Thursday, January 31, 2008

flyover yo!

still tired today... am still reeling from yesterday's gym work.. woke up early cos i don't wanna be caught in the traffic mess with the construction of a new flyover in our area.. as if it's not challenging enough already weaving through traffic these days they had to up the ante and make it more excruciating, eh?

whatever the "F" ever...

i wish my job starts around 9 or 10am.. then, i shouldn't be rushing early for work and i can go on canoodling my pillows and bed... i could use the beauty sleep y'know.

i hope by gym time i can shake off the weariness and go all out once more for the last workout of the week... and may the black knight emerge from the ruins of the battle... victorious!

just psyching myself up, nerdy!

could use some peanut butter right now...

you have?


i had a great shoulder workout earlier... man, my delts (deltoids) are getting meaner every week... good thing, my mentor, Rey, was there.. i was able to max-out my military presses thanks to him... he spotted (assisted) me on my last set..

my traps looked sensational.. no kidding.

and the downer...

my right wrist is starting to nag me again.. it started hurting when i did some "beach workout" yesterday.. y'know, all that curl exercises in order to grow some biceps.. i did all that and really push it a trifle too much.

i would love to go on but i'm tired and hungry and i miss my bed so much... so if you'll excuse me... i gotta get my... hhhoooooo.. hhuuuummmm..


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

curve ball

yesterday's back and leg exercises was a bum.


i had to blame the damn fat burner i recently been popping... i wanted to supercharge my metabolism, that's why. anyway, i knew from the start it contained a good amount of caffeine extract on it but i thought i could handle the occasional jitters and palpitations.. i'm pretty fit you know..


just two tabs (took them hours apart) and it caused me a lot of those mentioned above. worst, i had one helluva sleepless night, later.. so the day after, i was a walking zombie..

now excuse me for bragging, but rain or shine, hot or cold, good or bad mood, feeling well or unwell, it's almost always all-or-nothing when it's time for gym work.

tried to get through the day feeling light-headed.. maybe if somebody bumps me off my tracks i'd fall off my feet in a snap.. but i was hoping that whatever "bad" i was feeling, it wouldn't be the same at the gym, afterwards.

wrong again.

went in feeling a tad off.. but i tried... my mindset, even though my body wasn't jiving in, was still in all-or-nothing mode. i finish all my back routine, but my leg workout had to take a little back seat... i still managed to salvaged the important legs exercise, the squat.

my mind was pretty ON but my body was a little late in terms of reaction... just so un-me.

later in the evening, i slept like a log..

anyway, i've been banging it hard and heavy in the gym for eons now.. i have to consider yesterday's session as my "de-loading day."


i just realized how important it is having some sorta cardio sessions once in a while.. take it from me.. i've been a gym rat for almost a year (on and off prior to that) now, but my oxygen at the pool last Sunday was just lousy.. of course, equating swimming and bodybuilding is like comparing apples and oranges.. no sir, that cannot be!

it's a good thing i enjoy doing both.. now, i can have my cake/s and eat them too!

want some?

yep, that's a cake, bozo!

Monday, January 28, 2008


10 laps.

that's all i can do in that 50 meter pool.. it's not even a continuous swim.. i was panting for air every time i bob my head up right there in midst of the pool trying painfully to reach to the other end.. kah! kah! kah!

i think i'm gonna pass out already looking for that marker.. y'know that T-shape line you see at the start and end of the pool.. man, it was hard.

going forward i did freestyle.. going back, breast stroke.. but it was fun. Neil had a blast.. he's getting gutsier each time as he is starting to swim on his own without anyone's supervision.. not in the kid's pool, by the way, but the Olympic's... so did wifey and his bro.. one thing about swimming that i like, is you'd definitely feel the burn after an hour.. soooo hungry already!

looking forward to next Sunday's. i should do better by then.


there's sooo much "love" going on in the air at the office, right now. the new guys and gals (some are veterans) are falling on each other.. the placebo effect is on the works these days...

count me out. been there, done that. it ain't good for the health tell you that.. it's risky, distracting and a big no, no for most of company's policy..

oh, i get it. it's almost Valentine's Day and everyone's scampering for a date... people just gotta have one, huh?!

if you think it's worth the risk, then by all means, go for it, tiger!


just had a talk with my sis yesterday about my plan to do some business.. she was supportive.. when she gives the green light, it'll be ON. here's hoping fervently...


for the strong images....

nobody messes with these girls!

lovely, isn't it?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

BJ Penn vs Joe Stevenson

wanna see some bloody face?

just like in The Matrix movie wherein Morpheus had Neo choose between the blue pill or the red pill...

so, i'm saying to you now... take the blue pill which is you choose to ignore the video below... or take the red pill... and see a lot of reds later... haha!

Joe Stevenson being pummeled by no less than the best, BJ Penn

bloody mess, eh?

