Friday, December 28, 2007

ho ho ho!!

time is pretty tight right now.. i'm on leave.. finally, but still soooo many things to do.. sweet, eh?

still busting my ass in the gym.. after christmas, checked my weight and as predicted, gained 10lbs in two days.. hah!! gggrreeaattt!!!

so, i'm gonna have to do more so i could keep the weight down.. more blood and guts comin' up..


more stories next year, bubba..


Happy Holidays for the nth time y'all!

mwah! mwah! mwah!

Friday, December 21, 2007



no cursing today.. hehe... though i have plenty of reason to do so.. my home's internet connection is still down while my office PC finally breath it's last earlier today.. so, i will be having my "silent nights" around here in the days to come..


this week is supposed to be my scheduled "rest" from all the bangin' but heck, there'll be more of that in the days to come because of the holidays...

i can't rest now.. not when there's plenty of food to devour.. no, can't do, sir.. i'll eat even more irons instead cos i'll be loading a lot of those calorie-laden food in the days to come.... you like?

i know you do...

yum!! yum!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2007

i'm no good at numbers but lemme give you these numbers that i ought to avail but failed to do so..

vacation leave - 3

sick leave - 7

emergency leave - 2

it's almost new year and i only have a few days to use them up... this leaves ain't convertible to cash nor would accumulate for the next year... worst, i have to make sure i'd get approval before i can make some sorry excuses why i'd go to this and that, got friggin sick, and heck, there's an emergency!


was too busy banging my head in the gym.. i forgot to R&R...


speaking of R&R, i thought i'd avail one yesterday... it was productive but at the same time expensive..

i brought my two dogs at the vet for their monthly/yearly immunization schedules.. a whopping seventeen hundred grand, the receipt says!!! damn, that's a lot of beer and massage already! anyway, had to cos these dogs ain't ordinary or cheap... ramboo, my dobey, is one helluva barker.. he really lives up to being a guard dog.. he'd bite if he had to when some intruder dares to come in.. maui, the lab, still a little puppy, is quite fun to be with.. very affectionate and full of zest.. she never gets tired of playing around.. if only i had more time... missy, the locally breed - typical of a street dog, is just as affectionate but a li'l more on the serious side.. love 'em all!


last night, we had our own li'l party. since my energy was down, as usual, and i didn't had alcohol (even though we had plenty of beer.. in kegs, momma!), i was bored to death. thanks to some funny presentations, at least, there were fun moments...

geez, i can't possibly waste all my strength and energy in the gym and just drink 'til i drop at the slightest provocation.. no, no, no!!

i'm better than that.. i know.

anyway, a few nights ago, i already had my drunken moments yet again.. that's the annual Christmas party for all the umbrella company/organization/people under the main corporation... as alway, huge crowd..

after downing few glasses of beer, i could not drive my way home no more.. slept in the office 'til 4am. good thing, wifey, neil and the rest were somewhere south... far, far away from home having a grand getaway vacation.. house is not a home without 'em.. so, no need to rush... better be safe than go home drunk and be sorry about it.

i seriously think the raffle was rigged as i didn't win any of those major prize/s again for the nth year.. or maybe i'm just sour graping.. whatever..

Friday, December 14, 2007

must have book.. haha!

i'm too old for that shit, though. my testosterone level these days are at its all time low.. as in, way, way down.. to the ground, in fact!

crap, most of my energy are spent in the gym.... i'll have to start drawing out no-nonsense strategies for next year, ... i should be able to pace myself in order to save some of 'em (the energy) and use it into somethin' else.. like SEX!

moreover, tapering down during weekends is a gargantuan task for me.. i'd keep on hitting 'em hard instead of slowing down.. and for what? i dunno but i'm too focus right now i don't wanna get off the gym sometimes.. these days, getting laid is the last thing i wanna get myself into... if you catch my drift.

my muscles are still sore, but gimme the damn weights already!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

man up! man up!

today will be a pain in the gym. it's chest day today and if i can throw in some triceps and legs exercises, it'll be good... but painful. aaawwwwww!!!

i got a call from "a friend" yesterday... he lives in a foreign land for years now... nice to hear from you, man. this guy and some guys in "our group" are the guys i consider my "big brothers." i love being around their circle. you see, i lost a big brother when he got hooked on drugs.. he's still alive but it's not him anymore as he lost his mind a long time ago. he now lives in the streets somewhere downtown.. me and sister tried in vain to get him to live in our house but he'd either bail out or refuses to go.

if you think we didn't care, try again. here's what you can do - put yourself in our shoes... he's been "lost" since i was in the elementary grade.

tragic? pity? sad?

you have no idea.

back to my friend, i have all the respect in the whole world for this guy. always sensible, articulate and a true friend. i haven't met this guy in person and yet he asked me months ago what i'd like to have for christmas.. and true enough, he bought me one!

but i haven't receive it yet. due to some unforeseen circumstance beyond his control, the gift went back to him.. anyway, he called and assured me it's coming by january.. i was gonna lose hope of getting it ,but you know, at least there's something to look forward to next month.

as soon as i have it, i'll have me a photo-op with it.. and post 'em here... hehehe

yesterday was the first time i heard this guy's voice.. bhoy, i got the surprise of my life. he sounded like one true blue pinoy even if he had been living in that far away land for eons now...

well, we share the same sentiments too.. needless to say, but expounding on the matter ain't too nice now.. maybe when he makes good of his presentiment, but for now, it'll be a secret between us.

clue: too obvious to mention but it's all here momma.. all here..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chris Shugart wrote this in t-nation:

Feel the Burn

Here's how it happened for me.

Sophomore year of college, mandatory PE class, body fat testing day. I stood there with my shirt off while a cute little co-ed attempted to pinch the big rolls of fat around my waist. Man, I didn't even take my shirt off at the pool anymore, and now my blubbery gut was being pinched and measured by a beautiful girl? My face burned with embarrassment.

How did I get this way? I'd gotten in pretty good shape my junior year of high school, had spent the whole summer in the weight room. But in the three years that followed I'd fallen apart: no training of any type coupled with out-of-control eating habits. I was a sloppy mess.

Standing there with my shirt off I felt humiliated, but I really didn't need to worry: I was invisible. Paradoxically, that's what being fat does to a person. The fatter you get, the more socially invisible you become, especially to the opposite sex.

Our bodies reflect who we are, what we think of ourselves, and how we feel toward others. Your physique is your message to the world, the first message people will hear when they meet you... perhaps even the loudest message. My body was telling people I was lazy and stupid. I wasn't, but that's what I was projecting.

I snapped. That's the best way to describe it.

Later that day I looked at my reflection, swore at myself, and smashed the mirror with my fist. The burn of embarrassment turned into a spark of rage. At that moment I went inward. Four months later, I'd lost close to 70 pounds.

I'd been consumed in the fire and reborn.


it's only now that i understood. well, i'm experiencing something these days that's parallel to the lines of what Mr. Shugart said.

anyhoo, i'm rollin' with it.


meanwhile, now, i'm just a mere "mortal" once again to the forum i've grown to love and hate.. well, love cos the people there are the people i have met personally... so, we kinda have this bond between us. hate... i hate the way it's being run. to be brutally frank about it, i don't see it grow another year with the way things are being manage around the "house." if it didn't work the first time, how the heck it's gonna work this time where even the slightest sidetrack of a person's posting is magnified, edited, locked or worst, deleted?

but since i love the people there, i will continue to carry on. i just hope the higher ups can learn from the past experience we've had... for whatever it's worth, lemme just say a piece, well, pieces of advise: exercise maximum tolerance, allow people to deviate once in a while, visit other successful forums and learn a few tricks from them... and for whatchamacallit friggin sake, we ain't there yet, so allow some room for everything to grow cos it's pretty tight.. i can't almost breath!!

i'm happy being just a regular member now.. and my board being wiped out.. it lessens the burden and eliminate unwanted pressure off my back.. so thanks.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the edge

hoooooo-huuuummm... yawn.. cold, eh?

