Monday, September 15, 2014


nice place.

luscious green trees all over. lotsa island to hop in to. WOW. just WOW!

the beaches? aaahhhhh....

crystal. clear.

oh, the cave.. hmmm.. kinda creepy especially if you're like me, claustrophobic.

there's plentiful crocodiles and saw a few monkeys.

then there's the people. we were there for three days and two nights. most people i've meet personally were nice.

i'm goin' on a limb here and declare that all people from Palawan are nice people!

take a bow, guys and gals..

what's really nice about having this domestic vacation is being able to get in touch with people from different part of the region and see the culture. considering we are all filipinos, it's nice to meet people from different parts of the the island, the Philippines, and boy, believe in humanity again.

when you're in the city like my city, where it's almost always rush hour and everyone competes with everything, where people are unwilling to yield even just a little space so you can squeeze yourself in and drive through on the road, it's a welcome respite to go somewhere like Palawan.. more laid back and the time seems to take awhile to be over.

anyway, if i have the dough to blow, i'd gladly go back there no matter if i have to ride a freakin' plane all over again and be scared shitless.. in fairness, i'm getting the hang of riding a plane.

next month, i would've ridden another one if only i had a passport. the company i work for suddenly had an awesome idea of giving me the trip along with some *cough* *cough* deserving fellows in the office.

next time, sir... next time.

anyway, this post is long overdue and there's been a lot that has happened. i wish i have the liberty to divulge 'em all.

back to reality.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


wow... days just blows us by, huh?

it's kinda crazy in the office these days.. so many new faces! boy, how we have so many new babe and greenhorn.. they're everywhere!

yeah, there are only four of us left from the original.. hhmmmm.. lemme think fifteen.. twenty? can't remember exactly.

i tried quitting a few times. i remember the two times but i'm almost certain i resigned three times.

i wonder if i quit now, will they finally let me go considering i'm *cough* *cough* old?

i'm really good at what i do these days but there's a bit of a snag.. i'm not as nimble and as quick as i used to.

now, we have all these new faces and i'm wondering when are they gonna put somebody who will be my heir apparent. most departments already have somebody to assist them while i'm still a one-man-show. not that i mind.

anyway, whatever. after many years of being here and doing what i do, i'm very adept at adapting.

i'm open-minded and i play my card with aces up my sleeve. i don't think i'm that smart but it's working out fine for me.

i dunno if it'll work out for everybody, but my single biggest trick is, to keep a low profile. ya know, stay in the shadows.. below the radar.. out of the map.. away from the magnifying glass.

and then, there is God of course, you atheist!!

wifey however is the opposite. she likes to being the center of attention. if she can get a selfie on top of the highest building or a mountain, she'd gladly oblige.

just a few days from now, we'll fly out to Palawan. exciting!

meanwhile, that's all there is today.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


who doesn't wanna go there?

man, i wouldn't if we're flying.

so, wifey made it possible for us to go there in style.... my favorite means of transportation to hate - flying.


i made all excuses not to go there. wifey is adamant, however.

you know what, i hate flying but there's something inside of me that says "eff it, GO!"

there's that thirst for danger but at the same time if i really, really have a choice, i'd like to take that risk at my own terms.. like driving a car or a motorcycle so fast, or bungee jump or any other dangerous stunt that i have the control how to go about it.

i can only imagine how brave my sister, brother and my pal when they travelled for hours going abroad. i'd probably freaked out!

thus, given my pussy-ness to fly, it is something i wanna keep doing so i can conquer it and be able to overcome that fear of flying at some point.

yeah, being up there, be it a building or otherwise, it cracks the shit out of me.

now, the question really is, go sober or loaded?

Saturday, July 05, 2014


that's how this blog has turn out to be lately...

who wants to yak when you're un-inspired, eh? YOU?

the irony exactly.

you bust your ass to get where you are and what you want, and sometimes, nice people just hands it over to you in a silver platter, but yet, when you have it or you have/can have everything you can think of, you'd still come up short and empty.

why's that? don't ask me. i'm looking for answers too!

anyway, it's been really busy lately i have to bring some work at home and yeah, i'm working on it now... then got bored and look around for sites on my bookmarks. then, bump into this blog, opened it. there.

now, back to work.

my little angel

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


yeah, still alive here... just busy.

but it's in my thoughts.. ya know, to say my piece.

did have plenty of time. just spent it elsewhere.

guess that's how being "old" means. you go where you really want to.. not what pleases other people.

i have a lot on my mind.

2014 is like a breakout year for me.. for us in the family. we've leveled up!

yeah baby!

will tell you exactly why and how it came about.... like in a month or two if we're lucky. lol

and, did i tell you my head has been aching lately? it comes with the territory, i guess.

meanwhile, i hope everyone's feelin' good..

next time?

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

28 pounds

two in a row!

yep, that's the spoiler right there.

won again our li'l biggest loser challenge. it's not about the money, really. i've been meaning to lose weight and the contest just put things in perspective.

my office mates from the other branch did gave me a good fight... they were teaming up and boy, did they came close... 2nd and 3rd!

although i've said before that if i kept the pace i was going, i'm gonna be in the clear... however, there were a lot of snags along the way. went to Baguio City where we ate like we mean it. that was three days and two nights. then, sister came by for over a week. had a lot of goodies and sweets.. not to mention the many, many pigging out we did.

the last two days before the weigh-in, had an awful lot of boozing with the little reunion we have from our ISUZU family.. then my uncle invited us over for some dinner cos my cousin whose been a seaman for years just passed his last exam which puts him a stone throw away from being a skipper of the ship. nice, yeah?

third or fourth week of the contest, my left knee/calves started acting out and i couldn't run anymore. imagine how much running had contributed to my weight lost and now it's out of the menu.

it's probably for the best. i learn a lot of "tricks" working around the injury. more tools in my toolbox. oh, the diet... the diet was pretty intense i got a lot of days wherein i'm just so irritable.

i'm happy it's over now. i can sit back and eat what i want... hah!


yeah... the plan is to keep going but not as intense as it was during the contest.

soldering on is part of the grand scheme of things...

anyway, had a lot of things going but i can't keep up with the details.. what, with all the happenings on full throttle... this guy right here is too old to catch up, deym!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

human genome

i had this stolen this from Yahoo!

I was making pottery one day because it gives me pleasure to create art from clay. To my amazement, one of my hand-made coffee mugs spoke to me and said "I don't want to be a coffee mug. I prefer to be a vase". 

I smiled and said "but I am the potter, and you are only the clay. I decided what you should be, and you are a perfect coffee mug. You have no ability to transform yourself into something else. That power rest with me alone". 

The coffee mug was angry with me, and rebelled. It tried and tried to transform itself into a vase, but it only managed to break off it's handle. It still didn't look much like a vase. It looked ugly & broken. 

Of course I forgave it, because it is only a silly mug and it doesn't know any better.

it's talking about some silly transgender woman wanting to compete in some female division competition.

really? how the freak is that even fair?