Thursday, July 07, 2011

oh man... this place is going down the sh!tters.

i have to be perfectly honest.. i'm not built for this kinda thing.

i realize that.

there's just too much "skeletons" in me!


i guess, this is goodbye.

i ain't comin' back no more.

if i'm too tired, lazy or couldn't make time for this, the hell with it!

why even bother..

i just wanna say, thanks to all who took the time.. whether you hated my guts or had a little fun and whatnot, muchas gracias!

this pretty much is where it all comes to a halt.

so, goodbye. farewell.

Friday, July 01, 2011

the swelling has subside.

all i can say is EFF you very much, man!

my fault? right.

i could have sworn i could lynch you into pieces... i mean, really.

divine intervention must've prevented me.

anyway, i'm not really the violent kind.

but you messed up my cardio...

am just gonna zip tho.

'til then.. never ever mess with the dude again.

or else...