and i'm bored too.

i'm on "reading mode" these days. don't wanna react or say anything.. just absorbing.. the only time i queried with the many forums i'm into, is with the body and fitness section of PEX. they have great coaches who lurk around and who were knowledgeable and expert enough with the sport. they'd actually spend some of their precious time answering queries. since i've bump into them months ago, i'm hooked.

though things in the gym continues to progress for me, i still have to ask the guys "up there" about things... like tips, suggestions to my programs, safety and whatnot..

been lifting straight for a good eight months now. prior to that, it's been on and off romance with the iron... this time, i've definitely overtaken, in terms of strength and physique, a few guys in my gym who had been there for years... and these guys still lift the same amount of weights through the times.

i understand that some guys are in it for their "daily exercise routine," but some don't. they'd actually face the mirror and flex their viens out... looking for definition and muscularity.. but they missed out on a lot of things because they do things in routinary bases.. and muscles don't grow if it's being subjected to the same stress over and over again since it had been able to adapt to the same pressure each time.. and then there's lactic acid which helps muscle development.. these and a whole lot of facts about bodybuilding an average "joe" doesn't know about gives me a wee bit of advantage.

thus, even if it's friggin hard to squat, i'd squat at least twice a week.. with this exercise, i'd hit the big muscle group of my legs and in turn they help the rest of the body to develop... cos they produce lotsa lactic acid.

i wouldn't have done what i'm doing now if i wasn't doing a lot of reading. so now, after years of busting my ass off lifting li'l puny weights, i'm finally breaking through barriers and gaining strength... definition and muscles are just a welcome bonus..

so yesterday, i got a nice complement from my gym mate, carl. he said i looked like a guy ready for the "cutting" stage as i am already muscular. cut means that i'd go the whole nine yards of leaning out, crash diet and flushing out water in my body. and then i'd probably would look like, well, almost close to a bodybuilder. whoa! not yet ready for that, buddy. one more year... then maybe.

to get me s'more edge, time to get back on my reading..

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mr. Abs and CCF

i'll write this in a huff.. pictures will follow as soon as i can dig some...

last saturday's Mr. Abs contest didn't live up to it's hype.. there were three contestants missing.. the rain made it more difficult for other members to come and see the action. anyway, it was the first time they staged it. maybe next year they'd be more prepared and a lot more will join.. including me. i just might give them a run for their money... haha!

i was going to join them in an eat-all-you-can buffet somewhere north but my good friend, gpsman, sent me an text message about an on-going party with the forum people. i honestly didn't have the slightest idea about the time but i did know there'd be a party that day for the forum members. quite frankly, i wasn't ready to show my face there because of that unfortunate incident, but my brad (gpsman) was pretty persistent and janine, another member of ours, called an hour later.. i can't possibly snub these guys.. so, i had to call off the other affair and went to the CCF party.

it's nice to see some new members and the old one's who hasn't attended any of our get-togethers. i truly miss my friends there..

i had a blast talking with sir zid. he is definitely a cool person to converse with. the kinda guy you wanna pick their brains out cos they're smart, witty and intelligent. he brought some korean drinks and the japanese saki. love the latter. i'd probably have one of those on Christmas day and New year... kinda expensive to get drunk, though.

many thanks to guenter who always welcomes us (me, especially) in his home every time we have an EB. to sir fred and jerry (SR) who contributed financially.. the girls at CCF who are always up and about when have these gatherings... and the rest who came.. many, many thanks y'all!!

went home in one piece and remembered everything... meaning, i kept my sanity all throughout the night... i'll strive to stay that way... from hereon now..

Friday, December 07, 2007


my chest is a bit sore, but other than that, everything is fine.

woke up late today.. after last nights bangin', i really need my "beauty sleep".. it's saturday, but it's still traffic in our area.. shez!

it'll be fun later as the guys in our gym struts it out for the Mr. Abs contest.. i'll probably join next year.. hehehe

this year was the first time they're making this contest.. it was usually a get together for everyone in the buffet table.. the "eat all you can" restaurant's management actually hated them (i wasn't part of any of their parties just yet) for they gorge the food like there's no tomorrow.. whatdyathink, they just had a "sweat-ful" in the gym earlier, you figure they'd be merciful?

so tonight would be an exciting event as all the "idols" (well, mostly) will congregate for the friendly competition and a get-together, later.

need to get me that body-hugging/fitting shirt for the activity tonight.. hehehe

this crew, by the way, doesn't discriminate. as long as you keep an open mind, don't act like a genius, a snub, be an idiot in the gym (like banging the bars and plates, being inconsiderate with the equipments, blah, blah, blah) and try to be a "hero" by lifting more than you can actually do.. in other words, swallow more than you can bite...

you're IN.

even if you're being an ass, though, many would still help when things go crazy at your end.

and, for as long as i am there, it'll be all hard work and some serious fun in between..

now, time for some light workout... peanuts, dried mango and coffee, anyone?

my friend smiling and curling a 70lb. dumbbell? idol, you're kidding, right?

i was lifting two 80lbs. of that last night and my face looked like i had a hard and painful bowel movement..

whatever you say, man...

pack rat

this pretty much sums it all up... it brightened my day too!

click to enlarge, ramboo..

push day

what a day!

i almost had a broken/twisted shoulder today thanks to that senior/workout-veteran-of -eleven-years mister who tried to help me lift the 80lbs. dumbbell. in fairness to him, he had all the good intentions, but what he did didn't just surprise me and my gym mates, it was the first in all aspects..

picture this, i was doing incline dumbbell press (picture below)..

when after four reps (repetition) i struggled to push them up, this senior guy suddenly jump into my lap to sorta spot me! WTF? in my entire weight lifting experience, i had never witness that kind of spot/help, and never had i drop dumbbells when i'm having difficulty.. i simply put them back on my lower thighs if i can't hoist it up further.. not until today.. i was shock and it practically distracted me.. i could not concentrate and my left hand started to lean back... 80lbs. is just too heavy to hold on to, so before i break my shoulders, i quickly let go of both..

boy, it was shocking. thank God i didn't hold on to them much longer in fear banging them unto the floor.. i'm optimistic my shoulders are fine.. it didn't hurt earlier so i hope there'd be no late reaction tomorrow or the next day..

and yeah, it's weird to see both men in that position... so gay, man! eeewwww!

well, i completed my routine today, so, i'm happy and completely satisfied..


meanwhile, Christmas is fast approaching. hopefully, we'd have enough moolah to throw some party and give a few gifts to our indigenous neighbors.. we've been able to do that twice in a row already and people in our area expect a little something like fun and giveaways from us these days.. i'll just have to remember that old saying, "the more you give, the more you receive..." we're pretty tight on budget these days( who doesn't?)... could really, really use the motivation..

i think we've been blessed by God... well, since time immemorial.. whatever we can share, we'd gladly do.. random acts of kindness my friend.. it never hurt..

tired and out.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must."

