Monday, August 31, 2009

i'm 56.

two days ago, that is.

deym. i'm getting old fast!

there's good news and some bad news...

for starters, i'm smarter now than 10 years ago.. now, if i can only go back and bring with me the knowledge and wisdom i've since accumulated, it'd be cool.

bad news is i'm not as energetic and as adventurous as i used to be. well, i have come full circle... settled.

it's a little late to discover my true passion.. weightlifting.

i squatted 440 pounds earlier today.. not bad for an old timer, yeah?

deadlifted close to 400 pounds last week.. did most of this crazy lifts whilst i'm at this age... what if i got hooked on this thing like when i was a teenager?

one year ago i was a nobody in this gym. today, most of the guys know me.. they stop, stare and look in disbelief whenever i do the darnest thing.. he he!

even the guys on roids can't believe their eyes i can almost equal them in strength.

thanks to the good Lord above, i have no injuries while my roided counterpart, they're aching somewhere.

my juiced ex-partner whom i mentioned here before, he can't believe either.

yet, i train alone. i don't like partners, to be honest. it's like i'm in the 'zone' when i train and partners just gimme some kinda reason to slack... ya know, talk smack all the time.

another thing, i do things differently.

i hate training one body part per day. that's a waste of time.

i'd like to hit 'em big for my buck.

steroid use is pretty rampant in my gym.. seems normal to them.

why this guys are in so much of in a hurry? your guess is good as mine.

as soon as they get off, they shrink.

too expensive. too fleeting. too-tal waste of money.

what's even worst: they're not getting any stronger!

mostly aren't even competing.. just for vanity.

same old... same old..

what i learned most as i grew older?

to K.I.S.S.

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

Monday, August 24, 2009


i hate to start.

coz when i start, it'll be hard to stop.

now, the single, biggest, million dollar question is???

where do i begin????


thoughts flew off... the wind caught 'em all!

well, i've been busy fillin' up my 'toolbox.'



lotsa shit, tell ya that..

anyhoo, i suck on the information department.. i will never ever be a good storyteller in this lifetime so suck it up, bubba!

gotta get my sleep, i just squatted over 400 pounds of hard metal earlier for five repetitions.. oh, been doin' that for quite sometime now..

'til next time.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


*cough* *cough*

i dunno what's causing the effin' sore all over my upper body.. is it the all-out ballz-to-the-wall workout or that steamy two-hours of "hard" massage i had which both happened yesterday.

oh yeah, the massage left a real nice good imprint on my memory.. ha ha!

i dunno. maybe i have a dirty mind or t'was just a little "cutting edge" the way they do things in there.. she practically rode me and our bodies rubbed on each other half the time.. like her *uhm* is thisclose for comfort to mine.. whatever. didn't do nada.

i assume it was just it - clean massage.

i stepped it up a notch in the gym... yet i'm supposed to back off this month to give my body a much needed rest.

thus, the much needed massage once in a while.

oh yeah, hate it to break it to ya...

i'm back bitches!

what can i say, i dig taylor swift....