Sunday, August 26, 2012

no easy d-day

just turned a year older today.. how time flies, yeah?

seems like it was just yesterday when i jump some very steep concrete fences to test myself if i can withstand the fall. today, my right knee is bugging me when i try to walk a tad faster! geez man, wazzup with that?!?

i have no celebrations or party whatsoever.. as always.

as a gift to myself, i might have to buy me a new foot equipment. my good ol' snickers has given up on me. no plans of anything out of ordinary. just going through the motions.. and the day.

leg workout comin' up. bummed knees can go to hell.


the other day, by the way, i had a blast with our usual weekend getaway. met some "new" friends, had a good laugh.. got really drunk. when me and my "crime" partner went to s'more clubbin' at some posh uptown bar, the level of fun bumped (figuratively and literally speaking) up further. pal, i think, was getting drunk and out of it. he's just walking around in haze. i kind of felt a lot of bumping around while people were dancing to the tunes. some were accidental. some, deliberate.

it's hard to differentiate whose who. whore, gold diggers, horny singles (lol), milf's, etc.

anyway, there's nothing i can do about it. we're harmless. even with all the weights i can move in the weight room, i don't put it in my head and go around lookin' like i could pounce some bloke who tries to mess with me.

like that fatass bloke who said i cause their glasses to move because my forearm kept leaning on the table. "sorry" was all i could say. i don't remember pulling a stunt like that cos, geez, i'm a bit doped myself. guess it's not worth causing a scene anywayz. my pal was pretty pissed at some guy who look smashed himself, but i go, "don't mind him, he's stoned."

pal was thisclose whacking him. good thing, his friend/s were there to intervened.

then again, that was just a minor setback to a rather fun night.

now, that i'm eighty four years old, all i can really do is, watch. what else am i gonna do? try being eighty four years old!

(yeah, i stole that line somewhere... )

Friday, August 24, 2012

looks like someone had a rude welcome at the gym earlier. i wasn't really mindful of others... bad, bad me!

some guys, two of them were new, obviously. well, i've been rotating my time in the gym so i have no clue whose who cos i go when i'm ready and good to go. no specific time whatsoever. anyway, did some decline dumbbell press. this lift is something i'm really good at. not many in my gym can pull this one with the one hundred pounder dumbbells. so there, after doing my set, there's no way around it but to drop it.

one guy was beside me. THUD!!! the new guy was standing next to my bench. he seem to be lookin' weird at me and the dumbbells... i just went ahead and do s'more pressing.. didn't know what happened really until the PT (personal trainer) guy told me, "that dude was shocked as hell when you drop the weight!!"

i go "really?!?"

"he doesn't know you yet and he's a newbie so he's not aware of how things goes around here."

"sorry." that's all i can say albeit, embarrassed.

it's no wonder they were gone a few minutes after that incident.

so, that's my story of the day.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


windfall... who doesn't want one, huh?

i must admit, we're kinda having that right now.. we're selling like hotcake! how ya like that?!?

a stark contrast when you compare it to the first and second quarter of this year. that's the reason why work is really UP and i mean waaaayyy UP than it was the last time.

anyway, we're kinda built for this... we, human? yeap. we have the ability to adapt. it's up to us to get our shez together, or crack.

your choice.

it's kinda fulfilling that after all that gruesome and bloody audit last week in our submitted documentations, we emerge unscatched. not only that, we beat other local dealers who has several people working in my kinda job. they were ordered to pay surcharges and under-collections of their previous payments. ugh!

some kinda feather on our cap, yeah?!?

eat that suckers!!!


all the glory to the good Lord above.

i know people who stop believing in God and instead believe on themselves. i have my questions and doubts of His existence myself. some people would laugh at you for still believing in God. forgive them.

i can't even begin to fathom the depth of all of these things.

one thing i can be sure of, whenever i'm trapped in a foxhole and there's no way out, i would call on His name and boy, the peace and that assurance that He will deliver me from my troubles... it's really something you can't find in this world.

so yeah.. i'm here cos of Him.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

work, work work!

there's no escaping work this week.

no way to outsmart it. if it's right up your face and shoved on your throat, gotta work or bust!

that was unexpected. thanks to the good Lord above, it is over and we pulled through.

guess the cockiness on my last post was tested this week. if i didn't do the smart thing before, i would have had a hard time dealing with our compliance issue.

anyway, the long weekend, thanks to the two-day holiday, is coming soon. i'll take that as my reward hehe!