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


it's beer friday today... i miss strong ice beer sooo much!

but i'll save the beer binging next week cos my hombre is finally arriving...

let's see if this works... i'm gonna go toe-to-toe with some of the knowledgeable folks in some sites... and i will challenge myself to up my knowhow... personally, i've accomplished a lot in just a few months and had so far sustained it.. so now, it's time to use some of my energy into learning new tricks and continue to absorb what i can in the web world..

the plan is, i'm gonna use all this information when i build my business empire in the next five years.. hehehe.... dreaming...

good morning, and it's time to flex those muscles... c'mon, lets go!

heavy duty

before anything else, lemme quote you with this classic:

"beauty is in the eye of the beerholder."

quite true, right? hehehe


today was heavy. well, my gym routine was. thankfully, i never ran out of buddy there to help me out when i'm about to max it out.

i was working on my shoulder routine and geeez, it was one helluva workout. i finally, finally was able to reach 150lbs. on my military press! sweet, huh? actually, thinking about it right now scared me a bit. not only did i tax my shoulder muscles to the max, my joints were definitely cracking... but i kept on doing shoulder rotations to sorta "lubricate" 'em out.

and i did more, but that was the highlight of the day.

hopefully, i won't have trouble sleeping later.. the pain y'know..


meanwhile, there are few things goin on in the forum world.. i'm a member of some cool ones.. just anonymous and unknown to everyone.. i'd like to keep it that way.. be plain and ordinary.. of course, when you speak your mind and be vocal about certain things, you'd get some attention.. essentially, when you keep it up, you could be the target of some member's hate or affection.. either way, it comes with the territory.. here's hoping i'd get the latter..


uhm, here's ronnie coleman doing leg presses at 2300lbs... minus 560... i'm about 1740lbs. short.. i just have to keep on working on it.. good luck to me!

need to eat lotsa peanuts and spinach to even get to a quarter of what he did.. whew!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

bbbbrrrrr.... sooo hard to wake up in the morning these days.. sooo cold and sooo christmas already, eh?

if you've been drinking diet sodas in lieu of the real deal, you might wanna read this article Do Diet Sodas Make You Fat?

never been a fan of those stuffs.. never crave nor want any of 'em as my "water."

i'd probably go for sports drink like gatorade. and maybe those real teas... not the reel ones.

for coffee brakes, i'd have three in one and a pack of choco powder.. just the right combo..

just recently, i saw a tv ad about milk tea? been mixing that stuff since forever.. they should have oats, coffee and milo (or anything chocolate) in it too.. i'd say, it won't be long before they'd come up with that concoction.

they have instant oats now in small sachets, right?


Man opens fire at Omaha mall, killing 8

i guess these things are happening because of the advent of these new gory computer rpg games. i enjoyed it a lot, though. but for some people, they are no longer satisfied killing "terrorist" or "aliens," they want to do the shooting first hand and in person now?

and that's when the problem starts emerging.

i wanna rant s'more but it's too early to go on a rampage mission.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

i miss you guys.

yeah, you know who you are.

but for my trespasses, i have to "self-regulate" and censor myself for the time being.

whatever treatment i get now and in the future, i deserve it.

now, i will continue with this "mode" for as long as it takes... am just trying to feel the vibes... you have no idea how tormenting it is to hold myself back.. but i gotta do what i gotta do.

so there.

whatever the future brings, whether we'd make or break, know that you will always have a special place in my heart..

i feel like crying now (gasp!).

now, time to read some tough talk!


more workout updates:

deadlifts. i'm still stuck at 290lbs. but i'm so close to my 300lbs. target i can almost smell it.. hehehe

the squat was making progress. i made it through 230lbs. but way too far for my 300lbs. aim (as usual). essentially, i'm gonna aim for the 400lbs (deadlifts and bench press too)... that should keep me motivated.

leg press was impressive. i went all the way to 560lbs. some gym mates were saying i must be crazy, but that's exactly the reason why some aren't gaining strength cos they were getting "satisfied" with what they've been lifting week-in, week-out. i, however, am a man on a mission. what's deplorable though is that my gym only have 8 pieces of 50lbs. and the machine couldn't accommodate more than that... sigh..

and by the way, leg press is just for bragging rights. even if i can do a thousand pounds of it, i'd surely won't be able to squat even half...

standing military press is still at 140lbs. but am using the olympic bar for the squat rack. now, that's about 20lbs. or more. so, that's about 150-160lbs. my "unassuming" estimate, btw.

reverse dips using my body weight plus 100lbs. more on top of my lap... how you like that, huh? my triceps were pretty toasted the next day and days after..

bench/incline press are still at 220lbs. i think i need to eat enough to be strong enough during crunch time.. need to get proper nourishment hours before max outs..

i can curl a 100lbs. but it hasn't grown my biceps leaps and bounds just yet.. i have to figure something different to trigger some sorta hypertrophy in that area.. my wrist hurts whenever i do those darn bicep isolations..

done crowing.

an apple a day....

four apples down and am still hungry. tsk.. tsk.. tsk..

i'd have apples (2-4 pcs.) after workout (instead of protein shake) since it's low in glycemic index. meaning, i should be able to sustain the hunger pangs 'til i get home, and home is pretty far and traffic. by the time i'm home, i'd immediately prepare for my ice cold protein shake.. mix with some bananas and milk powder.. voila! there goes my dinner..

i'm usually the first to arrive and the first to leave home... so, i'm pretty much self-sustaining.. barely had help from wifey.. she's insomniac, you know, so she's both late in sleeping and waking up.

i'm tired and i wanna go home.. spend some time with neil... feed the dogs... put my feet up or hit the sack early, but it's raining. i'm not complaining though. some parts of the world had to do all that crazy dance, or walk miles and miles away to get some water... so yeah, i can only be thankful. i just hope it ain't flooding somewhere...

meanwhile, i'm just gonna gulp s'more water and do more reading to get by... chao!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Evel Knievel is dead. but at least, in the end, he believed in something... God.

Before Evel says goodbye, he talks about how he found God a few months ago, in a hotel room in Daytona Beach. “All my life I was an atheist,” he says. “I’d tell people I didn’t believe Jesus could walk on water. Then something happened in Daytona. God spoke to me. He said, ‘Robert, you got to stop tellin’ people you don’t believe in me. I been takin’ care of you for years, watchin’ over you. I done everything for you. And you go tell people you don’t believe in me. You gotta stop it.’

the closest i can go Evel Knievel-like driving my dirt bike, was race against anyone trying to overtake me... last year, finally sobered down and sold it... though i miss that big engine, big tire kindda bike, i gotta steer away from temptation.

for i am weak.
my home internet's still down... it's been days, thank you... Globe!!

my new buddy (again and i don't know his name but we're all "idols" there in our own right) wanted to do a superset workout for the triceps... hhhmmm.. this is pretty but exhausting exercise as it requires just a few seconds of break in between.. but i'm usually "in" for some new challenge especially when it's about testing my strength and endurance.. so, we fired it up!

this guy, by the way, used to work as a P.T. (personal trainer) for Fitness First. if you've been in the cave for so long, you are excuse for your ignorance... otherwise, i should whop you in the ass for not knowing FF.. uhm, yeah, the shortcut for Fitness First.

anyway, he was doin some bench presses.

whenever i'm in the gym, i'm always concern with people who do powerlifts... i've seen a number of them stuck at the bottom, and quite frankly, it scares the crap out of me. so, yeah, i'm very sensitive with that cos some people love to show off but they end up embarrassed cos they can lift the damn bar anymore.

after blazing through 110lbs.(last max out for me was 220lbs., modesty aside), i knew even though he used to do P.T. for clients, he'd pretty much have a hard time completing the set with his current build. seeing his arms shaking to hoist the bar up, off i went to help him lift the bar... or as the bodybuilders lingo would have it, "spot" him.

then he decided to do triceps cos he thought he could use a partner... fine, fine..

he.. he... he was done in about an hour while i stayed a few hours more and hit my abs and legs... my body's lactic acid excretion is squirming like hell right now!

i'm in heat!

no, not the horny kindda heat but my skins are... well, warm.

the plan for this week is to blast 'em up... the muscles, of course...and on saturday, we will witness an abs competition among the gym rats.. then head up for an eat all you can buffet and finish the night off with some gimmick... dunno where yet.

i still haven't made up my mind yet whether i'd join these guys... keepin my fingers crossed for this one...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

just finished skimming through shawn ray's interview and i've gotta say, he just won himself a convert.. him and dorian yates were bitter rival during the 90's Mr. Olympia and i've read dorian's comment to one magazine before saying ray was a total ass for saying he is finish as Mr. Olympia that year... well, i'm a big fain of people who stand up for their beliefs and actually do something about it..

i hope i could resolve my personal "issues" someday... so i don't have to worry about me shrinking into some corner cos i don't have the right...


