!! help!!!

i still haven't found the time to get lean. it's not easy. but it's neither hard. at least i'm still working out. the only thing i haven't focused on is nutrition which by the way, comprises ninety percent of the work that needs to be done.

i need a kick in the head to jumpstart this whole shebang of a lean-ness plan!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

pudz and pool

there goes the darn bug again. got some runny nose and been coughing a lot lately... what else? aches all over. joint paints abounds... it's all downhill from here.

don't feel like blogging for the nth time yet again.

my Rottweiler was successfully dragged down from the rooftop by none other than moi. he was pretty adamant. he didn't wanna go down the stairs without a fight. i win, obviously.

we have this new inflatable pool up there so it's not safe for the kids to hang around with him dog also. he's barking like hell when they're there enjoying the pool and it pisses the neighbors. ya know, his bark isn't like any ordinary bark... it's really loud and annoying cos he seems to not get tired doing all that. he is downstairs barking like crazy right now. duh?!?

Neil is getting better with his guitar playing and mah little Angel Mitch is getting bigger everyday. it's cool how this kids are growing up. it's like watching miracles everyday... one day they do this and that and i'm kinda amazed at how quickly one can learn how to play this instrument and the other is grasping a bagful of tricks on her own.


is starting to pile-up after months of less than stellar sales. well, it's good money-wise. when we're not selling, it feels like our morale is down and scarcity in terms of finances is obvious.

so yeah, thanks for everything, good Lord.

when there was drought, we relaxed a bit... recharge, sorta. and when the monsoon came, it was time to put our game face. i hope we're ready. lets make it personal: i hope i'm ready.

still sore from the training session yesterday. i can feel my immune system getting whacked from overtraining, but heck, one good, loooonngggg night sleep and it should feel better.

tomorrow, is a brand new day.

looking. forward.

Saturday, May 05, 2012