Three Little Birds

just watched I am Legend and this song reminds me of the days we used to own a bar somewhere.. we always played reggae music before anything else...

cease the day

soooooo tempting to go to the gym today....

but my body says "NO!"

obviously, i still feel warm all over after yesterday's 'wall-to-wall' session.. lactic acid, beybee... i kinda ask myself, though, "Why in the name of Zeus am i doing this?!!"

i honestly get high banging 'em up... i remembered years ago (i think i said this a million times already) asking my friends during our heydays (meaning, our day ain't complete without a dose of our favorite cocktail: alcohol) if there's anyway we could all get that "high" feeling without consuming that friggin' darn poison... so today, i am pleased to announce i have found what i'm looking for.. this may be my place in this world.. fingers crossed.. but hoping it really is..

i hope this is the beginning of a new me... maybe a career shift.. if i have a career to begin with.. haha!!

actually, i just might.

i've met this coach slash gym owner through a forum (see how cool it is joining a forum?). this guy is good. i'm pretty much star struck with his in-depth knowledge about the sport.. from the technical aspect to nutrition.. just blows me away!

anyhoo, i had the opportunity of initiating contact with him as he is selling a supplement (which by the way he staked his name on), and that he tried and knows they work.

since i'm running low with my own supply, i promptly ordered... it was a long shot, tell you that.. the guy is from Manila and so are his businesses.. anyway, after initially turning down my request (i simply did a "fire and forget" approach) he just all of sudden said that it is possible to ship those products at my end.

whoa! cool, eh? not only that, he mentioned about maybe i could sell it to some people who might be interested.. i just bought some whey protien and a thermogenic product (fat burner to be exact) and bhoy, i had to close my eyes when the lady swipe my credit card... so expensive, mate! on the other hand, the product this guy sells, which i cross-check by the way, ain't too expensive and are the "real deal." i've read the reviews and it is promising.

going back, since i'm no sales guy, i was kinda having second thoughts about being a distributor.. but after lotsa musing and some soul searching, light bulb flashes! with my passion for the, uhum, sports, it's worth all my consideration, honey!

i am, after all, banking on this guy's word and experience... not only that, it is one helluva good deal.. short of being too good to be true.. but not exactly.

still and all, it's not that easy and i have to know the details, plan, blah, blah, blah... to get things rollin'...

i hope this is what i've been waiting for.. to do the things i like and make moolah out of it.. please, please God... let this be it and lemme succeed on this one..


meanwhile, yesterday's gym session was a good one.. i had a good chest workout.. i know in my heart i can 1RM (one rep max) at least 250 pounds... why? well, i made three reps for the 220lbs.. meaning, i still have a few "reserves" left on my tank.

it's not gonna be easy as time passes by but what's having a plan for, right?

this year, i will earnestly aim to be a member of the 300 club... i'm gonna bleed, i'm gonna break some bones, wear out some tendons and joints during the process, but i will, set this one on stone, Sugar, bench press, deadlift and squat 300 pounds of iron before this year is over.. got that? comprende?


aaarrrggghhhh!!! my problem right now is that i don't know when to rest. the hardest thing for me to internalize and understand are these:

rest means progress.
rest means growing.
rest means healing.
rest means chill out already, shmuck!

it's just so hard to get my butt off the gym... but i have to. so here i am writing this.. you like? hihi

i'm having a good "workout" just watching Gecel.. uhm yeah, mentally, that is.

a tribute to the retired eight time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman.. love this guy!

but above causes me to have trouble breathing..

breath... breath... breath...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


knowledge is power.

man, i can't contain the excitement i'm feelin' right now... no, i'm not in the middle of an orgasmic explosion.. hi hi

it's the vast information i'm getting through the net.. super!

you know, things that i've never heard of before.. it's only now that i came across them.. kinda have the idea of what they do and how they operate in their own little way.. just amazing... gotta keep my learning up.. man up!

i'm talking about supplements and training... thankfully, i don't live in the rocks.. thus, i have an awful lot of chance to try these things.. some, i already had.. and some, i have yet to test 'em..

these knowledge ain't gonna cure hunger or promote world peace, but there are tons of people out there with terrible knowhow about these things they would either do what other people are doing, or, they'd cut to the chase and take the shortest route.. do drugs.. steroids.. then die later.. do a quick research with these tags: bodybuilding, death, steroids.

amazing how many bodybuilders out there who "look" every inch invincible and fabulously ripped but dies at the age of 30-50's from a "rare" disease/s.. mostly, due to kidney or heart failure..

i do get to a point where i'm thinking out loud - that it's pointless to do all that grunting and pumping when my biceps ain't growing no more while other guys lift the heaviest and grow leaps and bounds like their bodies are being pumped with some kinda oxygen.. of course, they are ON to something like some growth hormone that usually have some "BOL" on its name..

the good news though, you won't find those freaky guys in our gym.. only Rey can get that close.. but not close enough.

but i can feel Rey is threatened by me. i know how much he can lift, the food he eats, the amount of time he spends in the gym and some strategies he employs.. i know i can beat him in the Squat, Leg press and in the Calf routine.. in fact, yesterday, when he saw me doing seated calf raise, he was shaking his head.. when he sat down near the attendant's chair, he asked me, "What muscles are you working today, idol?" and i said, "just the biceps, forearms, calves and abs. only light workout today, Rey." and he replied, "it'd be nice to look at you when you get ripped.. me, i'm too old now, idol... too old." and i sorta gave him a lift and an assurance that i'd be happy to even get to a quarter of what he had achieved.. i don't really see myself competing or doing anything other than just doing what i'm passionately wanted to do NOW.. maybe tomorrow i'll quit 'em altogether. but this is what i'm focused now and whenever i'm having fun with what i do, everything just flows like a river...

besides, i'm an old fart too!


meanwhile, tried ordering some supplements from AnaFit but dawg, shipping's too expensive! if i do, i'm gonna be in deep shit s'more... no, can't do, amigo!


i've got some "love stories" to tell but i'll save that for the next episode..

now excuse me while i try to meditate and focus..