Friday, November 30, 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007


no, we didn't go out with my new office mate. i deliberately went back to the office a wee bit later... so she won't catch me..

so, there.


just received a text message from the sister of my best pal, earl. he's due to come home this december. i'm excited but i'll have to keep my emotions in check cos i don't wanna get disappointed if things don't materialize as planned... of course, we have "big" plans... he he he...

to be perfectly honest about it, i can't wait for the day my childhood buddy, school mate, more-than-brother and best friend to get his arse down here already.

it's been a year, pal.


well, so much for friends, eh?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007



we have a new officemate. she's soooo hot, young and sexy.. and she's inviting me to go out, have a drink at Paseo... tonight. whoa! slow down tiger.. last time i had a drink, well, me and louie had a bottle-ful of rum.. thankfully, i didn't do anything crazy. well, i was watching myself the whole time and though it was pretty jam packed with beautiful people, i was tame to the end..

i haven't been to that place and i doubt it very much if we'd push through (ok, i'd push through) but she's got a little determination cos she talked about it yesterday.. and she sorta remind me again today...

anyhoo, you'll find out all about... uhm.. later? next post?


well, here goes the gym stories yet again..

it's been pretty, lately. i didn't have to wear my shitty wrist support strap to get my reps goin.. i dunno, but the pain slowly subsided when i did minimal isolation exercises. instead, i concentrated on the heavy and compound routine.

these days, i'm gonna do the tough ones... i'd do the squat.. the dead lift... pull-ups... dips...

before, during college days, it never occurred to me the importance of these exercises.. like i'd just do whatever is "appealing" y'know, have that beach boy look or johnny bravo. but i was wrong. it didn't work out.

so now that i'm an old fart, i have to do the hard, painful but kickass exercises... and i can still do them.. how you like that, eh?!

aside from the usual complements i get (no kidding, they said i'm getting leaner.. and this is coming from different people), when i'm in the gym, the gym rats would look at me in awe... for real. that's because i lift like a power lifter. those huge 50lbs. plates, i'd rack them up when i'm doin' military press. and it's true to say as in my own "experiment" with what bodybuilders had been saying all along, that when i'm wearing shirt these days, it's pretty tight on the shoulders, arms and chest part but loose on the ab section. kewl.

but that won't make me go complacent. i am my biggest critic. they said my arms were getting bigger, i say, i don't see my arms anywhere close to rey's or those local roidz boys.. uh, uh.. not even an inch.. i'm gunning for ronnie coleman's physique.. that's what's goin at the back of my brain..

i dunno for how long i can keep this up but i will try to the very end... to stay on track.

time to gorge on my peanuts and coffee fix...

Friday, November 23, 2007

i got to get me a tattoo.. i'll start with the legs. the lower portion of my left knee (Tibialis anterior, thanks wiki) had a huge scar that i got when i was a kid needs to be covered with some artistic thingy.. i've been meaning to get one but am still in the process of looking for the right person to do the job... my right foot (well, a few inches from my achilles tendon) also suffered some burns thanks to my motorcycle's pipe... isssshhhhhh!!! that was the sound of it when my skin kiss the super hot metal pipe... now, imagine the pain!

but yeah, i'd love to get me one of these:


i better hook up with earl and elvin.. they both sport a huge tattoos on their back and legs... where the heck are those guys, anyway?! or should i say, where had i been?


i discovered a website that's got full of information i need.. i'm overwhelm. this is exactly the kind of content, info and articles i've been looking for.. i'm just grinning ear-to-ear these days.. thanks internet.. thanks t-nation!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the punch lines...

ey sports fans! wassup?!?

good to be back and kicking... i'll have to slowly crawl myself back into the "hood..." expect some twist and turns along the way and, uhm, yeah, the drama... we all love a little dose of that.. like some kindda telenovela... it's no wonder our lives end up that way.. but before anything, i'll have to say the "punchlines" that i've grown accustomed to since time immemorial... and their, well, supposed meanings...

"what the fuck?" - self explanatory.

"paksit" - this is a how we greet each other during the days when we "morning the night."

"paker" - we sooo love rex navarette's joke about "SBC Packers" that my bud started calling us that, paker. but really, it means "fucker." whatever.

"cio," "sho," "shomaker" - i called my niece with that name over the phone and my friend, boyet, started calling me with it too. soon, everyone in the office followed. "shomaker" was a spin-off of the the whole "cio" thing but that's because me and my office best bud, boyet, who by the way lives in NJ these days, loves formula 1 racing.. til now.

"idol" - i started this one in the gym. i call my "spot buddy," idol - all because he's such a hardworking fellow that he literally had a physical makeover.. from fat to whoa! and as usual, as luck would have it, he'd call me "idol" too. other people in the gym heard it and ever since, "idol" had become a byword in there. unfortunately, my friend, (arsua was his last name) quit working out but the "idol" monicker lived on... especially for those who work out hard...

"cracker" - my former officemate, jagger, was such an anxious guy that every sales he made, he'd frantically prepare all the documentations... he would crack at the slightest missteps and when customers start bugging him about documentation, you guess it, he cracks! i'd mess with him even more by mimicking the voice of our GM and calls his name by surprise... and boy, the look on his face? priceless! unfortunately, he left as he was given the pink slip few weeks ago. he now works with our competitor.

"shut up!" - yeah, we'd love to drop this when we're too drunk and in our slurring moments, we so wanted to make a point, but the other guy kept talking... we'd say, "shut up!" but we're all good sport. we never take anything personally.. at least, not yet.

"i just wanna go home" - this isn't really the coolest thing to say when things are starting to "warm up," but i'd usually say this (or my bud, louie) when i had one too many. it's especially and frequently blurted out when cellphones start ringing or some sms comes in a matter of seconds... and it's the wifey! ahhhh!!! have a little empathy, will you? lemme go already!

"i love you!!" - hhhmmmm... say this to any of your friends and you'd be surprise at the look of their face.. i do it frequently -- to anyone.. some actually would say, "you're saying "i love you's" like it's soooo ordinary..." and i say, "why not?" when people do me some favor and get something done for me, i'd say "i love you!!" to them as my way of saying thank you.. once, when my bodybuilder friend taught me a lot of lesson on how to do things properly and i very much appreciated what he did, when he bid goodbye to everyone, i told him, "bye rey, i love you!!!" very loudly. hahaha!!! one japanese guy who heard and whose always serious with his training couldn't help but laugh! rey's reaction was like, "WTF?" but he smiled and went ahead.. but hey, everyone had a good laugh... and as usual and as predictable life can be, more are starting to say that... nice, eh?

more about this "lines" later... trying to remember some of 'em...

now, if you've read this and you caught me flat footed, pants down, drunk, wasted, naked, horny, crazy, and everything, try to understand that that's just the way i am... ok, that's not really me in there but the "poison" working on me... so, could it be that i'm in between sober and drunk state? like the movie "me, myself and irene?" damn, go figure.

and please, skip the picture taking part... i'm too old and ugly for that shit... i'm no britney or paris to get that paparazzi-like images... no magazine or newspaper would want any of that... i guarantee you..



just watched american gangster... loved it! denzel and crowe was exceptionally good.. had to repeat it..


still haven't got my shot for anti-tetanus. i step on some friggin' and rusting nail while i was out trying to feed my new dog, maui. it was dark (blackout, mostly in the city) as the typhoon lando just passed us by... but i had to feed her no matter what.. now, i'm gonna die because of my dogs.. great!


nuff BS... over and out.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i'll mask my stupidity a few days ago with this numbers... talk about it later (the stupidity)... as these numbers, at least, is something to be proud of.. ok, brag off.. haha!

i'm gaining more strength lately... should i thank my supplements (creatine, amino and CMD) or my food intake... or is it just my sheer determination to break out from the plateau? i dunno but i'm happy to have been able to max it out and get my numbers up in the gym.

the max outs.... in lbs.

standing military press @140

incline bench @210 / bench press @200

deadlift (raw. as in no straps, belts and whatnot) @280

squat @240

dynamic row @160

leg press @490 (but i bet i can do more)

hack squat @200

my parallel dips are getting more reps (repetition) just as my chins...

