Saturday, December 30, 2006

kami nAPO muna

i don't know what led me here... i'm not suppose to be yakking cos i'm soooo tired. we had heavy rains and traffic earlier and it got me really beat and stressed out. i think i know why i'm here... some sites are still slow loading up... i'm dying to read some news - local or foreign but my connection's not too promising as of the moment... and since blogger loads relatively good, i, therefore, am here.

i've got some juicy stories to tell y'all but i'd like to skip it tonight... ZZzzzzzzz

Friday, December 29, 2006

this could be a lie....

hey fans, err, i mean, friends... i've been meaning to post here days ago but unless you've been to mars, you know there was an earthquake in taiwan and most, if not all telephone and internet connections had been affected... thus, the lull. understood?

today, finally, i am able to access this "part" where i'm able to write another one of my BS story. you ready?

a long time ago.... he he.... NOT!

i'm back to the groove, raise the roof! or at least that's what i thought. it's been awhile since i stop listening to my favorite station, NU107. the moment i heard their first broadcast years ago, i never wanted to switch channels again. they play ROCK and whatever it morphed into. it is sooooo good! my kind of stuff, really...

but lately, i've been listening to a whole lot of stuffs. what's more, my old school mp3 player's FM could hardly pick up their station... and so i went on to listen to the one with the strongest signal, WRock. i know, i know it's not really ROCK there but a bunch of oldies and love songs.... haaaaayyy! makes me sleepy, matter of factly.

then came my new Sony Walkman phone. it can store a wide array of music and it picks-up FM signals better... yeah, beybeeee, yeah!!!!

so, these days, i'm having a blast listening back to my favorite station and thanks to its expandable memory stick, i can store a whole lot of music 'til i drop... now, who needs iPod, ey?


being back to the groove also means, i am very well now after suffering bouts of recurring tonsilitis and fever. my throat doesn't hurt anymore and i haven't lighted a stick of cigarette... even when my friend purposely blows his smoke off my face... sort of tempt me and lure me back... but sorry bud, this one's for real - i'm quittin' that thing!!


went to this dance bar last night and found this super sexy dancer... dancing oh soo cooly... she's been my "crush" since the first time i set foot on that club eons ago.

she's got all the right curves at the right places... whoa! now, i was content watching the whole dancing and stripping thing but my friend wanted s'more... he wanted to "table" her. i said, "ok if you've got the dough to blow, freak!"

even if i was attracted to her, it's not my nature to jump in and go sleazy on her... at least not right away.. har har har

so, as my friend was talking to her (we're in a sofa and she's in between us), i move a bit far to give them space... you know our style is, we "test the waters..." and see who can "connect."

and so, my friend, he's got a few "showers" edge when it comes to that thing they call "sex appeal." besides, i wasn't really too excited to engage her in some kind of conversation... at the back of my mind i always thought they're not really exciting to talk to, but i'd gladly trade all that sensible chit-chats with hugs, kisses, necking and petting stuffs at any given day... gggrrrrrrrr.... yum! yum!

my friend made his move in earnest but after a long while, BEEEEEEEPPPP!!! time is up, CRAPBhoy. nothing happened! time for mr. suave to do the cha-cha...

let's skip the "talk is cheap" part... let's get down to the details....

i said she was my fantasy girl, right? well, my friend ended up finding somebody else to "table" while i was having a ball... my friend, he envied me sooo much... sorry bud, my MOJO's working great that night..

we really can't discuss the spit swapping, french kissing, some "flashing" here and there, heavy necking and petting and all that passionate things you and i can only imagine happening in a place like that cos this is, after all, a wholesome BLOG and i intend to keep it that way.

but then again, all the things that you've read above might just be what the TITLE's been saying all along...