Tuesday, January 22, 2008

hit it!

this NEWS is pretty bizarre but hey, we're all tired of the whole Britney drama..

i've watched a few movies this guy had made and i've gotta say, he's good... except for that ghey movie, Brokeback Mountain.. didn't watch it and i'd probably never will. just not me, Bob.

so, to you, Heath, R.I.P. bro...


meanwhile, i hit the gym real hard yesterday i was sweating and stinking like hell... my shorts were all dirtied up and my jersey (i wore a basketball jersey sometimes, thank you), crapped to the max.

and yet, i only had legs and back work for my routine.. sounds easy, right? wrong.

what i've learned about working out and bodybuilding is this: "Hit it hard or go home."

for most people who goes to fancy gyms like Fitness First, Slimmers World, Gold's Gym (not in our place, by the way), etc., they can keep themselves clean and dandy the whole time as their gyms have air-conditions, shower/steam bath rooms, sauna and whatnot.

for an average, ok, below average earner like me who could only afford a "small time" gym where most stinky people go, guys who take their shirts off, low to nil gym equipments, rusty-bars-everywhere; we have to live for those sh*ts... and whenever me or my comrades are done, we'd only wash our sweaty and beat-down selves with rubbing alcohol.. sometimes, none at all..

what's more challenging working out in a place like ours - is the bummer ventilation it have.. it's humid and the air flow, almost none... when i'm done doing heavy sets, i had to move around quickly gasping for air..

thus, everyone is excused when they start stinking or sweaty (like they just got off the fish market or the rain, respectively) cos we kinda live under the cage..

anyway, i get more work done whenever i do supersets.. or alternately working my back then hit some leg exercises immediately.. practically minimizing my rest periods (causes me to gasp for more air).

since pain is a regular experience for me, i can now tolerate more of 'em in whatever i do.. meaning, i am now as close as to being Stone Cold Austin.. hehe

today, i'm just gonna do some light workout.. hope to die.. cross my heart..

then again, who knows.. maybe more...

Monday, January 21, 2008


ok, so i like Timbaland.. he makes good music.. Hip-Hop or otherwise.. genius, eh?!

Free Style

the lowdown...

i managed to workout today.. had a sweat-ful but would you believe it, i haven't work my legs yet.. so @#%$&*!!!

in fairness, i hit my chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps.. since i've read a new bicep routine from some hardcore site, might as well hit it.. unfortunately, i ran out of time since i started late.. was surfing the net the whole day.. my connection keeps cutting off though its despicable, to say the least.. again, thank you, Globe!

"i managed" because i was feeling really lazy earlier.. just between us, i had too much alcohol yesterday during the Sunulog grand parade.. i would have stayed home and watch TV or DVD or just chill but wifey and Neil kept bugging me "to get dressed" so we could all go and watch the Mardi Gras.. the Roman Catholic leaders says it's not a Mardi Gras, but c'mon "fathers" you know it is, so cut the crap already, will ya?

anyway, as we were there walking down the streets, and yeah, muscled our way through the crowd, me and my bro-in-law enjoyed wolfing down our beers... dang, it's too expensive to get drunk these days, huh? my wallet is pretty much on a "diet" right now.. practically, just a few hundred bucks left and we have soooo many bills to pay and a whole lot of things to buy for our personal consumption/needs.. whatever.. this spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E in the coming days.. hu.. hu.. hu..

anyhoo, hopefully i can work my way around on this one.. well, i usually does.. with the help of the good Lord above..

glad it's all over and done... to be honest about it, i didn't really enjoy that trip yesterday.. in fact, i had plans of just swimming it out with Neil at the sports complex but unwittingly, i planned it on the same day we can't go because of the festivity.

swimming cos i really could use one.. i needed the water to loosen up my muscles.. they're getting tighter everyday and its getting harder to roll whenever i sleep.. also, while watching The Guardian and watching those guys swim... ooohhhhh.. just feel nostalgic.. y'know, during those days i'd woke up at 5am and hit about 20 to 30 laps in the pool.. sweet!

those were the days, hombre!

i gotta swim this Sunday... it's a must.

meanwhile, i'd kill for these supplements.. they are for strength, recovery, focus, muscle retention, essential vitamins for the joints, etc..

i'll sleep tonight dreaming i'll have them on my doorstep tomorrow..

..and hope no one is dead.

Won't Go Home Without You

this song keeps playing over and over in my head.. gotta put this one up in here...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Pit Señor?


last night, while everybody was out partying and drinking to their liver's desire, i went straight home.. forgive my bummer thoughts but i wish all these activities and festivities would soon be over... just.

well, i don't quite get it. why on earth would everyone muscle their way out to the streets and on the road.. just to get a sip of that friggin' wine or that cold ice beer? and to think that these days are the most busy, that's when everyone jump into the bandwagon.. oh, the irony..

and, get this, why on earth would anyone sing their hearts out (off keys, by the way), feel the need to boozed up and party just about anywhere in the city? i think i passed one too many of those drunk singer-wannabee somewhere on my way home.. guys, gals, guys... aren't we supposed to celebrate some sorta solemn celebration for someone holy?

whatever the fik ever.


at the gym, fellow gym-goer/s were all agog to see my arms.. frankly speaking, i don't see much of a change.. i am my biggest critic, remember?

well, while performing incline dumbbell press last night, Jun, the veteran guy in the gym, couldn't help but squeeze my arms.. and he said, "this is like the size of my legs!"

i guess for looking at myself everyday in the mirror - i no longer see much of a difference.. and it's actually good that way... it helps me push my sets in every exercise i do to the limits.. but i certainly appreciate that i made a "makeover" after months of busting my ass out in gym.. that i get an objective observation/compliments from other people... just sweet.

unfortunately, i lost a lot of time yesterday thanks to a "situation" with one of our customer. worst, the rain further derailed my travel time to the gym... thus, i have to forgo doing front and back squats... today, i will make up for the lost time..

i have to be a little early in the gym cos later tonight, all hell will break loose... parties left and right, concerts and a whole lot of activities to signal the eve of Sinulog 2008...

two thing:

i wish there will be babes like her in the gym... more the better..


i wish its monday already.