yeah, i guess i'm goin' insanely stronger each week as i'm competing against the bodybuilder/s (dunno how many are they but they ain't that many) in the gym.. if there's anything i can do good in my life, that would be in there.. the gym.

so, congrats to me.


funny.. i remember a scene in one movie (arrrrgghhh!!! as usual, i forgot the title!) when a man asks his boss whether what news would he like to hear first.. "the bad news or the bad news?" yeah, that's the way to do it! hehe!

so, the bad news. last saturday, due to the great taste of chivas regal, i blackout. what a great night to cap the week, eh! i don't want to elaborate and even remember any friggin moment, but as the boxing guru's would have it, "we all have our bad nights." so and unfortunately, that was mine right there.

i'd love to make excuses... that things weren't goin' great with Neil's studies.. like he's failing, and i just had a "sweatful" earlier thus i'm tired which cause my early "knockdown."

but i won't. as President Truman's favorite expression says it above, in the end, i am responsible for my own action and that night, i was an idiot.

and i am just human, too.

so, fuck it, life goes on.

meanwhile, that being said, i have more reason to get my attention into something really different... very interesting thoughts and philosophies that i'm trying to absorb day in, day out...

just going through the motions here.... and in a way, it's a blessing in disguise.

hopefully soon, no more craps and complexities in me's life.

fingers crossed.

Friday, November 09, 2007

man.. man...

i had an "article" waiting but i haven't had the "time" to complete the whole thing yet.

we have a new dog, by the way. her name is maui.. she's a labrador... and she's so playful and full of life.. a handful, to be exact. i'm not complaining though... wifey is! hehehe

mores stories later...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

what if...

instead of the veins the bones will pop out from my wrist... or shoulder... or legs?

yeah, i thought about that too...

i have this friend in the gym whom i thought was a total ass cos he just go wherever he pleases and grabs anything without asking anybody if it is still being used... worst, he doesn't return it and just leaves it on the floor or some place where you could accidentally bump yourself into.

whenever we crossed path, i'd usually top his lifts to let him know "i'm better" and i'd purposely drop the plates or the bar on the floor to piss him off or shoooo him away... well, cos i'm annoyed by his bad habits..

eventually, he was able to get my drift and i earned his respect... to make the long story short, we ended up being buddy.

i've finally realize why he's such an ass before... it's probably because he's rich and for that, a brat. and so when the smoke cleared and things started to settle down, he understood and learn to be sensitive to other people around him.

one thing about this guy i didn't know? he's such a kid... a nice kid at that. so now we'd end up talking once in a while during our breaks and he asks for my advices.. really. i should consider being personal trainer as my next career move... someday.. we'll never know...

and this guy got the scare of his life when he was looking at me loading plates after plates and did some super heavy presses and lifts that he pop this question: "what if things go wrong and your bones gives in or your back (spine) can't take it no more... or your shoulders snaps?"

well, shit happens even to the best of us... quite frankly though, the thought of it didn't scare me at all... i have crashed my motor bikes a number of times before, twisted my ankles, fractured some bones, peeled some skin... bruises all over (including my ego)... but i still ride my bike... i still go hard and fast if and when the condition permits... i floored four on the floor so many times when i'm driving a cage...

sure, sure, things had changed but am still the same... i just have to deal things a little differently, now.... shift gears and take the higher road...

so, am still kicking ass out there but i always remember what my late grandma kept telling me whenever i'm out there in the fences doin some acrobatic stunt, BE CAUTIOUS!

aaaahhhhh.... time to zit... and Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

but i'm still alive...

wear and tear

it's hard to accept it but i think i'm on the verge and realclose of injuring myself. i can feel my right wrist feeling funny (in a scary way) that even when i'm doin ordinary things, it knacks weirdly. earlier, i felt a pang of pain on my right shoulder while doin bench presses... and get this, it wasn't even close to my maximum load yet... so, yeah, i'm kindda there right now... y'know... getting fucked!

i always thought i wouldn't. some people kept telling or i heard them talking about doin some light workout on some other days... i wouldn't have any of their advice... i felt really invincible especially when i was able to lift all the dumbbells that were placed in the heavy rack... sorta place where only the "big boys" hang around... best of all, i can go toe-to-toe with the "old-timers" or the "bodybuilders" in my gym... "if they could lift it, i could too!" was very much my mentality the whole time.. i would grind for hours... when i'm there, it's all business..

so today... err, i mean tonight, i seriously thought about backing off a bit to heal up.. my doc-wannabe friend asked his ortho/resident doc/instructor on how to deal with those things cos he too suffered the same fate as i am. the doc said calmly to him... "take two weeks off."

i don't know but i guess it's the best option for me also... five to six days a week of romancing the iron bars... have to stop the madness right now... i should have a better plan when i go back so i don't injure myself again... but that will have to wait til the middle of November... which is my payment due...

a MEMO to myself:

SLOW DOWN or burn baby... burn!


this one was on Oct. 28.....

Friday, October 26, 2007

sabado nights

one hundred thirty pounds excluding the bar for a standing military press? i am surprise.. by ME!

yeah, i am bragging. i'm just happy to max it out in that level of tonnage... this week's session had been all great... fuck the pain, i'm doing it full throttle!

i need to pile up some serious mass while i can cos by the time i'm old and gray, it won't be easy to do those lifts.. just like the once and glorious former Mr. Philippines, who had to call for help cos he can't raise the bar anymore while doing incline bench press... it's ll in the mind now, sir... as the cliché goes, "the mind is willing, but the body is weak."

hope i didn't screw that up.

nuff said.

just a side note, i'm pretty amuse by this fellow whenever he works out... cos he never fails to wear protective belt...

so what's amusing about it? well, he only lifts a puny 10-15 pounds while i'm grinding 250's wearing nothing but raw power... hhhhaaaaahhhh... i know.. it's windy in here too!


and i'm just too happy exams are over... no, not mine. it's Neil's. i am his tutor y'know.. dang, it's a pretty tough job, huh!

now, i don't have to worry bout dashing home as quickly as i could... i could use the breather....

i was gonna ask the guys from school, "are you sure these subjects are for grade 3?"

cos it's friggin tough, titser!

on the bright side (well, i have to look at that part), i'm having one helluva refresher/crash course about elementary subjects.. God bless me.


i can't complain and i won't apologize for the boring entries here these days... cos this is the right page for me. i've been really "bad" for many years which got me weak and ill and obese and i kept on thinking that one day i can turn things around... day-by-day... one drinking session after another... packs of cigarettes and more... contemplating... planning and feeling my body... but i can't wait for me to burst.. i could be late, y'know...

so, this is why i'm HOT and starting to look brawny today... he he he

i'm happy cos after months (started march or april) of hard training, burning out didn't crossed my mind, still. i think about it everyday... sleep, eat, work and just roll with it... but i ain't goin crazy with it, yet... i'd go out and have some rum or beer on some weekends... and sometimes, i'd go crazy with who-knows-what.

like two weeks ago. haha!

i guess i should start "behaving" more next time.. for real.

uummmm... like tonight?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

rain, rain...

change program.

yeah, i have to.

i will treat myself like it's just now that i am working out. not that i'm unimpressed or discontent, but there's just soooo many things i'm starting to discover and learn by just reading some stuffs on the net.

so, i'm gonna start from the scratch... learn a few things... unlearn some... it'll be exciting again!

ok, more exciting now.


i discovered recently that our newly hired IT guys are already tinkering with my PC... hhmmmm....this early?!?

long before they've set foot here, i've been the "go to guy" whenever shit comes up so i know my way around... first they un-installed my skype (which by the way i couldn't care less cos i ain't using it) and then they took my firewall off and installed a spy software (remote admin) so they can take a peek as to what i am working with (or browsing, if you may)... that is, if i'm screwing around, ya know... and maybe later, take over my PC when i'm not around...

they probably think that i'm just gonna hand it to them in silver platter and give them the satisfaction of busting me with my pants down and tail between my legs...

great, guys! you just started a war and i ain't backin' out... lets see if you REALLY can find out what i am doing... and yeah, you'll be surprise at what i can do... heee heee

can i say the punchline?