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 25, 2006

now, what?

after going thru a thread in one of the forums i've been "wrecking havoc" with, found a lot of people advertising their BLOGS and for some, did it over and over again.

wow. some people really go to that extent to get some hits, huh? i did went thru them one by one and found a lot of them with so much fuzz on the design, links, feeds, etc... like hey, aren't you boring your visitors here with all that "blings?"

some had a hard time loading up and others were too difficult to read. dude, i'm a firm believer of simplicity (this words supercedes all that crap talk you've been reading before and is subject to change without prior notice). my Systems Analyst Design instructor imparted to us during our college days that a "user-friendly" system is the way to go... his examples: ATM, POS, Inventory and all that systems we see and bump into our daily lives epitomes that belief.

so, what's that supposed to mean? well, after a thorough review and consideration, this BLOG is not going to the dogs after all. but, i'm not gonna be doing a lot of updating and stuffs like that here anymore cos i created another BLOG where i speak our vernacular language.... i'd like to focus on other things and avenue of this medium where it's not all CRAP talks. i'd like to go to uncharted places and explore the unknown... i love to exchange ideas and reasons. i love the challenge and the thought of squeezing every cell of my brain... fathom the depth of my true being as to where i really stand on certain issues and matters... i wanna make sense to this world i lived in...

for me to do that, i need to continue my blab wherever and whenever i feel i need to say my piece. so, consider a weirdo, asshole, dork, crazy, adventurous, drunk and whatever this BLOG stands for - "anything goes."

that's me rolled into one.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

end of the tunnel...

hey, how's the party shaping up?

i'm thinking of moving this BLOG somewhere else... don't know how, when or what. maybe before the year ends. i think i'm done here. i've accomplished much of my purpose for doing this - improve on whatever communication skills left in me.. happy for that...

besides, i don't wanna be chummy-chummy to whoever is out there.. sorry, just tired.

why?? if you look at the stats over at the right side, the site meter shows how many people are visiting this blog... they ain't that many but then it's neither few, right? and then if you look the clustermap a few page down below, you will find a number of dots all over the place which indicates where the visits came from... pretty, huh?

but then, that's all you see... and that's all i see. meaning, there's a little less reception here and that's lamentable...

so, i don't know how am gonna do about it but i'd definitely take this blog down before the year ends and you will never hear from me again for there will be a new me when i start blogging again.

thank you all for visiting my little world - that's all i can afford to show, for being part of my adventures, and for listening to my appreciation and rants. i will take a few days off, tinker this blog, re-invent myself, channel my energy to something more fulfilling if not rewarding (hey, i'm on a roll somewhere) and be back not here but some place new or maybe NOT.



Friday, December 22, 2006

some site got hacked!

i feel bad about it... i've been posting my thoughts and opinions there... not to mention, jokes.

i like that place a lot. the forum isn't too crowded and the people behind it are very pro-active... i take my hats off to them.

the guys and gals i've been interacting with are just the same. i admire their wisdom and wits... their deep thoughts amazes me no end... they have a wide array of "ammo's" of great grammars and vocabularies to boot... something i'd kill for... i love the way they deal with anyone... be a novice or somebody "old."

no one gets descriminated for their scrawny or out-of-this-world opinion on matters of the state or whatever discussion is being deliberated "on the floor"... there's always that level of respect for everyone...

though some people argue and fight at times... it simply shows that people are allowed to exercise their "democratic" rights (unlike other forums where MODS warn, suppress or worst ban you! in short, they're always on your throat) and are not being prevented to air out whatever grievances they have... freedom indeed... but generally, things are civil.

it is their (and some other forum) where i play this "game" where i think i'm good at... mind games. the threads that other people posts makes me think harder and smarter... in fact, i'm now using my brains!

the last few months had been a big shift for me...

playing pc-games is what i usually do to de-stress... build my stats slowly to reach the top and earn the most coveted feeling every gamer aim for, "be the champ!" and, along that line is the satisfaction or that "high" feeling you rarely get... so much like "scoring" for something else... if you know what i mean...

for me, pc-games lost its appeal...

i love the experience i've been having in that forum... it's like a new dimension i just discovered... met new friends here and abroad, exchange ideas, argue, fight and make-up, agree to disagree... the list can go forever..

life is even more exciting again...

and today and for the past few days, it's been attacked by some darn hacker/s...