You gotta Squat

first, i'm gonna do this:

then this:

but only after am done with all the chest works and triceps..


sore and pain.. they are here to stay.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

this is how i want to roll in the gym...

just firin' up my belly for later's session.. GGGgggRRRrrrrr!!! i'm rarin' to go!
felt good back there at the gym just working on forearms, calves, biceps and abs.. they ain't too big of a muscle but bhoy, it was tiring.. looking forward to my shoulder/delts routine tomorrow.. found a new one and it sure as hell it'll torch 'em.. well, that's what i'm there for.. so, fire it up!

going back to my friends' marital woes, i'm not really in the position to give advices as i have a lot of issues of my own... dang, my side of life is just as messy and screwed up... but i know, with the good Lord's help, things will work out fine accordingly..

i'm aiming for Nasser's delts and shoulders..

good luck to me!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

this ENTRY of Malou's blog saddens me.

i didn't know this for sure. all i know is that there are rumors circulating around and my friend was, sigh, telling us (me and Earl) his marriage was on the rocks..

i don't ask and i don't meddle.. even if i've heard about it i never ask my friend pointblank if there's a grain of truth about the rumor... or i'm just too naive..

we did discuss about it (the marriage thing and everything in between it) the last time we had our "emergency meeting" but that was when we had one too many alcohol in our system and everything around us seem hazy and weird... well, at least from my point of view.

i can't quite picture them going their separate ways.. i mean, compared to my relationship with my spouse, looking from the outside, i see theirs as more "matured" and "loving."

i don't call my wife "sweety" or "honey" or "love" or "darling..." we don't kiss in public.. we barely hold hands in public... sometimes we sleep on different beds... we go out and do our separate task.. we barely have any common friends cos we don't have much anything in common... so, picture that.

anyway, i'm not here to judge as to whose to blame.. i know these guys for years.. we've all work for the same company before.. i just hope they can work on it for the sake of their vow and of course, their child...

otherwise, and i mean if it's just an exercise of futility as in "they've lost all that love and feeling," then its pointless to go on into something you no longer have the zest to continue... i'll save that thought when i'm at the crossroads..

Monday, January 14, 2008

finally did the front squat yesterday. it wasn't tough but neither easy. i had the idea of hitting 'em, the front quads, when i hooked up with my bodybuilding friend, rex. he's due to compete months from now.. we talk about a lot of things.. this dude is pretty much into that "clean living" thingy as he's too focus on building his physique and his dogs... he breeds 'em and he in fact, was the source of my dobey, ramboo.

so, we discuss about a lot of things.. well, mostly, bodybuilding and dogs. whenever we'd meet, he'd oftentimes invite me over his house where his gym is also situated.. i actually had the 'honor' of sweating it out there.. that was when i had no prior knowledge whatsoever how to go around the iron thing.. his place is much better now. the cons: too far to where i usually travel and there's just few people who'd be willing to go to the distance with me.. meaning, serious gym rats: one in a million.

anyway, rex won some contest, lost in a few, placed second or third... he's got some decent stage appearances under his belt, thus, anything he'd suggest, i'd be willing to try just for kicks..

for the nth time that he had invited me over, i just might pop in his place again one of these days..

so yesterday, i tried warming up my legs using the front squat exercise... good, i can do it.. no problem. i can only muster about 120lbs of it but for the main sets, i got to 220lbs. well, the reason i'm plateaued at that weight is because i'm doing it after hitting my chest, shoulders and triceps.. in other words, i only have a few more oxygens and testosterones by the time i'm about to do my leg work.. leftover energy, honey..

things are going good with my gym sessions.. i'd still get that "marvel look" from people i barely know and some gym mates who had been away for a while.. i think i deserved the compliments but that won't make me go complacent.. in fact, i'm devising new techniques to improve my sessions in the gym..

on the downside, my son, Neil, is growing every inch a bratty kid.. though psychologist says we shouldn't whop our child, i'd occasionally do that to remind him he's not getting away with all the foolishness or the naughty things he does.. and even though it hurts me to do that, i gotta. i've pretty much dealt with him the best i know i could but he just sometimes take the wrong turn, and my patience, as with all other people in the world, they do ran out.. so, it's the last resort and when i'm really, really running out of options to deal with him.. so sorry kiddo.

one thing that made him act like that is because he's surrounded with a lot of people who, forgive the word, "strokes his dick." you know, spoon feed, baby sit, bathes and dresses him up.. as he is the only grand child and the 'heir apparent' of this small clan.. his head is starting to swell i need to remind him sometimes, just to get his feet back on the ground, that i don't give a rats if he is my only son.. heck, i could "sperminate" other women if your mother can't bore me another spawn, bhoy!

kidding aside, i really hope he'd heed my advice and focus.. he needs all that at this age as no one among the family, except my sis and my bro, modesty aside and pun intended, are sensible and reasonable enough to give him proper advice/guidance..

need to get my power nap pronto... chiao!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

i can sleep now...

