Monday, January 31, 2011


i know i said i'll post about that little contest we have in the office, but it's been really busy as of late.. wish i had more time.. and energy!

anyhoo, i'm right on track and i'll update more about it in the days to come... be seein' yah!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Biggest Loser

Coming Soon.

yup, will post everything tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more belated..

well, lets forget about all that smack i posted below, eh?

for now.

except for that part, 2011 came in pretty cool. i just shifted to a new program in the gym and boy, it's getting stronger, baby!

i don't usually follow anyone's program cos i find most of 'em magoo, sorry. but i've noticed my time in the gym is quite a stretch and i tend to over-trained too often... takes days to recover, pretty much.

enter MAX-OT.

base on the program outline (the one i got), it's fairly short and sweet. tho there are many variations out there, i find this one a perfect transition to my whatchamacallit program and the best part, am still getting stronger and do all that wicked exercises!

i was gonna have a partner on this travail, but i find both our schedules a tad too conflicting and he can't go mano-a-mano with the heavy-ass weight with me.. thus, it's gonna be a case of me adjusting more. in short, he'll take a lot my thunder away!

in fairness to him, i do help him out when our schedules meet.
anyway, lets see how this would all come to fruition after eight weeks.

meanwhile if you see the pictures above, those are the only few snaps that matter to me during Sinulog 2011 and no, i didn't took those; and yes, i wasn't there.

at the other front, both of my PC's are down, dam'it. the torrent rig had a blown-up PSU, the gaming rig wouldn't start cos two freakin' voltage regulators that runs both system had busted fuse! oh, it was cause by the blown up PSU.. din't really blew up but it sparked after switching it on.

i don't know what's going on in this room and so sorry loppy, but i just hate typing in this little keyboards cos my fingers are too BIG and well acquainted to desktop keys.. anyhoo, it's better than nothing..

goin' back to this room, must've some strange creatures lurking around here, huh, cos since having this laptop, i've been hanging lotsa more downstairs than here in this place i call my "war room."

i'd get you someday, creep.

in the meantime, here's Jeff doin' ridiculous amount of weighted parallel dips and other chest exercises..

someday soon, i will outwork you, Mr. Willet.

i wish.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

lets make a night....

i think we're having "progress" here.

she's move to the other room and we never had the need to bug each other out like texting or that little thing we call - communicate... go fcuk your brains out there, i'll be fine, sweetie!

i hope she'd say one day, "lets separate, and don't ask me to move out as i don't have nowhere to go, lemme stay on the other room and you can do yer thing while i do mine...we'll try to get along for the kids, eh?"

why SURE YES!!!

that's the spirit, hun!

i'm being forward, of course.

but really, i'd like her to just go out there and find someone she truly loves.

someone whose rich and morbidly handsome.. someone who'll sweep her feet away!

i'd be genuinely happy for her... not too many people, girls, ladies, woman to be precise, end up like that..

raise yer feet, gurls?!?!!

i'm torn between being reserved and liberated at the same time.. we'll discuss this part further as we go along... if you're not going anywhere, that is.

in the meantime, i'm home and i dunno where she's at.

cheers and, itsa good night...


Friday, January 07, 2011

i want to get away, i want to fly away..

it's new year.. it's the time of the year when people make this horrendous resolution then quit.. like, a month or two after.

i think this year is gonna be a make or break for me.. both personal and professional.

for personal, i would prefer it to break. i want separation. i want freedom. i want her out of my life.


why, you think i'm still kidding around?

it's just fair for both of us.

i don't want her, she's gone haywire, fcuk it, LETS GO!

professionally.. hmmmmm..

i thought of quitting this year and still do.

in the meantime, i still haven't found something "golden" to warrant a bail out scheme.. so, since i still have a mountain of debts to pay, a family to feed and mucho yadi-yada that needs spending, it is but practical to stay put. besides, i surmounted quite an obstacle last year.. seem smooth on the get go when this year started.. good sign, aight?

as to the gym front, you probably thought i already quit by now, eh?


i just gotten really better.. stronger.. wiser..

best of all, injury free!

so, 2010, kiss my ass goodbye!!!

2011, ya mine baby!!!