oh well, some good things never last.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

stop blogging already!!

back from the dread...

barely recovered but had to get my ass back to work or somebody's gonna get fayerd! still on antibiotics though... CRAP!

here's one new year's resolution i'm gonna try soooo hard to do and accomplish... QUIT SMOKING... goodbye Marlboro... you too Winston....

shooting stars, huh?!? we'll see...

see that boy below? that's my cool kiddo, Neil. remember i told you he joined some contest, right? well, in his first ever outing, he won second runner-up. what can i say, not only does he looked good like me (ehem, when i was a kid, that is), he's got a lot of determination to win, too! he's never shy in front of many people (though he crack a bit in the question and answer portion). quite aggressive and a smart ass...

i guess i was too scared to be like that when i was a kid cos mother's gonna whop anyone (as in anyone.. especially me!) whose gonna try to outsmart her... you know how people can be so insecured sometimes... instead of giving you freedom, they would rather dominate you.. why? dunno, i'm no psycho..

things are different now and better, i hope....

the drama stops here.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

had high fever last night... tonsilitis did me in... good news is, my home PC's back on-line... but had to swith hard disk. apparently, the tech guy told me i was on-line the whole time but something's wrong with my operating system... it's been corrupted.

so, here i am, doin' some installations again, downloading necessary stuffs from the net... hoohuuummmm... tired...

btw, here's the house guard, ramboo....

later scoobies....

Monday, December 18, 2006

please, stop reading this BS!

my throat is swollen shit... i know, i know... like who gives a rats, huh?


am still nursing a hangover today so expect a little crazy, cranky me. and before i forget, just wanna remind you that this BLOG is full of gramatical errors, spelling typo's, wrong/bad construction of sentences, fucked-up paragraphs, shitty stories of nothingness and yes, details blown out of proportion. worst, there ain't no money here and it's never gonna make me a dime richer and those adsense? they don't live up to that "sense" jigger..


i don't wanna talk, but some bitch here keeps blabbing and asking me about anything... here she goes again! hello, my throat hurts, dammit!

go to the canteen to satisfy your perpetual hunger or do "department hopping." i could use some peace and quite time here....


here's more crap stories...

the party we had last night was average. i guess my level of "satisfaction" is getting out of reach but heck, people evolve and i don't enjoy "simple" things anymore!

in fairness, we receive quite a bonus, so thanks.


my good friend must have been slighted by what i did two days ago cos when i texted to his whereabouts last night, he just blankly told me we'd meet some other time. dude, you pulled that trick to one of your friends before and you are doing that to me? if you did, then that's FOUL.

i guess he felt bad last saturday when we're supposed to meet around 12 midnight after our party and i have to cancel after arriving at the meeting place without his butt in the area... message him that i have to go home cos i'm pretty loaded... see, that's understandable, right? we've been drinking rum and coke since the party began and just imagine how many bottles of "poisons" had been running thru my veins when it ended... a LOT!

no biggy, really cos when i ask for his 在何处, 下落, 所在之处 (are you following me? that's actually chinese for "whereabouts," capish?), we're still about to commence our little "session" with some office mates and our tech guys. we had about 3 kegs (that's about 30 gallons/114 liters per keg) of beer leftovers... we were having a hard time finishing the one that's probably half full. imagine two more!

so buddy, many thanks for turning me down even if i didn't asked you for an after party gimmick... i didn't have to spend a dime to get zonked!


it was good to have some talk with them (see? did you notice? that's what i'm saying)... y' know my fellow "earthlings" here in the office, they have a different level of mentality than my usual hommies. i'm the kind of person who loves to discover different people but you have to excuse me if i seemed hesitant to go on with our chit-chat... either one of us is BORING, y'know.


my officemate, jagger pranked me with a good one. he had this lighter that "electricutes" anyone who tries to click it.. zap! that was freaky, dude!

so, he got me... actually, it's payback time! got him many times of my "unique" antics. see, i'm thee bonafide, certified, petrified, master prankster in the office. i can actually copy the voice of our boss... just imagine their reaction and the looks of their face whenever i call or page them if they let their guards down or having a relaxing time... PRICELESS!