Bon Jovi in Something To Believe In


forgive my indulgence.. my home's internet finally came to life thus....

the guitar greats -- Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson - Red House (G3 1996)


Rage Against the Machine, beybeee!

i think i saw some t*ts there somewhere....

Saturday, January 12, 2008


was lookin for my Heat VCD (yeah, didn't have the DVD yet) but couldn't find it.. somebody borrowed but kept it to himself.. i know you, man.. return it or we'll have some serious shootout later.. anyhoo, love this part of the movie..

this one, larry phillips jr and emil matasareanu shooting it out with the cops in north hollywood "Heat" style... some portion of the video were actual footage while the others, reenactment... saw the documentary recently thanks to National Geographic Channel..

i bet, my pal, Earl V. would love to scream it out with the background music...

the saner version above..

Little Wing

more Stevie Ray Vaughan...

Voodoo Chile

the late Stevie Ray Vaughan... i'm getting high with all the riffs, meyt!! hhuuwwwaaa!!

this one i'd gladly bang along... great guitar licks from no less than one of thee greatest, Eddie Van Halen...


panama ha uh oh uh oh!!

nostalgic but in a great way...

it bites

i love this!!

i love this!!

i love this!!

i love this!!

Friday, January 11, 2008


i'm soooo in a bad mood today... family problem.. don't ask.

anyway, it's new year and expectedly, a lot of people flock to the churches this time of the year.. the Pastor said it is "normal." oh yeah, i did go to a fellowship last Sunday.. i'm planning to go back and do it as often as i could..

then the gym saw more people enrolling and some who had been away for months coming around again..

New Year's resolution again?

so you have a resolution or resolutions for the new year? well, keep it to yourself, mario. no one gives two shits about your dumb plans and wishy-washy promises. least of all, moi.

seriously, if i hear/read one more asshead speak of plans to quit drinking or eating too much, and "get in shape" in 2008, i'm gonna mess up someone's kitchen.

face facts. if you were going to make it happen you wouldn't feel the need to announce it to everyone at every opportunity.

either do it or don't do it, but keep the resolutions to yourself.. comprende?

i'm having a real bad day today and i'm gonna vent all of my anger to those darn irons later... gggggrrrrrrrr!!!!

Obesity now a 'lifestyle' choice for Americans, expert says


that would mean more friggin difficulty bending down, going up the stairs, walking a few meters, and well, your sex life goin downhill.. duh, whatever floats your boat, bubba!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


more beers, please!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Merry Christmas, Bob

i so dig this article.. read on.. ya might like it too..


Merry Christmas, Bob
by Chris Shugart

"So, what are you doing for a living these days?" Bob asked me. We're sitting on the couch at one of those tedious holiday get-togethers, you know, the ones where you're supposed to be nice to family members you never see except during major holidays and funerals. I think Bob is my wife's brother-in-law's second cousin or something.

"I'm the assistant editor and a writer for Testosterone magazine," I say. Bob looks at me with a blank expression on his face, as if I'd just told him I sell handmade testicle warmers beside the freeway and was looking to open franchises across the nation.

"It's a bodybuilding magazine," I say.

Blank expression. Deer caught in the headlights. Ronnie Coleman doing trigonometry.

"Oh," Bob finally says, "I heard you were, like, one of those bodybuilder guys or something. So, what's that like, you know, working out every day and stuff? I just don't have time to lift weights all day, but I have been meaning to get rid of this beer belly." He takes another sip of beer. "What do you suggest?" Sip.

At first I was a little offended. I wanted to grab him up and say, "You can't tell I'm a bodybuilder?! Look at my ass! Now, if that's not a nice round squat-built piece of sirloin, I don't know what is! You think that comes naturally? I can crack walnuts with this puppy! Wanna see? Huh, punk? Do ya? Do ya?"

Then I realize this just might cause a scene and could cost me several Christmas presents. I was planning on returning any presents I got and using the money to buy a power rack, so I didn't want to jeopardize this gift getting opportunity. I also realized that old Bob probably had a certain preconceived image of a bodybuilder and I just didn't fit that image. I'm not gorilla huge; I weigh about 205 at 5'11" right now. (When I first started lifting I was a pudgy 159, so that's not too shabby.) Also, I wasn't wearing clown pants, a fluorescent string tank top, a hanky on my head and one of those little fanny packs. And isn't that what real bodybuilders are supposed to wear?

Bob continued to sit there drinking his Natural Light, smoking a cigarette and waiting for an answer, oblivious to the fact that he'd come this close to seeing some serious walnut- crunching ass power. I tried to figure out how I could explain to the average guy what the typical T-Man does and why he does it. How could I get him to understand what it is we do, how we feel, how we live? So I took a deep breath and told him something like this:

"Well, Bob, I guess you could use the term bodybuilder if you really need a label for what it is we do. Most of us actually don't stand on stage and compete, though. We lift weights and manipulate our diets so that we'll look good naked. Sure, it's healthy too, and we'll probably live a longer and more productive life than the average guy, but mostly it's about the naked thing. Truthfully, it goes beyond even that.

"Let's be honest here. We do it because of people like you, Bob. We look at you sitting there with your gut hanging over your belt and we watch you grunt and groan just getting out of a chair. Guys like you are our inspiration, Bob. You're better than Anthony Robbins, Bill Phillips, Deepak Chopra, and Zig fucking Ziglar all wrapped up into one. We love it when guys like you talk about not having time to exercise. Every time we see you munching on a bag of potato chips, you inspire us. You're my shot in the arm, Bob, my living and breathing wake-up call, my own personal success coach.