here goes:



thanks to the rain i'm pretty much stuck here and writing this masterpiece... hope you enjoyed it.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Love Somebody

love the new version... check this out guys...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


i soooo love pearl jam and THIS song just reminds me of my full of angst years... all because of love...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fair game

life's not fair.

the guy below is my buddy at the gym. we help each other out when were doing super heavy lifts.. other than that, we just do our own "little thing" while in there.

so why is it not fair, you asked?

well, let me count the ways...

one, this guy could not match me with the weights.. i could lift 20 to 50 percent more than his poundages..

two, i do more exercises for one body part than his average of two to three sets...

three, i'm almost doing ten by tens... meaning ten sets of ten repetitions of everything... how much more difficult and rigid training can i possibly get, huh?

four, i'm pretty much adept and technical with the whole workout thingy that he'd practically asks for my advice/s...

five, i spend more time bangin' the iron in the gym than him... like he's done in an hour or two and i'm still doin crunches...

six, his workout is never consistent... he quits for a week or two and comes back again, but without losing much muscle and definition... while i grind and eat iron six days a week to get a shoot at looking muscular!

and lastly, he gets all the girls (and even the gays!) for that so-so gym performance by just getting half naked while at the beach while i'm having dinner at the gym gorging on dumbbell steak.... WTF?

now tell me, is that fair?

but then again, i'm happy for him... after all, when he is there pumping iron, he really puts up and almost never ceases to rest in between sets... like these days, after a week/s off, he is like an animal! loading plates after plates.... and that, i can't match... i'd like to take my sweet time, y'know....


in case YOU have found your way here uninvited and you know me in person, i want YOU to understand that i'd like to take a break from all of that... for now...

i already said my piece... now, i'll take this time to gather my thoughts and reflect...

when i'm ready, i will again, re-appear to finish what i've started.


some guys....

have all the luck!

have to scan the friggin picture from the printout cos the digicam had been owned!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


nothing much to rant about somewhere else, so here i am.

what was that i was gonna talk about? hhhmmpp!!!

oh yeah... I am HOT!

i like that a lot... i am now a chic magnet... dang!

i went out last saturday and boy, when i sat down with some ladies (one is a GF of a friend and the other was her friend) at my friend's bar, we just hit it off right away.. last time i check, it's usually me whose touchy and icky, but this time, they were. the other girl kept her face thisclose to mine whenever she speaks... i can almost feel her lips rubbing my ears... whoa there! and my friend's GF (my friend's somewhere not in Cebu) she'd occasionally hold my arm when she speaks... hhmmmmmm... checking me out,girl, huh? but no worries bud, i ain't hitting your GF even if we're both stuck in an island.. promise... he he he

oh and she did left me a cellphone number but i ain't calling nobody... unless i wanna get whop by some jealous wifey...

remember that story a few entries back? well, do some back reading cos i ain't diggin', will yah, hombre!

well, her name was ashley... shesh! she came back a few nights later and was looking for me... sorry girls, i'm good for one night only and that's it... after that, let's forget the past.... i mean, for real.


so, i get it... this is probably the reward for all that pain and sweating, eh? i'll sweat some more 'til i can't sweat no more... dang, i bungled up marley's song...


now, for the gym story...

i'm getting stronger as time passes by... i've added parallel dips and pull-ups into my program... those two, for me is the true measure of strength... you are practically lifting your own weight doing those exercises... when i am able to do it weighted, meaning i'm adding weights other than my body's, i'd be able to achieve that V-Shaped bod... i am getting there though thus the sex appeal... heeee.. heeee...

but get this, when i'm doing the barbell/dumbbell curl, my bicep's vein appears.. and my forearms, even at rest are starting to get vein-Y. and though my jeans are getting looser, my shirts are getting tighter around the chest, shoulders and arms.. i call that p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s, baby!

i wouldn't mind at all if i get even a quarter of Jay Cutler's bod... at any given day, man...

but having that "appeal" isn't really my goal when i went into serious training, but to get conditioned as my body was sending me signals it's going down hard and fast if i don't do some drastic changes. but the "appeal" factor was a great bonus to continue what i've started and further fuel my resolve to push 'til i reach my maximum strength potential.... wow, that was deep!

except for a few snags, like my right wrist's occasional aching (i'm a southpaw by the way) and my shoulders feeling the same, things are goin' smoothly... as i've learn to deal with the obstacles by working around them.. the plan for a week long rest would not materialize as the new techniques i employed, and yes, the unexpected accolade and adulation from friends and strangers was a huge, huge boost for my ego.

now, give me that iron!

wait, wait... my chest still hurts!!

or is it my breast?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i'm back.

no, not the usual funfare please...

i said i needed a break, ayt?

i have a new uniform... weeee!!!! picture this: that mall guard wearing all blue, that's exactly how they look! haa.. haa... unfunny, indeed.

i may have been "out" in the cyberworld for a while now but i was never away.. took a different direction though to further my "growth". well, we all need a little break from where we've been stuck to... it's refreshing to discover new things and to go back where you've been a tad more rejuvenated.. well, that is, for me.

yesterday's iron pumping session was the lowest if not the worst workout i've ever had. i still had some pains goin through my legs as i went pass 200lbs for my squat the other day.. whew! so much harder, huh?

it was tempting to relax yesterday with all the work in the office/field...also got my bike's sprocket replaced cos the chain's starting to roll over. that took an awful lot more of time to finish... oh, the downtime just stalled me for hours and made me feel sleepy.

so, when everything was done and ready, even my when legs were still hurting, went ahead to the gym... but.... felt really different warming up. shoot, something's not right, here. anyway, started out with the incline bench press... first few plates, good.... but after going 170lbs. the damn bar got way too heavy! shesh, i did 200lbs. of this one before... WTF?

tried again, with a spotter this time... that's it, i can't friggin lift it! i must have plateaued already.... hmmmmm.. sooo many reasons but i hope i can improve next time.

..... to be continued.

Monday, October 01, 2007

i've decided to make this blog for "friends" only..

i actually do have a problem about sharing things about my life, (no matter how mundane and frivolous they are). i'm naturally a very "keep your cards close to your heart kind of person". so alas.. sorry to all the lurkers out there.. hehehe.. and no, i'm not talking about you.. sheesh!

toodles! kit and caboodles! =)


some guy beat me to the pulp as to exactly what i want to say about this place i called my "secret-confession-blog" place!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Final Push

we'll have dinner later tonight... it's the culmination of the company's sports fest. it wasn't that much of a "sport" and "friendly" game though as we almost had a brawl with our sister company's basketball players for playing it rough and dirty. we won the game by the way... so, bbbbllleeeeeeeeee!!!!

hopefully, the dinner won't be like last year's when the food was scarce... no budget, eh?


am still feelin the pain of yesterday's shoulder and tricep workout. if there's any highlight of the week for all that pumping action, should be yesterdays... thanks to my bud, benjie for assisting me with the heavy ones... i guess he was a little scared as it is his first time to spot me in that position... whattaguy by the way!

he was in a beach, Portofino to be exact.. swimming.. when he passed by two ladies who just came off their boat to swim around... he just said to them, "hi girls!" and from thereon in they became instant friends.. not only that, the hot one was all over him the whole time... some lucky fella, huh?

morale of the story: it pays to be buff and workin' out

hehehe.... love that sandwich, girl..

back to the main topic. today, i'm hoping to get my groove up when i aim to bench a few poundages more than the last time i top it. it won't be easy but i've never done anything easy lately, so it won't be too much of a surprise....

and whew, the abs exercises... sigh.. they never get any easier and fun... i'll get them all done. promise.

someday, i hope i'd be as lucky as my idol and training partner, benjie. dude, your name is my late dad's namesake too!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


ey man! dang, somebody found out about my blog!

that's not supposed to be.

that's why you wont find me advertising this anywhere.. from forums, friendster and the whole wide web... never.. nada... capish?

