Saturday, March 28, 2009

the planet

at 8:30 tonight, ya gotta turn off the lights for an hour... that's 20:30, military time.. this has something to do with some Earth day commemoration slash celebration mambo-jambo yet again thingy spearheaded by these so called "Environmentalist" wackos!


maybe we should include a "No-Smoking" or "No using of Car, etc." day... what else? hhhmmmmm.. turn off everything that uses electricity, fuel, and whatnot.. then, we might save our dear planet.. not some half-ass turn-off the light whatchamacallit gloopy crap.. sorry for the word, earthlings.

i rest my case.


anyhoo, accompanied Neil to his circumcision yesterday... prior to that, he was all giddy that he's about to become a "man."

when t'was time to get "the cut," he freaked out and wanted to bail.. not so fast, boy!

the docs and i tried to calm him down to no avail.. 'til he got a taste of that anesthesia injection... he realized it wasn't that painful.. so, the doc went about the whole "operation." though not as seamless as i expected, overjoyed when it was finally over albeit a few jerking from Neil here and there.

so, my son, welcome to manhood, bhoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

fast and furious

i know i posted 'bout this bike before...but what can i say.. i miss it..

it eats rough road for breakfast... unlike my 'girly' bike now... so slow and hard on my spine... in short, crap!


Neil on his younger days...

now,he's about to go through circumcision... how time flies, yeh?

he doesn't wanna be called a "child" anymore... rather, a teen.. whatever kiddo!

Friday, March 20, 2009


hey man!


internet connection these day's a drag... i mean, it's almost like stone age again.. ya know, dial-up kinda thing...

sucks big time!

anyhoo, no point complaining.. it's just it.

whaddaya know? i now have two PC's, eh??! finally figured out what's bugging the relic one... i reckoned the PSU and the AVR connived and made me believed the PC has gone loco.. seems only those mentioned above are the effed one.. the rest are working perfectly fine... but not after giving me a huge headache... had to break 'em all down to pieces, literally!


answer: found.

so, now i need additional keyboard, mouse, joystick and a monitor.. damn, ey??

two is better than one, Albert Einstein said that.. does e=mc2 ring a bell?

yeah, just messing with your head there..

things are pretty dandy and the bases are well covered... thank you.

go fetch, err, figure!

later, homs!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



lotsa crap to rant about... but i'll save it 'til later.. swamped with work here.. but no complains..

it's better this way.

meanwhile, i got my eyes on this one:


Saturday, March 14, 2009

up and running

ho ho ho!!!

my rig's finally up... after lotsa tweaking and trial and error.. it's here. homie!

can't believe it neither.

it's almost 5 years since i bought my last PC.. Pentium 4 slash hyperthreading... soooo many changes had since been made and i'm trying my best to catch up... lemme break it down for ya: dunno SATA, what the hell is HD? whadafuck is surround sound???

anyhoo, as you can see, i got it. it's up and running. thank you.

still and all, silly as it may seem, shet, it's all worth the ride... i feel good i got it all right.

*grinning all over*

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sick and sink

i'm sick.

dayum! i've been sickly the last few weeks... kinda weak, huh? must've been the weather.. yesterday and today, i had LBM... ya know, i don't usually take medication 'til i'm reeling bad...

the fever is trying in earnest to get into the picture.. my body seem to resist it.. God knows for how long.

one day, it's super hot, next day, it's raining hard.. kinda hard to adapt with a weather like this.

the gym-ing part had suffered.. my lifts had gone crappy.. dunno if i'll ever make the cut in time for summer.

everything seems to be in shambles.. hate it!

will try to fix 'em..

by the way, my officemate is back in her wicked ways again.. hope she gets caught someday.. har har.. it's the law of nature, bud.

be well.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

dead meat


i'm ready to snooze... ZZZzzzzzzz...

i'm barking like a dog these days.. darn cough isn't going away anytime soon.. shish!

and it's affecting my lifts.. hhhmmmm... been off taking supplements for a week now.. i'm still strong, yeah, but in terms of endurance, i kinda lag...

so, either it's my constant barking or being supplement-less is the culprit behind my so-so performance... sucks!

why i opted to forego taking supplement/s when i still have plenty of 'em? i need some sorta cleansing... ya know, flush out all that excess caffiene, creatine, amino, etc. away... then, when i reload, i'd be giving my body a surprise yet again.. gotta cycle these stuffs and give my kidney some rest.

meanwhile, another one bites the dust. i remember being a fan of him a long time ago.. bought a cassette tape.. that's the only one i can afford then.. damn, i still can't afford an original CD today!

anyhoo, i was into Rage Against the Machine kinda music and figured he might've sounded like 'em... well, i was hoping i would like the tune of his music.. i like some but not all... still, being a Pinoy, i am bias.

rest in peace, homie..

veering on me's side of life, i'm still 'hunting' for my new hardware.. no need to rush though.. gotta take things slow and steady.. make sure everything is gonna work out fine.

i'll be utilizing some of my 'old' stuff such as the casing, CD drives, hard disks, etc.. what i'll tentatively buy are the following: motherboard, processor (CPU), 2-4 gig of ram, power supply (PSU), video card, a mid to high end cpu cooler, some cooling fan/s and a 19 inches LCD monitor.

so there.... maybe i can get all the hardware next week.. fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

show me the money

it's been tough.. my plate is pretty full yet again, thanks to my job!

well, there's loads and loads of problem.. err, 'situation' i'm stuck into.. kinda stresses me out no end.. feels like my jaw is about to lockout, help!!

hope to reverse it before i'd end up dead.. well, last week was tops.. sooo many calls from peers, customers, heck, even the boss' rain on my parade!

not to mention, the many bumps, snags and kinks in between doin' my job, performing fatherly obligation and whatever whatchamacallit hubby-hubby thang.. ya, whew!

worst, i had fever and flu.. oh yeah!

now, it's getting there again... but i'm guessing it won't top last week's... i'm keeping my fingers crossed though.


my PC is sooooo dead, thank you. i tried installing another PSU to no avail.. guess now it's really screwed up big time... it's nice to buy a new one, but darn, where am i gonna find the friggin' moolah for it??

now, a credit card would've been convenient, but shit, i wanna pay all my debts this year sooooo bad so i could start a debt-free life next year.. there are those branded PC's that comes with a nice package and get this, 0% interest. the thing is, i want to build mine from the ground up.. i want a nice casing, a powerful power supply (not generic), a nice processor that's got some high-end cooler on top, a fancy memory card that's wrap with heat sinking alloy, a fierce looking, high performance video card, some fancy fan/s to give it an ambient environment inside, a nice LCD monitor wouldn't hurt... finally, throw in some wireless keyboard and mouse..


now, the 100k question is:

where is the money?

where is the money??

where is the money???!

where is the money????!!!!

where is the money?????!!!!!!

say it like Tom Cruise did in that Jerry Maguire movie... sure is fun!

anyway, i'll go dream about my "new" rig tonight... dream big, yeah??

i can see it now.. nice.. nice..

anyhoo, i'm still bangin' it in the gym.. but my performance?? i have to rate it as mediocre. no new numbers conquered, no fats lost, no muscles gain, etc.. etc..


chikening out.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


hey dawg!

i'm alive, thank you.


keep ya posted later.. my home PC had been toasted.. my son forgot to turn it off but then covered it neatly.. meaning, no air could flow through the casing burning out the PSU.. hope it's only the PSU.. that's one friggin' expensive power supply, by the way.. a HEC PSU series.

well, can't do nothing about it.. what's done is done.

anyhoo, yeah, it's later.