Monday, February 27, 2012

i'm itching to write something... only that, old man's too tired to even finish this little natter. so sue me!

CNS is too fried whilst estrogen is elevated thanks to all of 'em boozing.. better change this crazy ways for the nth time, yet again.


Friday, February 24, 2012

one moh..

once when i had i really bad case of hangover... turn up my walkman phone's FM radio and tuned to some "always first..." station.. this song played and i kinda like it.

the hangover didn't go away but at least, it didn't got worst either.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012


my strength had been pretty on the roof lately. must have been, that i've found the "holy grail" of training.

sadly, it's a bit late. why?

well, age is catching up with me... it's also worth mentioning that the wear and tear is quiet obvious and evidently felt on my right elbow.

it's been nagging me for months now.. either i take a looooong break, have this check and worst case scenario get it operated on or, am just gonna man the F-up and solder on.

it's not like it's unbearable. just annoying.

i'm depress right now because of this.

anyway, googling some studies on this matter.. what's causing the pain and how to go about it.

emo post, done.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

of PR's and explosion

two. three. one.

yes, i one-rep-max two hundred and thirty one pounds of iron today.. not too shabby, yeah?

i did the max effort method. just load the bar one bit at a time then rep it for three 'til things got heavy.. then when i'm about nearing my max, i just went for singles. took a three minute break in-between. that's what's nice when i do bench on Sundays. i don't have to worry about the next person who might wanna use the rack cos it's really quiet on Sundays.

plenty of time to recuperate and not rush into another set cos mr. quarter bencher can't wait to use the effing equipment.

i wish i can do that weight for reps like what i see in Youtube where metheads just go do it like it's too darn easy.

it would probably take a good forever to bump the weights up, but hey, whatever man, as long as i'm inching forward i'm happy.

some days, you're the strongest freak, but on some, you just feel flat.

my right elbow had been feeling surreal though... i wish the nagging pain would just go away. guess it comes with the territory and well, old age. thanks to the good Lord above, i don't feel anything other than... hmmm lemme check. LOL!

brag: OFF.

by the way, i, or we did have an explosion days prior, but that would be posted some other time and in really , really cryptic way that you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out wuz dem explosion all about. hee hee..

Monday, February 06, 2012


been having one of that drink as of late... pretty smooth, but deadly.

anyway, i had a few scares today. there was an earthquake late this morning. i didn't felt it as i was too busy explaining to a client whilst inside a vehicle. only knew about it after i got off the pick-up... when people started talking about it and how powerful it was.

a lot of people have a tale to tell of their experience... how people panic and just sprint their way out of the building like they've been training for it like ages...

the one that got me scared shit-less was when people started talking about the tsunami and that it's supposed to have hit downtown already. that kinda creep me out as i had with me a customer's car and i'm at a place where it's pretty boxed-out... ya know, bumper-to-bumper and there's no way to exit smoothly.. worst, the effing inspector whose supposed to picture the car was taking his sweet time and didn't get his ass on the job... at least not after i did some follow-ups of his whereabouts - twice!

when i finally took off, boy, the traffic outside was ridiculous!

cars and people were scampering... to get to high ground! it was just a nightmare.. people were overreacting and it just made the situation a lot, lot worst.

after the earthquake and the tsunami scare, some folks were crying actually.

then an hour ago, another earthquake was felt again. this time, i got into the action. i was here sitting with my little girl, she just woke up. my first reaction? i just sat down... waited... then it stop. just a few seconds, three to four, tops.

Neil got up from his sweet slumber and started running around the house saying "there's an earthquake!"

he went up to me and i told him "yep, there was."

and he goes "what'ya did?"

i go "i just sat here and waited for it to stop... i actually held my breath a tad."

and he goes how he fell down from running out of his room in school today in panic.


that's all i can say about that. don't be too easy-peasy, but, don't panic either. you ain't gonna get killed with them earthquakes and tsunamis, you'll either die of a heart attack, stampede and/or the likes.

got it?



another one went off again at 19:36 and again.. and again. must be them aftershocks.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

talk... later.

no... no... no...

i ain't got nada for ya today. zit.

i'm dealing with something really crazy and dangerous right now... it's a matter of life and death, tell ya that!

we'll see... if i live to tell you about it.

in the coming days.

i'm not messing around.

this is serious.

meanwhile, i just miss Oasis.