bought one and had me 10 victims so far and counting... heee heee heee

you could be the one, next time...


have to end this shitty post of mine and get back to reality...

btw, i'm done making corrections... just remember what i said at the top of this post...

lozer buzzing out!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

i've got nothing today... so, there.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

party's over... for now.

still sleepy though. it's fun as usual. except for a few bummers who couldn't control themselves when their "rabies" goes up due to intoxication, everything went well as planned. got me a rice cooker! i would have wanted the TV or the motorbike, but somebody was luckier than i am.

i better get my beauty sleep... ZZzzzzz

Thursday, December 14, 2006


december 30, 2006... Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz - can't wait!

i'm goin' for chuck here... tito's gonna get knocked again..

at the ufc website headline read, "Sanchez beats Riggs with early knockout"

yeah right. i'd like to see that arrogant kid, sanchez compete in PrideFC. he's 19-0 right now, but i'd bet my hard-earned one-month salary he's gonna get beat at Pride. i say PrideFC is the premier organization of mixed martial arts. though not as mainstream as UFC, the fighter there have bigger balls.

well, that's just my opinion. i'll watch both if Dream Satellite TV offers it on PPV. guess we ain't too ready for this kind of thing, huh? i think ABSCBN is coming up with one soon... some kind of late night show.

stop the madness!

so this is the story.. this happened recently.

went to my friend's place cos i can't go home that night. nanny and kiddo left to meet-up with wifey for some rehearsals.. kiddo joined a contest courtesy of wifey's new business venture, secret (or bleep if you want to).

since i didn't have the key to get in to the house and even if i have, i'd probably go somewhere else. what would i do there with no peps around, run around naked? hehe

so, off i went. what i really wanted to do that night was waste some time, have a good conversation over a cup of Brazilian Blazer Coffee, err, a bottle of beer/s so i could go home a bit wasted and crash quick... not on the pavement but on bed.

after a beer, my friend, let's call him Freak, wanted to go to another joint where it's much cozier and less noise. went and arrived at the area where we saw some familiar faces also hanging around the place.

joined in with them, chit-chat a little, ordered a few more rounds and Mao-Tse-Tong left. well, that's the "screen name" of the other guy who looked like chinese. Freak, me and sir Mat were left discussing and catching-up with anything. we haven't met this guy for eons so we were quite happy to see him around in his lonesome.

the story went from the usual boys talk to... well, you guess it, sleazy. so, sir mat gave us a few ideas of where's the best place to go... in a few minutes, we decided to go to a place new to us.. where there's supposed to be plenty of "chicks" - a videoke bar. much as i wanna go home and crash cos i was feeling pretty tipsy there already, the thought of getting into some "action" fueled my resolve to stay "alive."

so there. we got our butt-holes fixed in a place swarmed with hotties. shit! seems like we're a bunch of "meats" about to be fed to a horde of hungry wolves! i can count the number of customers with one hand.. so that explains the ratio.. you drift?

we had an agreement we'd only have one beer and make a quick exit... something about this agreement thingy we just couldn't keep especially when the one beer we ordered has vanish. boy, oh boy did sir mat ordered more beers, chicks and some food! i think we just fuck-up our christmas bonus there... something about danger that excites me.. cheap-thrill-seeker by the way, is my last name.

this is the part, for the nth time, that you're just gonna have to utilize whatever imagination you have cos i ain't tellin no deep, dark and evil secret... he he he

man, we went out of that joint around 4am! i tried vainlessly to slip quitely into the house around 5 but thanks to our dogs and our neighborhood's belligerent street dogs, my cover was blown.

i hate the aftermath feeling, mate. i think i'm gonna have to ditch my bad-ass friends so i could walk the right path... or NOT.

this experience is one for the books. i can still feel my fingers shaking aimlessly... don't know why..