Top Secret, this is. really. hee hee

so, after the 3 day fabulous fever weekend, had to slowly crawl my way back to form.. tueday was tough as i had to deal with light-headed-ness.. the usual "play after work" i've been doin since april had been hitting the gym for hours... so, even with the "not-so-feeling-well" mood am still having, went in and eat some iron for dinner.

everything went well but lifted lighter loads this time... don't wanna pass out doin squats y'know...

now this was unexpected...

Keith Jardine winning over Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell

Monday, September 24, 2007

sick leave

i've got feeeeevvvveeeeeerrrr!!!

dang! had been parking for a while now. worst, i'm also suffering from LBM. just perfect.

haven't taken a bath since saturday... i stink!

had to call it sick for work today.

it must have been the weather or the LBM... whatever it is, i'm pretty much derailed of my plan to go super heavy-lifting this week. in fairness, i'm still feeling sore of last week's session.

today, with some help from the Almighty, i will take a bath and hopefully feel better...

meanwhile, my veins are starting to pop.. haha... i'm leaning out slow and sleek.. by the time it's december, i should be closer to my target.

some pictures...

the bare essentials

i just conquered this one... *applause*

the gym rats.. err, i mean gym buddy.. they help me with the heavy ones.. y'know, spot me

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i went out last saturday. thought i should let my hair down sometimes. brought some hard drinks cos we just came from the mall and had a huge dinner... beer would just make my belly larger and my pocket slimmer.

everything went well as me and my amigo, lui, who rolled out the red carpet for "a long lost friend." did some catching up of whatever's happening to the rest of what used to be our posses... and yep, most of the gang do hang out in my amigo's bar which had been renamed to Baseo. apparently, the old and now defunct name Beach Roots had so many unsettled back taxes.. so, instead carrying the excess baggage, they opted to just dub it Baseo.. a spin-off to that new "whatever place is that i haven't been to."

cool... cool...

i saw yul, the teacher guy whose also into bands. he's been our regular before and he always brings with him his students... some guys.. some gals.. some became her girlfriends too! whattaguy.

unfortunately, as the night wore on, i started to struggle with my "other" self and before i knew it, i was there sitting with some lady and her friends. i only have chunks of memory since then.... i could not picture her face nor remember her name, but i remembered being touchy (which i think didn't went to the extremes or i would have been sporting a black eye now) and my amigo's famous last words, "you're on your own now, cio." whatever that means, i wanna know the story behind it but the thing is, can i handle it?

from there everything was downhill... practically, i black out til i arrived at the gates of our house... end of the story. not!

last monday i couldn't figure out what transpired there and i felt so bummed while working out... maybe in time i could ask my amigo what i've done there and did i conduct myself as a gentleman.. or have i screwed up again... gggrrrrrrrr!!!!!!


so, this week kicked off with me in the gym sweating it out for a friggin six hours... i'm goin crazy with this fitness thingy i dreamed of it at night.

as to what purpose? hhhmmmm.. i dunno. but i've been wastin time doing stupid things before... so, this time i'd probably get some results.. well, my pants are getting looser, for one. my shirts too! i'm better in sex.. hehehe.. more oxygen, baby... of course, i don't breath heavily now unlike before when just a few steps on the stairs i feel like i'm gonna have a massive cardiac arrest... shish, speaking of which, a member of our forum died a week ago for that... cardiac arrest on his birthday!

well, it's not for me to judge but it could have been his lifestyle, y'know. i wish he's in a better place now.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


i just saw on top of my editor a "video" icon. well, that means (probably) we can now upload videos to blogger, eh? great!

long absence... y'know..

anyway, there's not much going on with me right now except that i'm training like manny pacquiao.. hehe... well, that's what i've been busying myself into, working out as in sweating out.. big time.

night life, zero. gimmicks, nil. feeling of boredom, in a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, 7. well, that's life. you make choices and you make it happen. nothing will ever get you where you wanna be unless you start putting up... hmmmmm, but what about my mediocre job? why am i stuck with it? i thought about that too... it's nothing fancy but it's a win-win situation for all.. nothing to add further.. zit.. zat!

i like the thought that as time went by, i'm getting stronger. those dumbbells and plates that used to scare the crap out of me, i can now look at it man-to-man and lift it... as in i'm in the "big boys" rack now lifting the top weights in there with ease.... ok, ok i just can lift it these days. happy now?

in the meantime, i wanna thank the "masters," the "doubters," and the rest of the opinionated people in the gym... i've proven many of you wrong. how you like that, huh?

in the meantime, have to flee now for this story's starting to suck...

my back, aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

this girl right here makes me feel like a pussy... HOT!

Kara Bohigian doin' Standing Military Press

yeah, could use the inspiration...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Eighth Birthday!


if it weren't for you we wouldn't have this drama to read about..

seems my birthday's comin' in soon too... let's see when... shez! just a matter of hours, in fact!

well, i'm never the kind who makes a big fuss about birthdays and i'm not about to make one now. but i gotta thank the good Lord above for making me get this far and turning my life around for the better... i'm not a happy-go-lucky kindda guy no more and neither am i a the junkie i was once..

i've got a few people to thank for... for giving me stuffs i never asked but they were generous enough to send me some... and they're not even my well-off relatives! i dig the irony, though. thank you.

of course my sister who help me through and through... she made it happened for us all. she never ceases to look after me, my family, my long lost and mentally-challenged brother, my just married bro and her wife... dang, even my/our dogs she provides them their food! we are so blessed by you, sis!

i love you.

anyway, i love the 80's and this video... reminds me of my careless and carefree days...


Friday, August 17, 2007

this video's hot but Uncle Kracker, the man singing this kewl song got busted for second-degree forcible sex offense. WTF? can't score no chic no more, dawg?

"Yeah Yeah Yeah" shit happens.


this blog is going down the drain... FAST!

this is gonna be the way it's gonna be... a few post here and there.. videos... ahh, i think i don't wanna blog no more... then again, i just might.. whatever it is, i'm trying to do something even more "productive" these days.. so, this ain't gonna be in my priority list. nonetheless, even it was, nobody gives a rats anyway!

seriously, i'm getting my acts together these days and i'm enjoying it. i hope you guyz can find something enjoyable as well and that it would make you a better YOU.

now, i must go and find my place in this world. adieus!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

so many things to say... thoughts to spell out... so little time... or just too lazy.

but really, just tired here... banana, anyone?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

finally took a leave. i was really getting burnout from all the work (and workout, if you may) lately. since it was Neil's birthday last Saturday, we went island hopping but not after wifey invited one too many of her "business partners" i don't know from adam. the downside of being away from my usual grind is that i tend to just go lazy it out.. and since i'm not having that "regular practice" of boozing anymore, i tend to easily go drunk and practically enter into some kindda "zone" where i do and speak of things strangely even i am amaze of how the hell did i do or say such stupid things... scares the shit out of me, hombre!

the island hopping went great, well, save for those i can still recall... the fish sanctuary was a nice stop and the place near Sta. Rosa was just as great... much like Richelle's ass.. wooppps, deym, saw her passing by thus the comparison.. but really, it was great... i'm just a little uncomfortable being surrounded by strangers, aren't we all? lesson 101 when island hopping: don't go with strangers cos it's a bummer!

when we arrived home i was ready to call it a day but what the crap, the alcohol gave me a huge cojones to invite some of them over our house... it was pretty stupid cos that means we have to continue hosting them and therefore we need to scram for more food and beers! just brilliant.

then i got a text from my fellow forumers... ahhh, i was sold out to the idea about not going to our EB (eyeball) as the day falls on "D-Day," but thanks to them, my friend, gpsman and sir AJ for teasing me that the babes had arrived... deym! even more, the beers were overflowing as well... deym! have to go and fix myself up quick and make a really good excuse to buzzz away from the "crowd". good thing i won in a raffle held a few weeks back.. an MI3 DVD and i have to claim it, otherwise it'll be forfeited and raffled off for the next draw...

