Sunday, September 30, 2012


you should really take a picture when you can... they are like timelines and memories.. something you can go back on and see..

two of our "loyal" house help just left. they were under some kinda "unique" circumstance that they just have to leave. one left fifteen days ago, the other, today.

they are sisters, by the way.

i kinda feel sad when these things happen.

somehow, it feels like a family has gone abroad and the house, something's amiss.

really man, it saddens me no end.

you just have to accept the fact that in life, nothing is permanent. ya gotta cherish the time you've spent together... which is where the pictures come in.. my gosh, you see all of them happy moments and boy, i cringed!!!

how i wish we could of maintain the status qou and go on living our li'l lives. i would of be more adventurous and warm with every single people in the household.

but, nothing is permanent... change is the only reality. sucks big time, yeah?

i'm glad i'm still alive and kicking writing this post..... ya know why?

i'm on the verge of a massive something.... yep, something really BIG!

my office mate and pal, Divine, he is there somewhere... in dreamland... he is on comatose. third stage. that office mate i told you  about a few posts ago? saw him. he's not doing good.

i hope he can turn things around. his family isn't too optimistic. i could almost feel them wanting to pull the plugs off. he is still on ICU. with all them mounting bills and that grim prognosis the doc had been implying to his family, i too would rather end his suffering.

i'm not really sure where i'd stand. some office mate suggests that the family should have more faith in the good Lord above and that, in time, Divine will have a full recovery.. they just have to sustain it and burn whatever is left on their savings.

on the other hand, they could just end his suffering and you guess it, pull the plug.

we are all in quandary.

if i live another day tomorrow, it'd be like a miracle.

i am sure of that.

so, enjoy every moment you have in this world.. and make it count!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

random, random

am listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan's Little Wing, thus....


it was fun last night. thought i got hammered early on. i can tell.. when i see things differently like there's too much colors and rainbows, that's a tale tell sign. anyway, my best pal finally went with us. it was one helluva party! met a few gals along the way.. hehe

but really, didn't do anything nasty. t'was just a spur of the moment thing. somethin' about spur of the moment and being candid.. spontaneous. ya kinda get things done with it rather than contemplating and waiting.

best pal tried in vain. buddy was hammered and was just, well, waiting. i made the toast. then, we were talking...and torridly kissing like really thisclose... i can almost feel them lips all over my ears!

no, this wasn't between us boys, ya schmoe.... now's a good time to use your imagination. jeje

other than touching them hips and all that huffs in between our ears, we went our separate wasted ways in peace.


office mate sms late this afternoon and requested a prayer. one co-worker is in grave condition, doctor said. he is on dialysis. his kidneys had given up on him. it's crazy how he was looking fine early this week. we always made fun of each other every morning cos we're usually the early ones. we go "are you aiming for the punctuality award?"

here's hoping he recovers and gets well soon. hang in there, bud.


when you're face with a problem, don't run away, face it! yep, that's what i learned. especially at work when there's a lot, ya gotta man up.

i better go and really absorb above cos right now, i'm not in the pink of health and i refuse to get myself checked. instead, i opt to self medicate.

message to self: FACE PALM!

random acts of whatever, donezo!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

oscar mike

your chances of winning in a lottery is .000001 to nil.

so you're better off betting on a cockfight or in a casino.. you'd exponentially increase your chances than betting on some lottery. unfortunately, i don't win in this kinda game. wifey is the lucky one when it comes to raffles, games and gambling. she oftentimes brings something after a party where there's raffle. we've had LCD TV, a laptop, some  cellphones, a few electronic stuff, etc. courtesy of her winnings.... a proof of how lucky she is.

so why am i talking about this? well, just recently the lottery station had been swamped with people wanting to bet on the lotto. grand prize was peg at roughly three hundred million. that's a lot! people would wanna have a piece of that, that's for sure judging from the people queuing up in droves. even i bet a few times..

some lucky folks finally hit the jackpot! good for them. hope it makes them better people and rub others with their good fortune.


meanwhile, thought i'd share that little "secret" i discovered in increasing my bench strength. it has something to do with how you grip the bar. i've read this a few times that when you grip the bar, you kinda want to bend it. so there. i experimented with how i place it on my palms. when i thought i finally got it, the bar just travels to its supposed trajectile rather nice and easy.

i got excited today and as useless, err, i mean as usual, got carried away! my shoulders are burning hot with all that lactic acid! just tore myself apart real good.

my li'l baby is all over me right now... buzzin' off!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

stay frosty

i can't put a finger to it but i know my body is in the shitters right now.

i have an awful lot of idea what's bugging it, but i'll keep it to myself.

we was gonna get hammered last night... however, i have to excuse myself cos wifey had a fever. besides, getting hammered on weekdays is a bad, bad idea. one, i have to wake up early cos Neil rides with me off to school. and, i don't wanna be absent at work on weekdays cos there's a lot of things to do or watch out for.

this whole lotta drinking, this is the reason why i can't get the most out of my workout. all those calories and alcohol.. what about alcohol, you ask? they screw your brain cells nicely so that each bout of 'em, you lose a bit of 'em cells here and there.

it's also worth mentioning that them alcohol elevates the darn estrogen, that female hormones, so that instead of getting testosterone laden, i get the opposite compound. sucks, eh?

going back to work, seems the dust finally settled. after that "windfall," we're getting steady. nothing extra-ordinary. well, we all could use a break.

that's all i can say about that.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

*cough* *cough*


don't ya pressure me!!

i can't think straight!!!!


ahhhh... the holy grail of bench pressin' baby.. found it!

i've read about it when Dave Tate mentioned it in one of his e-book but didn't really took the time to test it. i'm too used to what i've been doin' for eons. but, something's wrong. my bench strength hadn't gone up for a while now.

and that's why it's important to always be reminded because we people, we easily forget. yeah, you too! when was the last time you ate at KFC? you don't remember, dontcha?

i thought so.

i've seen all sorts of techniques and read all sorts of discipline and philosophy.

today, i got down and tweaked my technique accordingly.

i reckon i did a stellar good. it was lightweight, baby!

shoulder could use some icin'...

with ageing comes wisdom... can i go back in time with all these "tools"?

wouldn't it be awesome, huh?!?

Saturday, September 08, 2012

rain and fever.

that's what had been hounding us these days.

Neil had a fever a few days ago. mine, it's ongoing. hope it stops with me. however, since it's the season of La Niña, we're gonna have to suck it up.

in as much as i wanna post s'more of my boring shez, i don't wanna rub you of my "down" time, and i meant that literally.

it'd be nice to have a bike like the one above... wait..

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

so many things are going on but it's a bit crazy as of late...

i don't even know where to start.

worst, i got home freakin' late cos it's raining heavy since afternoon.

workout late too!

it was awesome though.

guess i'm gonna have to write all of 'em thoughts tomorrow when the dust settles...

hold your breath.