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i'll have some juicy news for you... later...

whew, can't take it off my brains but have to finish some "duties" first.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

just paid my credit card bills... having one is enticing but paying the bills - pain!

it's nice to have them. you get to buy what you want even if your pocket is empty... if you're aiming for something big, you don't need to apply for any financing firm to grant you a loan cos there's always the handy credit card... i've got a bad feeling they are milking me/us though....

hell, i hate this entry to even go through all the details..


geeez, there'll be a lot of party to attend over the weekend!

am not too excited though.

what i always relish on christmas days is the memory of my late POP, Ben... of course, mother's too... everytime i hear christmas songs being played, i always remember those happy days when all i have is a big smile on my face because we're all together, there's plenty of food, gifts and yeah, TOYS!

well, i guess, christmas is really for kids, huh?

my heart's too stoned right now to even feel the pain...

to my fallen parents, wherever you are folks, you will forever be remembered.

Monday, December 11, 2006

while wandering around the city for anything to excite my adventurous spirit, bump into this muscle car park outside a pizza haus...

the owner is one lucky fellow... just gave him a free ad! but the one's below ain't my type...

shit, my bills just arrived... later, dohds!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

finally found the video of this one kewl song, Here Tonight by Hale

geeeez, i can't think of anything right now. i guess, this is one of those times where i'm waiting for something to churn-out of my alcohol-filled brain.

i think (it's about time!) this country is going to the dogs.. been reading the news today and all i got are bad news. people in high places almost coming to blows, cha-cha (charter change), protests all over the place like dog-shit, typhoon, ASEAN Summit-shit postpone to january and more, thank you. i'm not even done reading the whole news yet.. just imagine otherwise.

you should see the images of the news today. to think these guys are well educated to do such shitty things like that is but boorish.


my good friend, bleeep scored a slam dunk. well, that's all i can say about last night... he is good at playing balls y'know so he scored a slam, what were you thinking?!?

i was not in the mood for some "sleazy" action last night but the creep had other plans.

though we wanted to end it on a high note and almost did, have to say it was one of those forgettable nights i'd rather not remember.

guess i'm goin' to la la land now... ZZzzzzzzz

Thursday, December 07, 2006


1. Never give me work in the morning. Always wait until 4pm and then bring it to me. The challenge of a deadline is refreshing.

2. If it is a rush job, run in and interrupt me every 10 minutes to enquire how I am doing. That helps. Or even better, hover behind me advising me at every keystroke.

3. Always leave without telling anyone where you are going. It gives me a chance to be creative when someone asks where you are.

4. If my arms are full of papers, books, boxes or supplies, don't open the door for me. I need to learn how to function as a paraplegic and opening doors with no arms is good training.

5. If you give me more than one job, don't tell me which has priority - I'm psychic!

6. Do your best to keep me late. I adore this office and really have nowhere to go and nothing to do. I have no life beyond work.

7. If a job I do pleases you, keep it a secret, because if it gets out it might mean promotion or a pay rise for me!

8. If you don't like my work, tell everyone. I like my name to be popular in conversation. I was born to be whipped.

9. If you have special instructions for a job, don't write them down. In fact, save them until the job is almost done. No use confusing me with useful information.

10. Never introduce me to people who are with you. I have no right to know anything.. In the corporate food chain I am plankton. When you refer to them later, my shrewd deductions will identify them.

11. Be nice to me only when the job I am doing for you could really change your life and send you straight to Manager's Hell.

12. Tell me all your little problems. No one else has any and it is nice to know someone less fortunate. I especially like the one about the bonus cheque your received.

13. Wait until my yearly review and then tell me what my goal should have been. Give me a mediocre performance rating and cost of living increase. I am not here for the money.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


sorry i could not live up to my "UPDATE DAILY" assurance... i'm no good at keeping promises y'know... that's probably the reason why when i updated this BLOG, some crap symbols came out on that section..

so, been sober since saturday -- that was a great night, by the way. shit (again!), the details is not for your consumption.. he he he


i guess, me and my friend have this bad ass attitude that whenever we're out, we'd go wild.. as in extreme. when the night is almost over, i'd wish it to be a bit more longer... oftentimes, those night outs are - unforgettable.

