Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the day of the reckoning

oh my... the level of stress is getting higher by the day. we haven't slowed down for months now. the amount of work? ridiculous.

the workout? it's taking a back seat.

i am burning my brows these days... have to or else things are gonna pile up and i won't be able to catch up. earlier, i almost puke with all the "traffic" that's going through the office. the phone ringing, a customer making follow ups, a sales consultant doing all sorts of queries.... ahhhhhrrgghhh!!! i'm losing my mind!

i was hoping we'd slow down a bit to sorta give me and the rest of the busy bodies in the office a breather. no sign yet.

well, all i can say is this: BRING IT!

though it's a bit late, but my office mate and pal, Divine, lost his battle. he was just out of it. our customer who is a doctor said it was impossible for him to recover.. he had a flat line for twenty minutes. doc says it was only that injection that revive him and kept 'em alive. i wonder what's that too!

well, i was able to visit him a few times in the ICU and at his house. there wasn't a time he was awake. it is sad but that's how fleeting our lives can be.

one day we're all well and good, the next, we don't know.

i've been well, thank you for asking. LOL!


though it's getting harder to get my ass in the gym like i have to drag my feet going there, but when i get the chance, i kill it.


gotta hit the log.. it's a long day tomorrow.


Sunday, November 18, 2012


thought this was easy. darn hard!

yeah, posting here using this tablet. ain't easy .

better stop now. anyone watching that awesome tv series, Homeland? good stuff.

this is making me dizzy!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

i look forward to this show everytime...

Saturday, November 03, 2012

ez bz

the last few weeks had been really busy. it's a fact we've had an all time high in terms of sales. we've never had this kind of unit releases since our company started. it's awesome! but, it's quite a stress.

i'm just gonna have to suck it up.

it's probably because our economy is doing good and people can afford even the most high end vehicles  such as the Mustang and the Explorer. heck, even the Expedition have takers too!

courtesy of Ford Philippines

it has been a roller coaster ride so far. management has decided to bump up the quota. so, it is expected we're gonna have a sizable sales every month.

i'm not from the sales group but this means my workload will increase as well. aside from the main office, there's three more branches which all documentations are sent my way to be processed.

i can't complain.

though it's tiring sometimes, i'm happy to have put up a system long before this came about. otherwise, a huge pile of mess would have been on my table right now.

haven't gone out partying with friends since those dreaded days. my condition has since improved. unfortunately, workouts had to suffer since we've been busy and worst, the house help left. still and all, when i find time, i sneak out to the gym and make the most out of it.