Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

the irony.

i was blabbing about how my command center is now impossible to breach in my previous post. yesterday, while we were out, somebody destroyed the railing that's supposed to secure the window on the second floor. obviously, it was a burglar. he/they would have had a field day if it took me a few more hours to get back home. we don't know if the culprit managed to get in or got disrupted when i went home around nine in the evening.

i got paranoid when i went up to feed the dogs and saw the railing is already bended and the jalousies, misaligned.

it's a good thing i took a vacation leave today. had time to fix that portion that had been compromised. the thing about that area, it's pitch dark at night. there's still no neighbor behind it except one. so i went up and had the a light installed there. my buddy, Earl is perfect for this job since electrical is his forte.

too bad he's too busy now with the family, new baby and work.

definitely, there's a lot that needs to be done here to make it more secured when people are out. there's just so many places where the thieves can enter.

so many things to do, so little time...

Sunday, January 20, 2013


back in my teenage days, i love doing some handyman work at our little apartment. i'd fix anything i can figure out how. i'd made a few cages for my poultry project and really enjoyed the process. the satisfaction of watching it done and being able to fix those that need repairin' is quite a joy.

then i got to work, got busy and well, lazy. i didn't wanna figure things out anymore. since i now have a dough blow, i just let somebody do the dirty job and pay whatever they charge.

as time went by and having a lot of things done by others, i get to see the quality of work they put into it. some, i'm satisfied. others, hafta suck it up cos it's just one lousy job i wish i could have done myself.

when this house was built, i was too busy with the work and our little business back then which is a restobar. i didn't help with the construction and with the little details such as where the electrical outlets and switches should be, how the doors are placed, where the ladder leading to the second floor should have been positioned (which by the way is an epic disaster where it is now), etc.. etc..

looking back now, i realized my neglect and the lack of attention to details has cause us a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. whenever i see them, i love to kick myself in the nuts!

seriously though, i could of blame other people too like wifey and my uncle-cum-project-manager for all the missteps we undertook here. but, it's all on me. i didn't bother to read enough or research first or observe other houses first, i just went and dive into the ocean with them all sharks!! i got eaten alive, that's what!

so today, well, many months ago, i guess, the handyman in me is back.  modesty aside, let me just tell you how good of a handyman i am... he he!

when the washing machine broke down, me with my son, Neil, help together in opening it up. of course, it was me who figured out what was wrong with it. it's the timer. took it out and bought a replacement.

then, our bed collapsed! again, we tore it apart piece by piece and have it welded and strengthened at some welding shop nearby. we went to change the nuts and bolts and screwed 'em from tip-to-tip and now my little baby can jump around it like it's a trampoline.

this room that i use, there's an air conditioning slot that's left wide open so that when big sister decides to use it, she can just put an air-condition right there. she's been home a few times but she never sleeps here and instead opt for a pension house.

so what happens with this big a$$ hole? i put some wood on it. unfortunately, when people need something here, they just took the wood out or worst, destroy it.

so, i decided to cement it. just went and bought two pieces of hollow blocks, a few kilos of cement and sand, mix 'em up blast the hole close.

now, no one can breach my command center.. hah!

it's not really an immaculate view because it still needs some finishing touches but it is close now and that's what matters.

i can fix and/or replace door knobs too!

today, i just fix the rice cooker. took me a while to figure out why it's not "cooking" anymore. instead, it stays in the "warm" setting.

took it apart and saw that wiring was intact. it's a good sign.

then after a while i figured it must be the mechanical sensor.

there's that little round thing in the middle where you put the pan on. underneath it, there's a slew of mechanism that switches the heater to "keep warm" and "cooking".

that's where i tried to mimic the action that happens when you put the pan on. after months of using and the nth time of placing and replacing the pan, the part where it's suppose to make contact has gotten dirty or worned out. either i sandpaper it, which i don't have, or bend it a bit.

your guess is as good as mine!

now it's back into the kitchen action.

what's important to remember before buying a new one? if it still heats up, it can still be fix.

yeah, i can assemble a PC too and setup networks and stuff.

just gimme some time to tinker with whatever, read up the manual or on the internet, i just might fix the darn thing.

we have this super huge speaker system which i bought six or seven years ago that i don't know jack about on how to connect them to the Amps (ok, i know a tad). so i decided to challenge myself and bought a receiver and an equalizer and connect them all together.

truth to tell, after all the plugging in of the cables and RCA's and figuring out which comes in and what goes out, everything got connected and today, it sounds awesome.

sometimes, i'd blast 'em up using the netbook my wifey won in a raffle a few years back.


today is Sinulog day and everyone in the household is out except me and my little angel, Mitch. she cried so hard when the wifey and the rest of the gang left her. since we didn't have a nanny or a helper, she opted to leave Mitch behind. to be honest, it'd be a little tiring and hustle if she brings our little toddler with her cos it's a shitstorm out there.

i've had had enough of Sinulog since time immemorial and i don't think i need to be early out there. unless there's a place where we can just sit down and watch and not tirelessly go around unable to have a nice view, i say Ppppffftttttt!

we'd go out, alright but not to watch the parade and the dancing. we'd go chill at the mall.

there ya go!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013


what's happened here?

has somebody died?


it's a New Year! i hope you had a happy one!

2013 is gonna be a BLAST, i believe.

of course, i meant it to be a good one.


i barely come here these days. guess it's hard to come up with something out of the blue.

most of my tales are written all over the interwebz as i react on whatever i read.

you won't find me there cos i have all sorts of them pseudo names. hah!


bed. is. calling.