.... or is it just me? hmmm, i dunno. i guess i have this infectious personality (ehem) that makes 'em want for more.. FUN!


ASEAN SUMMIT's coming up next week.. can't wait to get this convention done and over with.. grrrrrr, no holidays but they're closing major thoroughfares. like WTF were those government think tank thinking?!?

ok, ok... so, this is one's in a lifetime opportunity for our "beloved" country. yeah, right!

let's just say we've (WE cos i happen to contribute some money there, you know... the tax from the beers i drink and that packs of darn marlboro. half of the price of that cancer thingy definitely goes to the government, you dig?) spent 3 billion pesoses for all that beautification-whatever for get this, a four day affair and yet, majority of our people don't even have a decent food to put on their freakin' table. irony, irony, irony...

we better get something really good out of this or i'm gonna SHOUT OUT LOUD at them and say, "where's my goddamn beer you !@#$#%@!%!!!!"

nuff said.


guess i now have a new career. yeah, it's shaping up somewhere. i'm excited with my daily grind again... it can only get better.. ahhhh mystery.. it epitomes my whole being..

keep guessing bubba...

let's make a night to remember, shall we?


the image of the day is something i got from the net... scavenging around, asking people to please give me something "good" to post here.. nobody sends me nothing no more.. YOU don't love me anymore... i'm hurt! i hope YOU're all happy now...

HOT, isn't she?

Monday, December 04, 2006


btw, below is a Nokia 5500 Sport


it's DONE. yes mate, it's DONE.

finally, after a careless thought and a lot of weighing, I DID IT.

NO, i can't tell you about it.

please DON'T try to figure it out and i fervently hope YOU won't find anything about it.


you WON'T even GET a HINT of what IT's all about.

i wish i CAN tell YOU but we SWORE in our ancestors grave WE won't kiss and TELL.

but, YOU can make a wild GUESS.

tomorrow, it's BACK to WORK.

here's signing OFF...

i like sports stuff but i dunno about this one... 16 Grand for a phone that needs a lot of tweaking? c'mon...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

looks like somebody got knocked, ey?

more images

was there last night and had my cam with me. took a few shots but not after downing a few beers... thus, the photos.

this is my friend, lui's UK (ukay-ukay/surplus shop) i've been telling y'all about. very cheap indeed. wifey had a field day trying everything on.. she bought a few pairs and paid really less.. lui gave us a huge discount.. hey, maybe you can get one too!

just say the magic word: PaksiT !!!™

location: jakosalem street near ramos market, cebu city, philippines

i hope someday i'll have Levi's or CK as my sponsor here... keep wishing bhoy!

Cebu City Forum EB

finally had the chance to join CCF's EB last night. i guess it's about time to show the real goryo13 to them. though i was a little skeptical about the whole idea of letting myself known since i'm one of those who vocally criticize people from the government and practically rant of just about anything, i believe they also deserve to know whose the man behind the handle... sort of leveling the playing field, so to speak.

so, there. rub elbows with whose who in city hall, drank fundador, smiled and exchange ideas with the rest of the CCF peps... most of all, gain more friends!

below are some them... check it out

Friday, December 01, 2006

been glued to my chair for quite a while now... never thought it'll be this messy in just two days.. HELP!


(got this from PACLAND website courtesy of Outlawz_311... thanks bro)

This guy is currently the undisputed champion of Thai Land!

NAME: Tam Sing-A-Long (Currently the MBC, MBA, MBO and MBF Holder)
NICKNAME: Size Don't Matter
RECORD: 40Wins - 0Draw - 40 KO's
TACTICS: Occasionaly hits below the belt but claims that all his punches are legal...

One of his recent interview from a Thai Land website.

Reporter: Mr. Tam you're one of the deadliest boxer that Thai Land ever produced, who would you like to fight next?

Tam: I'm sick of people *sneezed*

Reporter: God Bless you!

