Monday, December 24, 2012

Tis the season..

i kinda wanna hear something or read the kind that stimulates the brain.

anyway, too many things has happened. some bad news and some... well, worst.

i emphatize with all of that. at this age and with so many battles and trials i've gone through, without a doubt i can relate.

have i told you i crash my new bike twice already?


it takes away a big chunk of your morale.

while the other "service" i have, i've kept it pristine after almost four years of mowing into it.

smells bad news and i'm a bit inebriated... not to mention, in a dash of pain.. i dunno about you but i'm enjoying Christmas.


Have a blessed and a merry Christmas everyone!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

WOW!!!! how time flies, yeah?

it used to be that time was on my side. now, it's outta my hands! a few people are really stretched to the max in the office lately, me included. it's not looking pretty.

now, i can relate when people say they need to overtime; when some say they just couldn't find time like workout or taking care of themselves.

because that's exactly the same foxhole i'm in.

workdays are really something not to miss out.. or there'll be a lot of catching up to do.

anyway, we're here to work. we can't moan and complain because of too much of them work "to do's". we're better off this way than otherwise, wouldn't you agree?

anyway, i got a lot of untold stories to jabber about, but since i killed the cardio and legs today, i'm too fried to even finish this blog. not to mention, my li'l baby is having her tantrums again, i'm of much need somewhere else.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

lights out

yesterday, i had a grand time watching the three episodes of 24/7 Pacquiao/Marquez 4 being shown in YouTube. i thought Marquez did a stellar job at training. he trained for four months! how he trained is definitely a show of dedication and sacrifice.

they showed their awesome explosive workout routine, ya gotta watch it. when it was time to spar though, they kept it under wrap. Pacquiao on the other hand trained just as hard but abandoned the program of his strength and conditioning coach. i reckoned, they blame it for the muscle cramps in his calves during fight time.

when i went to watch Pac fight today, i knew it wasn't gonna be easy for him to beat Dinamita. sure enough, he got knocked on the third. he fought back hard and was able to return the favor on the fifth round. on the last second/s of the sixth, Pac was nailed with the right flush to the face and knocked out cold.

that was one scary moment. he was motionless for awhile there laying faced down on the floor. everyone who watched in the office were stunned.

that was the end of Pac. at some point, he needed to lose and lose hard. he's too busy and doing a lot of things on the side. he veered away from serious training and instead played basketball, badminton and whatnot. i thought he was too chill and laid back compared to what Marquez was doing.

a lot of Pinoys are heartbroken right now. some may have suffered a heart attack, God forbid.


i guess it's time to hang it up while he hasn't mess himself too much.. enjoy the fortune and serve his people in his hometown.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

of IOS, Androids, BB OS

there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

we're tapering down.. i guess.. i hope.

or, it's probably just the "calm before the storm" thingy.

finally got me BlackBerry(BB)  phone. i use the Sony Walkman for a year and got winded with how slow it functions. it's also a pain in the ass when texting. you don't get the right letter most of the time! all in all, it's an outdated phone and just lag to the bone.

well, BB seem promising. you're always pressing the right key with its QWERTY keypad. looks sturdy. just bought a 32 Gig micro-SD to pump up the music storage. texting and calling feels snappy.

if i have all the dough to blow, i'd love to get my hand on sooooooo many gadgets! really. i enjoy tinkering those stuff.

i have a few here but i don't wanna brag about 'em stuff.. he he

iPhone was fun until i realize it's too limiting and waaaayyy more expensive than android stuff. Smart Bro offered me a nice tab. though you can only expand the storage to 16 Gb, what's awesome about it is that there's a USB port where you can plug your USB drive and voila, more space for you!

that's not to say i don't like Apple products anymore. what, with it's retina display and their Mac's super thin aluminum enclosure, etc., etc., i'd be damn not to likey!

but, it's too pricey!!

on my wish list though, is...