"You want to know what it is we do? We overcome. We're too busy to train, too, but we overcome. We're too busy to prepare healthy meals and eat them five or six times a day, but we overcome. We can't always afford supplements, our genetics aren't perfect, and we don't always feel like going to the gym. Some of us used to be just like you, Bob, but guess what? We've overcome.

"We like to watch 'normal' people like you tell us about how they can't get in shape. We smile and nod sympathetically like we feel your pain, but actually, we're thinking that you're a pathetic piece of shit that needs to grow a spine and join a gym. You smile sheepishly and say that you just can't stay motivated and just can't stand that feeling of being sore. (For some reason you think that admitting your weaknesses somehow justifies them.) We listen to you bitch and moan. We watch you look for the easy way out. Because of people like you, Bob, we never miss a workout.

"You ask us for advice about diet and training and usually we politely offer some guidance, but deep inside we know you won't take our advice. You know that too. We smile and say, 'Hope that helps. Good luck,' but actually we're thinking, 'Boy, it would suck to be you.' We know that 99% of people won't listen to us. Once they hear that it takes hard work, sacrifice and discipline, they stop listening and tune us out.

"We know they wanted us to say that building a great body is easy, but it just isn't. This did not take five minutes a day on a TorsoTrack. We did not get this way in 12 short weeks using a Bowflex and the Suzanne Somers' 'Get Skinny' diet. A good body does not cost five easy payments of $39.95.

"We like it that while you're eating a candy bar and drinking Mountain Dew, we're sucking down a protein shake. You see, that makes it taste even better to us. While you're asleep we're either getting up early or staying up late, hitting the iron, pushing ourselves, learning, succeeding and failing and rising above the norm with every rep. Can you feel that, Bob? Can you relate? No? Good. This wouldn't be half as fun if you could.

"We do it because we absolutely and totally get off on it. We do it because people like you, Bob, either can't or won't. We do it because what we do in the gym transfers over into the rest of our lives and changes us, physically, mentally, maybe even spiritually. We do it because it beats watching fishing and golf on TV. By the way, do you know what it's like to turn the head of a beautiful woman because of the way you're built? It feels good, Bob. Damned good.

"When we're in the gym, we're in this indescribable euphoria zone. It's a feeling of being on, of being completely alive and aware. If you haven't been there, then it's like trying to describe color to a person who's been blind since birth. Within this haze of pleasure and pain, there's knowledge and power, self-discipline and self-reliance. If you do it long enough, Bob, there's even enlightenment. Sometimes, the answers to questions you didn't even know you had are sitting there on those rubber mats, wrapped up in a neat package of iron plates and bars.

"Want to lose that beer belly, Bob? I have a nutty idea. Put down the fucking beer. I'll tell you what, Bob. Christmas morning I'm getting up real early and hitting the iron. I want to watch my daughter open her presents and spend the whole day with her, so this is the only time I have to train. The gym will be closed, so I'm going out in my garage to workout. You be at my house at six in the morning, okay? I'll be glad to help you get started on a weight training program. It'll be colder than Hillary Clinton's coochie in there, so dress warm.

"But let me tell you something, Bob. If you don't show up, don't bother asking me again. And don't you ever sit there and let me hear you bitch about your beer belly again. This is your chance, your big opportunity to break out of that rut. If you don't show up, Bob, you've learned a very important lesson about yourself, haven't you? You won't like that lesson.

"You won't like that feeling in the pit of your stomach either or that taste in your mouth. It will taste worse than defeat, Bob. Defeat tastes pretty goddamned nasty, but what you'll be experiencing will be much worse. It will be the knowledge that you're weak, mentally and physically. What's worse is that you'll have accepted that feeling. The feeling will always be with you. In the happiest moments of your life, it'll be there, lying under the surface like a malignant tumor. Ignore it at your own peril, Bob.

"Don't look at me like that either. This just may be the best Christmas present you'll get this year. Next Christmas, Bob, when I see you again, I'm going to be a little bigger, a little stronger, and a little leaner. What will you be? Will you still be making excuses? This is a gift, Bob, from me to you. I'm giving you the chance to look fate in those pretty eyes of hers and say, 'Step off, bitch. This is my party and you're not invited.' What do you say, Bob? Monday, Christmas morning, 6am, my house. The ball's in your court."

Okay, so maybe that's not the exact words I used with Bob, but you get the picture. Will Bob show up Monday? I don't know, but I kind of doubt it. In fact, Bob will probably take me off his Christmas card list. He probably thinks I've got "too much Testosterone," like that's a bad thing. I think Bob is just stuck in a rut, and as the saying goes, the only difference between a rut and a grave is depth.

The way out of the rut is to make major changes in your life, most of which won't be too pleasant in the beginning. The opportunity to make those changes seldom comes as bluntly as I put it to Bob. Most of the time, that opportunity knocks very softly. What I did was basically give Bob a verbal slap in the face. You can react two ways to a slap. You can get angry at the person doing the slapping, or you can realize that he was just trying to get you to wake up and focus on what you really want and, more importantly, what it'll take to get it.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

wwweeeeeeeeettttttt... wwweeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!

ey you, think i'm sexy, huh?

no pep talk for today.. uhm, maybe later..