Tam: Thank you! Anyways as I was saying, people always talking about how great Manny Pacquiao is and I think it's time I put an end to all this BS.

Reporter: Tam how do you think Manny will do against you?

Tam: He won't even see my punches! Watch me!!!

CLICK PLAY BELOW to see one of his devastating video...

'07 ford ranger

like this one a lot!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here tonight

So long to you my love
Don’t be afraid to run away
I know you’ll be okay
Just take your time to find

But i need you here tonight
I need you here inside
I need you here tonight
I really, really need you here tonight

Made up my mind on this
Too late for me to hold you back
Maybe to short or dumb
To cry for you but i will anyway

It’s all my fault
To feel this way for you that day
I know i am and i will
Though it’s wrong,so wrong

Cause i need you here tonight
I need you here inside
I need you here tonight
I really, really need you here

I need you, i need you
I need you here inside
I need you i need you
I really, really need you


can't find the video in youtube.. sorry.
nice song though..

... we entered this nightspot and saw this lady who looked like "her." she resembles "her" face and complexion... and oh, "her" smile... i told this lady before about a story of "my life" and her resemblance to "her."

she may have liked the somewhat straight out of a telenovela narration i told her cos out of nowhere or maybe i was just too pexilated to recall who kissed whom first.. but, i'm almost sure she did.... we kissed. still and all, the story had been told a number of posts ago. so there..

then recently, again we've met.. i didn't wanna prolong my/our agony and fuel whatever little hopes i have --- that there's a posibilidad we'd ever live happily ever after... in a perfect world, momma... in a perfect world.. that would have been nippy, ey?

forgive the coldshoulder treatment, lady.

besides, unless you are God, the possibilty of ressurrecting something that's long been dead is zero to nil.

here's a quote i bump into...

"Girls are so queer you never know what they mean. They say No when they mean Yes, and drive a man out of his wits for the fun of it" -- Louisa May

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


aaaahhhhh!!!! hangover again!

tsk tsk tsk

just came back to work yesterday and today i was struggling to get up - not from bed but from the rooftop of the house. see, rumor has it that our friendly-gossip-ridden-neighborhood saw some white lady hanging around there. last night, i thought, i wanna see some freakin white lady. so, after arriving from a late night getaway, i went up and CRASH on the roof's floor.

the white lady must've been pissed off cos i know i was snoring so loud. excuse me but i was intoxicated, y'know. good thing no white lady showed up or somebody's gonna get whop.

conclusion: our neighbors had too much time to waste on wild imagination and gossip.


on my way home last night, it was the first time in my almost 2 years of existence there in our new place in bacayan to drive on a super dark road. ok, black. i was getting really furious with VECO for all the shitty brownouts they've been giving us. last sunday, from 8am-5pm, there was no electricity. we couldn't hang around the house cos the darn place of ours had a brownout... again!

anyway, from USC-TC all the way to our place was dark... t'was CREEPY, man. good thing, when i arrived home, the lights was back on.


i had a talk with louie and warren, the co-owners of the surplus clothing shop they put up in a place called HELL, err, i mean, the place where we used to lived, jakosalem. they wanted me IN cos they needed some guy who is kewl, calm and collected to be their partner.. he he he... JOKE!

obviously i didn't wanna be in but, since we were all friends and used to be business partners, i obliged out of respect for my comrades. so, they talked me out, promised me heaven and earth, the moon and the stars and a quick ROI in months.

something about your guts that you just have to believe somehow. i wasn't completely sold out of the idea but told them i'd give it a thought.... so, now i'm thinking... sshhhhhh!


went to sideline, the place where we feel nostalgic whenever we missed going there at least once in a week.... great beers but not so great food!! nevermind, we came for the beer, anyway.

when the smoke cleared, we went to... SECRET!!!


i should make a new BLOG where nobody knows me and i can tell all our.. i mean, my SECRETS...

i'm starting to hate the part where all the fun's goin down the drain.



btw, this post is not written in an orderly manner. like, which paragraph took place first... blah, blah, blah

have fun figuring it out, nerdy!

done with the few tweakings... hope y'all like it. tired but hey, it was easier than what i did before.

i'll try to spice it up a bit more tomorrow. meanwhile, have to go to louie's UK shop. he's been nagging me to join his growing business empire of which i'd politely decline, later... after a few beers perhaps.

enjoy the rest of the night peeps!

this is heaven...