"Houston, we have have a green light!"

oh, it was nice to meet them all. eye candies, indeed. i was pretty much loaded but i managed to stand straight... after a few hand shakes, beers and some chit-chat, my cellphone rang and sounded, "WARNING, IT'S THE WIFE!!! IT'S THE WIFE!!!"

"well, the visitors are waiting, go home, dickhead!" my wife's text went something like that.. joke!

so, bade goodbye to all.. wish i could stay a wee bit longer but y'know, whoever says life is fair should be shot in the head or stoned in the streets cos it ain't!

i ended up drinking s'more beers and singing my heart out thanks to Magic sing... had a boring foursome videoke with wifey and friends... woke up the next morning with a sore throat and a harsh voice... whew! talk about fun, ey?

anyway, i probably had a few embarrassing moments during the day but i always believe one can get away with it or is excused if he's under the influence.. unless you start being violent, of course.

i'll have to think a million times about getting drunk again... cos as i recall, i'm not so cool when i'm drunk and it ain't been funny, lately.

but i bet Paris Hilton had more of that shiteous display of stupidity when drunk...

creep signing out.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

haha!!! i missed laughing out loud... so here... enjoy!

I promise to have a more thorough post in the next few days.. fingers crossed!
love 'em!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

not really bored but just tired... so here, lemme share a video of Marion Raven, formerly of M2M's... the transformation... from cuteness... to rock... to whatever!

just check it out...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

What i got

i'm so naive... didn't know Bradley Nowell, the vocalist, died many years ago (1996)...

but i love this song...


hehe.. hello there!

this morning, i got the best compliment for the day thanks to those motorcycles who sprayed me with wet dirt.. why? well, i have to take me shirt-jack off and wear only my undershirt.. as it turns out, my muscles were pretty obvious.. my officemates were saying, "wow! nice bod you got there!" and a few couldn't help but squeeze my arms... "geeez, it's hard as rock!"

well, well... what can i say, spending hours and hours in the gym after the work is done should have some results, right? not to mention the "starvation sessions" i have to endure.. practically killing myself to get to where i am now... thank you.. thank you.. thank you..


meanwhile, nothing much to update about... well, there is actually but my memory still needs a lot of improvement... so, time to bid adieu so soon..

best regards and have a great weekend..


this one, i can't wait to watch... tomorrow, somebody's gonna get whop..

UFC 73: Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans Talk Tough

Thursday, June 28, 2007

i've been having a steady dose of real life tales from people i've been bumping in lately. in the gym, i hear my "idol" talking about his "heydays." this guy is only 21 years old and he used to party hard until one of his friend, just eighteen years old, suffered a massive stroke and is now wheel chair bound... practically useless. my "idol" took it as sign to go easy with his vices ...he's been pumping iron regularly these days... then there's another guy who look sooo fit and every inch masculine... but ate anything and everything including the unhealthy ones... twice he had a mild stroke and passed out banging his head into the floor and suffered a huge cut... his blood flowing profusely.. good thing his wife was able to call for help.. now, even with his age, he sweats it out in the gym religiously.. my boss had a liver problem because of too much drinking... one day he just turned yellow... saw him so many times at work looking pale and sick.. now, he's popping a number of pills everyday for his lever.. i can go on forever about this tragic incidents, but that's exactly the point of what i wrote below... in the end, some thing's gotta give... you smoke you lungs out, someday you'll BURNED. you drink and party like there's no tomorrow, you'll get BURNED.

been there, done that.. last year, i partied like hell.. i crashed my bike twice.. bloodied and bruise my body.. and for what? my son is still young and i'm living on the edge.. WTF?!?

i've had more bouts with tonsilitis than my wife and my, my... i was just bloating big like an elephant. i had trouble breathing, and sleeping wasn't gonna be "peace" without my dose of "milk," alcohol... or i'd suffer panic attack.. shit, the caffiene and nicotine combo was just too potent for a spent heart like mine.

and every time i'm out there, it just bothers me.. i dunno why but there's just something in there i can't fill even with all the bottles of alcohol i've down and wasted.

i thought i should take the higher road... one that few people go.. fortunately, i've found another way to get "high," meet new friends and found a new diversion... one that would actually give me a better result: joining on-line community forums and workout. if i need or like a good conversation, there's a number of forums i can join in.. in fact, modesty aside, i'm one of the moderator and the site keeper of two forums.. it's been really cool having an exchange of views from people all over.. some young, some old, people from cebu and others who lived in other countries... it's nice to be in the mix of people who have great minds and different views...

and, the workout session had been great... after all that humping and pumping, i just couldn't find a reason to gimmick anymore cos, i'm just way too tired to go out and party.. i couldn't wait to go home and crash.. not on the gutter or on the road, but in bed.

but, occasionally, i down a few rum and beer but it's not something i'd look for... our fridge doesn't have traces of them anymore.. i'd have fruits and juices instead..

it's not a "happy ever after" life.. in the future, i'd most probably have a few relapse here and there... but nothing is perfect...

i like this road better.
finally ran out of sites to visit... tsk tsk

sorry but i couldn't care less about this blog.. this needs a major face-lift and i don't have the time and the luxury for that..

just a few words of wisdom that is proven and effective through times....

"health is wealth."

"you reap what you sow."

"what you do comes back to you."

it may sound odd to some, but lately, i've seen a number of people realizing what those words meant... by heart.

even i.

so, for all of you "geniuses" out there who thinks you are too smart and your IQ's and EQ's are way above Einstien's, those who turn a deaf ear to a friendly advice.... you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out... in the end, you get BURNED. trust me on this.


my world had been crazy as hell these days.. always exhausting.. what, with all the things i've been doing? but i have to keep up... keep the faith... roll with the punches... prepare for boredom... lose more friends... win some friends... unlearn a whole lot of things... learn a few things... refresh... get back to basic... restart... relive... get out of the box... and breath...

bottom line is: continue to embrace change, enjoy and still live life to the fullest.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

stole this from my "Idol"

Some really good expressions for the stressed, irritated and those who just want to chuckle a little. haven't marked my favorites just yet - which are yours?

1. "Okay, okay! I take it back. Unfuck you!"
2. "You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing."
3. "How many times do I have to flush before you go away?"
4. "Well this day was a total waste of make-up.."
5. "Well aren't we a bloody ray of sunshine?"
6. "Don't bother me. I'm living happily ever after."
7. "Do I look like a fucking people's person?"
8. "This isn't an office. It's HELL with flourescent lighting."
9. "I started out with nothing, and still have most of it left."
10. "I pretend to work, they pretend to pay me"
11. "YOU!!... Off my planet!!!"
12. "Therapy is expensive. Popping bubble plastic is cheap. You choose..."
13. "Practice random acts of intelligence and senseless acts of self-control."
14. "Errors have been made. Others will be blamed."
15. "And your cry-baby, whiny-assed opinion would be?.."
16. "I'm not crazy. I've been in a very bad mood for 30 years."
17. "Sarcasm is just one more service I offer."
18. "Whatever kind of look you were going for, you missed."
19. "Do they ever shut up on your planet?"
20. "I'm not your type. I'm not inflatable."
21. "Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven't gone to sleep yet."
22. "Back off!! You're standing in my aura."
23. "Don't worry. I forgot your name too."
24. "I just want revenge. Is that so wrong?"
25. "I work 45 hours a week to be this poor."
26. "Nice perfume. Must you marinate in it?"
27. "Not all men are annoying. Some are dead."
28. "Wait.. I'm trying to imagine you with a personality.."
29. "Chaos, panic and disorder... my work here is done."
30. "Ambivalent? Well yes and no."
31. "You look like shit. Is that the style now?"
32. "This is a mean, cruel world and I want my nappy and medication right now!"
33. "Earth is full. Go home."
34. "Aw, did I step on your poor little bitty ego?"
35. "I'm not tense - just terribly, terribly alert."
36. "A hard-on doesn't count as personal growth."
37. "I thought I wanted a career. Turns out I just wanted the pay checks."
38. "Can I trade this job for what's behind door #2?
39. "You are depriving some village of an idiot."