Monday, January 07, 2008


... i used to be a little boy..

calorie countdown

darn, i had huge calorie intake last night... post workout i had bananas and apples..

minutes later, earl texted he's near our meeting place.. wow! the dude now sports a pretty long hair!

we had peanuts, barbecue, stir-fried noodles and some intestine soup (yum!) to match our San Mig Light Beer...

a few catching up and, well, chit-chat...

he mentioned how tough it is to work in Qatar. the heat, man, it's almost unbearable they had to changed their overalls as often as three times a day.. even at the peak of the building, air viscosity sucks.. there's not much fun and he'd most likely spend his day after work or during his day-offs watching DVD's.

he'd also spoke of letting go of things he's grown accustomed to.. he'd forgo hanging out or drinking with friends to save that much needed moolah so he could send some to his family.. this guy's sacrifices just blows me away.

after we've down a few bottles, he wanted to go to some videoke joint but he can't sing cos he suffered a hoarse voice.. the dude had been smoking while i quit for over a year now.. what the?? went in but we didn't touch the microphone... me can't sing too!

he was still in the process of acclimatization, but man, he just missed all the fun we've had before.. he can't wait to get his groove on..

what's amazing though is that after over a year out in the desert, he still remembers that GRO's name... i can't even remember her name 'til today.. duh!

now, the good thing about the fruits i ate earlier is that i was able to withstand all that alcohol and still made it to work early today... remember, i ate plenty of iron prior to binging.. i probably had ten bottles of beer but was feeling pretty good the whole time... talk about loads of calories, dude.

we bar-hopped from one place to another drinking a beer or two then flee.. haven't done that for eons now. these days, i'm usually glued to my seat in one place and the only time we split (me and my sorry chair) is when i have to go pee. my quads and my knees kinda twinge when i go stand up in some days.. either due to old age or i had too much leg work in the gym.. i prefer to believe it's the latter.

obviously, i didn't wanna stay up late as i need to rest (remember, i had a vigorous exercise earlier.. hehe.. i know, i know). good thing he wasn't planning to "morning the night."

around 1am we called it a night and head home..

forgive the picture but i need to get psyched up for my bangin' later today..

oh yeah!

pain is temporary

what a session!

but before that, i think it's gonna be a long night for me later as me and my best bud, earl, are about to wax it up tonight somewhere.. hope to stay up and sane the whole evening.. ok bud, lets morning the night!

so it was one friggin' sweaty and tiring weights session i had earlier.. i hit my chest, shoulders, triceps and legs... doing different variations.. whoa, everyone's concern especially the the veterans... i'm about to overtake everyone in terms of size and strength.. i'm amazed even at determination and the knowledge i gained through research boost my confidence and kept me going the whole time (like an energizer battery) cos i know positive result is comin' my way.. in time...

this year, i'm goin' full-throttle, no-holds-barred and hit-every-inch-of-the-gym's-wall.

bring on the pain!

oh no, not that pain, dude!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


done with my morning ritual....shucks, it's too religious.. uhm liturgy? even worst..

dang, forget about it.

finally, finally, finally my best bud earl arrived from abroad.. he didn't made it through the holidays as there are many noypi's (Filipinos) coming home from his base (Qatar) too.. poor guy had to drink some rubbing alcohol mixed with some chemicals (or whatever) for his liquor fix.. some OFW's, i've heard, are now "expert" biochemist, what with their genius booze concoction they'll give any vintner a run for their money.

just kidding guyz..

i have yet to meet the dude later today... hope we don't have to drink.. for real.

speaking of earl, another good fella of mine whose also named earl, is into some underground heavy metal music. he was with us last Saturday at Beach Roots a.k.a. Baseo. we had some brandy, rum and strong ice beer (in that order) while we argued about the sin of the world, demons and God. how we end up there i have yet to recall.. but it was pretty heated as the discussions wore on, but we kept a cool head all throughout..

i actually triggered the "exchange" when i read in the "thank you" portion of the CD he was selling me (to sorta support the local scene). he was pretty, *cough* *cough* proud his name was mention there.. not that i don't mean to support them but i just couldn't have another CD on my rack dusting cos i couldn't care to listen.. sorry earl but you know my feelings about this 'underground' thingy.. i'm so done and over of being mad at the world.. i listen to some 'tamer' version of heavy metal music.

what i read led our discussion from one subject to another...

so, it says, "demonic salutations to..." excuse me bud but i thought that's foul in my vocabulary... and so i proceeded to ask him what kind of music they're playing.. does it have a lot of those crazy shouting and yelling? of course, i already know the answer.. underground, weird and demonic band names, black label for their CD, eerie song titles... do the math, momma.. the answer's too obvious to mention.

so me and louie went on to question him of his choice of music and how they could, duh, "worship" some entity we'd rather hate... and he said most of those guys in his group and in other bands actually goes to church and are like kids... and are so naive..

the discussion got heated as we pretty much jump our guns on him.. hehe.. sorry cio, we care for you so much we'd like to explore and expose every angles.. not to change you but to make your band better among the rest of those undergrounder.. it's not like you to take offense, right?

anyway, we drifted from the subject and went on to tackle more religious stuff i'd rather not bore you about... 'til we came into conclusion that: "it's your life, it's your choice."

f**k it!

more booze came our way and as we got more inebriated we became more open with our lives.. i gotta give it to them both - louie and earl. they beat me in that department.

i don't kiss and tell, though.

this year, i hope to top them in that department... get some skeletons off my closet..