Monday, November 27, 2006


yeah, i ask the same question too... i dunno what happened but when i left last night, everything was in order till i check back this morning... oh well, shit happens... everytime. guess i'm gonna have to burn some brows to get my BLOG's mojo back again, huh?

well, it's getting boring anyway so some major changes are coming your way...

i'm just a little piss right now, thank you.

still here..
still on leave...

having a much needed rest to recharge some worn out batteries - burnout, to be exact.

well, had my softwares updated... thanks to some guy in the forum who gave me a good instruction on things (can't elaborate here, sorry) and microsoft, everything's even cooler now with my pc.

and yeah, i did propose to earl and aloy what we can do to get richer... he he he

i'll get it done, hombres, as soon as i'm done sorting out some domestic problem around the "corner."

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

the new MS Office....


few nights ago, me and earl had a discussion about this new bar we're supposed to start with. prior to that, i had a good look at the place and to be brutally honest about it, i don't see it last a year... much like we had in our previous joint. there's not enough parking space and they were building quite a number of kiosk - 15. if all the bar owners go there all at the same with their cages, the place would be pack already.

so, i ask earl about the technicalities we might be facing (again) when everything's settled down. though he was excited about it, we both agreed this one's a little tricky. i mean, it's not like beach roots when everything just fell to its right places - never mind the few squabbles we've went through.

swak! is the right word here.

with this project, i don't see some "swak!" coming as of the moment.

though this is not the end of the story, i am inclined to believe that we just might have to shelve this plan... for now.

and yeah, that night got me really wasted. my head was in pain the morning after. me, earl and aloy (who came by and had a beer) split hours after. met louie at his new ukay-ukay (surplus) shop in a place where we lived before... talk about small world, huh?

business is good for him. his stocks had been selling briskly last couple of days. a few minutes after, he closed shop and off we went to...... SECRET!

anyway, good to be on-leave these days... finally have plenty of time to waste... for sweet nothings like this... he he he

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

nice set-up there, mate.... though not so ergonomic. lessens the travel time relieving yourself..

Monday, November 20, 2006

it may not be as sophiticated as those that you see in the market today... you know, the bling-blings - water cooled, dual core, 2G'S of memory.. blah, blah, blah...

but this rig certainly ain't old....

my rig after.... up and running...

someday, i'm gonna me one of those "pimped" pc...
monday, finally.

well, you know the news so 'nuf said, let's move on.... shall we?


yesterday, while browsing through a few sites for some news and tidbits, my pc hang-up just a few seconds after booting up. well, it wasn't really much of a surprise since it's been acting up lately... it's just that recently, yesterday in particular, it was way too quick as oppose to days ago when it would take a longer time to quit on me.

after several tries with the same result, finally made up my mind to open it up and just rip it apart piece by piece.

it could have save me some trouble if i'll just go and bring the darn thing to the repair shop but my gut feeling says i should just do a DIY.... once again.

though i've done this a number of times before, lately, i have been busy and lazy to get my hands dirty... but, i must.

and, so i did.

what i found out was, the other side of what's supposed to hold the CPU's hit sink was detached causing it to heat-up quickly. that explains why the CPU's fan was making some loud vibration. ignored it 'til the problem got worst. now, i really need do something... and done!

fix it.

the good thing about this whole experience (experiment, if you may) is, i was able to clean up the motherboard, the cards (memory, video,etc), and especially the cooling fans. not to mention, had me a quick refresher lesson. got the fans lubricated with WD-40 and some oil. now, it's fix, quicker, seamless and quite....

here have a look....
(tonight, blogger won't upload my images... so just click on the links....)










Friday, November 17, 2006

Boxing and UFC

two grand events this weekend.... i wish it was monday already.