hope my li'l brotha is having a grand time out there whilst celebrating his birthday... our former nanny and them families, who lives in that flood-stricken part of Manila, may their situation improve also.. watching the news is really stressful these days considering how difficult their predicaments are.

it is how it is. we just have to roll with it and hope to come out on top.

cha ching!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2012


my, my..

this evening workouts has taken a toll on my sleep pattern. it's been days since i've been having sleeping problem!

had some solid thoughts earlier.. as useless, it got caught in the wind, damn! i bet if i think hard enough i could remember..

oh yeah, some people work really hard. nothing wrong with that except that it's stressful. i know a few people who do and they barely play.. it's all work, work, work.

my job, it requires a lot of working hard. i know a lot of people in my line of work who quit or gone rouge on the company they work for. they could not handle the stress.

most of them work in tandems. it's the best set-up. one takes care of the office work, the other goes out to the field to transact or process the documents.

i have managed to stay on this job for years and still can afford to "play" like workout or just chill... you know how i do it?

it's the smart.

i adhere to that saying that goes "work smart not hard."

even though i'm the only one who does everything, i got it all figured out, thanks to the good Lord above.

my system is pretty simple. i had a trainee a few months back. he's gonna be assigned to another branch and boy did he had a hard time grasping my way of doing things. he had some foul-ups along the way because he could not follow simple instructions.

and another principle i really, really like - K.I.S.S.

no, not the make out one you horny punk!

it's Keep It Simple, Stupid.

you'll accomplish more things by getting down to the basics.. when you complicate matters, you'll end up with nothing.

my son, Neil likes to complicate things. he's being philosophical as of late and i go, why are you having a hard time figuring things out, it's not rocket science?

it's the generation gap. i know.

anyway, i have to make an impression to him. ya know, give him the proper tools so that when he's all grown up, he would rather choose the path that's best for him. if i've been through that road before and i know it ain't good for him, i'd tell him.

he's a good boy though. he listens. if i would compare myself to him before when i was at his age, he is definitely way, way better than me. but, there's a good reason why we're not at par... it's something i would rather forget.

pep talk is over, i feel drowsy now thanks to GrandMa.


Monday, August 06, 2012


cardio suffered a minor setback. just pushed it a little too much on the treadmill doing sprints and, it happened. calves gave in.. muscle cramped. it's been four days and the sting of the pain is still there. oh well.

will just have to work around it. there's still other cardio equipment that i can use that won't aggravate the area. shit happens.


went out again to party-party last friday night. my pal was in cruise mode and just let it all hang loose. i, on the other was pretty uptight.. dunno why.

as usual we got smashed. him had too much though. he practically forgot what went down on the latter part of the night whilst i remembered everything.

he dunno how he broke a chip of his front teeth. i remembered him dancing and gyrating like he's auditioning to some dancing show.. haha!

lesson learned: keep it together and never lose a grip of yourself.


why is it important to have ETA? so that you don't let people left hanging. in the corporate world, it's important to make projections, assessments and planning. a customer said to me once, "i just want to know exactly when cos i don't want it to be open-ended."

imagine if all people would make an open-ended projection, we'd be stuck in limbo for a long, long time.. "we'll just inform you." how about "i'll just text."

so now i appreciate when Jack Bauer said something along the lines of "what's your ETA?"

something to ponder about today, huh?

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

ya better run!

the internet had gone berserk again.. going on and off for days. sucks!

anyway, bought Neil a new guitar. plays really nice... and expensive! when sister had a vacation a few months ago, she bought him one. after a few months, he's gotten really good at it.. pretty much beat me on some tunes! his guitar tho, well, it's quite worn out now. but still playable.

this new one, it's more than twice expensive but plays twice better too! i kinda enjoy playing guitar again. Neil would most likely surpass me, my li'l bro, Alan (who plays flawless guitar!) and my buddy, Earl. he's just fourteen and he's playing cool tunes now. he's got some good licks and plucking too! to think he's just playing for almost three months now.. he'd probably beat John Mayer when he's fully grown up.


work volume had gone up considerably these days. it's a good thing i've set-up a some sorta system so that no matter how huge of a sale we make, it's all go on my end.


been able to run a tad longer now. then, on HIIT, i'm scaling back to the speed i used to kill before. hope to keep it up... it's not all roses to tell you frankly.. but, it's getting better.

better post this before the effing connection goes off again!