i failed to sweat it out the next day later, so doing it often would definitely ruin my performance training program.. but i'd certainly look forward to those "bouts" just to get us some mind boggling exchange once in a while.. he he he... earl my man, 'til next time cio!


meanwhile, i'm happy to cut myself off from forums.. ok, some forums. if i'd ever go back, i'd rather not put my heart into it unless i owned it. seeing your post and your fellow member's post gone in just a snap... tragic. merging your posts just don't make sense at all. it's the first for me i hope it's the last.

sometimes, starting from the scratch is better than doing bug/s fixing is true with programming but not with over a year of people's thoughts and contributions... not to mention, the eyebrows burnt so you can make a relevant contribution.. yet some don't see it as it is, but rather makes a sweeping generalization that it's all garbage... whatever happened to your sensitivity, mate?

i'm better here.. cos these thoughts and everything on it.. they're all here to stay!

iron time, baby!

moi's testosterone level should rise at an all-time high with that lady above bench pressing beside me.. i wish.. i wish..

Friday, January 04, 2008

workout went great today. good thing Mr. Perez was around and we help each other out 'til the end. for sure my chest and triceps are gonna hurt tomorrow as i pretty much toasted them for hours.. nice!

i did tricep dips earlier but i know i can do the parallel bar dips, too... i just need s'more time...

now time for some R&R momma...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

my first experience with forum was with Motorcycle Philippines. since i'm an enthusiast and enjoy the roars of a loud pipe (that was before.. too old now) i thought i should join the motorcycling (MC) community.

you can check it out.. it's one helluva huge community from all over the Philippines and the world. Frank Woolf created that site. i had a great time and the honor corresponding with him. it was him and his minions (MC enthusiast) who urged me to make some 'noise' and let the city government know the sentiments of the riders when i posted this THREAD in the Motorcycle Rights board.

amazing that thread is still alive 'til today.

anyway, that's not really the story here but to the times when his site was constantly attacked by some hackers.. a huge and lively community like that, some hackers find it attractive and well, 'honorable' if they can knock it down.. winded with all the trouble, not to mention, the expenses he had to go through, he decided to shut it down.

fortunately, some guys in the community wanted to keep it alive and Mr. Woolf was kind enough to give them access and allow them to migrate all of the information, databases, etc. to the new owners' system.

i was there watching the new guys went through it... there were times the site would go off-line but most of the members understood.. it was, after all, in the process of transferring and it ain't easy.. painstakingly, the new guys move everything..

today, it's far more better and has improved through the years.. of course, there'll be times when access is slow as their system manages huge databases, information and thousands of member worldwide.

the same goes with when things started to slow down and they experienced one too many down time, the owner/s decided to work on it. migrating and transferring all of its content to another server, made a lot of tweaking and improvements, but preserving all of its original contents, boards and threads, it's now running smooth and slick.

then there's the Cebu City Government Forum. it may have been a mediocre in terms of looks and well, duh, maintenance, but when it went down (as in many, many times it's frustrating to count) most of its contents were preserved.

it's less fancy and flair but it gets the job done. if you have complaints about the City, go there and let your voice be heard.. trust me, most guys and gals at City Hall monitors that site.

but our forum which i spent most my time of, suddenly went off the air and came back starting from the scratch.. whoa! practically wiping off every person's post and thoughts i cared to read for about a year now..


i don't care what you gotta say why it went down that way... I DON'T CARE.

to say it was all a mistake to begin with and it's not informative anymore as it's all chit-chat?? what??

forum is define:

2. A public meeting place for open discussion.
3. A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website.
# A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation.

so, you mean we're gonna visit the forum to get some information?

well, part of it, yes, but it's not a monopoly of mere information but should be heavy on exchanging of ideas and that's why we have chit-chats.. if i want precise info i'd Google or Yahoo search.. not engage in some yakking on-line..

but hey, i've been reading that line: "we'll be strict with the forum rules.. blah.. blah.. blah.." yet we never have gotten to the 'promise land' since forever.

now the 100,000 pesos question is: will it work this time?

not to blow your bubble, sir, but i doubt it very much.

since he who has the gold rule, there ya go.. do whatever you want with it..

and i'm forever grateful and hold you in high seat.. thus, my best wishes and loads of good luck to you and your crew..

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

so many thoughts...

but they're gone now.. great!

my home's internet is still down.. gotta give it to Globe.. they haven't change their friggin' line for centuries now, "sorry for the inconvenience but we're still having restoration process blah.. blah.. blah.. in your area."

ppuuurffeeeccttt!!! as if we just had an earthquake, a typhoon, worst, a hurricane recently that they had to restore something that got devastated, eh?

nuff said.


Christmas and New Year went well.. Me and wifey spent it with most of her relatives and with my half-sister.. my nieces (in-laws) also spent their New Year with us.. nothing dramatic happened except for some neighbor who had a few drinks and got touchy with me.. ok, horny! haha!

nope, i ain't having resolutions this year as it will be the end of the world on August 08, 2008.. according to some fanatics, that is.

so, i'll live my life to fullest even more 'til that day comes..


yesterday, i can't stop swearing quitely in the gym.. my left wrist was starting to annoy me... man, it's more challenging to lift these days.. both of my wrist are in pain and in delicate condition just when things are going well.. here's rolling with 'em all... you can't stop me dawg!


still have a lot to yak about but i'm at the mercy of my beautiful officemate... i'm using her PC for this sneaky entry.. har.. har..

the end.